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JYY Headlines Archives for 2014-08

Five Ways a Vacation Can Improve Your Life

If you weren't able to plan a vacation for Labor Day, you should try to do one soon, if possible.  Because according to a new survey, they improve your life in are five huge ways.
1.  Vacations are good for your relationship.  80% of people who go on vacation every year said there's ROMANCE in their relationship, compared to 56% of people who NEVER go on vacation.
2.  Vacations make you happier all year.  76% of people who go on vacations said they're generally "happy" or "extremely happy", compared to 43% of people who don't.
3.  Vacations make you feel more energized.  72% of people who go on trips said they basically feel "energized and full of life all the time".  Only 34% of people who never go on vacations agreed with that.
4.  People who take vacations like their JOB more.  Which might have to do with some jobs not OFFERING paid days off.  But 71% of people who take vacations said they're "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with their job, compared to 46% of people who don't.
5.  Vacations make you feel healthier.  56% of vacationers described their health as "very good" or "excellent", compared to just 28% of people who never take time off.  
(PR Newswire)

Three Things That Could Ruin a Weekend Getaway

It's Labor Day weekend, which means some of you might be getting out of town for a romantic getaway.  And not to be a buzzkill, but there are lots of things that could go WRONG.  Here are three common ones . . . and how to fix them.
1.  Overexposure.  But not from the sun . . . spending more time TOGETHER than you're used.  Even if you live together, it can happen on vacation, and could lead to arguing.  So make sure to plan one or two things SOLO, like golf or yoga.
2.  High expectations.  When you're on vacation, it usually means one thing:  vacation sex!  But if it's not happening every night . . . because you're too full, too drunk, too tired, whatever . . . it can be frustrating.
Instead, take advantage of not having to be up for work every day and get-it-on in the morning.  You're more likely to be in the mood earlier . . . AND it's a great way to start the day.
3.  An unexpected disaster.  No matter how much you plan, there's always the risk something will go wrong, like the airline losing your luggage, someone stealing your stuff, or you hitting something with your rental car.  And it ALWAYS leads to a fight.
The best thing you can do is mentally prepare yourself for a stressful situation before you leave, try to find the humor in it, and remind yourself those types of things make better stories in the end.  (Ask Men)

A Woman Caught Her Cancer Early . . . Because She Wet Herself Playing a Nintendo Wii

Here's a story that would be amazing if it involved a PlayStation 4.  But it's even BETTER because it has to do with a Nintendo Wii.  And you'll understand why in a second.
On the day after Christmas last year, a 36-year-old woman in England named Emma White was playing a Nintendo Wii game with her daughter.
We don't know what the game was, but it was one where you have to dance.  And while they were dancing around, Emma suddenly lost control of her BLADDER, which had never happened before.  (In other words, she Wii'd her pants.  HI-YO!)
So she got a little worried, and saw a doctor.  And within a week, they figured out that she had CERVICAL CANCER.
It turned out there was a tumor the size of an egg on the wall of her cervix.  And it was pushing against her bladder, which caused the leakage.  But because she was playing the Wii game, it looks like she caught it early enough.
After six weeks of chemo and radiation, the tumor is GONE.  Her doctors hope that next month they can give her the all clear, and she'll officially be cancer free.  (Daily Mail)  

A Man Under House Arrest Asked to Go to Jail Instead . . . to Get Away From His Wife

This is a pretty great look at the bliss of marriage right here.
A 37-year-old guy in Tor Bella Monaca, Italy is under house arrest right now.  He was sentenced to 11 months in jail for a series of minor crimes and the judge decided to let him serve it at home.
Unfortunately for this guy, his warden at home is his WIFE.
The guy has been under house arrest for three months and just went to the cops and asked them to send him to JAIL . . . so he could get away from constantly fighting with his wife.
He told them, quote, "Put me inside, otherwise it will end badly."
They granted his wish, and put him in jail on Tuesday where he'll serve his last eight months.  
(The Local)


The 12 Hardest-Working Cities in America

For Labor Day, a website called SpareFoot put together a list of the 12 hardest-working cities in America.  It's based on things like the average work hours, commute times, households where both parents work, and people with multiple jobs.  
Check 'em out . . .
1.  Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.
2.  Madison, Wisconsin.
3.  Omaha, Nebraska.
4.  Des Moines, Iowa.
5.  Denver, Colorado.
6.  Washington D.C.
7.  Hartford, Connecticut.
8.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
9.  Wichita, Kansas.
10.  Boston, Massachusetts.
11.  Honolulu, Hawaii.
12.  Columbus, Ohio.  (SpareFoot)

What's the Most "American" City in America?

There's a new list ranking 366 U.S. cities from the most American to the LEAST American.
Unfortunately it's not based on stuff like the number of fireworks stores or people with bald eagle tattoos . . . they based it on how a city's demographics, income, housing, and education compare to the entire U.S.
The most American city is Nashville, Tennessee . . . and the LEAST American is McAllen, Texas, which is at the very southern tip of Texas.  The ten most American cities are:
Nashville, Tennessee . . . Cincinnati, Ohio . . . Indianapolis, Indiana . . . Charleston, South Carolina . . . Jacksonville, Florida . . . Greenville, South Carolina . . . Oklahoma City . . . Phoenix . . . Albuquerque . . . and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
And the ten LEAST American cities are:
McAllen, Texas . . . Boulder, Colorado . . . Altoona, Pennsylvania . . . Brownville, Texas . . . Yuma, Arizona . . . Ames, Iowa . . . Johnstown, Pennsylvania . . . Laredo, Texas . . . Barnstable, Massachusetts . . . and El Centro, California.  (USA Today / Wallethub)  
(Here are the rankings for every U.S. city.)

One in Five Women Have Created a Fake Facebook Profile to Stalk an Ex

After a breakup, it's a tradition to defriend your ex on Facebook . . . that way they're fully out of your life.  But there's a problem . . . deep down you want to keep tabs on them, to make sure their life sucks and you're "winning" the break-up.
So here's one solution that TOTALLY doesn't make you seem crazy . . . according to a new survey, more than one in five women have created a FAKE Facebook profile so they can stalk their ex online.
The survey also found 19% of women have made contact with their ex when they were feeling weak or drunk . . . and regretted it.
Another 18% almost did, but managed to stop themselves.
And 30% of women say they wound up staying Facebook friends with their ex.  

If You Want Your Marriage to Last and to Be Rich, Marry a Short Guy

If you ask most women whether they'd rather marry a tall guy or a short guy . . . after they got done laughing in your face for two minutes . . . they'd catch their breath and tell you, "Um, yeah, a tall guy."
Well suck on this, hypothetical lady.  According to a new study out of New York University, if you want your marriage to last AND you want to be rich, marry a SHORT GUY.
The study found that short guys have a significantly lower rate of divorce than tall guys.  Short guys are also more likely than tall guys to make more money than their wives.
The researchers say they believe shorter guys put more emphasis on making money to compensate for their height.
Tall men are more likely than shorter men to get married at a younger age . . . and they also do more housework than shorter guys.  (Daily Mail)

Four Ways to Avoid Arguments Over Labor Day Weekend

If you're going on vacation as a couple this Labor Day weekend, here are four ways to avoid a FIGHT.
1.  Choose a destination you'll BOTH enjoy.  That's something you have to think about ahead of time, so . . . sorry.  Like, if the other person hates crowds, don't pick a big city.  They'll end up bitter about it, because they'll be spending money to be miserable.
2.  Suggest putting the argument on hold until you get home.  That way it won't ruin the trip.  And chances are you won't even be angry by then anyway.
3.  Don't spend every minute of every day together.  It's important to have alone time, even on vacation.  Chances are, you don't spend all your time together when you're HOME anyway.  And if you try to on vacation, you'll drive each other nuts.
4.  Avoid the most common arguments.  Just be aware of the little things that might irritate the other person, and try not to get in big blow-out fights over them.
If you want examples, the four things couples argue about MOST on vacations are getting to the airport on time . . . taking too long to get ready . . . getting lost while you're driving . . . and spending too much money.  (Female First)

Adult Film Stars Are Raising Money for Charity, by Letting Fans Squeeze Their Privates

I know the "Ice Bucket Challenge" thing has been huge for ALS.  But if Americans started doing THIS to raise money . . . we could probably conquer ALS, malaria, AND world hunger by next year.
Starting this Saturday, a bunch of porn stars in Japan are taking part in a 24-hour, live televised event called "Boob Aid", where they'll raise money for charity . . . by letting fans line up to squeeze their NAKED BREASTS.
Everyone who does it has to sanitize their hands first . . . you're limited to two squeezes per person . . . and the women are asking that fans just try to be GENTLE with them.
This is actually the 12th year in a row they've done it.  We're not sure HOW we never heard about it before, but all the proceeds are going to an AIDS charity.
One of the porn stars explained that she's extremely excited to be a part of this year's event because, quote, "I never thought my boobs could contribute to society."  
( / International Business Times)

There's a Town in Brazil With Nothing But Women . . . And They Need Single Men

There's a small town in southeast Brazil called Noiva do Cordeiro that's incredibly unique.  The entire population is WOMEN.   About 600 women live there, and most of them are under 35.  (The town's pronounced Noi-ay-va doo cord-AIR-oh.)
It was founded by a woman in 1891 after the Catholic Church excommunicated her for leaving her husband.  Then she took in OTHER women who were kicked out of their towns, like prostitutes.
That's how the tradition started anyway.  These days, men are basically BANNED . . . there are a few husbands, but they're only allowed in town on weekends.  And sons are sent away at 18.
So the women run everything . . . and one woman there says, quote, "it's prettier, more organized, and far more harmonious than if men were in charge."
There's only one problem.  A lot of the women are single and lonely . . . so they're considering opening up the town to men for the first time ever. 
A 23-year-old woman says, quote, "The only men we single girls meet are either married or related to us, everyone is a cousin.  We all dream of falling in love and getting married, but we like living here and don't want to have to leave."  (Daily Mail)  

It's Science . . . Shaving Your Body Hair Doesn't Make It Grow Back Thicker or Faster

Do you avoid shaving your body hair, because you're afraid it's going to grow back thicker?  We all do.  And every day, when I look in the mirror after I get out of the shower, I'm transported back to the sexy, bushy '70s.
Scientists at a hospital in Winston-Salem, North Carolina just proved we've all been believing a MYTH.  Shaving or waxing your hair does NOT make it grow back thicker.
They say people believe the myth because shaving CAN make your hair SEEM thicker . . . because the little stubble that's left is darker or coarser than the hair before it's cut.  But . . . shaving doesn't have any effect on how the hair grows back.
Their study also found shaving doesn't make your hair grow back FASTER . . . that's a myth too.  
(Scientific American)

The Ten Sexiest Names for Men in 2014

What's a name that just rolls off a woman's tongue and makes her think of sensuality, deep passion, and erotic fulfillment?  A name so SEXY, her body convulses in anticipation at the mere thought of it?
Mark.  The name is Mark.
Ladies, I'll give you a moment to cool down.
A dating site called analyzed men's names to figure out who gets the most dates . . . and came up with the SEXIEST men's names in 2014.
The top 10 are:  Mark . . . George . . . Harry . . . William . . . Antonio . . . Andrew . . . Matthew . . . David . . . Richard . . . and Christopher.  
(The site didn't test the sexiest women's names)

A Guy Is Seriously Injured in the Ice Bucket Challenge When His Friend Dumps 400 Gallons on Him . . . From a Plane

We've hit the point where a standard Ice Bucket Challenge isn't cool enough anymore . . . people feel like they have to do something new and different.
A 51-year-old guy in Catalonia, Spain was doing the Ice Bucket Challenge this week, and he and his friends wanted to take it to a whole new level.
One of his friends flies those firefighting planes that dump water on massive fires . . . so they decided to use the PLANE to drop more ice and water on the guy than anyone else who's done the challenge . . . 400 GALLONS.
Unfortunately, no one realized that having 400 gallons of ice and water dumped on you from the sky is going to HURT.  So when his friend dumped the load, the guy was seriously injured.
He was rushed to the hospital, and he's still in critical but stable condition.  There's no specific report on his injuries . . . just that none of them are internal.  (The Local)  
(His friends haven't put up the video.)

