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JYY Headlines Archives for 2014-07

The Pope's Top Ten Secrets to Happiness

In a new interview, Pope Francis revealed his top ten secrets to happiness.  Check 'em out . . .
1.  Live and let live.
2.  Be generous and giving.  He says if you withdraw into yourself, you can become egocentric.  And also, quote, "stagnant water becomes putrid."
3.  Proceed calmly.  He talked about a novel where a character says that as a kid, he was like a rushing river full of rocks.  But as an old man he's like a slow-moving pool of water.  The Pope thinks we should be like the pool.
4.  Have a healthy sense of leisure.  Focus on simple things like enjoying art and playing with children.  (We'll let YOU make the obvious joke here, Cletus.)
5.  Make Sunday a holiday.  He says Sunday is for families, so workers should have the day off.  Also, it's one of the Ten Commandments.
6.  Create dignified work for young people.  Without opportunities, they get into trouble.
7.  Respect nature.
8.  Don't be negative.
9.  Don't try to convert people.  He says it's fine to inspire people by example, but you have to respect their beliefs.  If you're talking to someone to persuade them, there's no real communication going on.
10.  Work for peace.  (Catholic News Service)

An 84-Year-Old Had a Heart Attack in the Middle of a Traffic Stop . . . So the Cop Saved His Life

On Saturday, a cop in Kennebunk, Maine named Matthew Harrington pulled over an 84-year-old named Gavin Falconer for speeding.  (Kennebunk is about 30 miles south of Portland.)
But while Officer Harrington was running his information, Gavin suddenly slumped over in his seat.  So the officer ran back to Gavin's car, and realized there was no pulse and that Gavin wasn't breathing.  Turns out he was having a HEART ATTACK.
So he yanked him out of the car, ripped his shirt open, started doing CPR, and called for backup.  Then another cop got there with a defibrillator.  And together, they managed to save Gavin's LIFE.
Gavin was in pretty good spirits when a reporter talked to him in his hospital bed, and joked that he just wishes Officer Harrington hadn't had to ruin his SHIRT to save his life.
He also said that he's been lucky his entire life, and wants to meet Harrington to say thank you.  
By the way, Gavin DIDN'T end up getting a speeding ticket . . . he got off with a warning.  (WMTW)  

A Guy on Acid Accidentally Shoots a Pizzeria Because It's Closed and He Wanted Pizza . . . Except It Was Actually Open

We all know the feeling of getting to a restaurant when you're INSANELY hungry, and finding out it's closed.  It's devastating.  But before you do something drastic . . . maybe make sure it actually IS closed.  Also, don't do drugs.
27-year-old Phillip Eagle of Muskegon Township, Michigan apparently did some ACID on Saturday, then went to a restaurant called Happy's Pizza to get something to eat.
He forgot to wear clothes, though . . . he just had a towel wrapped around his waist.  But he DIDN'T forget his gun . . . he had his .40-caliber semi-automatic on him.  He also didn't forget his KIDS . . . his three-year-old, four-year-old, and six-year-old were in the car with him.
But when Phillip got to Happy's, he freaked out because it was CLOSED.  He was so upset he started banging on the window . . . his GUN went off . . . and shattered some of the glass.
But it turns out Happy's was actually OPEN.  Again . . . ACID.  It was 7:30 P.M. and there were two employees inside, making pizza.  No one was hurt, but Phillip was arrested and is facing a ton of charges.  His kids are with child protective services.  

Honey Nut Cheerios Is the Best Selling Cereal in the Country . . . But People Don't Really Like It

There's a big difference between the cereal we LIKE and the cereal we actually buy and eat . . . because apparently, we just love depriving ourselves.
A real estate blog called Movoto just figured out the most popular cereal in each state based on Facebook likes, and compared that with the best-selling cereals in the U.S.
Honey Nut Cheerios was the best-selling cereal in 2013 . . . but it's not the most liked cereal in a single state.
That honor goes to Cinnamon Toast Crunch . . . which is the most-liked cereal in over HALF of the country, with 27 states.  BUT it's only the fifth-best selling cereal overall.
The top 10 best selling cereals in the U.S. are:  Honey Nut Cheerios . . . Frosted Flakes . . . Honey Bunches of Oats . . . Cheerios . . . Cinnamon Toast Crunch . . . Special K . . . Frosted Mini Wheats . . . Lucky Charms . . . Froot Loops . . . and Raisin Bran.
After Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the next-most liked cereal is Special K.  It's the most popular cereal in 21 states.  So either Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Special K is number one in 48 out of 50 states.
The two others:  Froot Loops is the most liked cereal in Kentucky . . . and Frosted Mini Wheats is the most liked cereal in West Virginia.  (Movoto)  (You can see the most popular cereal in your state here.

Eight Phrases That Have Become Completely Irrelevant

Technology has ruined the greatest insults of our childhood.  Like, you can't say, "Here's a quarter, call someone who cares" anymore.  You have to say, "Here's a Samsung Galaxy Note phablet, Google someone who cares."  Not the same.
Here are eight more phrases that have now become completely irrelevant . . .
1.  "Be kind, rewind."
2.  "Call me collect."
3.  "I'm developing the photos."
4.  "Check the classifieds."
5.  "Call a travel agent."
6.  "Ask for directions."
7.  "Call 411."
8.  "They're in the Yellow Pages."  
(E Online)

11 Foods That Actually Make You Hungrier

Some foods can actually make you feel HUNGRIER when you eat them.  Which is a good way to get big in a hurry, if you're not paying attention.  Watch out for these 11 foods, and don't let them fool you.  
1.  White bread.  It makes your insulin levels go up, which can make your body think it needs more sugar. 
2.  Fruit juice.  It's so sugary that it causes a sugar spike in your blood, and then a hard crash afterwards.
3.  Salty snacks.  A lot of times your body will compensate by craving something sweet.
4.  Fast food.  It's so salty you can get dehydrated, and sometimes that can cause stomach pain that feels like a hunger pang.
5.  Alcohol.  It tends to reduce levels of leptin . . . a hormone that makes you feel full.  And it can deplete your body's energy reserves, so you crave carbs.
6.  White pasta.  It's so full of carbs that it can cause insulin spikes, and those can make you feel hungry, just like with white bread.
7.  MSG.  It messes with your hypothalamus and causes big increases in your appetite.  Now you know why they serve Chinese food by buffet.
8.  Sushi.  It's mainly white rice, so it has the same effect as bread or pasta.
9.  Artificial sweeteners.  They make your body think it's about to get something it can use for energy.  But they have no calories, so then you just crave sweets.
10.  Kids cereals.  They're so high in sugar that they can cause spikes and drops in insulin and blood sugar levels throughout the day.
11.  Pizza.  It messes with your hormones, your blood sugar levels . . . everything.  It's because everything in a pizza is processed.  So if you made a pizza from scratch with fresh toppings and whole wheat dough, you'd be all right.
(ABC News)

A Chihuahua Puppy with No Front Legs Is Able to Walk . . . After Someone Built a Makeshift Cart Out of Toys

Earlier this month, someone brought a Chihuahua named 'Turbo' to a vet in Indianapolis.  He was born with no front legs, and the owners didn't know what else to do.
He was only a month old and weighed 10 ounces.  And he was having trouble eating, because the other puppies wouldn't let him get to his food.  Luckily, the vet agreed that he DIDN'T need to be euthanized.  He just needed a cart to get around.
But he can't be fitted for a permanent one until he's six months old.  So they had to get creative . . .
First they took the feet off of a Fisher Price helicopter, and strapped them to Turbo so he could push himself around.  They knew something with wheels would be better though, so they used a toy welding kit to support his body and put wheels on the front.
He'll grow out of it soon, so someone set up a fundraising page online to pay for the permanent cart he'll need in a few months.  The goal was to raise $600, and it's already up to about $2,500.  
If you still want to donate, go to and search for "Wheels for TurboRoo".  They've also been calling him "Roo", because he sorta looks like a kangaroo.  (RTV6 / Huffington Post)  

One in Four People Trust Google More Than Their Doctor

I've never been a big fan of Googling my symptoms . . . because no one posts online when their stomach pain just turns out to be indigestion, they post when it's a giant scorpion laying eggs in their bladder.
According to a new survey, people are putting WAY too much faith in the Internet to diagnose themselves.  One out of FOUR people say they trust what they find when they Google their symptoms more than their DOCTOR'S diagnosis.
And that's not a good idea.  In a study earlier this year, researchers Googled people's symptoms then compared the results to the people's actual illnesses.  The web results were only right 58% of the time.
Another study found that 11% of medical websites give incorrect health advice.  
(Daily Mail)

Only One-Third of Us Think It Would Be a Good Idea to Make Contact With Aliens

If aliens are out there, I think we should DEFINITELY get in touch with them.  It'd be great to get on their good side so they don't destroy Earth . . . we could team up and destroy Mars together instead . . . then have weird tentacle sex.  Win-win.
A surprising new poll just found that the majority of Americans believe there's intelligent life out there . . . but don't want to get in touch with them.
50% of people say they believe there are aliens out there and 31% aren't sure.  Only one in five people don't believe intelligent life is out there.
But . . . only 37% of people think it'd be a good idea to get in touch with aliens.
Of the people who believe aliens are out there but think it's a bad idea to contact them, the number one reason is that it'd be DANGEROUS to let them know we exist.
The number two reason is that it'd be a waste of money.  (Huffington Post / YouGov)

The Average Person Posts 10 Times on Facebook During a Seven-Day Vacation

The entire point of Facebook is to make your life seem cooler than everyone else's . . . so in those rare moments when you're ACTUALLY doing something cool, you've gotta pound Facebook with updates.
A new survey asked people how they use social media on vacation, and found that the average person posts on Facebook 10 times during a one-week vacation.  Yes, that's more than one post per day.
It also found the average person sends 23 texts in a week of vacation . . . tweets four times . . . and posts two photos on Instagram.
51% of people say they go on the Internet every single day when they're on vacation.  
(Daily Mail)

The Top Ten Technologies We Can't Live Without

What's more important to your life . . . having super fast Internet at home, or being able to eat food that isn't spoiled?  The more popular answer is, obviously, super fast Internet.
A new survey asked people what technology they couldn't live without, and high-speed broadband came in first.  The Internet itself came in second.  In other words, we like the Internet, but we like it coming in FAST even more.
The top 10 are:  High-speed broadband cable . . . the Internet . . . the washing machine . . . email . . . the fridge . . . the freezer . . . the microwave . . . the dishwasher . . . satellite TV . . . and glasses.  
(Actually, it's a British list, so "tea kettle" was in the top ten.  But let's get real.)
The rest of the top 30 continues that same mix of super-modern luxury gadgets and basic life essentials.
Like, the iPad came in 13th . . . Facebook came in 17th . . . the dryer came in 19th . . . the toaster came in 20th . . . the Kindle was 21st . . . high definition TV was 25th . . . and air conditioning was 28th.  (Daily Mail)

A Simple Formula to Figure Out What You Should Be Doing With Your Life

A career counselor named Richard Leider came up with a simple formula to figure out what you should be doing with your life.  The formula is G plus P plus V . . . G stands for gifts, P stands for passions, V stands for values.
First, figure out your GIFTS . . . those are the things you're good at.  And that can include anything . . . you could be gifted at motivating people, solving puzzles, running long distances, whatever.
Then, figure out your PASSIONS . . . those are the things you really CARE about.  They can be social issues, like feeding the homeless . . . personal passions, like making people laugh . . . or even the passion to make a ton of money.
And finally, figure out your VALUES . . . those are the things you NEED to have in your lifestyle to make you happy.  Do you want to be home for dinner with your family every night?  Do you hate waking up early?  Do you want to travel?
Now, look at your gifts, passions, and values and start brainstorming careers that fit with your answers under each one.  When you find a career that fits all three, that's a potential career for you.  (The Muse)

The Top 10 Things You Do on a First Date That Make Someone Not Want a Second

It's amazing ANYONE'S able to relax and have a normal conversation on a first date, considering how much JUDGING is going on . . . and how even one little mistake can ruin things.
A new survey asked people the rudest things someone can do on a first date that would make them not want a second date.  Here are the top 10 . . .
1.  Ordering their food for them, 61%.
2.  Noisy eating, 56%.
3.  Posting on social media during the date, 45%.
4.  Texting someone else, 35%.
5.  Taking photos of your food, 33%.
6.  Making or answering a phone call, 33%.
7.  Going to a restaurant that serves bone marrow or other animal organs, 26%.
8.  Taking them to a fast food restaurant, 23%.
9.  Ordering seafood, 18%.  (Who knew?)
10.  Eating onions or garlic, 16%.  (Daily Mail) 

A Woman Won a Thousand Dollars a Day for Life . . . 16 Years After a Psychic Told Her It Would Happen

51-year-old Edna Aguayo is a retired cop who lives in Queens, New York.  And she's always felt like she'd win the lottery someday . . . because a PSYCHIC told her it would happen.
Edna was at an amusement park 16 years ago, and a fortune teller said to buy as many lottery tickets as she could, for as long as it took . . . because she'd eventually win BIG.
Which is a TERRIBLE thing to tell someone, especially if they actually believe in psychics.
Anyway, Edna took her advice, and she's been buying lottery tickets ever since.  Specifically, the psychic told her to buy the kind where you win "cash for life" . . . meaning you get a certain amount of money every week, or every month.
Which is pretty weird . . . because Edna JUST WON.  Two weeks ago, she matched all six numbers on a lottery ticket . . . and the prize was a thousand dollars A DAY for the rest of her life.  That's over $227,000 a year, after taxes.
Edna says she's planning to use the money to travel.  And I assume she can finally stop buying lottery tickets now.  (New York Post)  

A Fist Bump Passes 95% Fewer Germs Than a Handshake

One day, the handshake is going to disappear entirely and we're all going to fist bump when we meet someone or close a business deal.  And we are all going to be SO COOL.
A new study in the "American Journal of Infection Control" found that a fist bump is WAY more hygienic than a handshake . . . a fist bump passes about 95% fewer germs than a handshake.
If you don't want to fist bump, you should at least HIGH FIVE instead of shaking hands.  A high five passes about 50% fewer germs than a handshake.  (The Wire)

One in Seven People Have Called in Sick to Enjoy the Summer

Not to turn your office into a place where everyone's suspicious of each other at all times . . . but the next time a coworker calls in sick and you have to work late to cover, just know they're probably FAKING IT.
A new survey found that the summer is just DEVASTATING to work.
14% of people admit they've faked being sick to go on a trip during the summer or just to spend a day in the nice weather.  That's one out of seven people.
Overall, three out of four people say they're less productive at work during the summer than they are the rest of the year.
But you can't totally blame people . . . 66% say they work in a place that doesn't have air conditioning.  
(HR Network Jobs)

Nine Sounds You'll Probably Never Hear Again

We found a list online of sounds you'll probably never hear again, and some are pretty recent . . . although the sound of a modem connecting DOES feel like it was 100 years ago.
Anyway, here are nine sounds that are either extinct, or so rare today that they might as well be . . . 
1.  A factory whistle starting or ending a shift.
2.  A mechanical cash register.
3.  A steam locomotive.
4.  A car backfiring.
5.  A dial-up modem.
6.  TV static.
7.  A busy signal.
8.  A pager.
9.  A fax machine.  

A New App Scans a Restaurant's Wine List and Tells You Everything You Need to Know

I'm one of those people who HATES having to choose a wine at a restaurant.  I don't know how much the bottles should cost, I don't know what food to pair them with, so I just panic and order whatever's the third-least expensive.
There's a new iPhone app that's designed for everyone who has trouble ordering wine.  It's called Wineglass . . . and it's actually pretty brilliant.
You take a photo of a restaurant's wine list using the app, and it uses character recognition to identify all the wines being offered.  Then it tells you what they SHOULD cost . . . what foods they go with . . . and what kind of reviews they get. 
The app costs $4.99, which is obviously pretty high-end as far as apps go . . . but can you put a price on tricking people into thinking you're sophisticated?  
(CBS News) 

Nine Benefits of Owning Less Stuff

Most of the time we're thinking about how we'd be happier if we could afford MORE stuff.  But here's a list of ways you could end up being better off if you started getting RID of stuff.  Check out the nine benefits of owning less stuff . . .
1.  You spend less money buying stuff in the first place, and less to maintain it.
2.  You cut down on stress, since you have less to worry about.  Lots of studies show that people who own less are happier than when they owned more.
3.  You have more freedom.  You spend less time and effort dealing with your stuff, so you can be more productive and do what you LOVE.
4.  You can get BETTER stuff.  When you cut down, you can afford to spend more on the things you really need.
5.  Less clutter makes your house look better, and easier to clean.
6.  You set a good example for your kids, and they won't be as messy.
7.  You won't lose things as often.  And when you do, you'll find them more quickly.
8.  Your possessions will communicate your true priorities.  You won't be as tied to the past, and when you cut back, whatever is left will be the things you value most.  So people will see your things and know at a glance what's most important to you.  
9.  It's better for the environment.  (

A Couple at a Flea Market Bought an American Flag Covered in Messages for a Fallen Marine . . . and Tracked Down His Mom to Give It to Her

Earlier this month, a couple named Lanie and Walter Brown went to a flea market in Hemphill, Texas, about 170 miles northeast of Houston.  And someone was selling an American flag with a bunch of writing all over it.
Then when they looked closer, they realized it was a "tribute flag", covered in two dozen messages for a 20-year-old Marine named Lance Corporal Fred Maciel, who served two tours in Iraq.  Sadly, he died in a helicopter crash in 2005.
The person selling it initially wanted 15 bucks, but then saw it was covered in writing, and dropped it to $5.  According to Lanie, they would have paid a HUNDRED if they needed to.  They just knew they had to buy it.
Lanie and Walter have two sons in the Marines, and Walter was a Marine too.  So they made it their mission to track down Fred's family.  And eventually they found his mom on Facebook, and got in touch
It's still not clear how the flag ended up at the flea market.  But the messages were from the rest of Fred's unit, and his mom said she'd never seen it before, and didn't even know it existed.  So Lanie brought it to her this weekend for a special memorial service.
She said she and her husband went so far out of their way, because when you're the parent of a Marine, it's like ALL Marines are your kids.  (KHOU / Click2Houston / Today)  

The Mathematical Formula For the Perfect Family Day Out Includes Four Hours Together, 11 Laughs, and Seven Photos

Nothing makes family outings more fun than math, right?  A psychologist in England came up with a mathematical formula for the perfect family day out.
Basically, enjoyment goes up based on things like spending the right amount of time together, visiting places you all like, and how much you laugh.  And it goes DOWN based on things like bad weather and technology getting in the way.
Here are the seven ideal conditions for the perfect family day out, based on his formula.
1.  Spending about four hours together.  Kids only want to spend one or two hours with their parents, but parents want five or six.  So, compromise.
2.  Going to the beach, and then a fair or carnival.
3.  Laughing 11 times.
4.  Kissing your kids five times.
5.  Hugging them six times.
6.  Sunny weather.
7.  No more than seven photos.  (Daily Mail)

A Woman Says Her Enormous Fake Breasts Make Her a Better Mother

If you want to get huge fake clown boobs, more power to you.  Especially if you can come up with a great excuse for why you didn't just want them, you NEEDED them.
19-year-old Tasmin Wade of Suffolk, England got her breasts enlarged from a double-A cup to a G-CUP.  And she says that her enormous fake breasts have made her into a BETTER MOTHER.
Tasmin has a two-year-old son named Finley.  And she says that ever since she got her breasts, it's made his life better.
Quote, "I was unable to go swimming with Finley as I felt so self-conscious.  Finley had never been swimming . . . I feel comfortable to take him abroad now too as I won't mind wearing skimpy clothes and bikinis." 
She spent $8,500 on her breasts and says it was the best investment in her child she could make.  Quote, "Finley has always been my number one priority, but now I don't let anything hold me back from being the best mom I can be."
(Gawker / Daily Mail)  

The Ten Body Parts We Hate the Most, and the Ten We Love

It's easier to come up with 10 things you dislike about your body than 10 things you like.  So maybe this will help:  Every single other person feels the same way, so relax.
A new survey came up with the top 10 body parts people hate the most, and the top 10 they love the most.  And it's not about what you like or dislike on OTHER people . . . it's all about YOUR body.
The top 10 body parts we hate the most are:  Our stomach . . . love handles . . . upper arm flab . . . thighs . . . nose . . . breasts or pecs . . . teeth . . . legs . . . butt . . . and feet.
The top 10 body parts we LOVE the most are:  Eyes . . . hair . . . legs . . . teeth . . . lips . . . butt . . . shoulders . . . breasts or pecs . . . hands . . . and back.
Obviously there's a little overlap . . . legs, teeth, butt, and breasts and pecs made both lists.  
(Daily Star)

61% of Us Fall Asleep with the TV on . . . and 38% Turn It Back on as Soon as We Wake Up

Having a television USED to be all about entertainment.  Maybe you'd even bond with your family around it.  But now apparently we think of the TV ITSELF as part of the family.  Check out these numbers . . .
According to a new survey, 61% of us fall asleep with the TV on . . . 38% turn it back on first thing in the morning . . . and 45% turn it on within 15 minutes of getting home from work.
73% leave the TV on while they're doing chores . . . 72% while cooking . . . and 58% while they're working from home.
22% leave it on while they're GETTING it on.
55% admit they sometimes TALK to their TV.
37% leave the door open while they're in the bathroom so they can hear the TV.
35% like spending ALONE time with their TV so much, they sometimes go to a different room to watch the same show someone else in the house is watching at the same time.
And 26% leave the TV on to keep their cat or dog company when they're not home.
(PR Newswire)

For the First Time in History, Men Are Cool With Their Wives Being Smarter Than Them

Throughout history, men have always held the belief that they're the breadwinners so they should be stronger, harder working, and smarter than their wives.
Until now . . . when men have realized that being a breadwinner is cool, but sitting home playing video games in your underwear and eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos while your wife makes giant stacks of cash is BETTER.
A new study found men who've gotten married in the 1990s and later are the first generation of men to be totally cool with their wives being SMARTER than them.
The researchers found that in marriages between 1950 and 1989, if the wife was more educated than the men, there was a 34% increase in the chance of divorce.  
Since 1990, that's been completely flipped.  Today, a couple is 40% more likely to get divorced if the MAN is more educated.
The best bet for a marriage today is if both of you have the same level of education.  
(The Telegraph)


A Guy Wrongly Convicted of Murder Spent His Time in Prison Reading Legal Books . . . and Got the Ruling Overturned After 20 Years

In 1994, a guy in Chicago named Rodell Sanders was found guilty of ordering a gang member killed, and got sentenced to 80 years in prison.  Rodell is 49 now, and admits he WAS in a gang.  But he's always maintained that he was framed.
So several years ago, Rodell got his family to raise $1,000 to buy some legal books.  And since then, he's spent 10 to 12 hours a day, seven days a week reading them.
He also got involved with something called the Exoneration Project at the University of Chicago, and started building a new case.
His first re-trial was last year, and ended with a hung jury.  11 of them thought he was guilty, but one didn't.  Which meant he got a SECOND re-trial.  And on Tuesday, he was found NOT guilty and released after 20 YEARS in jail.
Rodell says even if he'd been offered a deal to get out WITHOUT being found not guilty, he wouldn't have taken it, because he refused to admit to something he didn't do.
Now he's working on a lawsuit against the police department and the city of Chicago for violating his rights.  And he's also planning to go to school so he can become a paralegal, and maybe a lawyer eventually.  (Chicago Tribune)

A Guy Wore a Shirt With His Name on it While He Robbed a Bank

68-year-old John David Martinez of Denver, Colorado is one of those guys who rocks a t-shirt with his own name on it.  And we know that for one of the dumbest reasons possible.
On Tuesday morning around 9:00 A.M., John drove to a Wells Fargo branch in Denver, walked up to a female teller, and told her to fill up a bag with money.  He got at least $20,000, then took off.  
But there were two problems with his master plan.  First, while he robbed the bank, John wore a black t-shirt with the name "John" on it.
Second, he drove his own car to the robbery.  So when the cops ran the plates, they got his name . . . and his "John" t-shirt sealed the deal that it was him.
They tracked him down in less than five hours and arrested him for felony robbery.  (ABC 7 - Denver)  

You Eat Seven of the Exact Same Meals Every Single Week

Does it seem like you always cook the same thing?  Or since you're an American, does it seem like you're always going to the same restaurants after deciding NOT to cook? 
A new survey found the average person has seven standard meals they eat every single week.  You might switch it up for the rest of your meals . . . but every week, at some point, you're going to eat those same exact seven things.
25% of people even have those meals regimented night-to-night . . . like, Friday nights are always pizza nights.  (Daily Mail)

Women Spend 36 Days Getting Ready for Their Wedding . . . Guys Spend Six

According to a new survey, the average groom spends ONE-SIXTH as much time as a bride does planning their wedding.  Which actually sounds kind of LOW.  Apparently guys spend a lot of hours just nodding and agreeing to stuff.
The survey found that the average engagement lasts 16 months.  And during that time, the bride spends an average of 36 DAYS worth of time getting ready for the wedding . . . compared to just SIX days for the average groom.
To put that in perspective, the bride's mother spends an average of 18 days, which is three times more than the groom, and HALF as much as the bride.
Which might explain why 21% of brides said they wish their mom had spent LESS time helping.  Also, only 42% wish the groom had helped MORE.  So in other words, a lot of women wish everyone would stop helping so they could handle ALL of it themselves.
But just imagine how much more time it would take if THIS wasn't the case.  74% of women said they made most of their wedding decisions before they even MET the guy they married, and 32% even picked out a DRESS while they were still single.  
Guys aren't in denial about any of this, by the way.  87% of married couples admitted that the bride did most of the planning.  And only 3% said that the MAN was the person who made the final call on most stuff.  (Daily Mail)

How Much Money Do You Need to Feel Successful?

We've all heard the mantra that the average person "only" needs to earn $75,000-a-year to be happy, and anything more doesn't really make you any happier.  And that may be true . . . but would that salary make you feel SUCCESSFUL? asked people how much money they need to make to feel successful, and in general, people are NOT greedy.
The most popular answer for men is $50,000 to $70,000, at 29%.  The most popular answer for women is UNDER $50,000, at 32%.
Only 28% of men and 15% of women say they'd need to earn over six figures to feel successful.  And only 5% of men and 2% of women say they'd need to bring in over $200,000 to feel successful.
The survey also found that the majority of people making $75,000 and up say they're happy with how much they're making.
And people making OVER $150,000 are LESS likely to be happy with how much they make than people making $75,000 . . . in other words, once you get a taste of the big money, you're bummed out because you want even more.  (CareerBuilder)

Nine Interesting Facts About Comic-Con

Comic-Con is happening this weekend, so we thought we'd toss out some interesting facts about the event, which has become arguably the biggest comic book and pop culture convention in the world.  Here they are:
1.  The first official San Diego Comic-Con was a three-day event, which went down 44 YEARS AGO . . . from August 1st through the 3rd in 1970.  
2.  For the first few years, it was called the "Golden State Comic Book Convention."  The first one was held in the basement of the U.S. Grant Hotel . . . and 300 people attended.
3.  It took four years for the attendance to hit 1,000 people.  In 1989, it had over 10,000 . . . in 2001, it had over 50,000 . . . in 2005, it crossed the 100,000 mark . . . and for the past few years, it's been filled to capacity, with over 130,000 attendees.
4.  The name of the convention has changed several times over the years, but in 1995, it became "Comic-Con International: San Diego", which is what it is currently.  That year was also the year the event debuted its "eye" logo.
5.  In 2008, Comic-Con sold out for the first time ever.  Last year, it sold out in 93 minutes.  This year, it took less than 75.
6.  In recent years, Comic-Con has generated around $165 million in revenue annually for the city of San Diego.  And that's a conservative figure.  Two years ago, said it was more like $193 million.
That's not bad for an event that has an annual operating budget of around $9 million.  For perspective, the San Diego County Fair's annual operating budget is more than $50 million.
7.  Comic-Con has outgrown the San Diego Convention Center, but the event extended its contract with San Diego, after a $520 million expansion was proposed.  That will keep Comic-Con in the city through at least 2016, when the expansion is supposed to be completed.
For the time being, Comic-Con is handling the overflow by scheduling events in other buildings surrounding the convention center.
8.  Over the course of the four-day convention, there's at least 500 to 600 hours worth of programming . . . from over 600 separate events.
9.  Comic-Con runs the entire event with just 20 to 30 full-time employees . . . although they receive a ton of help from approximately 3,000 volunteers. 
(hit up for more information on this year's convention.)