Three Reasons You're in a Bad Mood This Morning

Do you ever wake up in a bad mood, and you're not sure WHY?  Here are three possible reasons, according to science.
1.  You're not getting enough fruits and vegetables.  A recent study found that people who eat seven servings of produce a day tend to be happier, less anxious, and less likely to be depressed.
2.  You're dehydrated.  A 2012 study found that even being a LITTLE dehydrated can put you in a bad mood.  In general, men should get at least 3.7 liters of water a day, and women should get 2.7.  And yes, things like coffee and juice DO count.
3.  You check Facebook too much.  A study this year found that if you're on there constantly, you start realizing it's a HUGE waste of time . . . which makes you feel bad about yourself.  And that probably applies for things like fantasy football too.
(Huffington Post)

Taco Bell Is Giving 11 People $10,000 . . . Their Version of Free Food for Life

If there's one thing most Americans can agree on, it's that the pseudo-Mexican food they sell at Taco Bell is irresistibly delicious and cheap.  Well, one of those things, at least.  If you've ever lived within a mile of one, you know.
And now there's a chance you'll be able to eat it EVERY DAY . . . until you eventually die from a massive heart attack.  
To promote their new dollar menu, Taco Bell is holding a contest where you can win $10,000 . . . their version of free food for life.  For 11 days in a row, 11 Taco Bells in different cities will be handing out a regular $1 bill as change.  
Then they're posting the serial number for that dollar bill online.  If you find it, you win a $10,000 gift certificate.  That's what they're calling a "lifetime supply" based on what the average customer spends, which breaks down to about $216 a year for 46 years.
They started in Los Angeles yesterday, and posted a video with the first serial number on the website  They haven't announced all the other cities yet.  You just have to check that website each day.  
(Business Insider)

A 22-Year-Old Tells His Dad He's Dropping Out of College . . . So His Dad Pulls Out a Gun and Tells Him to Reconsider

Let's call this the 2014 evolution of that old "Stay in School" ad campaign.  These days, we want less talk and more FIREPOWER, baby.
55-year-old Viktor Barkov of Elmwood Park, Illinois has a 22-year-old son who's supposed to be heading back to college.
We're not sure WHICH college, but over the weekend, Viktor's son announced he was dropping out.
And Viktor responded by . . . pulling out his GUN, putting it up to his son's HEAD, and telling him, quote, "If you don't go back to school I'm going to put a hole through your head."
The police came, and Viktor was arrested for aggravated assault and use of a deadly weapon.  There's no word if his son decided to go back to school after all.  
(Chicago Sun Times)  

People in Massachusetts Really Are the Worst Drivers

People in Massachusetts Really Are the Worst Drivers . . . Check Out the 200 Biggest U.S. Cities Ranked by Driving Ability
This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who's ever driven in Massachusetts.  It's not your imagination . . . they really ARE the worst drivers.
Allstate Insurance just released their 10th annual Best Drivers Report.  They rank the 200 biggest cities in the U.S. based on the average number of years drivers go between accidents.  And three of the four WORST cities are in Massachusetts.  
Here are the ten WORST cities . . .
1.  Worcester, Massachusetts
2.  Boston, Massachusetts
3.  Washington, D.C.
4.  Springfield, Massachusetts
5.  Providence, Rhode Island
6.  Baltimore, Maryland
7.  Glendale, California
8.  Alexandria, Virginia
9.  Philadelphia
10.  New Haven, Connecticut
And San Francisco JUST missed being in the top ten worst cities.  
On the other end of the scale, Fort Collins, Colorado has the SAFEST drivers in the country.  Here are the ten safest cities.
1.  Fort Collins, Colorado
2. Brownsville, Texas
3.  Boise, Idaho
4. Kansas City, Kansas
5. Huntsville, Alabama
6. Montgomery, Alabama
7.  Visalia, California
8.  Laredo, Texas
9.  Madison, Wisconsin
10.  Olathe, Kansas
(Bloomberg / Allstate)  

A little info about this year's college freshman

This Year's College Freshmen Were in Kindergarten During 9/11, and Have Never Known Life Without "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart"
It's time for a late August tradition . . . a list about today's college freshmen that makes you realize you're so old, you might as well wither up and die.
Beloit College in Wisconsin just released their annual "Mindset List" . . . where they list a bunch of things about college freshmen that'll make you feel ancient.  This year's freshmen were born in 1996, so here are some highlights about their mindset . . .
1.  They were just starting kindergarten when 9/11 happened.
2.  They've never known life without "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" . . . he took over the show in 1999, when they were three.
3.  They were never seduced into smoking by Joe Camel . . . he was gone by '97.
4.  They've never known life without the WNBA . . . it started in 1997.
5.  Bill Gates has been the richest man in the U.S. their entire lives.
6.  They've never experienced the AIDS crisis . . . the number of cases of Americans dying from AIDS has been going down their entire lives.
7.  They have never used Netscape as a web browser.
8.  They never had to hide the "Playboy" magazines they somehow got their hands on . . . since they were old enough to want to see naked women, there's been a ton of Internet porn.  (Beloit College)  (You can see more of the list here.)

Parents Are Five Times More Likely Than Kids to Cry on the First Day of School

Over the past few weeks and the next few weeks, thousands of kids will go to school for the very first time . . . and naturally, there will be some tears.
But not from the kids . . . they're basically cool with it.  Meanwhile you're sitting in the car BAWLING your eyes out.
A new survey found PARENTS are FIVE TIMES more likely than kids to cry on the first day of school.
More than half of parents say they felt overwhelmingly emotional the first time they dropped their kids off at school . . . three-quarters say it felt like the end of an era . . . and 44% immediately considered having another baby.
Half of parents also say after their kid started school, things were never the same . . . they noticed a difference when they cuddled with their kid from that point on.  
(Daily Mail)

A United Flight Was Diverted Because a Guy Used a Tool to Keep a Woman's Seat From Reclining

Reclining your seat on a plane might be a little selfish . . . but taking away someone ELSE'S ability to recline their seat isn't cool either.
There's a little device called the Knee Defender that's been on the market for at least a decade that lets you do just that.  It costs $22, clips onto the legs of the tray table on the seat in front of you . . . and somehow blocks the seat from reclining.
Well . . . a 48-year-old guy on a United flight from Newark to Denver had the Knee Defender, and he was using it to block the 48-year-old woman in front of him from reclining her seat.
She figured out what was going on, and asked a flight attendant to have him take the Knee Defender off.  The guy refused . . . so the woman stood up, turned around, and threw a cup of WATER on him.
The pilot diverted the flight to Chicago . . . where both of them were escorted off the plane.  The plane landed in Denver without the two of them about an hour and a half late.
No charges were filed, and even though the Knee Defender is RUDE, it IS technically legal under FAA rules . . . although all of the major airlines, including United, say they've banned it on their flights.  (Gizmodo / NBC 9 - Denver)

Nine Things That Are Fine Here, but Offensive in Other Countries

If you've ever been to Europe, you probably know you're not usually expected to TIP over there.  But did you know that in Japan, it's actually considered INSULTING?
Here are nine more ways Americans accidentally offend people while traveling abroad.  Some of these we've heard before.  But some of them we HAVEN'T.
1.  Using your left hand for pretty much ANYTHING in the Middle East.  Historically, people used their left hand to WIPE.  So touching food or even another PERSON with your left hand is considered rude.  The same goes in India and parts of Africa.
2.  Sitting in the back seat of a cab if you're by yourself.  In Australia and New Zealand, you're expected to sit in the passenger's seat if it's only you.  Otherwise, you look like a snob. 
3.  Standing with your hands in your pockets.  In Turkey, they considerate it to be a sign of disrespect.  In fact, you shouldn't even stand with your hands on your hips.
4.  Flashing a reverse peace sign.  Meaning your palm is facing you.  For example, you might be at a bar and want to order "two" drinks.  But in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, it's like giving someone the finger.
5.  Showing the soles of your shoes.  It's considered offensive in the Middle East, even if you're just crossing your legs.  And they take it VERY seriously.
Former Congressman Bill Richardson crossed his legs during a meeting with Saddam Hussein in 1995, and Saddam left the room.
6.  Crossing your fingers in Vietnam.  They consider it to be vulgar, because they say it resembles a part of the female anatomy.
7.  Touching someone's head in China.  Or anywhere that has a lot of Buddhists, like Sri Lanka or Thailand.  They consider it to be the most sacred part of the body.
8.  Giving a thumbs up.  It's considered offensive for different reasons all over the world, including parts of West Africa, South America, Iran, Israel, Thailand, Afghanistan, Italy, and Greece.
9.  Giving an "a-okay" sign.  Which is where you make a circle with your thumb and first finger.  In Brazil and Germany, it means you're calling someone an A-HOLE.  And they're not crazy about it in France, Venezuela, or Turkey either.  (Yahoo)


A Woman Tells Her Husband to Play a Slot Machine That Hasn't Hit a Jackpot in 20 Years . . . And He Wins $2.4 Million

For two decades, 66-year-old Walter Misco of Chester, New Hampshire has been going to Vegas with his wife Linda every three or four months.  But I guarantee their LATEST trip was their best yet.
Back in February, Walter read an article about a slot machine at the MGM Grand that's infamous for being the most stubborn machine in Vegas . . . because it hadn't hit a jackpot in 20 YEARS.  And Linda told him he HAD to try it.
So just before midnight this past Friday . . . which was their last night in town . . . Walter put $100 in, and started placing $3 max bets.  And within five minutes, he hit the jackpot for 2.4 MILLION BUCKS.
Before this, Walter's biggest take during a trip to Vegas was around $8,000 playing video poker.  He and Linda say they're going to use the money to put all of their grandchildren through college.  
(Las Vegas Sun)

Cops Catch a Wanted Criminal After He Posts an Ice Bucket Challenge Video

Is there anything the Ice Bucket Challenge CAN'T do?  It continued its run as a force for good by transitioning into a new role this weekend . . . FIGHTING CRIME.
20-year-old Jesean Morris of Omaha, Nebraska is a convicted felon who shot and injured two men a few years ago.  He's out of prison now, but violated his parole and had a warrant out for his arrest.
But last week, someone challenged Jesean to take the Ice Bucket Challenge . . . so he took a video dumping ice on his head, then posted it on Facebook.  Someone spotted the video, recognized the house . . . and tipped off the police.
They headed out to the house where Jesean shot the video on Friday, and saw him driving away.  They pulled over the car and arrested him . . . after he spat on one cop and damaged the cop car.
He's been charged with a parole violation, assaulting an officer with bodily fluid, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, and criminal impersonation.
And since he seems like an all-around bad person, we're guessing he's one of those people who dumped the ice on his head to avoid donating money to fight ALS.  (Omaha World-Herald)  

The Unofficial Dessert of All 50 States

If you want to make millions of Americans angry simultaneously, here's how:  Make swooping generalizations about their state AND their dessert preferences.  The people who made this list better have bodyguards. decided to make a list of the unofficial DESSERT of all 50 states.  Their only rules were that each state had to have a different dessert and no state could have apple pie, since that's the all-American dessert.
A few of their picks are clearly no-brainers:  Florida gets key lime pie . . . Georgia has peach cobbler . . . Massachusetts has Boston cream pie . . . and New York has cheesecake.
But a lot of states got desserts that seem like a real stretch.  Arkansas got red velvet cake . . . even though it was invented in New York . . . since it's red and white, it's the same colors as the University of Arkansas. 
Montana got s'mores because they have hiking destinations including, quote, "part of Yellowstone."
And Alaska got baked Alaska even though it wasn't invented in Alaska or even by someone who had ever even BEEN to Alaska.  (Slate)  
New Hampshire’s is the “Woopie Pie”..
(You can see the full list of all 50 states' official desserts here.)

The Top 10 Things Moms Save From Their Kids' Early Years

Somewhere in your mom's house, probably up in the attic, there's a box that's a SHRINE to the first few years of your life.  Yes, even though you couldn't do anything of actual value, you were a GOD to that sweet lady.
A new survey asked moms to name the things they kept from their child's early years that they cherish the most.  Here are the top 10 . . .
1.  Drawings.
2.  Photos.
3.  Your first pair of shoes.
4.  School work.
5.  A lock of hair.
6.  The hospital band from when you were born.
7.  Your first handprint or footprint.
8.  School reports.
9.  Toys.
10.  Teeth.  (FemaleFirst)

One Out of 12 People Never Recover From a Break-Up

After a relationship ends and you're devastated, your friends will try to help you by saying eventually you'll get over it, move on, and feel better.  But what if you don't?
A new study found that some people NEVER really get over a bad break-up.
About one in 12 people say they're still scarred from the end of a relationship and always will be.
The study also found that for the average person, it takes about one month for every year you spent together to get over the relationship.  So if you were together three years, it'll take three months until you can move on.
Women take 20% longer than men to get over relationships.
On the other side of things . . . 10% of men and 5% of women said after their last relationship ended, they felt liberated and relieved. 
(Daily Mail)

Four Outdated Wedding Traditions

1.  Giving away the bride.  This comes from the days when women were considered their father's property until they got married and then became their husband's property.  The bride was literally "given away" in exchange for a payment, or dowry. 
2.  Not seeing each other before the wedding.  This tradition dates back to the time of arranged marriages, where it was thought that if couples saw each other before the wedding, they might bail.
3.  Wearing a veil.  People in ancient Rome believed evil spirits would be attracted to the bride, so they covered her face with a veil to help hide her and confuse them. 
4.  Sitting on the bride or groom's "side" for the ceremony.  In Christian weddings, the bride's family sits on the left, the groom's sits on the right.  But if the point is to become one family, does it even matter?

Mercedes Wants Employees to Auto-Delete Incoming Emails While They're on Vacation . . . So They Don't Stress Out

You know how when you come back from vacation, you've got 500 emails in your inbox?  It almost makes you NOT want to go on vacation.  Well, let's hope THIS catches on.
Daimler AG is the German company behind Mercedes, and they've added the option of having all your incoming emails automatically DELETED while you're on vacation.  (The company is pronounced "dime-ler".)
The coolest part is they're actually ENCOURAGING their 100,000 employees to do it.  A spokesman explained that in their view, workers are more valuable if they take a REAL vacation, and completely stop thinking about their job.
So if you send someone an email while they're out, you get a reply that says the message will automatically be deleted.  It also includes their phone number, in case you REALLY need to contact them . . . but says not to call unless it's an emergency.
And the company DOESN'T monitor who uses the service and who doesn't, because they don't want employees to feel like they'll be judged for it either way.  

Getting a Call From Your Boss on Vacation Is More Stressful Than Bungee Jumping

Getting a Call From Your Boss on Vacation Is More Stressful Than Bungee Jumping . . . Here Are the Top 10 Reasons They Call
Ever been on vacation, having a GLORIOUS time, when suddenly your BOSS calls you?  It leads to panic, horror, and stress that can take hours or even days to recover from.
In a new survey, 68% of people say that's happened to them on vacation . . . and the average person says a call from the boss on vacation is actually more stressful than bungee jumping, being stuck in traffic, or being stood up on a date.
So . . . what's the VERY important reason your boss ruined your vacation by calling you?  Here are the 10 most common reasons . . .
Asking where a document is saved . . . asking for login details . . . asking about the status of a project . . . asking you to work on something . . . sharing an update . . . 
Asking if you can make it to a meeting . . . asking you to clarify something . . . asking you to read something . . . asking if an invoice has been processed . . . and asking how to turn a COMPUTER on.  
(Daily Mail)

If We All Paid $168, We Could Have the Internet With No Ads

Pretty much every website you go to is jammed with ads . . . and while we've all gotten GREAT at ignoring them, the video ads that play or block what you're trying to read are impossible to avoid.
So . . . would you be willing to pay $168 to make them go away?
Last year, advertisers in the U.S. spent $42.8 billion on Internet ads, and there were approximately 254.3 million Americans on the Internet.  That means the average American web user is worth $168 to advertisers.
In a new survey, 98% of people say . . . no, they wouldn't pay $168 to have the Internet ad-free.
The survey also found 63% skip the ads before YouTube videos as quickly as possible and 16% use an ad blocker.  
(Telegraph / iab / Wikipedia)

Two Firefighters Were Critically Injured Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

We have our first ALS Ice Bucket Challenge injury . . . and it's pretty serious.
The marching band at Campbellsville University in Campbellsville, Kentucky was doing the ice bucket challenge yesterday, and the local fire department came to help them out.  
They had firefighters go up in the bucket attached to their fire truck, and dump ice water on the entire BAND.  But apparently they hit some power lines in the process, and wound up getting ELECTROCUTED.
Four firefighters had to be taken to the hospital, and two of them are still in critical condition . . . 41-year-old Captain Tony Grider, and 22-year-old Simon Quinn.  
(NBC 3 - Louisville)

Five Tips to Keep You From Messing Up Your

The "Ice Bucket Challenge" is still huge, because every time one person does it, they nominate three MORE.  
So if you haven't been challenged yet, it's probably just a matter of time.  Here are five tips to make sure you don't mess it up or hurt yourself, like a lot of people have done.
1.  Don't have someone dump the water from a balcony. They'll end up dropping the whole BUCKET by mistake.  It's a miracle no one's been seriously injured yet.
2.  Don't do it somewhere slippery.  Outside on the grass is perfect.  In the shower or in the kitchen is NOT.
3.  Don't use too much water.  Remember, you have to be able to lift it over your head.  But also don't be the lame person who just dumps a GLASS of ice water on their head.
4.  Be upbeat about it.  In half of the videos you see, the people have ZERO energy.  But it makes for a much better video if you act EXCITED about doing it.
5.  Make it quick.  Don't spend two minutes talking.  People just skip through that part of the video anyway.  Unless you're doing something REALLY creative, you should be able to nominate people AND dump the water on yourself in about 20 seconds.
(By the way, the "Ice Bucket Challenge" has now raised over $31 MILLION to fight ALS, including $8.6 million this past Tuesday ALONE.)

An 86-Year-Old Great-Great Grandmother Just Published a Trashy Romance Novel . . . About Falling in Love With a Radio Host

You're never too old to follow your dreams . . . even if your dreams aren't age-appropriate.

Georgia Gorringe is an 86-year-old great-GREAT grandmother in Salt Lake City.  She was a cake decorator until she retired, and several years ago she took a creative writing class.  
And this year, under the penname "Georgie Marie", she published her first BOOK . . . a trashy ROMANCE NOVEL called "No Good-Bye".
According to, it's about a married woman in her 40s who falls in love with a RADIO HOST just from hearing his VOICE.  (I'm starting to think she stole my life story.  I'm HUGE with bored housewives.)
Even Georgia's daughter admits the book is pretty steamy, and says she was actually EMBARRASSED when she read some parts of it.  But overall, she's proud of her mom.
By the way, Georgia claims the whole thing is made-up.  But her daughter says a lot of it is BASED on real life.  You can buy the book on Amazon for $11, or you can get the Kindle version for $2.99.  (KUTV / Amazon)  

Shoe Vending Machines Are Popping Up Outside Nightclubs . . . So You Can Take Off Your Heels But Not Walk Barefoot

If you've ever been outside a club at 4:00 A.M., you've seen an army of women carrying their high heels and walking barefoot.  No one WANTS to be barefoot on a nasty sidewalk, but it beats the crippling pain after eight hours of heels.
Well . . . the days of the barefoot walk home are on their way out.  Shoe vending machines are springing up outside nightclubs in Vegas . . . and soon enough, they'll be in more cities around the U.S.
For $20, you get a pair of very basic, flat shoes . . . plus a pouch to put your heels in.
The company behind the vending machines is called Rollasole USA . . . and it was created by a 27-year-old woman named Ashley Ross who lives in Las Vegas.
She came up with the idea to sell the shoes in vending machines outside of clubs because she kept seeing women carrying their heels and, quote, "Going barefoot [in Vegas] isn't a great option."  
(Las Vegas Review Journal)

It's Bad to Pee in the Pool . . . But Good to Pee in the Ocean

It's VILE to pee in a swimming pool if you're over the age of two . . . in other words, if you're old enough to know better.  When your pee mixes with chlorine, it can actually cause respiratory problems for people swimming.
But when you're in the ocean?  Let it flow, baby.
The American Chemical Society says it's not just okay to pee in the ocean . . . it's actually GOOD.
The ocean is so big that your pee is diluted instantly, so it can't affect anyone . . . and its chemical makeup is pretty similar to the chemical makeup of the salt water.
Plus, there's a compound called urea in your pee that combines with the water to make ammonium . . . which feeds the plants in the ocean.
And finally, if you pee in the ocean, you're not the only one.  Every animal in the ocean is already doing it . . . including whales, which pee out approximately 256 gallons every day.  (Daily Mail)

57% of Americans Say Only Kids Who Win Should Get Trophies

We've been in the "everybody gets a trophy so no one's feelings get hurt" era for a while now.  But thankfully, it FINALLY looks like people are sick of it.
A new survey asked Americans if they think only kids who WIN things should get trophies, or if EVERY kid should get a trophy . . . and 57% of us say only winners deserve trophies.
There are some CLEAR trends in the people who support only giving trophies to winners . . .
The more money you make, the more likely you are to think only winners should get trophies.
The more education you have, the more likely you are to think only winners should get trophies.
And the older you are, the more likely you are to think only winners should get trophies.  