Ten Things to Do When You Forget Someone's Name

You know how you forget someone's name IMMEDIATELY after you're introduced?  Don't worry, we all do it.  But there are ten ways to remind yourself without looking like a jerk . . . if you're slick about it.
1.  Ask them to put their number in your phone.  Usually they'll enter their first and last name.  And they'll probably be flattered, because it makes them think you want to keep in touch.
2.  Ask for their email address.  Most people have their name in it somewhere, or at least a first initial.  Hopefully enough to jog your memory.
3.  Introduce them to a friend.  If they're polite, they'll introduce THEMSELVES to your friend, and you'll get the name a second time for free.
4.  Ask them how to spell their name.  If you try it with a Tom or a Mary, they'll see right through it.  But most names have at least a few alternate spellings, so it won't seem weird if you ask.
5.  Get their business card.  People love to give them out, and they'll be thrilled if you ask for it.  Plus, if you forget the name again, you'll always have the card to remind you.
6.  Ask about the meaning behind their name.  Again, only try this one if you're pretty sure the name isn't something really common.
7.  Get creative.  Compare driver's license photos, or get people talking about the different ways kids used to make fun of their names back in school.
8.  End a conversation by reminding them of YOUR name.  Usually they'll give theirs right back . . . unless they don't care enough about YOU, in which case you shouldn't feel bad that you forgot.
9.  Wait until they leave and ask a friend.  A little risky sometimes, because the longer you talk to someone, the bigger the chance that a situation will come up where you're supposed to use their name.  
10.  Just be honest and apologize.  If nothing else works, you can ask someone a second time.  If you're nice about it, it's not a big deal, because it happens to everyone sooner or later.
(Business Insider)

Could Cat Poop Eventually Cure Cancer?

The worst thing about having cats is shoveling feces out of their litter box while they eye you with disdain.  But maybe you should THANK them . . . because someday their poop could save your LIFE.
Researchers at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire have found that a certain parasite in cat poop can shrink cancerous tumors in mice.  And eventually, they might be able to harness its cancer-killing abilities for people too.
The parasite lives in their intestines, and it's called toxoplasma gondii.  (Pronounced tock-so-plasma GAWN-dee-eye.)
It can also infect people, but our immune system usually fights it off.  What they've found is that it stimulates the same immune responses that help fight off cancer.
In mice, they used a genetically modified version to shrink tumors from melanoma and ovarian cancer, and increased their rate of survival.
The researchers think it works because it's evolved to keep its host HEALTHY, by manipulating the immune system and preventing things like inflammation.
Obviously this doesn't mean you should start EATING CAT POOP.  You'd just get sick.  But with more research, they might be able to create a synthetic form for people.  
(Live Science)

A Man Drops 140 Pounds . . . By Working at McDonald's?

Want to permanently lose your desire to eat fast food?  Here's the best way we can think of:  Work at a FAST FOOD place, and see what it looks like before it's served.
27-year-old Colin Moore of Durham, England managed to lose 140 pounds in a year . . . by working at McDonald's.
He got a job at a McDonald's in May of last year, when he weighed 343 pounds.  And being at McDonald's, constantly smelling their burgers and being around the food as it was prepared IMMEDIATELY turned him off of fast food.
It inspired him to switch his diet to things like fruit, lean meat, rice cakes, chicken, and vegetables.  He lost 18 pounds in his first month as a McDonald's employee . . . and now, just a little over a year later, he's down 140 pounds and weighs 203. 
Colin says, quote, "I have nothing against McDonald's, but I like the way I am now and I know if I ate the burgers there's no way I would stay at this weight."
He's still working at McDonald's . . . although now that his story is getting some press, I can't imagine their PR department is going to want him working there much longer.  (Daily Mail)  

Average Person Finally Starts Getting Healthy at 36

The Average Person Finally Starts Getting Healthy at 36 . . . Here Are the Top 10 Things That Make Us Do It
There's a sad moment in everyone's life when you realize you can't abuse your body anymore, without it fighting BACK.  And that moment is . . . age 36.
A new study found the average person finally becomes aware of their own MORTALITY and truly decides to live healthier at age 36.  It also found the top 10 health scares we have by age 36 that spark that change.  Check 'em out . . .
1.  Getting older, and every little body change that comes with it . . . like tweaking your back when you reach across the table to grab the mustard.
2.  Personally having a near-miss with your health, like a pre-cancerous tumor.
3.  A close relative dying.
4.  A warning from the doctor.
5.  Seeing a shocking photo of yourself.
6.  A close relative getting sick.
7.  A TV show about bad eating habits hits too close to home.
8.  A negative comment about your health strikes a nerve.
9.  A serious accident.
10.  Hearing a public health message or study.  (Daily Mail)

If Money Wasn't an Issue, Where Would You Go on Vacation?

Almost EVERYONE wishes they'd travel more . . . but traveling is expensive, which is why the most exotic place you'll go this year is probably Rapid City, South Dakota for a work conference.
So . . . if money WASN'T an issue, where would you go on vacation?
In a new Harris poll of 2,241 Americans, the number one answer is . . . ITALY.
They've been running the survey on-and-off since 1997, and Italy generally does pretty well.  It's been the top pick four of the last five times they ran the survey.
The rest of the top 15 this year are:  Great Britain . . . Australia . . . Ireland . . . France . . . Greece . . . Spain . . . Germany . . . Japan . . . Canada, yes Canada . . . New Zealand . . . Switzerland . . . Mexico . . . Brazil . . . and the Bahamas. 
There are two countries that dropped out from the last time they ran the survey in 2011.  Israel was number 13 and China was number 15.  
(Harris Interactive)

You Can Undo a Month of Dieting in Less Than a Week

The thing about dieting is you have to keep DOING it.  Forever.  Otherwise you go back to those delicious, candy-coated curves we love so much.  But check out how FAST it happens.
According to a new study, you can undo a month of dieting in less than a WEEK.  The average person who tries to lose weight for the summer spends 35 days doing it . . . and can undo all that work in just SIX days.
A lot of it has to do with what you eat and drink, especially when you're on vacation.  61% of people admit they don't stick to their diet while they're on vacation, and 20% say their diet becomes MUCH worse.
To avoid it, you have to keep paying attention to what you eat, even when you're just hanging out with friends on the weekend.  And also get plenty of fiber, which makes you feel full.
(Female First)

Surprising Celebrity Facts

Here are some highlights from a huge Fox News list of surprising celebrity facts:
THORA BIRCH'S parents, Jack Birch and Carol Connors, were PORN STARS who both appeared in "Deep Throat".
Country singer MIRANDA LAMBERT'S parents were private investigators who worked on PAULA JONES' sexual harassment case against BILL CLINTON.
KATEY SAGAL from "Sons of Anarchy" and "Married . . . with Children" has two sisters who are twins.  They appeared in one of those old Doublemint Gum commercials.
SUSAN SARANDON was rejected for the role of Adrian in "Rocky" because she was too good-looking.
ALICIA KEYS played one of Rudy's friends on "The Cosby Show".  (Here's video.  She's the second one to take Cosby's knee.  The one with the boyish haircut.)
CHANNING TATUM is in RICKY MARTIN'S "She Bangs" video.  (He's the guy with the face tattoo that's visible for a split second or two, starting at around the 2:57 mark.  Here's a picture.)
KATY PERRY sang backing vocals on P.O.D.'s "Goodbye for Now".  She's even in the video.  (She shows up at around 3:25.)
KATE UPTON'S great-great grandfather co-founded the Whirlpool appliance company.
ASHLEY GREENE from the "Twilight" movies practices mixed martial arts.
One of SARAH JESSICA PARKER'S ancestors was accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials.  But the courts dismantled before she could be tried.
NICOLE KIDMAN is afraid of butterflies . . . a condition known as lepidopterophobia.


Are JAY Z and BEYONCÉ gearing up to . . . split apart?  The rumors are building that they'll divorce after their On the Run tour ends later this summer.
One website laid the whole thing out like this . . . quote, "This high-profile marriage is just a business arrangement . . . [and it] will wind down after their current project is finished.
"They are splitting up everything (properties, money, children) right now, but will be keeping up appearances until the announcement.  They are separating this year, with the divorce to follow in about six months. 
"It will be very clean and very fast.  In fact, the parties involved are describing the timeline as "Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes fast."  (For the record, Jay and Beyoncé don't have "children".  They have one child:  2-year-old Blue Ivy.)


Someone's Terrorizing a Neighborhood in Oregon by Vandalizing Cars With Pastries

Maybe this is just my donut-loving side talking . . . but I'm less offended by this crime and more offended by the grotesque waste of delicious baked goods.
There's a neighborhood in Hillsboro, Oregon that's being TERRORIZED right now . . . by someone vandalizing cars with PASTRIES.
One time they smeared a maple bar on a car.  Another time they left some donuts on a windshield.  Then one time they moved away from pastries and dumped potato salad on a car.  Overall, at least a DOZEN cars have been vandalized with food.
The police think some damn fool kids are behind this . . . and they've added extra patrols in the neighborhood to try to catch them.
A police lieutenant named Mike Rouches told reporters, quote, "In my 25 years in police services, I have never investigated or seen a criminal mischief involving pastries."  (The Oregonian)

Saying "Um" Means You're a Good Human Being

Do you find yourself saying "um" or "uh" a lot?
Well, good news:  That just means you're a BETTER PERSON than someone who talks all slick and smooth.
A new study out of the University of Texas found that people who use verbal ticks like "um," "uh," "like," and "you know" are actually more CARING and THOUGHTFUL than people who don't.
The reason?  You're using those words to pause and think . . . because you're constantly rephrasing what you're saying to make sure the person you're talking to understands what you're saying and isn't offended by it.  

The 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

You can register a dot-com domain name for like two bucks . . . but it's not going to be very good.  It'll be like six words long and impossible to remember.  All the single words are taken . . . and if you want one, it could cost you a FORTUNE.
The website Business Insider put together a list of the top 10 domain names that have sold for the most money.  You REALLY should've registered these back in 1994 or so.  Check 'em out . . .
1. . . . $13 million.
2. . . . $9,999,950.
3. . . . $9.5 million.
4. . . . $7.5 million.
5. . . . $5.5 million.
6. . . . $5.1 million.
7. . . . $4.9 million.
8. . . . $4.7 million.
9. . . . $3.6 million.
10. . . . $3.1 million.  (Business Insider)

Guys, do you "Manscape"?

39% of Men Now Manscape . . . Up From 6% in 2005
We're currently on pace for every man in this country to be TOTALLY HAIRLESS in a decade.
A new survey found that 39% of men in the U.S. now groom their body hair.  That's up from 6% in 2005.
The most common area men now groom is their GROIN.  Followed by the chest, armpits, stomach, back, butt, shoulders, and arms.
The two groups of men who do the most grooming are men in their 20s . . . and Hispanic men.  

Dumbest Reasons Drivers Have Stopped on the Shoulde

The Five Dumbest Reasons Drivers Have Stopped on the Shoulder . . . Including One Who Confused an Adele Song For a Warning His Car Was on Fire
When someone stops on the shoulder of a highway, there'd better be a good reason . . . because it makes hundreds of other idiots slow down for no reason.  
Here's a list of the five dumbest excuses cops have heard from people who pulled onto the shoulder . . .
1.  A guy saw the word "FIRE" on his display and thought it was a warning that his car was on fire.  It was actually the display on his radio showing him part of the song that was playing . . . "Set Fire to the Rain" by ADELE.
2.  Two people pulled over to the shoulder because one of them was negotiating to buy the other one's car.
3.  A guy pulled over because he realized his car insurance policy had expired and he was calling around for quotes.
4.  Some grandparents thought it would be a good backdrop to take photos of their new grandchild.
5.  And finally, a guy stopped because he saw some flowers he really wanted to pick.  (Essex Chronicle)

Eight Things You May Not Have Known About Those Old "TGIF" Shows

We have a list of things you may not have known about those "TGIF" shows, like "Full House", "Step By Step", "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", "Family Matters" and "Boy Meets World".  Here they are:
1.  On "Full House", Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were losing different teeth at different times, so they had to wear fake teeth towards the end of the series to keep up the facade that Michelle Tanner was one person.
2.  Comet, the Tanners' Golden Retriever on "Full House", also played the original Buddy in the movie "Air Bud".
3.  "Step By Step" was set in the same television universe as "Family Matters".  In fact, Steve Urkel appeared in the second episode of the series.  Urkel also made a cameo appearance on "Full House".
4.  Sabrina Spellman from "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" is actually based on a comic book character from the long-running "Archie" comics franchise.
5.  "Family Matters" was actually a spinoff from ABC's "Perfect Strangers".
6.  Even though Urkel became the most iconic character on "Family Matters", he was originally only supposed to be in one episode.
7.  Michelle Thomas, the actress who played Urkel's girlfriend, died shortly after the series ended at the age of 30 after losing a battle to cancer.
8.  Over the course of "Boy Meets World", Topanga's parents were played by five different actors.
(You can find those and dozens more, here.  They're conveniently broken down by show.)