Three Tricks to Give Yourself More Willpower

If you're like most people, you wish you had more willpower and self-control . . . like when you're eating your sixth donut and watching porn for the third time in two hours.  So here are three ways to GIVE yourself more willpower.
1.  Do the hardest things on your to-do list first.  You tend to be more productive on a daily basis that way, partly because people DON'T have an infinite amount of willpower.  It decreases throughout the day.
2.  Have a snack.  Researchers at Florida State found that doing something that requires self-control actually lowers your blood sugar.  And when your blood sugar is low, you have less willpower.
The one time it might NOT make sense is if you need more self-control to stay on a DIET.  In that case, just don't eat something that's high in sugar.  Things with protein or complex carbohydrates can have the same effect.
3.  Talk to yourself in the second person.  Meaning, use the word "you" instead of "I".  Researchers at the University of Illinois found that you gain more willpower by saying things like "YOU can do this," rather than "I can do this."
(Fast Company)

A Thief Returns a Stolen Van After Finding Out the Owner Is a Single Mom

Last Tuesday, a woman named Megan Bratten stopped at a K-Mart outside Kansas City, Missouri to buy her kids school clothes.  And when she came out, her minivan was GONE.  (We're not sure, but Megan looks like she's in her 30s.)
Then she remembered that her estranged husband's cell phone was still in the car, and started TEXTING it.  First she sent an angry message FILLED with profanity.  
Then she calmed down, and sent a few more texts, explaining that she's a single mom with five kids, and that losing her van would be DEVASTATING.  Megan uses the van for a party rental business, and that's what supports her family. 
Her last text read, quote, "OMG car thief people, can you just give me my van back!  It would be epic, the miracle I need right now."
Which is when she finally got a text BACK.  The guy who stole the van APOLOGIZED, and gave her step-by-step instructions on where to find it.  He'd even put in new transmission fluid, after Megan told him it was low.
And HIS last text said, quote, "I do feel bad.  My kids needed a meal on the table . . . I know it's wrong but it's been so hard since I lost my job."
Megan found the van six hours after it was stolen.  The guy kept the phone, which police could probably use to track him down.  But Megan says she won't press charges even if they do.  (Fox4KC / KCTV5)  

Your Next Car Won't Have a Spare Tire . . . And That's Fine, Since You Don't Know How to Change a Flat Anyway

For a few years now, pretty much every car company has quietly stopped including spare tires in new cars.
It's so prominent, the odds are your next car WON'T have a spare tire.  And there are three main reasons why car companies are getting rid of them.
1.  It's cheaper just to include a kit to patch the tire. 
2.  The weight from a spare tire hurts your gas mileage.
3.  And our favorite reason of all:  You probably don't know how to change a flat tire anyway, let's face it . . . so you don't really need a spare.  
If you DO get a flat, you'd probably just call AAA or a towing company, get towed to a garage, and THEY'D put one on.
And the CAR OF THE FUTURE will either be self-driving, or flying . . . we're still waiting . . . so THAT won't have a spare tire either.  Basically, your spare tire days are over.  (Consumer Reports)

The Bigger Your Wedding, the Happier Your Marriage?

Nothing says "I will love you forever" like blowing $200,000 on a wedding . . . just so distant relatives can enjoy a 16-piece band play "Crazy in Love" next to a chocolate fondue fountain.
A new study out of the University of Virginia looked at the factors that lead to happy marriages . . . and believe it or not, they found people who have bigger weddings actually have happier MARRIAGES.
47% of people who had 150 or more people at their wedding have a happy marriage . . . versus 31% of people who had 50 or less.
The study also found that a LOT of married couples kicked off their relationships by quickly getting physical.
32% of people in the study said their marriage started as a HOOK-UP.
The people behind the study let people define hook-up themselves, so it could mean different things to different people . . . but whether you drunkenly make out with someone or occasionally have sex at 1:30 A.M., it COULD lead to marriage.  (Washington Post / Before-I-Do / USA Today)

Seeing a Cute Animal Instantly Puts Women in a Better Mood . . . For Men It's Seeing an Attractive Woman

There's a reason the Internet is about 83% cat pictures at this point . . . that's what the ladies like.  And you KNOW I'm all about the ladies.
A new survey asked people what "sight" instantly puts them in a better mood.  And for women, a cute animal is number one.
The rest of the top five for women are:  A beautiful beach . . . a baby smiling . . . flowers . . . and people laughing.
Not surprisingly, the number one sight that instantly puts men in a better mood is . . . an attractive WOMAN.  The rest of the top five for men are:  A beautiful beach . . . watching sports . . . a steak . . . and people laughing.
The survey also asked what SMELLS instantly put people in a better mood.
The top five smells that put women in a better mood are:  Lemon . . . fresh-baked bread . . . clean sheets . . . the ocean . . . and flowers.  
The top five for men are:  Bacon . . . fresh-baked bread . . . coffee . . . fried food . . . and the ocean.  (Daily Mail)

Taco Bell Has a New Dollar Menu . . . Which Actually Increases the Prices on Some Things

Normally when a fast food chain has a dollar menu, it seems like a great deal.  Not this time.
Taco Bell is rolling out a new dollar menu nationwide this week, with 11 items for $1 each.  But since Taco Bell is ALREADY so weirdly cheap, four of those things actually had their prices RAISED to get up to $1.
Cinnamon Twists and Cheesy Roll-Ups used to be 89 cents . . . now they're $1.  Potato Soft Tacos and Caramel Empanadas were 99 cents . . . now they're up a penny to $1.
Only Taco Bell could introduce a dollar menu that actually RAISES the prices on things.
The dollar menu also features a few mini quesadillas, triple layer nachos, and a few burritos . . . all of which seem like good deals at $1.  
(Business Insider / Daily Mail) 

A Truck Driver Pulled a Grandmother and a Baby from a Burning Car

Last Monday, a trucker named David Fredericksen was driving down the highway near Biloxi, Mississippi.  A car in front of him tried to merge, hit another truck's FUEL tank, and the tank EXPLODED.  (We're not sure about David's age, but he looks like he's in his mid-40s.)
It turns out a woman was in the car, along with her one-year-old GRANDDAUGHTER.  Neither of them have been identified, but they were trapped.  And within seconds, half of the car was engulfed in flames.
Luckily, David keeps a fire extinguisher in his truck.  So he jumped out and started using it . . . but the fire was too big.  Then he saw the woman kicking at one of the doors.  So he pried it open from the outside, pulled her out, AND saved the baby.
Police showed up about two minutes later.  But by that point, the entire car would have been COMPLETELY engulfed, and there's no way anyone would have survived.
Thanks to David, they're both okay.  The grandmother has a broken leg, but that's the worst of it.  Meanwhile, David says he's NOT a hero, and claims anybody would have done what he did.
But with that in mind, David WASN'T actually the first person who could have helped.  His truck has a dash-cam.  And in the video, a van in front of him stops for about a second . . . then drives PAST the burning car and takes off.  Luckily, David DID stop.  (Jalopnik) 

What Is the Most Stolen Car in the U.S.?

The Honda Accord Is the Most Stolen Car in the U.S. . . . But Car Theft Is at Its Lowest Point in 46 Years
The National Insurance Crime Bureau just released its report on the most stolen cars of 2013 . . . and as usual, your fleet of Ferraris and Aston Martins was safe.  But your Honda Accord was as good as dead.
There were 53,995 Honda Accords stolen in the U.S. last year, the most of any model by a MASSIVE margin.  And usually they're Honda Accords from the '90s . . . those are easier to get into and get away with than modern versions.
The Honda Civic is the second-most stolen car in the U.S. . . . Chevy pickups are third . . . Ford pickups are fourth . . . and Toyota Camrys are fifth.
Of cars that were actually made in 2013, Nissan Altimas were the most stolen . . . there were 810 2013 Altimas stolen.  The Ford Fusion was second.
But overall, there were fewer than 700,000 car thefts last year . . . that's the lowest number since 1967, and down 50% from 1991.  (NICB)
(You can see the top 10 most stolen cars in your state here.)

Pumpkin Spice Oreos Are Coming

Last year, we saw the blueprint for a world with complete pumpkin spice penetration across all foods and beverages.  We expected more new pumpkin spice products for this fall . . . and right on cue, here's the first.
It looks like the newest limited edition Oreo flavor is Pumpkin Spice Oreos.  It's pumpkin spice cream between two vanilla Oreo wafers.
We're not sure when or where these might go on sale, but based on how Oreo usually does it, they should be on sale here soon . . . probably at either Target or Walmart.
There's also a rumor that there will be Caramel Apple Oreos this fall.
Oreo has really been escalating the amount of limited edition flavors they put out over the past few years.  Some of the other fall flavors they've put out in the past years are Candy Corn Oreos and Gingerbread Oreos.  

It Now Costs $245,000 to Raise a Child . . . Not Including College

According to the newest report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it now costs an average of $245,000 to raise a child.  
And that's NOT including college.  If we DID include college, it would probably cost $47 billion to raise a kid.
The cost varies a LOT depending on where you live.  If you're in a city in the northeast, it could cost closer to $455,000 . . . if you're in a rural area in the south, it costs around $145,500.
That number includes housing, food, transportation, clothing, health care, education, childcare, and other random things like haircuts and presents.
The cost of raising a child is up 2% from last year, but that's actually not bad . . . overall costs have been growing slower over the past few years because inflation is low.  (CNN Money)
(You can see a custom estimate for how much a child will cost you based on where you live and how much money you make here.  And a condom costs like 75 cents.  Just remember that.)

A Guy Fakes His Own Death to Get Out of His Wedding

It's totally natural to have cold feet before your wedding.  It is NOT natural to react like THIS.
23-year-old Tucker Blandford of Stamford, Connecticut was engaged to 23-year-old Alex Lanchester of West Midlands, England . . . they met in 2012 when she was studying at the University of Connecticut.
When she was about to go back to England after a year, he proposed.  And their wedding was scheduled for last Friday in England.
But . . . one week before the wedding, Alex got a phone call.  It was Tucker's dad, who told her Tucker was depressed and had KILLED himself by jumping in front of a car.  Naturally Alex was DEVASTATED, and broke down crying.
When she finally calmed down, she called Tucker's mom to talk about Tucker's suicide . . . but Tucker's mom had no idea what she was talking about.  
It turns out TUCKER was the one who called Alex, posing as his dad.  He only FAKED HIS DEATH . . . to get out of the wedding.  He'd told his parents he'd broken up with Alex when she went back to England, so they had no idea about the wedding anyway.
Obviously Alex ended things and called everything off . . . she says, quote, "He's shattered my trust and I'm not sure I'll ever be in a relationship again."  (Daily Mail)  

50% of People Who Get Divorced Regret It . . . Here Are the Top Ten Reasons

If you're married, bored, and jealous of that friend who says getting divorced was the best thing that ever happened to them, here's some good news.  There's a 50/50 chance they're jealous of YOU.
According to a new survey, 50% of people who get divorced end up REGRETTING it.  Here are the top ten reasons.
1.  They end up missing the other person.
2.  Being divorced makes them feel like a failure.
3.  They realize they still love the other person.
4.  They realize it was partly their fault, and they weren't being reasonable.
5.  They feel lonely.
6.  They suddenly realize they LIKED being married.
7.  They regret it as soon as their ex starts dating someone else.
8.  They thought they'd be happier on their own, but they're not.
9.  They miss their kids.
10.  They realize being divorced is affecting their kids in a negative way.  (Daily Mail)

Seven Things You May Not Have Known About "Saved By the Bell"

There are probably people out there who know EVERYTHING about "Saved By the Bell".  And I'm sure they LOVE sharing that knowledge.
But not everyone is lucky enough to have a "Saved By the Bell" expert in their lives, so here are seven interesting facts about the show that you may not have known:
1.  "Saved By the Bell" was almost called "When the Bell Rings", and it was originally a spin-off of the show, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss".  Of course, if you're familiar with that show . . . you already knew that. 
2.  Dustin Diamond almost wasn't Screech.  The show's creator didn't realize he was only 12 when he was cast, and he wouldn't have gotten the gig if the guy knew his actual age. 
3.  Zack and Screech are the only two characters to appear in EVERY single episode of the original show.  And Screech is the only character also in every spin-off of the show.
4.  When the characters graduated from high school, the actors' real-life ages were:  Mark-Paul Gosselaar, 19 . . . Mario Lopez, 20 . . . Elizabeth Berkley, 21 . . . Tiffani Thiessen, 19 . . . Lark Voorhies, 19 . . . and Dustin Diamond, 16.
5.  Every main character has either dated or gone on a date with each other . . . except Lisa and Slater.
6.  During the entire run of "Saved By the Bell" we never ONCE see the outside of the school.
7.  The show was nominated for ONE Daytime Emmy . . . for "Outstanding Achievement in Lighting."  Sadly, it lost out to the Disney Channel show "Kids Incorporated".  

Five Little Things Almost Everyone Steals

Have you ever stolen anything?  If your answer to that is no . . . chances are you're a thief AND a liar.  Because just about everyone has stolen SOMETHING in their life, even if it was by mistake.  Here are five things almost EVERYONE steals.
1.  Pens.  In one survey, 70% of people who work in an office said that a co-worker has stolen a pen before.  And we do it by mistake so often that doctor's offices actually tie them to clipboards.
2.  A spot in line.  Which is like stealing other people's TIME.  One study found that when someone cuts, people object to it 54% of the time.  But if two people try to cut TOGETHER, it jumps to 91%.
3.  Something from a hotel room.  With stuff like shampoo, it's not actually stealing, because they WANT you to take that stuff.  If you don't, they'll just toss it.  But 35%of people admit they've also stolen things like towels and sheets.
4.  Lighters.  Which people steal by MISTAKE all the time.  Especially smokers, because they're in the habit of using a lighter and immediately putting it in their pocket.
5.  Condiments, straws, and napkins.  The best example is ketchup packets. You probably have 50 of them sitting in a drawer, just in case you ever run out of ketchup you actually PAID FOR.  (USA Today)

A Coffee Shop in Colorado Is Only Going to Hire Homeless People

Earlier this year, a guy in Fort Collins, Colorado named Seth Kelley went to a neighborhood meeting with his wife, Kelly.  Yes, her name is Kelly Kelley.  
Anyway, the topic was a new housing development for the homeless, which some people at the meeting weren't very excited about.
But Seth and Kelly wanted to help . . . so they decided to open a coffee shop right NEXT to the housing development.  And they're ONLY going to hire the people who live there.
They opened in May.  So far, they have one person on staff who's homeless, and he has to commute back and forth from a shelter every day until the housing development is finished next year.
They also hired two experienced baristas to get the place up and running, and teach people what to do.  But once the housing development is done, they say their plan is to hire the people who live there, exclusively.
(Coloradoan / ThinkProgress)  

A Woman Climbs Into a Giraffe Pen at the Zoo . . . And Gets Both a Ticket and Kick to the Face

24-year-old Amanda Hall of San Luis Obispo, California says her favorite animals are giraffes.  I'm thinking, as of Saturday night, she's going to switch to penguins.
Amanda was at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday, and looking at the giraffes from a distance CLEARLY wasn't enough for her . . . she just had to get closer.
So Amanda scaled a fence and hopped into the pen WITH the giraffes.
And a two-year-old, 12-foot giraffe named Wally came up and licked her face . . . which must've been her dream come true.  But then Wally KICKED her in the face . . . which definitely wasn't part of her plan.
The staff got Amanda out of there before the giraffes could hurt her more . . . and she was taken to the hospital with severe but non-life-threatening injuries.  And just to add insult to injury, the cops gave her a $686 ticket for harassment of animals.
(Wisconsin State Journal)  

Can You Sue Someone For Putting Your Photo on Facebook Without Permission? This Guy Did . . . and Won

You know that horrible moment when you find out someone tagged you on Facebook  . . . and you rush to make sure it's not embarrassing, hideous, or career-threatening? 
Well . . . maybe you can SUE the next person who puts you through that.
A guy in Naples, Italy just sued someone for posting their honeymoon photos on Facebook without his permission . . . his own WIFE to be exact.
Clearly they've been having marital problems . . . so he sued over the photos, saying it was an invasion of his privacy to post them.
And believe it or not, the court AGREED with him.  His wife has to take down the photos . . . and may even have to pay him damages.
Of course, one court decision in Italy doesn't mean that you'll be able to sue someone here for posting or tagging a Facebook photo of you . . . but it's something to keep an eye on.  People sue each other for FAR less these days, right?  
(The Local)

A Mom Invented an App That Locks Your Kid's Phone Until They Call You Back

Every kid who's begged their parents to buy them a phone has used the, "I can call you so you know I'm safe" line.  And every parent who fell for it learned their kids are actually TERRIBLE at checking in.
So you're going to love this as much as your kids hate it . . . a mom in Houston, Texas named Sharon Standifird has invented an app that FORCES your kid to call you back.
It's called Ignore No More.  And when a parent calls their kid and the kid doesn't answer, the app locks their phone and only gives them two options:  Call their parent back or call 911.
So they can't text, play games, or use apps until they call their parents back and get the unlock code.
Ignore No More costs $1.99 but it's only available for Android phones . . . Apple doesn't allow apps to lock up the phone the way this does.  

Trying to Eat less?... Here are Hints How To!

So here are four ways to trick yourself into eating less. 1. Don't let the foods on your plate touch. Some people do that anyway, because they have a weird OCD thing about it. But the idea here is that if you don't let them touch, you're forcing yourself to take smaller portions. Because with HUGE portions, there's no way to avoid them touching. 2. Eat with your other hand. Maybe you've heard that one before, but it works because when you eat with your non-dominant hand, it takes longer. Which gives your body more time to feel full. 3. Don't use your cell phone while you're eating. Which is the only one on the list that requires some ACTUAL self-control. The idea is that you eat more when you're distracted by something. Usually, that's your cell phone. But the same goes for watching TV. If you put your phone down and turn the TV off, you'll automatically eat less than you would otherwise. 4. Eat off a blue plate. Scientists aren't sure why, but for some reason it makes you eat less.

You're Dumping Me Why?!... Check out these reasons!

Getting dumped for no reason is terrible. Getting dumped for an ABSURD reason is even worse. What's the worst excuse someone ever used to dump you? Here are eight of the best ones we've ever heard . . . 1. "We don't fight enough . . . so you obviously don't care about this relationship." 2. "You're not bad enough for me." 3. "You're chocolate pudding, my ex is chocolate cake. I love pudding, but lately I've been craving cake." Important note: All parties involved are white. 4. "I'm sick of guys looking at you. I need an uglier girl, sorry." 5. "I just really need some time to date God before I can date anyone else." 6. "You don't love me like Edward loves Bella." 7. "There was never an official breakup. She just walked up, handed me some Jell-O, and never talked to me again." 8. "I'm falling for your mom and I want to take a shot at her."

Less traditional Ways to tell you have a GOOD Relationship!

A new survey tried to find the LESS traditional signs you're in a good relationship . . . and they more or less succeeded. Here are their 10 unique signs things are solid. 1. You do chores together . . . like one person washes dishes, the other one dries. 2. You agree on movies. 3. You have three mutual friends . . . meaning you each have an independent friendship with three of the same people. 4. You go on two romantic weekend trips a year. 5. You kiss each other five times a day. 6. You cook together. 7. You go on a date once a month, regardless of how long you've been together. 8. You have sex about twice a week. 9. You've both admitted you're wrong during an argument. 10. You don't get into too many fights over driving, making a mess, or spending money.

Bizarre Cat and Dog Names of 2014!

Veterinary Pet Insurance just released their list of the most bizarre names people have given their dogs and cats in 2014. These are actual names people have given their pets this year . . . which should make you ashamed for naming your dog Molly or your cat Whiskers. Here are some of the most bizarre names for dogs: Peanut Wigglebutt . . . Sasha Biggiepotamus Fierce . . . Airbubble McMuffin . . . Angus T. Brackencrack . . . Brutus Pancakes . . . No Marley Stoppit . . . and Gianna Von Doberman. Some of the most bizarre names people have given cats are: Snuggles Butt Le Lee . . . Felix Thunder Paws . . . Crème Bowling Ball . . . Honest Bob . . . Mila Meowsavitch . . . and Tybalt, King of Cats.