Mike Ditka and the Mayor of Chicago Helped a Five-Year-Old with Leukemia Make His Own Godzilla Movie

Apparently this was inspired by the whole "Batkid" thing in San Francisco . . . but it might even be COOLER than that.
A five-year-old in Chicago named Maddex was diagnosed with leukemia last year, and has about 18 months of chemo left.  So he asked the Make-a-Wish Foundation if he could make his own GODZILLA movie, and they went ALL OUT to make it happen.
First, volunteers built an elaborate model of Chicago, just like the makers of the original Godzilla movie did with Tokyo.  Then they put Maddex in a Godzilla costume, and filmed him destroying it.
But they also had a whole street shut down . . . got Mike Ditka to play the mayor of Chicago . . . got the REAL mayor, Rahm Emanuel, to play a taxi driver . . . and filmed a bunch of extras screaming and running away while Maddex directed them.
According to his dad, Maddex was happier on the first day of filming than he's ever been in his LIFE.
The movie is called "Madzilla", and the producers say it would have cost around a MILLION DOLLARS to make without people volunteering their time.  The finished version should be online next month.  (Chicago Tribune / ABC7 / Huffington Post)  

A Bridesmaid Goes Into Labor Right Before Her Sister's Wedding . . . But Still Walks Down the Aisle and Stays For Photos

26-year-old Emma Bowker of Yorkshire, England got married a few weeks ago, and her 29-year-old sister Lucy was her bridesmaid.  Lucy was nine months pregnant . . . and RIGHT before the wedding, she went into labor.
But because people get CRAZY about weddings and Lucy didn't want to miss her sister's wedding or steal her sister's thunder . . . she just kinda sucked it up.
Lucy still walked her sister down the aisle . . . stayed through the ceremony . . . then even posed for a few photographs.  Finally, as the reception was starting, the contractions started hurting and she was rushed to the hospital.
She gave birth to her daughter Izzy a few hours later.  (Daily Mail)  

A Jail Goes Back to Black-and-White Striped Jumpsuits . . . Because "Orange Is the New Black" Made Orange Ones Cool

A county jail in Michigan is going back to those old-fashioned jumpsuits with the horizontal black-and-white stripes.  You know . . . the ones prisoners wore in old movies, before jails and prisons switched to beige or orange ones instead.
And it's because orange jumpsuits have supposedly become too FASHIONABLE . . . thanks to the Netflix show "Orange Is the New Black".
William Federspiel is the sheriff in Saginaw County, Michigan.  He says the county jail has gone back to the stripes because people who AREN'T in jail want to wear orange prison jumpsuits, to look like "Orange Is the New Black" characters.
Quote, "Some people think it's cool to look like an inmate wearing all-orange jumpsuits out at the mall or in public."
"It's a concern because we do have our inmates out sometimes doing work in public and I don't want anyone to confuse them or have them walk away . . . I don't see people out there wanting to wear black-and-white stripes."
He says the black-and-white striped jumpsuits cost the same amount as orange ones.  And he also says the inmates HATE them.  But, quote, "If you don't like the clothes that I give you, don't come back."  (Mlive)  

Toyota Put a Microphone in Their New Minivan to Help You Yell at Your Kids

Yelling at your kids in the backseat is an indispensible part of EVERY family drive.  And Toyota wants to make it even easier on you.  Not by creating new features to entertain your kids and keep them behaved . . . oh God no.
The new 2015 Toyota Sienna minivan will have an option called Driver Easy Speak.  It's a MICROPHONE in the driver's seat that amplifies your voice through the speakers in the backseat . . . to make it easier to yell at your kids.
It seems like a response to Honda putting an optional vacuum cleaner in their Odyssey minivan last year.  But that's just a tool to clean up after your kids . . . this is a tool to SHAME them.  So, advantage: Toyota. 
Minivan sales peaked in 2000, at 1.37 million.  Last year, it was about one-third of that, at 519,000.  (ABC News)

New Photo Trend Alert: 'Fakecationing'

New Photo Trend Alert:  'Fakecationing' . . . Where You Take Fake Vacation Photos in Front of Pictures of Exotic Places
Do you feel like a loser when your friends on Facebook are constantly posting incredible vacation photos from around the world?  Well now, you can make THEM feel like garbage without even leaving your house. 
There's a new photo trend online called 'Fakecationing,' where people take FAKE vacation photos.  It's basically photos of them in front of PHOTOS of exotic places.  Get it?
The main technique is to put a photo of a beach or the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower up on your TV or computer screen . . . then pose in front and frame the photo so it looks like you're there.
Some people are even faking those "hot dog legs" beach photos, by posing their fingers like legs.  (Buzzfeed)  

Should We Have a Three-Day Work Week? The World's Second-Richest Person Says Yes

Sometimes you hear about companies that let people work four days a week, which sounds great.  So THIS sounds even better.
CARLOS "SLIM" HELU is the second-richest person in the world . . . he's a Mexican businessman worth $80.3 billion.  And he says the future of work is a THREE-day work week, and a four-day weekend.
But there are two catches.  One, you'd have to work about 11 hours a day all three days.  And two . . . you'd be expected to work until you're 70 or 75, because we'd need more people working total, to make up for all the lost hours.
Slim says, quote, "With three work days a week, we would have more time to relax, for quality of life.  Having four days off would be very important to generate new entertainment activities and other ways of being occupied."
For now, Slim has started incorporating a "lite" version of this at the Mexican phone company he owns called Telmex.  People are eligible to retire before age 50 but if they want to stay on, they can work four days for full pay.  (Slate)

Things You Should Always Haggle For

14 Things You Should Always Haggle For
You're probably not used to haggling for anything you buy, except for cars.  You're probably also spending WAY too much money.  Here's a list of other things you can haggle for, if you know what you're doing. 
1.  Satellite and cable TV service.  You can get deals on premium packages like NFL Sunday Ticket, and you can also get equipment fees waived.  Sometimes they'll also let you in on unadvertised promotions.
2.  Real estate commissions.  Realtors are under pressure from online companies that help you sell your house on your own.  You can usually get them to come down a percentage point or so.  Especially if you agree to buy your new house with them too.
3.  Healthcare.  Providers hate doing the insurance paperwork.  Sometimes they'll cut you a deal if you pay cash.
4.  Jewelry.  The retail markup on jewelry is usually 100% to 300%.  They can afford to give BIG discounts.
5.  College tuition.  If you send more than one child to the same school, you can sometimes get a volume discount.
6.  Furniture.  At the very least, you should get them to give you free delivery.  Sometimes you can get a lower price too.
7.  Musical instruments.  The chain stores like Guitar Center don't do it quite as much.  But local stores will almost always come down for you.
8.  Gym memberships.  There's a lot of competition, and terms are different from one member to the next.  So you can often get them to do a special deal for you.
9.  Cruise tickets.  Wait until the last minute and score big on whatever still isn't booked.
10.  Credit card rates.  People with good credit get so many offers, it's easy to play the companies against each other.
11.  Mattresses.  Except for Tempur-Pedic, most brands have huge retail markups.
12.  Tires.  Shop around and ask your store to beat the best price.  And ask to get the stems, mounting, balancing, and other extras for free.
13.  Rent.  Especially if you're renewing a lease and you start negotiating a few months in advance, you can get a much better deal than just waiting for that letter in the mail.
14.  Back taxes.  You can make a settlement deal under the right circumstances.  Basically, you have to make the IRS believe they'll never get the full amount back.  So it's only for people who are already a few years delinquent.  (Business Insider)

Guy Raised $50,000 for Charity

A Guy Raised $50,000 for Charity by Giving Up Sex for a Year
In late 2012, a 33-year-old guy in Australia named Pete Lynagh decided that his New Year's resolution would be to give up SEX for a year.  According to Pete, he'd been having a lot of one-night stands, and was basically addicted to it.
So he told his roommate the plan, and the roommate LAUGHED at him . . . then bet him $2,000 he wouldn't go through with it.  The rule was he could kiss, but couldn't do anything else.  Which might not be tough for SOME people, but for Pete it was.
In fact, he almost failed less than a month in . . . he went to a bar, drank too much, and tried to take a girl home.  Luckily his friends stopped it from happening, which is usually UNHEARD OF for guys.  But in this case, Pete was thankful.
And at some point, Pete decided that if he won the bet he'd donate the money to a friend's charity called Free to Shine . . . they rescue kids from the slave trade in Cambodia and put them in school.
So he set up a Facebook page called "Pete's Chastity for Charity".  And over the course of a year he managed to raise $50,000, which helped out A LOT of kids.
And apparently the whole thing had a big effect on PETE too.  It's been over six months since the challenge ended, and he's STILL abstinent . . . he says the idea of a one-night stand doesn't even appeal to him anymore.  ( / Daily Mail)  

A Woman Who Stole a Dress Is Busted When She Posts Selfies on Facebook

Social media keeps getting better and better at taking down idiot criminals.
27-year-old Danielle Saxton of West Frankfort, Illinois stole a leopard print dress from a store called Mortie's Boutique earlier this month.  And then she took a few selfies in the dress and posted them on FACEBOOK.
One of the store's co-owners also went on Facebook, and posted about the dress being stolen.
And since West Frankfort has a population of only around 8,000 people, there was obviously some overlap between the owner's friends and Danielle's friends.
A few people immediately pointed him to Danielle's selfies, he called the cops, and Danielle was just arrested for misdemeanor retail theft.  
(Huffington Post)  

Are You Ready for the World's First Cake Batter Spray Can?

Two Harvard Students Invented the World's First Cake Batter Spray Can
A few decades ago, someone figured out how to put cheese in a spray can.  And for some reason, people totally stopped innovating the whole food-in-a-can thing ever since.  Maybe this is a sign that horrible drought is OVER.
Two students at Harvard University named John McCallum and Brooke Nowakowski have invented and patented CAKE BATTER in a spray can.  Is this the best invention to come out of Harvard since Facebook?  Maybe it's even better.
Instead of having to make your OWN cake batter using a mix, eggs, and water like some caveman, now you just shake up the can and spray batter right into a pan.
The spray batter has a more consistent flavor . . . you can use it to make a cake in the microwave . . . it's organic . . . and it has fewer chemicals than regular cake mix.  It also cooks faster than regular batter . . . you can bake a cake in ONE MINUTE.
John and Brooke made it for a class project, and say they were shocked no one had come up with cake batter in a spray can before.  They got a patent, and now they're working on finding a manufacturer to get it in stores.  
(CBS 4 - Boston)

You Can Buy the Longest Ancient Poop Ever Found, For Just $10,000

Wondering what you should buy for the person who has everything?  Here's your answer.  Because we can guarantee their collection of "everything" doesn't include THIS.
One of the longest pieces of poop in history is about to go on sale.
This isn't just any poop.  It's ANCIENT, fossilized, and approximately 40 inches long.  A natural history expert says someone dug it up in 2012 and it could be up to 33 MILLION YEARS old.
What ancient animal could produce a three-and-a-half foot turd?  Well . . . we don't know.  Not a single expert has any idea what animal this poop came from.
It will be up for auction in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday.  It's expected to go for $8,000 to $10,000.
If it does sell, it won't be the first ancient poop someone ever bought at an auction.  A 130-million-year old pile of dinosaur feces sold for $1,000 at an auction in New York six years ago.  (LiveScience)  

Husbands Make More Secret Purchases Than Wives

Husbands Make More Secret Purchases Than Wives . . . Plus the Top Five Secret Things We Buy
We all know women be shopping.  Well guess what?  It turns out men be shopping too . . . the just don't be telling you about it.
A new survey found HUSBANDS are more likely than wives to secretly buy things . . . AND to lie about how much they spent, and hide what they bought.  41% of men admit they secretly buy stuff, versus 22% of women.  But maybe the women were lying ABOUT lying?
Anyway, here are the top five things people spend money on without telling their significant other.  Although they're a little too general to be interesting . . . 
1.  Nights out.
2.  Clothes or beauty products.
3.  Leisure activities . . . whatever that means.
4.  Car stuff and transportation in general.
5.  Vacation spending. 
The main reason people keep something they buy a secret is to avoid arguments. 
Women are better than men at hiding their secret spending.  54% of men who've secretly bought something have been caught, versus 34% of women.  (Daily Mail)  

A Kitten Rescued From a Shelter Is Now the World's Oldest Living Cat

Ann and Bob Higginbottom of Lincolnshire, England rescued a kitten named Pinky from a shelter back in 1986 . . . that's 28 years ago.
And Pinky is STILL ALIVE.
She just turned 28 . . . which is about 129 in human years.  And that makes her the world's oldest living cat.
Ann says, quote, "She is amazing, really, completely deaf now . . . but her eyesight is still as sharp as ever.  She's turning into an old lady now, she likes to sit by our Koi pond and just watch them as they swim."
According to the "Guinness Book of World Records", the oldest cat ever lived to be 38 . . . so Pinky would need to go another decade to match that.  
(Daily Mail)  

Based on Everything From Natural Disasters to Clowns. Where is the Scariest State in America?

Florida Is the Scariest State in America . . . Based on Everything From Natural Disasters to Clowns
A real estate blog called Estately just ranked the U.S. states by how SCARY they are . . . apparently they couldn't hold out a few months and release it around Halloween, when it would've made sense.
The way they ranked states was pretty clever.  They based it on natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes . . . the number of snakes, spiders, and sharks . . . deaths caused by lightning . . . the number of clowns and dentists . . . and the murder rate.
But even after all that, the state that IS the scariest place to be ended up winning . . . well done, Florida.  Please don't shoot me.
The top 10 scariest states are:  Florida . . . Georgia . . . Texas . . . Louisiana . . . Alabama . . . North Carolina . . . California . . . South Carolina . . . Mississippi . . . and Virginia.
South Dakota is the least scary state in the country . . . North Dakota is second-least scary.  (Estately)  
(You can see the rankings for all 50 states here.)