Inspiring Quotes from Young Hollywood Actresses

Whether we want them to or not, girls look up to young female celebrities.  All we can do is hope they look up to the GOOD ones.  On that note, here are some highlights from a list of Inspiring Quotes from Young Hollywood Actresses:
Jennifer Lawrence:  "I'd rather look a little chubby on camera and look like a person in real life than to look great on screen and look like a scarecrow in real life."
Demi Lovato:  "I wish I could tell every young girl with an eating disorder, or who has harmed herself in any way, that she's worthy of life and that her life has meaning.  You can overcome and get through anything."
Chloe Moretz:  "Never choose your friends over your family or a boyfriend or girlfriend over the family.  My mom has always taught us that blood is thicker than water.  No one will ever understand the dynamic of your family.  Ever."
Shailene Woodley:  "As women, we are constantly told that we need to compare ourselves to a girl in school, to our co-­workers, to the images in a magazine. . . . How is the world going to advance if we're always comparing ourselves to others?"

We Spend More Time on Facebook and YouTube Than We Do Sleeping

The only surprising thing about this story is that it took THIS long to come true.
A new study found that the average person spends more time messing around on their phone, tablet, and computer than they do sleeping.
We spend an average of eight hours and 41 minutes a day using technology . . . from email to Facebook to YouTube to games.
And the study found the average person spends eight hours and 21 minutes sleeping.  That seems very high . . . so the spread between how much time we spend using technology and sleeping is probably even LARGER than this study found.
The study also found one in 10 people send emails from bed . . . and teenagers only do 3% of their communicating through phone calls.   (Daily Mail)

The Most Important Personality Trait in Dating is . . . a Good Sense of Humor

According to a new survey, everyone on this show must be incredibly RANDY for each other.  Because according to men AND women, the thing they look for MOST in a relationship is . . . a good sense of humor.
87% of women and 80% of men said it's the most important quality they look for.  Being good with money is the second most important trait, according to women.  And being GOOD LOOKING ranked second for men.  Here are some more specifics.
1.  75% of women and 55% of men look for someone who's good with money.  But only 44% of women and 25% of men say a good SALARY is very important.  Also, 21% of women and 18% of men say how much the person has SAVED is a big deal.
2.  74% of women say intelligence is one of the most important things they look for, compared to 65% of men.
3.  65% of women care a lot about LOOKS, which made it the fourth most important trait for them.  For men, it's the second most important trait, with 67% of the vote.
4.  64% of women say wanting KIDS is one of the most important things they look for in a guy.  Only 36% of men said that about women.
5.  47% of women said a guy's education is important, compared to 41% of men.  (Daily Mail)

Are Parents Choosing Baby Names Based on Whether the Domain Name Is Available?

Here's a real sign of the times.  It's not enough to give your baby a unique name anymore . . . now you have to give them a name that's SO unique, it's still available as a dot-com.
There's a new website called where you type in your last name.  Then it suggests baby names based on whether his or her domain name is available.
For example, if your last name is Rhodes, it searches through a bunch of possible names and finds that,,,, and are all available.
The site just launched this week and has already had over 5,000 parents search it.  
(Business Insider)

A Woman Tracks Down Her Biological Mother . . . and Finds Out She Married Her Own Brother

If you were adopted and decide to track down your birth parents, no matter how emotionally jarring it is, it can't turn out as poorly as THIS.
A 39-year-old woman in Brazil named Adriana was given up by her mother as a baby, and adopted. 
But a Brazilian radio show was able to track down her mother, Maria.  And when Adriana talked with her, she learned she also had a BROTHER . . . Maria had given up a son for adoption too.  And his name was Leandro. 
And that was a big problem.  Because Adriana is married to a 37-year-old guy named Leandro . . . and it's the SAME Leandro.  They're long-lost brother and sister.
Adriana and Leandro met 10 years ago, they got married seven years ago, and have a six-year-old son together.  They knew they both had long-lost mothers named Maria, but it's a common name, so they never expected it was the SAME Maria.
But they say they still love each other and plan on staying together . . . even though they're brother and sister.
These coincidences are actually more likely than you'd think . . . there's a phenomenon called genetic sexual attraction where people who are closely related are drawn to each other if they meet for the first time as adults.  (Daily Mail)

A Guy Raised Over $9,000 for Charity by Pushing a Brussels Sprout Up a Mountain with His Nose

There are a lot of ways you can help the community.  You can donate time, you can donate money . . . or you can do THIS.  I guess.
A 49-year-old in Wales named Stuart Kettell wanted to do something unique to raise money for a charity called Macmillan Cancer Support.  So instead of having a bake sale or a car wash . . . he pushed a Brussels sprout up a MOUNTAIN with his NOSE.
He started last Wednesday, and the mountain he chose was 3,560 feet high.  Which isn't Everest or anything, but it still took him FOUR DAYS to do it.
He wore a special mask that protected his face, but left his nose exposed.  And after the first day, his knees were already RAW from crawling.  In the end, he went through 22 Brussels sprouts, because they kept falling apart.
His goal was to raise 5,000 pounds, which is about $8,400.  But he's already raised more than $9,000, and people are still donating online.  If you want to help, go to, and search for "Stuart Kettell."
This isn't the first crazy stunt Stuart has done.  He's trying to raise a total of $70,000.  So in 2011, he ran seven marathons in seven days.  And in 2012, he hung from a bunch of helium balloons for a WEEK.  
He says the Brussels sprout thing was the hardest stunt so far though.  (Huffington Post)  

Six Things Guys Think Are Romantic . . . But Aren't

"Cosmo" has a list of things that guys THINK are romantic . . . but really aren't.  Here are six of 'em . . .
1.  Cheesy gifts.  Like heart-shaped jewelry and stuffed teddy bears.
2.  Fighting over you.  For whatever reason, men think it's romantic to get in a fight with another guy over you, even if it means getting arrested.  When really, there's NOTHING romantic or sexy about jail time.
3.  Public proposals. These CAN be romantic, but it has a better chance of going wrong than if you just made it a private thing between the two of you.
4.  Buying anything that requires a commitment.  You'd better think long and hard before you buy her a puppy, a car, or anything that requires ongoing care, maintenance or payments. 
5.  Scaring you.  There's nothing sexy about sneaking up behind someone and scaring them while they're making dinner.  That's how people get stabbed. 
6.  Tickle fights.  It's all fun and games until someone pees their pants. 

The Five Rudest Things People Do at Work

Is there one thing you wish your co-workers would stop doing, because it drives you CRAZY . . . or are there a MILLION things?  Well, a new survey asked people for the rudest thing someone can do at the office.  Here are the top five. 
1.  Using your speakerphone.  36% of people said it's the most annoying thing they wish their co-workers would stop doing immediately.  The only time it's okay is if you have an office, so no one else can hear it.
2.  Loitering.  Meaning you hang out and try to have lengthy, personal conversations while someone's working.  Even if you're not talking to THEM, it's distracting if they're within earshot.
3.  Eating food with a strong smell.  Which could mean Indian food, anything with a lot of garlic, or even just a tuna sandwich.  You can still have those things for lunch.  Just go OUT to eat.
4.  A messy desk.  Especially if you SHARE a desk with someone, or your desk is right next to theirs.
5.  Setting your phone's ringer too high.  Because then EVERYONE hears it.  And since it's right next to you, it's just not necessary.  You'd still be able to hear the phone ring if it was on its LOWEST setting.  (PR Newswire)

The World's First Double Hand Transplant Recipient Is Playing the Piano Again

A 68-year-old named Richard Mangino lost both of his hands AND feet to an infection in 2002.  But in 2011, he received the world's first successful DOUBLE HAND TRANSPLANT at a hospital in Boston.  And check out how he's been doing.
Richard lives in Revere, Massachusetts, just outside Boston.  And less than a year after the surgery, he could already throw a FOOTBALL around with his grandkids.
But before he lost his hands, he was also a painter and a musician.  And not only is he PAINTING again, but he's been able to start playing the PIANO too.
So far he can only play a few chords.  And sometimes it still sounds like he's just sort of banging on the keys.  But he says it's enough for now, and he's even writing songs.
Richard also hopes to play GUITAR again someday, which requires even more dexterity.  But his doctors say he should keep improving, and it might be possible.
Regardless, he says his progress so far has already made a HUGE difference in his life.  And he doesn't forget to appreciate the little things, like being able to open and close the blinds, for example.
If you're wondering, Richard's new hands came from a guy in New Hampshire, who died of a brain hemorrhage in 2011.  Luckily for Richard, he was an organ donor.  (Yahoo / WCVB / CBS Boston)  

A Man Mauled by a Bear Was Saved By His Justin Bieber Ringtone

You heard it here first:  JUSTIN BIEBER saves lives.
42-year-old Igor Vorozhbitsyn is a fisherman in northern Russia.  And he was out fishing last week when a giant BROWN BEAR jumped him from behind.
The bear started mauling him, slashing his face and chest.  But just as the bear was about to land the death blow, Igor's PHONE rang . . . and his ringtone was "Baby" by Justin Bieber.
And it was loud enough that it startled the bear and made him run away.
There's nothing specific about Justin Bieber's music that makes it particularly good at repelling bears . . . basically, any loud and surprising noise could've shocked the bear and made him run off.  But it WAS Bieber, so he gets the credit here.
As for why a 42-year-old Russian man had a Justin Bieber ringtone . . . he says, quote, "my granddaughter loaded it onto my phone for a joke."  (Daily Mail)  

Top Things Kids Want to Be When They Grow Up

The Top 10 Things Kids Want to Be When They Grow Up . . . and the Top Two Are "Rich" and "Famous"?
A new survey asked kids between five and 10 what they want to be when they grow up.  And the top two answers are . . . "rich" and "famous."  Here's the full top 10 . . .
1.  Rich, 22%.
2.  Famous, 19%.
3.  Police officer, 16%.
4.  Zookeeper, 14%.
5.  Firefighter, 13%.
6.  Doctor, 10%.
7.  Veterinarian, 8%.
8.  Bus driver, 7%.
9.  Store owner, 7%.
10.  I don't want to work, 6%.  (Daily Mail)

3% of Parents Would Lie to Get Their Kid Out of Jail . . . Plus Four More Ethical Dilemmas

CBS News and "Vanity Fair" just released the results of a poll on Americans and ethics.  Here's what they found . . .
38% of people think slavery was the biggest ethical misjudgment in U.S. history.  20% said the treatment of Native Americans . . . and only 7% said nuking Japan.
69% of people wouldn't report illegal immigrants living next door to them.  25% would.
39% of people say it's never ethical to read your spouse's emails . . . another 39% say it's only ethical during an emergency . . . and 5% say it's cool to do it whenever.
Half of people let their kids win at board games.  7% would write a college application essay for their kids . . . and 3% would lie to give them an alibi if they committed a, quote, "petty crime."
And finally, 58% of people say that it's unethical to take more than 10 items into the 10-items-or-less line at the grocery store . . . and even if you're buying six boxes of Lucky Charms, that counts as six items, not one.  (CBS News)

You Get Stressed Out 14 Times a Day . . . Plus the Top 10 Things We Stress About

Our lives are so stressful . . . living here in this war zone without food or clean water.  Oh wait, I'm sorry . . . that's other people.  We stress out because our iPhone didn't fully charge during the night and the battery's only at 71%.
A new study found the average person stresses out 14 times a day . . . and for most people, the first time you get stressed is before you even get out of BED.  Here are the top 10 things we stress about . . .
1.  Feeling overweight.
2.  Not being able to find your keys, phone, or wallet.
3.  Not being able to fall asleep.
4.  Arguments with your significant other.
5.  Generally feeling tired or in some kind of pain.
6.  Money.
7.  Being late for work.
8.  Family issues.
9.  Oversleeping and having to catch up.
10.  Cleaning the house.  (Daily Mail / NI Business Now)

Nine Lies From Kindergarten That You Still Believe

As a kid, people lie to you just about every day.  Most of the lies you figure out pretty quickly, like the ones about the Easter Bunny and the American Dream  (???)  But here are nine lies from kindergarten that you probably STILL believe.
1.  Medieval princesses wore dresses and jewels.  There was nothing luxurious about being a princess in the Middle Ages.  They were better off than common people, but their castles were dark and cold, and full of sewage and the smells of death and rot.
2.  Cavemen lived in caves.  Early humans and Neanderthals actually didn't live inside caves . . . they just painted pictures on the walls.  Most of the artifacts we have from early humans were found in other places.
3.  Getting too close to a TV screen will damage your eyes.  There's actually no evidence that watching TV up close will damage your eyes over time.  Same for reading in dim light.  It might give you a headache, but it doesn't hurt your eyesight.
4.  Earth's magnetic north pole is actually at the North Pole.  This one is kind of a technicality.  But the north pole of a magnet is the end that's ATTRACTED TO geographic North.  So the Earth's real north pole is at the South Pole, and vice versa.
5.  Humans only have five senses.  They've been teaching that to kids for more than 2,000 years now.  But these days scientists believe we have at least ten senses, including the senses of pain, balance, time, and body awareness.
6.  Birds and bees have sex like we do.  They reproduce sexually, but it's a lot different.  Most birds don't have junk.  And a queen bee is fertilized by about ten drones at a time, all taking turns . . . and each one dies when it pulls away from her.
7.  There are only seven colors in the rainbow.  This is also kind of a technicality.  In IDEAL viewing conditions, most people could actually distinguish about a MILLION different colors.  But they're still just different shades of the colors you already know.
8.   Bats are blind.  They actually see extremely well, although they're color-blind.  Probably the myth goes back to people just assuming they don't need eyes, because they have radar and they live in caves.
9.  Gum takes seven years to digest.  It actually breaks down normally in the stomach and intestines, just like any other food.  It takes about two hours, and the leftovers pass out with whatever else you ate. 
But don't start swallowing your gum all the time now.  It's still sticky enough to make other foods clump together as they pass through your gut, and that could cause other problems.
(Huffington Post)

A Single Mom Working Two Jobs Bought a Lottery Ticket on Friday the 13th . . . And Won $66 Million

Kelsey Zachow is a 24-year-old single mom in Port Huron, Michigan, just outside Detroit.  She works two jobs, and she and her boyfriend have a seven-month-old son . . . he also has a five-year-old daughter.
Kelsey's main job has been working as a medical assistant, and she's also been bartending to bring in extra cash.  But I don't think she'll be doing EITHER anymore.
Back on June 13th . . . which happened to be FRIDAY the 13th . . . Kelsey stopped on her way to work and bought five lottery tickets.  For the past five years, she's been buying five tickets, twice a week.
This time, she used her regular numbers on four of the tickets, and random numbers for the fifth one.  And the random numbers ended up matching all seven WINNING numbers.  Meaning Kelsey hit the jackpot for 66 MILLION BUCKS.
She actually didn't know for almost two weeks, and says that when she finally checked the tickets, she could barely breathe.  She turned in the winning ticket last Monday, and took the lump sum.  So she gets about $27 million after taxes.
She says she's planning to buy a house, a new car, set up college funds for the kids, and take classes on how to manage money.  Lottery officials say it's the biggest Friday the 13th jackpot in Michigan state history.  (Detroit Free Press / Macomb Daily / NY Daily News)

Scrabble Just Added a Bunch of New Words Like

Here's another sign that society's plan to give EVERYONE a trophy is still moving ahead strong.
Scrabble just added a bunch of words to their official dictionary under the guise that they're modern . . . but really, they're just words that use a bunch of letters like Z, X, Q, and K which should make the game easier and higher scoring.
Here are the five worst additions . . .
1.  Qajaq . . . which means "kayak."  (It's pronounced in a similar way, too . . . Cah-YOCK)
2.  Coqui . . . a small frog.  (Pronounced koh-KEE.)
3.  Qigong . . . a Chinese exercise system.  (chee-gung)
4.  Yuzu . . . a Japanese fruit.
5.  Buzzkill.  You know . . . when someone makes everyone else bummed out.
A couple of the "modern" words they added along with those ridiculous words are chillax, frenemy, hashtag, mixtape, selfie, Sudoku, texter, vlog, and webzine.  (Time)

A Five-Year-Old Mayor in Minnesota Just Lost His Re-Election Bid

Five-year-old Bobby Tufts of Dorset, Minnesota has been in the news for the past two years . . . because he was elected MAYOR when he was just three years old.
Well . . . "elected" is kind of a strong word.  Dorset only has a population of 25, so they don't really need a mayor . . . anyone who wants to be mayor puts their name in a hat and they pick one out.
Bobby won that drawing in back-to-back years . . . he won two years ago AND last year.  So he's been the mayor of Dorset for two terms.
But over the weekend, Bobby LOST his re-election bid . . . 16-year-old Eric Mueller had HIS name drawn out of the hat, so he's the mayor now.  Hope you're happy, Eric Mueller . . . your first act as mayor was breaking a little kid's heart.
(NBC 11 - Minneapolis)  

A Guy Left a Great Amazon Review For a Wi-Fi Thermostat . . . Because He Changes the Temperature Remotely While His Wife Cheats on Him

We're not sure if this Amazon reviewer is lying . . . but if he's telling the truth, this is as good as reviews get.
There's a guy from Ohio whose screen name is "The General", and he left an Amazon review a few months back for the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat . . . it's a thermostat you can control remotely from your phone.
He gave it five stars.  And the REASON he loves it is because he can mess with his wife . . . since she CHEATED on him.
Turns out his wife found a new guy, cheated on him, ended things with him, and even kicked him out of the house.  Now she and the new guy . . . a banker named Carl . . . get-it-on in the house.
And The General can mess with them while they do . . . by changing the temperature on the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat from his cell phone.
Sometimes he'll drop the temperature down to 40 degrees.  Sometimes he'll crank it up to 80.  And sometimes, when they go on vacation, he blasts the air conditioning the entire time to drive up their electricity bill.  (Huffington Post)

The 10 Jobs We'd Do If We Could Quit Our Real Jobs

Even if you're happy at work, you've wondered what it would be like to switch to your DREAM JOB.  And if you haven't . . . here are some other people's dream jobs to steal.
A new survey found 49% of people are unhappy enough at work that they'd love to switch careers . . . and found the top 10 dream jobs people WISH they could do if they quit their real jobs.  Check 'em out . . .
1.  Start a restaurant.
2.  Run a bed and breakfast in another country.
3.  Write a novel.  (Good luck making money on this one.  Sincerely, guy who once wrote a book.)
4.  Own a bar.
5.  Become a chocolate taster.
6.  Travel writer.
7.  Photographer.
8.  Gardener.
9.  Artist.
10.  Food critic.  (

The Average Person Has 64 Friends . . . and a Lot of Them Come From Work

You probably have somewhere between 300 and 1,900 friends on Facebook.  But how many REAL friends do you have?
The answer is 64.  If you said anything else . . . you're wrong.  (???)
A new study found the average adult has 64 friends . . . and your main source of friends is WORK.
Here's how the 64 friends break down:  17 from work . . . 14 from school or college . . . 14 from social activities or clubs . . . 13 from social media . . . and six from other connections, like meeting through mutual friends.
The study also found that your closest friend is probably someone from school . . . even though you actually have more in common with your work friends than you do with them.  
(Daily Mail)

Twelve Travel Scams to Look Out For

If you're taking a trip overseas this summer, there are a lot of places where foreigners get EATEN ALIVE by scam artists.  Check out these twelve tricks they use to separate you from your money.
1.  The Rose.  A guy offers you a rose for your girlfriend, and charges you a ridiculous price.  If you don't pay it, he makes you look like a bad boyfriend in front of her.
2.  The Baby.  A woman walks up and throws a baby in your arms . . . usually a doll.  And while you're trying to catch it, you get pickpocketed from behind.
3.  Street Games.  You'll see a guy doing sleight of hand, and while you're trying to figure out the trick, you get pickpocketed.
4.  The Spill.  Someone will stage an accident and spill something on your jacket.  Then they'll offer to clean it for you, but really they'll be going through your pockets.
5.  The Drug Deal.  If you're going out to a club, a taxi driver will offer to sell you drugs.  When you make the deal, a "cop" will happen to walk by and see it.  Then you get busted and they shake you down for everything you have.
6.  The Overnight Bus.  You might get offered an amazing deal on a bus to take you to another city.  But they'll go through your checked bags and take everything valuable.
7.  The Drop and Swap.  Cashiers will count out your change, and then drop it before they hand it over.  When they pick it up, they'll switch it out for similar coins that are less valuable.
8.  The Flat Tire.  If you're driving a rental overseas, you're basically a magnet for criminals.  They might give you a flat tire on purpose and then offer to help you change it.  But while you're working on the tire, someone will go through your stuff.
9.  The Careless Cabbie.  When you get to your hotel, the driver will offer to get your bags out of the trunk.  But he'll act like he's in a hurry, and end up leaving a purse or something small in the trunk when he drives off.
10.  The Slow Cashier.  A cashier will take a phone call after you hand over your credit card.  She'll disappear for just a few seconds, acting like she's helping the person on the other end.  But actually she's taking a picture of your card so it can be counterfeited.
11.  The Insurance Scam.  A doctor will offer to sell you fake medical documents, which you can use to make a claim on your travel insurance.  But the insurance company will try to verify and find out the doctor was a fake.
12.  The Broken Camera.  Another group of travelers will ask you to take a picture of them.  But their camera won't work.  When you hand it back to them, they'll drop it.  Then they'll blame you and demand payment for the damage.  And pick your pockets.

Crew on this! Dog hit's it big with new family!