Now You Can Buy a "Selfie Toaster" . . . It Burns Your Face Into Every Piece of Toast

There's no reason your vanity has to be limited to photographs.  Let's get that face of yours onto more mediums ASAP.
A company in Vermont called Burnt Impressions is now selling a product called the SELFIE TOASTER . . . and yes, it burns an image of your face into every piece of toast.
You just send them a picture of yourself, and they custom-make your toaster.
It's only $75, which actually sounds cheap considering what you get.  And it only takes them about a week to create and ship it.  
At the same time . . . do you really want to eat YOUR OWN FACE?  Is that vain . . . or just creepy?   
(Los Angeles Times)

Would you keep working if you won the lottery??

Half of Us Would Keep Working If We Won the Lottery . . . 30% Would Keep Working at the Same Job
We've all had the fantasy about winning the lottery and telling our boss "I quit!"  Then stripping down naked and running around the office, high-fiving people.  No?  Just me?
A new survey by CareerBuilder asked people if they'd keep working if they won the lottery.  And believe it or not, the majority of people WOULD.
51% of people say they'd keep working if they won the lottery.  And 30% of them would stay at their current job . . . 21% would switch to some OTHER job.
As for WHY they'd keep working, 77% say they'd be bored if they stopped working, and 76% say work gives them a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  Only 23% say they'd keep working because they like their coworkers.
Now . . . for the 49% of people who'd QUIT if they won the lottery, the survey asked how they'd do it.
79% say they'd give at least two weeks' notice . . . 13% would quit that day . . . 3% would quit that day AND tell their boss everything wrong with him and the company . . . and 2% would just not show up.  

Do You Flush the Toilet in Public Bathrooms With Your Foot?

Even the cleanest public bathroom feels dirty.  And even if you're not a germaphobe . . . you don't want to touch the billions of germs in there.  So, do you flush the toilet in a public bathroom with your FOOT?  
According to a new survey, just over HALF of Americans say . . . YES, they use their FOOT to flush a public toilet rather than touch the handle.
The survey also found that 42% of us don't like to touch the handle on a public bathroom door, and use paper towels to open it when they leave.
25% of us wipe down the silverware at restaurants.
And another 25% wipe down the surfaces in hotel rooms.  
(PR Newswire)

Five Disgusting Things on Your Body Right Now

Not to give you a complex or anything, but no matter how often you shower, your body is still COVERED in disgusting stuff.  Here are five nasty examples.
1.  Demodex mites.  They're are microscopic parasites that live on your eyelashes.  They feed on skin cells and oil secreted by your hair follicles.  Basically everyone has them, and at night they come out and walk around on your FACE.
2.  Fecal matter.  No matter how well you take care of business, there's always a LITTLE left behind . . . about a tenth of a gram, unless you're messy.  And it ends up on your underwear, and spreads to the rest of your clothes in the laundry.
3.  Dead skin cells.  Pretty much the whole outer layer of your skin is dead, and in the process of falling off at all times.  It's totally normal and harmless.  But every time you touch someone else . . . anywhere, in any way . . . you're touching dead skin.
4.  Skin-eating insects.  There's a common type of mite that feeds on dead skin cells.  It can be a cause of a common form of eczema . . . so if you have eczema, you might have the mites too.
5.  Belly button bacteria.  Your belly button tends to collect a lot of exotic bacteria . . . about 2,000 different species at any given time.  Researchers have found bacteria in people's navels that are usually found only in the polar ice caps and thermal vents.  
(Men's Health)

A Guy Robs His Girlfriend's Bank . . . To Pay For Her Engagement Ring

There's something sweet about this next criminal . . . but it's buried under a MASSIVE pile of idiocy.
22-year-old Ramsey Fakhouri of Troy, Michigan was in a long-distance relationship with a woman in East St. Louis, Illinois who he'd met in college.  And he wanted to propose, but couldn't afford a ring.
Luckily his girlfriend worked at a bank, and he knew how the bank's drive-thru ATMs were stocked.
So this past Valentine's Day, he and a friend drove to the bank in Illinois.  And when the manager was restocking the ATMs outside, he ran up with a pellet gun and stole about $26,000.  Then they headed back to Michigan.
Unfortunately for him, surveillance cameras got a decent shot of him after the robbery . . . and when the cops sent the photos to the media about a week later, Ramsey's girlfriend recognized him.  And she turned him in immediately.
Ramsey was just sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison.  (ABC 7 - Chicago)  

Man Sets House on Fire Using a Homemade Flamethrower . . . Because He Wanted to Kill a Spider!

If you see a spider in your house, trap it in a glass and let it go outside.  Or if you're like most people, just crush it with a paper towel.  But you don't need go all RAMBO on it.
A guy in Seattle, Washington saw a spider in his laundry room on Tuesday night . . . and apparently he wanted to teach it a lesson.
So he whipped up a HOMEMADE FLAMETHROWER . . . by holding up his lighter to a can of spray paint and blasting a flame at the spider.
But he wound up setting the entire HOUSE on fire . . . and did at least $60,000 in damage by the time the fire department could put it out.
No one was hurt . . . there's no word on whether he might be facing arson charges.
On the bright side, the fire department says he almost definitely killed the spider.  Quote, "I'm pretty sure the spider did not survive this fire.  The whole wall went."  
(ABC 4 - Seattle)

A Company in Chicago Limits Their Staff to Six Minutes in the Bathroom Per Day

Without getting TOO personal, I'm sure one of your small joys at work is heading to the bathroom after lunch for 20 quiet minutes of alone time.  But what if your boss was standing outside with a stopwatch?
A company called WaterSaver Faucet in Chicago felt like employees were spending too much time in the bathroom . . . so they instituted a new policy last month.  
Everyone got 60 minutes of bathroom time over 10 days . . . which means six minutes a day.  You have to swipe your employee card going into the bathroom and swipe it again when you come out.
There were 19 people who went over their 60 minutes, and all of them got warnings.  The next time they go over, they could be looking at a suspension.  
The Teamsters union just filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board over the policy.  They say it's an invasion of privacy and sets unreasonable expectations.
The CEO of WaterSaver is Steve Kersten, and he says the bathroom policy will save hundreds of hours of productivity a month . . . although he did admit HE doesn't have to swipe his card when he uses HIS bathroom.  
(CNN Money)

Here's Why You Always Choose the Slowest Line at the Grocery Store

It seems like you NEVER, EVER pick the right check-out line at the grocery store, right?  No matter how carefully you strategize, you ALWAYS end up in the slow lane . . . next to some coupon lady or a cashier who can't work the register.
Well . . . it's not your imaginaHere's Why You Always Choose the Slowest Line at the Grocery Store
It seems like you NEVER, EVER pick the right check-out line at the grocery store, right?  No matter how carefully you strategize, you ALWAYS end up in the slow lane . . . next to some coupon lady or a cashier who can't work the register.
Well . . . it's not your imagination.  The people at "Wired" took a look at the phenomenon, and there are three factors that make sure you always get screwed.
1.  Grocery stores monitor how many customers there are, and open a specific number of checkout lanes . . . JUST enough to handle the flow.  So if there's even a SLIGHT delay in one lane, like a price check, that creates a pile-up and screws everything up.
Why don't they hire more employees?  It's a business . . . they only want to pay for as many workers as they have to.  And it's not always that busy.
2.  The odds are always against you.  If there are three lanes open, you've only got a 33% chance of picking the fastest one . . . meaning two out of three times, you'll guess wrong and see other people moving faster.  It's not just in your mind.
3.  Places like Best Buy and Barnes and Noble use a better system where everyone's in one line, and the first person in line just goes to whichever cashier is open next.  And mathematically that IS a faster way to get people out.
But studies have found people don't LIKE that system.  We like to feel like we're in CONTROL . . . and picking our own lane gives us that feeling.  (Wired)
tion.  The people at "Wired" took a look at the phenomenon, and there are three factors that make sure you always get screwed.
1.  Grocery stores monitor how many customers there are, and open a specific number of checkout lanes . . . JUST enough to handle the flow.  So if there's even a SLIGHT delay in one lane, like a price check, that creates a pile-up and screws everything up.
Why don't they hire more employees?  It's a business . . . they only want to pay for as many workers as they have to.  And it's not always that busy.
2.  The odds are always against you.  If there are three lanes open, you've only got a 33% chance of picking the fastest one . . . meaning two out of three times, you'll guess wrong and see other people moving faster.  It's not just in your mind.
3.  Places like Best Buy and Barnes and Noble use a better system where everyone's in one line, and the first person in line just goes to whichever cashier is open next.  And mathematically that IS a faster way to get people out.
But studies have found people don't LIKE that system.  We like to feel like we're in CONTROL . . . and picking our own lane gives us that feeling.  (Wired)

Ten Words Used By People Who Lack Confidence

The words you use tell people a lot about the kind of person you are.  Especially in an email, people tend to make a lot of assumptions based on what you write.  Here are ten words you always hear from people without enough confidence.
1.  "Might."  Because it leaves an escape route.  It makes you look like you're already setting up for failure, before you even try.
2.  "Won't."  Even worse, because it's like you're confidently predicting a failure.
3.  "Usually."  It just gives you extra wiggle room in case you're wrong.  Go get more facts, and then you won't have to BE wrong.
4.  "Suspect."  You sound better when you just assert what you believe.  Knowledge gives everyone confidence . . . make people believe you KNOW what you're saying.
5.  "Impossible."  You can say things are difficult and list the reasons why, but to say something is impossible gives people the idea that you don't even want to try.
6.  "Worried."  Even when you ARE worried, there's no need to tell people about it.  Just focus on the facts and not how you feel about them.
7.  "Confused."  It's better to get right to the point and ask questions about whatever you don't understand.  Focus on clarifying the problem, instead of on the fact that you're not getting it.
8.  "Need."  It sounds obvious, but to keep using the word "need" all the time makes you look NEEDY.  Make a straight request, or give a direction, instead of saying "I need you to do something for me."
9.  "Quandary."  Maybe you think it makes you sound smart.  But to a smart person who knows what the word means, you just sound completely clueless and in over your head.
10.  "Likely."  It's another one of those qualifiers that people often use when they're afraid they might be wrong.  

A Vietnam Vet With No Legs Can't Get a New Wheelchair From the VA . . . So Lowe's Fixed It For Free

Michael Sulsona of Graniteville, New York is a veteran who lost both his legs in 1971, when he stepped on a landmine in Vietnam.  He's been in a wheelchair ever since . . . and not a good one.
He's been trying to get the Veterans Administration to give him a new wheelchair for the past two years, because his keeps breaking.  But the VA wouldn't do it.
Michael was shopping at a Lowe's hardware store last Monday when his wheelchair broke AGAIN, just as the store was closing.  So a few Lowe's employees decided to do what the VA refused to do . . . and help him out.
Three Lowe's employees jumped into action, grabbed a bunch of parts, and spent 45 minutes working on Michael's wheelchair.  They even covered the cost of all the parts . . . and when they were done, it was working perfectly.
Michael says he tried to thank them, but they kept saying it was their honor.  They just saw he needed help and helped him out.  Quote, "They didn't ask any questions, didn't feel the need to fill out any forms or make phone calls."
(Opposing Views / Staten Island Advance)  

The Mathematical Formula For the Perfect Road Trip

Summer road trips SOUND amazing, and ARE pretty amazing . . . until your air conditioning goes out and that one person won't stop singing "Happy".
Dr. David Holmes is a psychologist in England, and he just came up with a mathematical formula for the PERFECT ROAD TRIP.  Don't worry, it doesn't involve you doing any math . . . he handled all that.
These are the seven ingredients you need for the perfect road trip . . .
1.  Two to four people in the car, who are all outgoing and talkative.
2.  An equal number of guys and girls.
3.  A destination you've never been to before.
4.  A comfortable car.
5.  Four to six hours of driving.
6.  Three to four stops along the way.
7.  Nice weather outside. 
If you vary on any of these, it makes the trip less perfect.  And if you have a LOT of variation on MOST of them, you're in trouble.  (The Auto Channel)

Lay's Newest Flavors Include Mac and Cheese, Mango Salsa, and Cappuccino?

Remember last year when Lay's introduced experimental potato chip flavors, and people could vote for the best one?  They did cheesy garlic bread, Sriracha, and chicken and waffles . . . and cheesy garlic bread won.
They've got a new round of experimental flavors this year . . . and these are WAY weirder.
Lay's just announced they'll be rolling out four new flavors for people to buy, try, and vote on:  Cheddar bacon mac and cheese . . . wasabi ginger . . . mango salsa . . . and cappuccino.
The strangest flavor of the group HAS to be the cappuccino . . . but if you've ever wondered what a coffee-flavored potato chip tastes like, now you can find out.
Lay's hasn't made any promises about any of these flavors becoming permanent options . . . but I guess if one sells enough, it could.
You can start voting for the best flavor on their website soon . . . the contest runs through the middle of October.  (Yahoo)  

You Should Eat Bananas When They're Still Green . . . and Don't Forget to Eat the Peel?

You've been eating bananas wrong your entire life . . . we found TWO separate stories today on what you SHOULD be doing when you eat bananas.  And they're both disgusting.
The first is:  You should eat bananas when they're GREEN . . . BEFORE they're ripe.
Rodney Bilton is a biochemist in England.  He says green bananas are much higher in resistant starch . . . which is the best kind of fiber you can eat.  It's a carb, but it doesn't make your blood sugar rise, and it can actually raise your metabolism.
By the time bananas get ripe, a lot of that resistant starch is gone . . . so the greener it is, the better it is for you.  
The second piece of advice on eating bananas is:  You should be eating the PEEL.
Kimberly Snyder is a nutritionist and author.  Quote, "The concentration of fiber in the peel [is] up to three to four times higher [than] the fruit inside.  It also contains a bevy of anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins."
So, if you eat the peel, it's good for your overall health, your skin, and lowering your cholesterol.  (Yahoo / Daily Mail)

Some random stuff!