A Dog Walked 30 Miles to Find Its Former Owners, But They Didn't Want Her Back . . . So She Was Adopted By the Heir to the Wrigley Fortune
Back in 2012, a black lab named Lady ended up at an animal shelter in Sedan, Kansas after her owner died.  (Sedan is 100 miles southeast of Wichita.)
She grew attached to a family that adopted her, but they eventually brought her back . . . they thought she was too rough with a new puppy they got.  Which is weird, because Lady is pretty old.  She looks like she's at least 10.
Anyway, another family took her in.  But then she ran off, and walked 30 MILES back to the FIRST family's house.  And at that point, NEITHER of the families wanted her anymore.  So she ended up back at the same shelter for a third time.
Which is when a woman named Helen Rosburg heard about her.  Helen is the great-granddaughter of the guy who started Wrigley Gum.  And she has a farm in Odessa, Florida that's specifically for rescue animals.
So on Thursday, Helen sent a PRIVATE JET to pick up Lady in Kansas and fly her to Florida.  And for the rest of her life, she'll be living in a 10,000 square foot house, and get to run around with other dogs on a 120-acre farm.  (KCTV5 / KWCH)

Cops Break Into a Car to Help a Baby Inside . . . Turns Out It's a Doll

You hear so many stories about people leaving their children locked in hot cars, it's put our nation on HIGH ALERT.  Plus it gives us a chance to judge other people for being bad parents, which is always satisfying.
The police in Hoboken, New Jersey got SEVERAL calls on Thursday from people who saw a baby inside a locked car.  One of them told the cops the baby looked, quote, "lifeless."
So the cops rushed to the scene, smashed the window, and got the baby out.  
And when they picked the baby up they realized why it looked lifeless . . . it was a DOLL.
The car belonged to a woman named Kitty Mieles.  She says her two-year-old granddaughter left the doll in the car.
And now Kitty is trying to get the city to pay for the cost of replacing her window.  
(ABC 7 - New York)

Facebook Went Down for 19 Minutes on Friday . . . So People Started Calling 911

Facebook went down for about 19 minutes on Friday, and you'd expect people to be annoyed.  But you wouldn't expect them to PANIC like this.
Apparently, when Facebook went down, people started calling 911 to ask the COPS for help.
The police department in La Crescenta, California even went on Twitter and wrote, quote, "Facebook is not a law enforcement issue, please don't call us about it being down, we don't know when [it] will be back up."
So yeah, don't call the cops if Facebook goes down.
On a related note . . . tried to estimate how much money Facebook lost by missing out on those 19 minutes of ad revenue.
Based on their average revenue from last quarter, Facebook makes about $22,543 per minute . . . so going down for 19 minutes cost them approximately $426,607.  
(Fortune / The Wire)

Do You Have a Good Friend Online That You've Never Met in Person?

Do you have a friend you met online that you've NEVER met in person?  
Before you say, "Of course not!" . . . think about that random person you're somehow friends with on Facebook.  The one whose status updates you're weirdly obsessed with.
According to a new survey, 76% of people say they DO have a good friend they met on the Internet who they've never met in person.  That means three out of four people have a good Internet-only friend.
And WOMEN are more likely to have a good friend they only know from the Internet.  83% of women say they've got one, versus 73% of men.  
(PR Newswire)

One Fifth of Married Couples Have a Secret That Could End Their Marriage

When you've been married a while, you assume you know EVERYTHING about the other person.  But there's a decent chance that's NOT the case.
According to a new survey, one fifth of married couples have a secret that's big enough it could END their marriage if the other person found out about it.
The most common thing people lie about is cheating, followed by contacting an ex . . . which is KIND OF cheating . . . hiding pornography, hiding debt, using drugs, breaking the law, and being GAY.
The survey also found the average couple is hiding a total of six secrets between them.  And on average, they've been keeping at least one big secret for ten YEARS.
25% admitted they've lied about something important at least once.  But 42% of people who are still keeping something a secret are confident they'll never get caught.   (Daily Mail)

Five Things You Should Never Say to a Friend Who Just Got Engaged

Here's a list of five things you should NEVER say to a friend who just got engaged . . .
1.  "That isn't the ring you wanted!"  If her fiancé picked out the ring, it might not be the EXACT one she had wanted . . . but it's still special, so you need to be respectful of that.  Focus on the fact that she got engaged, not the actual ring.
2.  "He should have said/done [blank] when he proposed."  The proposal is a special moment between your friend and her fiancé, so if SHE'S happy about it, it's really inappropriate to judge or criticize.
3.  "It's about time!"  The issue here is that it's implying your friend is late to the party, and it almost makes the engagement feel less special since they've been together for so long.
4.  "I'm sad I'm single."  It's hard when you're single, but a friend's engagement isn't about YOU.  Be happy for HER. 
5.  "Are you sure you want to do this?"  She said "yes", so, yeah, she's sure.  If you truly have an issue with your friend's motives or decision, pick a day a few weeks away and talk to her then, after things have calmed down. 
(Huffington Post)

A Mailman Saves a Woman from a Burning House . . . Then Keeps Delivering Mail

35-year-old Phil Turner lives about 20 miles outside Liverpool, and he's been a mailman since he was 18.  But he says this was DEFINITELY the craziest situation he's been in.
Last Thursday morning, Phil was delivering mail in a nearby town called Golborne, when he realized one of the houses on his route was ON FIRE.
By that point, some neighbors had already set up a ladder, and rescued two kids through a window.  But their mom was still inside.
So Phil kicked in the front door, helped the mom get out, made sure everyone was okay  . . . and then left to CONTINUE DELIVERING THE MAIL.
In the end, everyone inside the house suffered smoke inhalation, but they all survived.
Afterward, Phil made sure to note that the NEIGHBORS were the ones who grabbed the ladder, organized the rescue, and did most of the heroic stuff.  But he was glad to help out too.  (St. Helens Star)  

A Nurse Is Suing After Her Work Held a Hostage Drill With an Armed Gunman . . . and Didn't Warn Her in Advance

Michelle Meeker was a nurse at a nursing home in Carbondale, Colorado called Heritage Park Care Center.  She was working last October when a man with a GUN busted in, took her hostage, and forced her into a back room.
The good news?  It was just a training drill, and he was a police officer.  The bad news?  No one told Michelle that ahead of time.
While she was being held hostage, the guy told her he was a cop . . . but Michelle didn't believe him.  She begged him not to hurt her or kill her, and told him she had a young child at home.
When the drill was over, she finally believed he was a cop . . . but the damage was done.  She was so traumatized she wound up quitting.
Now she's suing the nursing home for damages.  She didn't say how much she wants in the lawsuit . . . so that will probably be up to a jury to figure out.
The police department made SURE to point out they shouldn't be a part of the lawsuit . . . a spokesman says they agreed to help but it was the nursing home's job to alert their staff.  (Huffington Post)

The Ten Most Relaxing Sounds in the World . . . and Sizzling Bacon is Number One

If you asked me to guess what people think is the most relaxing sound in the world, I'd go for something like a baby laughing, or a babbling brook.  Or maybe ENYA'S greatest hits.  
Nope.  Apparently we get relaxed when we're just seconds away from eating one of the world's most delicious foods.
In a new survey, the number one thing that helps people relax and calm down is . . . the sound of SIZZLING BACON.
Overall, people seemed to vote for noises that came right before doing something they enjoy . . . not the traditional relaxing things like nature sounds and harps and stuff.
The top 10 are:  Sizzling bacon . . . the opening notes of your favorite TV show's theme song . . . wine "glugging" into a glass . . . a beer can opening . . . a barbecue crackling . . .
Mail landing in a mailbox (???) . . . a crowd cheering a touchdown . . . bread popping out of the toaster . . . water boiling . . . and a champagne cork popping.
The voice of your favorite radio personality came in 14th.  You're welcome.  (Daily Mail)

What's the Best Age Under 40?

If you had to pick one age that was the best one in your life, which one would you pick?
There's a totally subjective list up on where a writer ranked the ages from zero to 40 from best to worst . . . and obviously, it's almost impossible not to disagree a little bit.
He ranked 34 as the best age, and seven came in second.
The top 10 best ages are:  34 . . . 7 . . . 10 . . . 30 . . . 17 . . . 36 . . . 40 . . . 5 . . . 23 . . . and 3.
The worst ages on the list are dominated by those adolescent years where the world is horrible.  Age 13 was ranked the worst, and that might be hard to dispute.
The 10 worst ages are:  13 . . . 14 . . . zero . . . 21 . . . 12 . . . 38 . . . 15 . . . 20 . . . 16 . . . and 29.  

11 Pieces of Random, Bizarre Trivia on Various TV Shows

There's a new list of "60 Weird Things You Didn't Know" about various TV shows.  Here are the highlights:
1.  Americans cast more votes in the election of Taylor Hicks on Season Five of "American Idol" than the 1984 presidential election of Ronald Reagan.  63 million votes were cast for that "Idol" finale, as opposed to 54.5 million in the election.  Of course, people can vote multiple times on "Idol".  (And for president, technically.  Especially in Chicago and most of Florida.)
2.  AMC would only allow "Breaking Bad" to use ONE uncensored F-BOMB per season . . . and they also had the volume "dipped" lower for them.  
3.  Footage from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" cleared a man of murder in real life.  Juan Catalan spent nearly five months in jail before being cleared, after footage of a Dodgers game filmed for the show proved he was there . . . giving him an alibi.
4.  The actors who play President Garrett Walker and the Secretary of State in "House of Cards" are married in real life, which the producers supposedly didn't know when casting.  Michael Gill and Jayne Atkinson have been married since 1998, but auditioned separately.
5.  "How I Met Your Mother" star Josh Radnor has a severe dog allergy, which made filming scenes with Robin's dogs extremely difficult.  They eventually wrote Robin's dogs out of the show, but not before one scene with a Dalmatian that resulted in the paramedics showing up.
6.  The "Lost" pilot was so expensive that the Chairman of ABC was fired for signing off on it.  He OK'd spending $12 million on the pilot, before they'd even seen a script.  Random fact:  The guy's name is Lloyd Braun, and it was his voice you'd hear on every episode saying, "Previously on 'Lost'."
7.  When "SNL" first started, there was actually another show called "Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell".  That's why it was originally titled "NBC's Saturday Night", and the opening line was worded, quote, "Live from New York, it's 'Saturday Night'."  Cosell's show only lasted one season.
8.  On "The Simpsons", Marge was originally supposed to have bunny ears underneath her blue hair.  When creator Matt Groening pitched the idea to other writers on the show, it was shot down.
9.  A 15-year-old Lady Gaga appears in a Season Three episode of "The Sopranos".  She played a friend of Tony Soprano's son, and smoked a cigarette.  
10.  For at least the first few seasons, "Survivor" used body doubles in overhead shots to make scenes more picturesque, because the real cast members were usually surrounded by cameras.  A producer admitted to this a while back, but it's unclear if they're still doing it.
11.  The computers in "The Office" had real Internet connections, so when being filmed in the background, cast members would be surfing the web.
(You can find all 60 interesting facts at

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