We All Think We're Great at Being on Time and Being a Good Friend . . . But We Can Admit We're Bad at Dancing and Cooking
We know you're great at pretty much EVERYTHING, but some people don't know you like we do.  So . . . how often do you talk about how amazing you are at everything?
A new survey found that 70% of men and 54% of women regularly BRAG about all the stuff they think they're great at.
The top five most common skills people think they're the BEST at are:  Being on time . . . being a good friend . . . organization . . . saving money . . . and having a ton of general knowledge.
The five things people can admit they're NOT good at are:  Singing and dancing . . . being creative . . . cooking . . . using technology . . . and shopping.  
(Daily Mail)

The Ten Most Popular Text Acronyms Include LOL, OMG, and WTF

As a society, I think we abuse "LOL."  Like, if I text you something mildly jovial and you write back "LOL," I know you're not really laughing out loud.  You should text back, "Minor grin," or "MG" for short.  THAT would be honest.
For instance, that rant right there warrants a minor grin at BEST. 
Anyway, an Australian company monitored tweets for three months to figure out which acronyms are the most popular in the world.  Here are the top 10 . . .
1.  LOL . . . Laugh out loud.
2.  OMG . . . Oh my God.
3.  ILY . . . I love you.
4.  LMAO . . . Laughing my [a**] off.
5.  WTF . . . What the [eff]?
6.  PPL . . . People.
7.  IDK . . . I don't know.
8.  TBH . . . To be honest.
9.  BTW . . . By the way.
10.  THX . . . thanks.  (Daily Mail)

Six Speaking Habits That Turn People Off

Your bad conversation habits could be turning people off, and you might not even know it.  So if people are tuning you out or cutting you off all the time, watch out for these six things.
1.  Gossiping.  We all do it.  But it's become so common, you might not realize how bad it makes you look.  Until it's gossip about YOU . . . then you HATE the person who started it.  Remember that.
2.  Being judgmental.  When you judge other people behind their backs, the first thing the person you're talking to wonders is . . . whether you're judging THEM when they're not around.  
3.  Complaining.  Talking to people who see the bad side of everything gets really tiresome really fast.  Think about it . . . if everything you say makes people think negative thoughts, they're not going to want to hear you talk anymore.
4.  Making excuses.  It's the opposite of taking responsibility.  And when you don't take responsibility, you're dead weight to everyone around you.
5.  Exaggerating.  Deliberate exaggeration is the same as lying . . . but more obvious.
6.  Being dogmatic.  Most people get really annoyed when you state an opinion as if it were a fact.  It makes you sound like a know-it-all . . . but it also makes you sound dumb, because you're getting facts and opinions confused.   
(Business Insider)

The 10 Foods That Immediately Improve Your Mood

When we think of "comfort food" it's usually things like fried chicken or gallon jugs of ice cream . . . but we shouldn't.  In fact, foods like that spike your blood sugar and usually just make you feel WORSE.
Doctors at Harvard have figured out the 10 best foods to instantly improve your mood.  It's because they trigger the right chemicals in your brain.  Check 'em out . . .  
1.  Pumpkin seeds.
2.  Dark, leafy greens.
3.  Eggs.
4.  Carrots and celery.
5.  Salmon.
6.  Flaxseed.
7.  Whole grains, like oatmeal or brown rice.
8.  Red peppers, kiwi fruit, and other foods with high vitamin C.
9.  Tea.
10.  Dark chocolate.  

You Become Friends With People So Similar to You in DNA, They Could Be Your Cousins?

Your friends aren't your friends by accident . . . your DNA might have FORCED you to pick them.
A new study from the University of California, San Diego and Yale University found that people gravitate toward other people who have similar DNA.
So even though you aren't relatives with your friends, about 1% of your genes match.  That doesn't SOUND like a lot, but it really is . . . it's the same amount you'd share with someone who's your fourth cousin.  
The researchers say, quote, "We have more DNA in common with the people we pick as friends than we do with strangers . . . humans choose individuals who resemble them on a [genetic] level."
The most common genes friends share is in their sense of smell . . . which might be one thing that draws you together.  So, if you like the smell of coffee, you might bond with a person over going to get coffee all the time.  
(ABC News)

Buying a House Is the Most Stressful Thing People Do in Life . . . Here's the Top 10

Here's a great sign of just how out of whack our priorities can be.
A new survey asked people to name the most stressful experiences they've had . . . and buying a house came in number one.  It beat out getting DIVORCED, which came in second.  Here's the top 10 . . .
1.  Buying or selling a house.
2.  A relationship break-up or divorce.
3.  Getting laid off.
4.  A death in the family.
5.  Getting fired.
6.  Being in debt.
7.  Starting a new job.
8.  Becoming a parent for the first time.
9.  Planning a wedding.
10.  Going broke or bankrupt.  
(Daily Mail)

The 9-to-5, 40-Hour Workweek Is Dead . . . 88% of Us Work More Than That

One day, your grandkids will hear someone use the phrase "9-to-5" and they'll ask, "Grandpa, what is that?"  And you'll look up from your phone where you're responding to six emails from your boss and tell them it's a relic of a different time.
This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone . . . but the 9-to-5 day and the 40-hour workweek are DEAD.
A new survey found 88% of people now work MORE than 40 hours a week. 
71% do work from home after hours at least once a week.
63% don't take a full lunch break every day.
And 58% have a commute that's at least 30 minutes.  

Five Ways Headlines Trick You Into Clicking Online

The internet's full of headlines that SOUND amazing, but when you click them the story is stupid or boring.  So if you're tired of wasting your time, watch out for these five ways they trick you into clicking on links.
1.  They make the dumbest detail into the whole story.  Like the woman who killed two people because she parked her car in the left lane of a highway.  A lot of headlines ignored the deaths and focused on how she stopped to help some DUCKS.
2.  They update an old story and don't update the headline.  This happens a lot with stupid crimes, when the person finally gets convicted.  The story is the conviction, but the headline only mentions the crime, because that's what gets people's attention.
3.  They exaggerate a scientific finding to make it sound spectacular.  Like when they discover an Earth-like planet in another solar system, and everyone reports it as if we're going to confirm the existence of intelligent alien life any day now.
4.  They use half a quote to make the headline say something different.  Some places reported that Landon Donovan rooted against the U.S. in the World Cup after he got cut.  But they took his words out of context, and ignored what he was actually saying.
5.  They make a story out of a few people expressing extreme opinions.  Like people getting mad that someone was breastfeeding in public.  But it might have only been TWO people who got mad, and everyone else was supportive. (Cracked)

A Woman Fell 50 Feet While Sleepwalking and Survived . . . Because She Didn't Wake Up

When you hear that someone fell 50 feet from a window onto concrete and SURVIVED, you want to know how.  And this woman has an answer.

24-year-old Amy Wigfull of South Yorkshire, England was on vacation in Spain last month, and ended up sleepwalking in her hotel room.  And somehow she opened the window, and fell 50 feet . . . straight down onto the concrete.
And she says she survived because she never woke up.
Quote, "If I had woken up as I was falling I would have been dead.  But because I was still asleep, my body was in a relaxed state when I hit . . . if I had been awake and tense the injuries would've been catastrophic."
Amy did need several surgeries . . . but she was out of the hospital in just eight days and she's already walking again.  She still needs crutches, but she's hoping to be walking without them by September.  (Daily Mirror)

A Survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombing Was Kicked Out of TJ Maxx For Having a Service Dog

As far as public relations disasters go, this one is right up there . . .
19-year-old Sydney Corcoran of Nashua, New Hampshire was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing last year, when she was hit by some shrapnel.  Her mother lost both her legs, and Sydney suffers from PTSD.
Now she has a certified service dog named Koda who helps her out . . . he provides emotional support, helps her sleep, and goes everywhere with her.
But when Sydney took Koda to a TJ Maxx on Thursday, a manager told her she couldn't have the dog in the store unless she put him in the cart . . . even though Koda was wearing his bright blue "service dog" vest.  
Sydney explained that Koda was a service dog, and that he wouldn't even FIT in the cart . . . but the manager insisted.  So Sydney got embarrassed and left.
That violates the Americans With Disabilities Act, but Sydney isn't looking to sue . . . she just wanted to raise awareness that things like this happen, so she went to the locals news.  TJ Maxx apologized on Friday.  (ABC 5 - Boston)

The Ten Things People Only Pretend to Like

We all do things because we think we're SUPPOSED to do them, not because we actually WANT to.  But we have to suck it up and pretend we're really enjoying ourselves.
What are some things that we only PRETEND we like doing?  Here are 10 of the most popular answers . . .
1.  Going to a club.
2.  Going for a run.
3.  Drinking green juice and other healthy juices. 
4.  Cooking.
5.  Being around other people's kids.
6.  Eating oysters.
7.  Working in a group.
8.  Celebrating someone else's success.
9.  Hearing other people's honest opinions about you.
10.  Doing shots.  (Huffington Post)

The Ten Little Things That Make Us Happiest

You don't need to win the lottery to be happy.  Just finding a few bucks in your pocket can FEEL like winning the lottery . . . at least for a brief moment.
A new survey asked people what little things make them the happiest.  Here's the top 10 . . .
1.  Finding $5 in your pocket.
2.  The sun shining.
3.  Getting up to the cashier and finding whatever you were buying was actually on sale and cheaper than you expected.
4.  Getting into bed with fresh sheets.
5.  Getting something for free.
6.  Doing something nice for a stranger.
7.  Booking a trip.
8.  Getting a compliment from a stranger.
9.  When you hear a good song come on the radio.
10.  Completing a long list of tasks.  (Daily Mail)  (You can see the rest of the top 20 here.)

Five Romantic Gestures That Don't Cost Anything

If you want to do something romantic for someone, but you're low on cash, here are five romantic gestures that won't cost you a thing . . .
1.  Start their workday off with an unexpected message.  Call their voicemail at work and leave a message first thing in the morning.  That way, when they get in, it's the first thing they hear.
2.  Take care of a mundane task they hate to do.  Like, if they never have time to pick up the dry cleaning, offer to do it for them.
3.  Sincerely compliment them on something less obvious than their looks. 
4.  Make a small sacrifice to make them happy.  If they love to bowl but you HATE it, offer to take them bowling every now and then.
5.  Let them know you're looking forward to seeing them again.  Whether you just met someone, or have been together for a while, it's a sweet gesture to let someone know you're looking forward to seeing them again.

Smelling Flatulence Helps Prevent Diabetes, Heart Attacks, and Cancer?

You know how your stomach didn't feel good after that third Chalupa at Taco Bell?  Here's the good news:  You may have done everyone around you 45 minutes later a great service.
According to researchers at the University of Exeter in England, smelling someone's BAD GAS . . . including your own . . . might help prevent heart damage, strokes, diabetes, dementia, AND cancer.  No, this is not a joke.
One of the chemicals in flatulence is hydrogen sulfide, and that's what makes it smell bad.  The more there is, the worse it smells.  And in large doses, it's TOXIC.
But in smaller amounts, it helps preserve mitochondria, which are parts of your cells that help keep them alive and functioning properly.  If they fail, all sorts of things go wrong with your body.  But hydrogen sulfide prevents that from happening.
The researchers are currently testing a new compound called AP39, which they say will help your body deliver just the right amount of hydrogen sulfide to your cells.  But it'll be a while before you can buy it.
So until then, just keep up the good work.  And guys, feel free to tell your wife or girlfriend, "You're welcome."  (ScienceBlog / Daily Mail)

The Americans Who Are Happiest With How They Look Are . . . People in Their 80s?

All conventional wisdom says your attractiveness peaks when you're young.  Unfortunately, that's also when you're the most insecure.  Wondering when that's going to stop and you're finally going to be confident about how you look?
According to a new survey, the Americans who are happiest with how they look are . . . people OVER 80.
74% of men over 80 are always happy with their physical appearance, as are 67% of women over 80.
For comparison, 5% fewer men and 10% fewer women 18 to 24 are always happy with their physical appearance.  And we're LEAST confident in how we look in our late 50s.
People over 80 are more likely to love how they look than people in any younger age group.
And at every age, men are more confident about their physical appearance than women.  The only place it evens out is after age 85.  

You Can Buy Travel Insurance That Pays $1,000 if You Get Stuck on the Tarmac

Having your flight delayed is one of the most annoying things about traveling.  But will people suddenly start HOPING it happens?  Maybe.
Berkshire Hathaway has a new travel insurance policy that costs $25 per person, per flight.  And if you get delayed more than two hours, you get 50 bucks.
Which is OKAY.  But the big bucks come if you board the plane, and get delayed on the TARMAC for more than two hours . . . which pays a THOUSAND DOLLARS.
You also get $500 if you miss a connecting flight because of a delay . . . $500 if it takes more than 12 hours for your luggage to show up . . . and $1,000 if the luggage gets lost or stolen.
With delayed flights, you don't even have to file a claim.  They automatically track it, and the money shows up in your bank account or PayPal account the next day.  If you want to find out more about it, just go to
(NBC News)

The Happiest Moment of Your Vacation Is 7:30 P.M. on the Third Night

Everyone wastes time on vacation thinking about how many days they have left . . . until they head back to the soul-crushing reality of daily life.  It's hard not to.  At the same time, you don't want it to ruin the trip.
Luckily, a new study found the exact moment when your happiness PEAKS on vacation . . . that way you know when to start feeling like crap again.  And that moment is . . . 7:30 P.M. on the THIRD day.
That's when you're fully in vacation mode . . . you still have plenty of vacation left . . . you still have plenty of money left . . . and you haven't completely blown your budget.
67% of people say they feel EXTREMELY SAD on the last day of a vacation . . . and 5% even CRY.  

The Sexiest Jobs for Men . . . and the Least Sexy

We've got the results of a new survey on the SEXIEST JOBS for men . . . and somehow, "smooth voiced radio personality" got shut out AGAIN.  I hate to say it's a conspiracy, but I can't think of any other explanation.
In a definite sign of the times, the sexiest job for men is now . . . ENTREPRENEUR.  It's beating out the old, more stable careers.  Here are the top five . . .
1.  Entrepreneur, 24%.
2.  Banker or trader, 19%.
3.  Doctor, 17%.
4.  Fireman, 14%.
5.  Musician, 10%.
On the other end of the scale, pro athletes were ranked the LEAST sexy . . . their reputation has finally caught up with them, I guess.  Politicians are second-least sexy.  
(Illicit Encounters)

What's More Important in Your Daily Life: Your Phone or Your Toothbrush?

Now you can just text people and never actually share physical space with them.  And maybe that's a good thing . . . because our cell phones are just as important to us as our personal hygiene.  Maybe even MORE important.
A new survey asked people to rank different things based on how important they are in daily life.
The toothbrush ranked slightly higher than the cell phone . . . and deodorant TIED with the cell phone.
For people under 24, the cell phone was ranked MORE important than either their toothbrush or deodorant.
13% of people say they could only last one hour without their phone . . . and another 34% say they could only last 24 hours.  
(Bank of America)

Ten Tricks to Make Your Summer Cooler and Better

Summer would be perfect if it wasn't so stupid hot all the time.  But you can keep the heat from getting to you, if you know a handful of easy tricks.
1.  Buckle your seatbelt when you leave the car, so it won't burn when you come back.
2.  Put dryer sheets in your shoes when you come home, to keep them from smelling.
3.  Stand freezer pops straight up before they freeze, so they're easier to cut open.
4.  Put a beer coozie over your gear shift when it gets too hot to touch.
5.  Wrap bottles in a wet paper towel and put them in the freezer to get them cold faster.
6.  When you go to the beach, roll your valuables in a clean diaper.  You can leave them alone all day and no one will come near them.
7.  Sprinkle baby powder on your skin to remove sand more easily.
8.  Put a cupcake liner around your popsicle to catch the drips, and avoid sticky hands.
9.  Use creamy baby oil instead of bug spray.  It works just as well and smells better.
10.  Make your own lawn sprinkler out of a two-liter soda bottle.  Punch holes in it, screw a garden hose onto the top, and let 'er rip.  (Buzzfeed)

A Pilot Ordered Pizza for the Entire Plane After They Got Stuck on the Tarmac

Every airline needs to listen up RIGHT NOW and get a clue:  THIS is how you do awesome customer service and win permanent loyalty from people . . .
On Monday, a Frontier Airlines flight from Washington D.C. to Denver got diverted to Cheyenne, Wyoming because of a storm in Colorado.  And while they waited for the weather to clear up, they had to sit on the tarmac for two-and-a-half hours.
There wasn't any food on the plane, but the pilot realized people were probably hungry, and decided to do something about it.  His name is Gerhard Brandner, and this is what he did.  (His first name's pronounced Gair-hard.)
He got on the P.A. system, and said, quote, "Frontier Airlines is known for being one of the cheapest airlines in the U.S., but your captain is NOT cheap . . . I just ordered PIZZA for the entire plane."  Then everyone on the plane went NUTS.  
That was around 10:00 P.M.  And within 30 minutes, delivery guys from a nearby Domino's showed up with 35 pizzas to feed all 160 passengers.  It cost several hundred dollars, and Gerhard paid for the whole thing.
To get through security, they went to the front desk first.  Then TSA agents brought them to meet the flight attendants, who handled it from there.  It's not clear if the pizzas had to be X-rayed or anything.  But according to the FDA, X-rayed food IS safe to eat.
And it's lucky Dominos was able to stick to their 30-minutes-or-less thing.  Because right after the pizzas got there, the plane took off.  It got to Denver about five hours late.  
(Yahoo / Newsday)  

The Trendiest Baby Names For 2014 Are Imogen and Asher

If you're having a baby in the next few months, and want to make sure they have the exact same name as everyone else while they grow up, here's your guide.
A baby naming website called just released a list of the trendiest baby names in 2014 so far.  It's based on the number of searches for the names on their site.
The ten trendiest names for girls are:  Imogen . . . Charlotte . . . Isla . . . Cora . . . Penelope . . . Violet . . . Amelia . . . Eleanor . . . Harper . . . and Claire.
And the ten trendiest names for boys are:  Asher . . . Declan . . . Atticus . . . Finn . . . Oliver . . . Henry . . . Silas . . . Jasper . . . Milo . . . and Jude.
As for pop culture names, Katniss from "The Hunger Games" is 14th for girls . . . Khaleesi from "Game of Thrones" is 18th for girls . . . and Django is 46th for boys.   (Nameberry)
(You can see the top 100 for both boys and girls here.)

Men and Women Have Completely Different Views on the "Perfect" Lingerie

This won't come as a shock, but according to a new survey, men and women have COMPLETELY different ideas of what the "perfect" lingerie looks like.  
Men said they prefer lingerie that's bright red . . . shows a LOT of skin . . . has lace, sequins, and bows . . . and a garter belt.  Shocker!
Women's ideal lingerie is COMFORTABLE . . . either white or black . . . with underwear that's big enough to hide their backside . . . and a bra that's not too tight.
Apparently women DO know what guys want.  They just only wear it on certain occasions.  84% said they have at least one set of SPECIAL lingerie that's skimpier than what they normally wear.
The survey also found that 76% of women don't WANT men to buy lingerie for them, because they're bad at it.  Which is fine, because 63% of men hate buying it.  But 67% of women admitted they don't even think about what their guy might LIKE when they're picking it out for themselves.
The one thing men and women AGREE on is coordinating colors.  Both said the bra and underwear should definitely match.  (Daily Mail / Female First)  

Only 64% of Us Have Ever Given Someone the Finger? Plus Eight More New Stats on Etiquette in America

If I asked you whether people have gotten ruder or more polite over the past few years, you'd say "ruder."  EVERYONE would say "ruder."  But exactly HOW are we getting ruder?

Here are nine stats from a new survey on etiquette in America.  Check 'em out . . .
1.  56% of people say the rudest thing people do in 2014 is text during meals.  23% say it's not letting people off elevators before you get on . . . and 9% say it's saving seats using coats and bags for people who are late.
2.  What polite thing that's fading out should we try hardest to keep alive?  41% say it's men holding doors for women . . . 23% say hand-written notes . . . 13% say taking your hat off indoors . . . and 9% say it's wearing black at funerals.
3.  Only 35% of people think that after someone dies, it's appropriate to send a condolence message via email.  The rest say you need to mail a card.
4.  51% of people say the rudest thing you can ask someone you meet in online dating is how much money they make.  26% say it's asking if they have an STD.  8% think it's "Are you married?"
5.  What's the rudest way to break up with someone?  51% say it's with a Facebook post . . . 15% say it's with a Post-it note . . . 14% say it's with a text . . . and 8% of people say it's over the phone.
6.  70% of people say that being on time actually means getting someplace a few minutes early.  3% say you're on time as long as you're less than 30 minutes late.
7.  What's the rudest thing waiters do?  42% say it's asking, "Are you still working on that?" when you're not done . . . 34% say it's asking how the food is when you just got it . . . and 9% say it's being too friendly.
8.  60% of people say when they're eating out with friends, they always agree to split the bill evenly.  35% of people say they always suggest dividing up the check.
9.  Only 64% of people say they've ever given someone the MIDDLE FINGER . . . which seems really low.  
(Vanity Fair)

Six Things That Will Make You Feel Really Old

Not sure you needed a reminder that you're getting old . . . but here you go:  Six random facts that will make you feel really old . . .
1.  1998 is as far away as 2030.
2.  If Bart Simpson was a real person, he'd be 31 now.
3.  Kids starting high school next month were born in 2001.
4.  Jerry Seinfeld was 35 when "Seinfeld" started . . . now he's 60.
5.  The Taco Bell Chihuahua has been dead for five years.
6.  In "Back to the Future", Marty travels back in time from 1985 to 1955.  If someone travelled 30 years back in time today, it would be to 1984.  

Five Ways Coffee Can Help Your Workouts

It might sound like a bad idea to drink coffee right before a workout.  But there are some real health benefits, if you don't overdo it.  You might lose more weight, for instance.  Here are five other good reasons to do it.
1.  It improves circulation.  Which leads directly to a better workout, because your muscles get more oxygen.
2.  Less pain.  One study showed that two or three cups of coffee before high-intensity exercise caused a reduction in perceived pain during the workout.  This could be because the muscles get more oxygen, or because you push harder and get stronger. 
3.  Better memory.  Caffeine enhances memory for up to 24 hours after you consume it.  So you won't leave things out of your routine when you're in the gym all afternoon.
4.  Muscle preservation.  Caffeine can help you stay stronger as you age.  It basically keeps your muscles younger, and that reduces the risk of age-related injuries.
5.  More energy to the muscles.  Drinking coffee along with your post-exercise meal can help the body produce more fuel for your muscles.  So you'll have more energy in reserve the next time you work out.

A 90-Year-Old Lost Her Memory After a Coma, But Just Found Out She Has 187 Family Members

A 90-year-old woman named Celestine Thompson survived a fire back in 1992 that put her in a coma for two years.  And when she woke up, she'd lost her memory, and couldn't remember who her family was.
Celestine had moved from Mississippi when she was 14, and lived in Buffalo, New York for over 30 years.  Apparently she never had kids.  But ever since the fire, she's been trying to get her memory back.
Then recently, the name "Clarence Woolard" popped into her head.  So a friend looked for a Clarence Woolard living in Mississippi, and FOUND ONE . . . who turned out to be Celestine's NEPHEW.
And Clarence told her he isn't her ONLY living relative . . . she has 187 OF THEM, including 23 nieces and nephews, 64 grand nieces and nephews, 66 GREAT-grand nieces and nephews, and 34 GREAT-GREAT-grand nieces and nephews.
It turns out everyone thought Celestine had passed away.  But on Saturday, they had a big family reunion . . . almost 50 YEARS since she'd last seen any of them in person.
Celestine said she'd been praying to live long enough to find her family and be with them again.  And now her prayers have been answered.  (WLOX / WTVA)  

A Ridiculous Police Chase in Kansas Involved a Guy in a Dress Doing Donuts and Surfing on His Car

29-year-old Aaron Jansen was passing through Salina, Kansas on Saturday.  And in the process, he led police on a RIDICULOUS high-speed chase.
First, they clocked him doing 90 on the interstate.  So they followed him, and noticed there were derogatory statements about the police spray-painted all over his car.
They tried to pull him over, but Aaron wouldn't stop.  So another cop set up spike strips, which Aaron managed to avoid . . . then drove into a soyban field and drove in CIRCLES for 40 minutes.
Police set up a perimeter around the field so he couldn't get away, and even managed to PEPPER SPRAY him several times through an open window.  But he just kept driving and throwing blankets, CDs, and other stuff out of his car.
At some point he slowed down to five miles an hour, climbed onto his roof . . . and started SURFING on top of the car.  Which is when police first noticed he was wearing a DRESS.  Then after all that, he SURRENDERED.
He's charged with obstruction, fleeing and eluding police, reckless driving, and speeding.  Police were looking for him in the next county over too, because he spray-painted graffiti on someone's truck, and left his wallet and ID at the scene.  (KAKE)  

Woman Finds Out Her House Was a Serial Killer's Torture Chamber. You'll Never Guess How!

A Woman Finds Out Her House Was a Serial Killer's Torture Chamber . . . When She Sees It on an A&E Cold Case Documentary
Catrina McGhaw signed a lease for a house in Ferguson, Missouri back in March.  As far as she knew, it was just a nice, normal suburban house outside St. Louis.  NOPE.
One of Catrina's friends called her last month and told her to turn on the show "Cold Case Files" on A&E, because there was a documentary about a serial killer . . . who LIVED in that house.  In fact, right when Catrina turned on the TV, she saw her house.
Turns out a guy named Maury Travis lived there.  He kidnapped and tortured at least 12 women inside the house, and killed them in the basement.  He was finally caught in 2002 and killed himself in prison.
And Catrina's landlord is his MOTHER, Sandra Travis.  Catrina says she never told her about what happened in the house.  Naturally she wanted to get out of the lease, but Sandra wouldn't let her.
She finally went to the St. Louis Housing Authority, who got Sandra to agree to let Catrina out by the end of this month.  (ABC News / CBS 4 - St. Louis)  

The 10 Ice Cream Flavors That Make People the Happiest

And now, some hard-hitting journalism on which ice cream flavors make people smile.  Next stop:  Pulitzer prize, baby.
Baskin-Robbins just ran a survey and asked people which flavors of ice cream make them the happiest.  I'm not 100% sure how that's different from people's FAVORITE ice cream flavor, but at least vanilla didn't win this time, so we'll take it.
The top 10 ice cream flavors that make people happiest are:  Chocolate . . . coffee . . . strawberry . . . rocky road . . . vanilla . . . cookie dough . . . mint chocolate chip . . . chocolate chip . . . praline . . . and rainbow sherbet.
Overall, 72% of people say deciding to get ice cream makes them happy even if they're stressed, preoccupied, or serious.  Let's not dig too deep into the sad, chubby psychology there and just enjoy our ice cream, okay?  

A Woman Gets Divorced From Her First Husband . . . Then Marries Their Wedding Photographer

They say you never know where you'll find love.  And I guess this story proves that's true . . . because this woman found love while she was in the process of locking down the crew for her wedding to someone ELSE.
28-year-old Julie Bridges of Sydney, Australia was getting married back in 2009.  She and her fiancé Paul met with a 44-year-old photographer named Jason Cole about doing their wedding.  And the meeting went well so they hired him.
Jason kept on talking with Julie after the wedding.  He says, quote, "I helped Julie a lot with the planning.  Then after the wedding, we used to talk a lot and we had a real connection."
Meanwhile, Julie and Paul's marriage wasn't going particularly well . . . and they got divorced less than three years later.
At that point, Julie moved on to Jason . . . and now THEY'VE gotten married.  
(Daily Mail)

You Become Invisible to Younger Women at Age 39

We've got the results of a survey that found the age when women will start totally ignoring you.  
The average age when men become INVISIBLE to younger women is . . . 39.
That's when women stop eyeing you at a bar . . . and start wondering why there's an OLD guy at the bar.
They also found the top signs for women that you're too old for them to flirt with, and they're pretty obvious signs of aging:  Your hair is going gray, you've got a couple of chins, your hair is thinning, and your teeth look bad.  
(Daily Caller)

Are These the Nine Most Surprising Celebrity Hook-Ups?

It was kind of surprising when MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ was caught sharing her bisexual tongue with ZAC EFRON earlier this week.
This craziness inspired a website to throw together a list of the "Nine Most 'WTF' Celebrity Hook-Ups of All Time."  Here they are:
1.  Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett.  They were married from 1993 to 1995.
2.  Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. They were married from 2005 to 2010.
3.  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  They were married from 2006 to 2012.
4.  Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney.  They were married for a few months back in 2005, before it was annulled.
5.  Emilia Clarke from "Game of Thrones" and "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane.  They dated for about six months back in 2012.
6.  Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette.  They began dating in 2002, got engaged in 2004 . . . but called off the engagement in 2007.
7.  Sean Penn and Charlize Theron.  They started dating earlier this year, and are still together.
8.  Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz and . . . well, "everyone."  He's never been married, but he dated Courteney Cox and Mary Louise-Parker in 1998, and Emmy Rossum from 2009 to 2010.
He also supposedly got naked with Gwen Stefani, Lara Flynn Boyle, Winona Ryder, and Jennifer Aniston.
9.  Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen.  They met on "The Surreal Life 3" in 2004 and did the VH1 reality show "Strange Love" together.  They only dated for about a year.

Ten Things Not to Buy at the Grocery Store

These days a family of four spends up to $300 a week on groceries, according to government surveys.  But you can save a LOT of money by NOT buying certain things at the grocery store.  Start with these ten . . .
1.  Salad dressing.  You can make a vinaigrette at home in less than a minute, by combining one part vinegar and three parts oil, then adding salt and pepper.  Save calories, money, and most of the space on the inside of your refrigerator door.
2.  Gift cards.  You do it because you forgot to buy a gift and you're in a hurry.  But the activation fees are $5 or more, even for a $50 card.  You can get a gift card to the store itself with no activation fees.
3.  Greeting cards.  You spend $4 on one card and it's corny.  You could buy 50 blank cards and envelopes from Amazon for $7, and write your own messages.
4.  Name brand spices.  Too expensive, and most people can't tell the difference.  Get bulk spices from a health food store, or grow your own herbs in a window planter.
5.  Flowers.  The pre-made bouquets tend to wilt quickly, and they're filled with a lot of greenery and not enough actual flowers.  You can save money by buying single flowers and making your own arrangement.
6.  Party supplies.  Just get them at the dollar store.  You'll pay less than half as much, and they might even have a better selection.
7.  Lunchables.  They're REALLY unhealthy, especially the pepperoni pizza kind.  It takes almost no time in the morning to make a sandwich for a school lunch.  There's no reason to pay lots of money AND sacrifice your kids' health, just to save a few minutes.
8.  Batteries. Groceries make them extra-expensive because they know you never think to buy them until you need them.  You get a much better deal buying in bulk at Costco, or using rechargeables.
9.  Bottled water.  It's usually no safer than tap water, and it costs 1,000 times more.  If you don't like the taste of tap water, get a Brita or a filter for your faucet.  Then use stainless steel water bottles and keep refilling them.
10.  Diapers.  Again, there's a big markup because you usually don't buy them until you're out.  Buy in bulk from Amazon or Costco, and save a lot of money.
(Yahoo! Finance)

A Seven-Year-Old and His Mom Opened a Lemonade Stand, and Raised $50,000 for His Friend's Surgery

Brayden Grozdanich is seven years old, lives in British Columbia, and has cerebral palsy.  So he has to walk with a brace.  But his parents recently found out about a surgery that could help him walk WITHOUT one.
The problem was, it cost $20,000, and they couldn't afford it.  Plus they'd have to travel to New Jersey for it.  Luckily, one of Brayden's CLASSMATES wanted to help.
Quinn Callander is also seven.  And when he found out about the surgery, he told his parents he wanted to start a lemonade stand to raise money.  Which is cute . . . but obviously not the best way to raise THAT kind of money.
Still, his parents told him to do it, and the entire community got involved, including the local fire department where Brayden's dad works.  But Quinn's mom knew they still weren't going to raise enough just by selling lemonade.
So she started a webpage on the site, and shared it on Facebook.  And since then, people from all over the world have donated over $50,000.
Brayden is scheduled to have the surgery next month.  (CBC /  

A Thief Was Caught Because He Wore a Shirt with His Company's Phone Number on It

We hear about a lot of criminals being identified by scars or tattoos.  But this is the first time we've heard THIS.
On Monday, a 55-year-old man named Perry Martin broke into two cars outside a home in Delray Beach, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale.  And someone's security camera caught him on tape.
When police watch the video, they could clearly see writing on his t-shirt that said, quote, "I Got Wood LLC", followed by a phone number.  So they called the number . . . and his BOSS picked up.
It turned out that when Perry broke into the cars, he was wearing his WORK SHIRT for a company that installs flooring.  And his boss was immediately able to identify him in the video.  
He's charged with burglary, grand theft, and violating his probation.
(Sun Sentinel)  

Did Justin Bieber's Hair Save Millions of Kids From Cancer?

Ladies and gentlemen, you're about to hear the first positive story about JUSTIN BIEBER in at least five years.
It's entirely possible that Justin Bieber singlehandedly saved millions of kids from getting cancer in the future.
Dermatologists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore recently found they were seeing fewer teenagers with early signs of sun damage like freckles on their foreheads.  
And they think it's because Bieber made it cool for kids to start wearing their BANGS over their foreheads again . . . so their hair protects them from the sun.  That can reduce their chances of getting skin cancer in the future.  

Here's When You're Too Old to Get a New Tattoo, Use Emoticons, Wear Miniskirts, Have a Ponytail, and More

A new survey asked 1,000 people between 18 and 70 when you're too old to do 21 different things . . . and it's a REALLY sobering reality check.  
So we'd just like to say:  You're only as old as you FEEL . . . don't let other people make you feel bad about feeling young, or doing whatever you want to do.  That being said, here's the CUT-OFF age for 21 different things . . . 
Using emoticons in your texts . . . 26.
Riding a skateboard . . . 26.
Wearing a Speedo at the beach . . . 26.
Voting for someone on "American Idol" or another reality show . . . 26.
Wearing a miniskirt . . . 27.
High fiving people . . . 27.
Wearing a crop top . . . 28.
Using acronyms like "LOL" in your texts . . . 29.
Being a guy with a ponytail . . . 29.
Having a body piercing . . . 29.
Getting a new tattoo . . . 31.
Watching trashy reality TV . . . 31.
Wearing a baseball hat . . . 32.
Wearing Crocs . . . 33.
Having a goatee . . . 34.
Wearing really high heels . . . 34.
Wearing a replica football jersey . . . 37.
Dancing at a nightclub . . . 37.
Doing crazy stuff at a bachelor or bachelorette party . . . 37.
Going to a music festival . . . 41.
Wearing a bikini . . . 48.  
(Daily Mail)

Most of Us Would Rather Work with People We Like Than Get a Raise

It seems like money is a lot of people's TOP priority.  But we spend more time at work these days than ever before, so this makes sense.
According to a new survey, working with people we LIKE is the number one thing we care about when it comes to our jobs.
And 80% of people in the survey said they'd TURN DOWN a higher-paying job if it meant they'd have to work with people they DIDN'T enjoy being around.
They also ranked their commute time and whether or not they ENJOY their job as being more important than salary.
Meanwhile, only 15% of people said they HATE their current job.  And when they were asked why, they were less likely to complain about their salary, and more likely to say that they feel unfulfilled or unappreciated by their boss.
(Daily Mail)

The Best and Worst Ways to Text When You're Dating

There are enough ways to screw up a new relationship without having someone dump you over your emoticons.
A new survey asked people to name the worst texting mistakes people make in dating.  Here are the top five . . .
1.  Trying to break up with someone over text.
2.  Resending the same text again if you don't get a response right away.
3.  Texting unnecessary small talk like, "Hey how are you?"
4.  Using acronyms like LOL.
5.  Typing "xoxo" at the end of every message . . . especially if the other person doesn't do it.  Or if you're a guy.  Please don't text "xoxo" if you're a guy.
The survey found the BEST things you can do are:  Not texting other people when you're on a date . . . not drunk texting . . . and responding to texts in a few hours or less.
(Daily Mail)

A Restaurant in Wisconsin Burned Down, But the Owner Kept Paying His Employees and Refused to Lay Anyone Off

Back in November, a restaurant in Platteville, Wisconsin called Culver's burned down.  (Platteville is in the southwest corner of the state, about 70 miles southwest of Madison.)

Which meant all 40 employees were going to be out of work.  Luckily, the owner wasn't willing to let that happen.  
Bruce Kroll has owned the restaurant for 19 years.  And a lot of the EMPLOYEES have been there for years too.
So instead of laying people off, he kept paying EVERYONE for six months, which cost him about $144,000.  And in return, he only asked that they use their spare time doing VOLUNTEER work around the community while he rebuilt.
He explained that his restaurant isn't about the building, it's about the people who work there.  And even though the building was destroyed, he wasn't going to let a fire destroy anyone's LIFE.
Culver's reopened last month.  And on the very same day, a TORNADO came about 50 feet from destroying it AGAIN.  Luckily, it didn't cause any damage, and everyone is now back on the job.  (WISC / WYFF)  

While Everyone Was Distracted by Fireworks on the Fourth of July, Burglars in New York Sawed a Hole in the Roof of a Bank

This burglary plan sounds like it's straight out of a movie . . . and it's so impressive, it's hard to be mad.  Unless you were the victim . . . then you're probably mad.
Some burglars in New York used the Fourth of July fireworks to cover up their crime.  While people were watching the fireworks, they climbed onto the roof of a bank on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and sawed a hole through the roof.
The fireworks were so loud and distracting, they figured the people in the apartments around the bank wouldn't notice them . . . and they were right.
Once the burglars made their hole, they dropped inside, cracked into a small vault, and got some cash.  They couldn't get into a bigger vault that had even more money, but the police wouldn't say how much money they got away with.
The cops are still looking for them.  
(New York Post)

Woman Accidentally Deposited Too Much in Her Account . . . And Says She's Only Being Forced to Pay It Back Because She's Attractive

A Woman Accidentally Had $89,000 Deposited in Her Account . . . And Says She's Only Being Forced to Pay It Back Because She's Attractive?
23-year-old Michaela Hutchings of Lichfield, England was taking out cash for groceries last April, when she noticed her bank balance was about $89,000 HIGHER than it was supposed to be.
So naturally . . . she started spending it like crazy.  Within 48 hours she spent $14,000 on designer clothes, shoes, and purses . . . paid off some fines . . . gave her mother $1,700 . . . and moved everything left over into savings. 
But it turns out the city council had accidentally deposited the money into her account . . . it was supposed to go to low-income housing, and Michaela was getting government assistance.
And now she says she's being forced to pay back the money because . . . she's SO ATTRACTIVE.
She was in court last month, and pled guilty to dishonestly retaining a wrongful credit.  The maximum sentence is 10 years in prison, but she just got 12 months of community service and has to pay it all back . . . which did NOT make her happy.
She says, quote, "I pleaded guilty but the only person guilty is the person who put the money in my account . . . they're punishing me because of the way I look.  If I wasn't much to look at . . . I reckon I'd have got a slap on the wrist."  (Daily Mail / Birmingham Mail)

People Would Rather Give Themselves Electric Shocks Than Sit Around Without Their Phones

Whenever you're waiting at the doctor's office or the DMV, you probably pull out your phone, right?  We ALL pull out our phones.  
So what would happen if you couldn't?  
A new study found that we've gotten SO used to being able to occupy ourselves when we're bored, that if we CAN'T, we'll take ANY other option . . . even if it's SELF TORTURE.
Scientists had people sit in a waiting room without their phones.  And their only option to stimulate themselves was to press a button that gave them a mild electric SHOCK.
And people were so desperate for ANY form of stimulation that one in four women and TWO out of THREE men sat there shocking themselves.  

Eating champ takes a bite out of marriage

Joey Chestnut Just Won His Eighth Straight Hot Dog Eating Contest . . . and Proposed to His Girlfriend Right Beforehand
Is it possible to celebrate your engagement by having sex AFTER you've eaten a year's worth of greasy, processed meat?  Someone now has the answer to that question.
JOEY CHESTNUT is the best competitive eater in the world . . . he's won the annual July 4th Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York for the past seven straight years.
Before this year's contest, he had a twist . . . he proposed to his girlfriend, Neslie Ricasa, right there on the stage.  She said yes.
Then Joey pounded down 61 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes to win for the eighth straight year.  Neslie is ALSO a competitive eater, but she only got down 10 hot dogs.  She was probably distracted.  
(ABC News / The Wire / Eat Feats)

Things You Didn't Know About the Fourth of July

Seven Things You Didn't Know About the Fourth of July
There are actually a lot of things that might surprise you about the Fourth of July, including these seven from
1.  When did we declare independence from Great Britain?  July 4th, 1776?  WRONG. It was July 2nd.  In fact, John Adams expected July 2nd to be our national independence day.
2.  When was the Declaration of Independence SIGNED?  July 4th, 1776, right?  WRONG.  It was signed by 56 different people over a six-month period.  And most of them signed on August 2nd, 1776.  It was formally ADOPTED by the Continental Congress on July 4th.
3.  The first public reading of the Declaration was on July 8th, 1776 in Philadelphia.  They rang the Liberty Bell to summon people to Independence Hall for the reading.
4.  John McKean was the last person to sign the Declaration, in January of 1777.
5.  The word "patriotism" comes from the Latin word "patria," meaning "fatherland."  So if you're a patriotic American, you're saying the United States is your FATHERLAND.
6.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the 50th anniversary of the first Independence Day . . . July 4th, 1826.
7.  Congress didn't make the Fourth a federal holiday until 1941.  (AllProudAmericans)

Can You Undo All the Damage You've Done to Your Body?

You Can Undo All the Damage You've Done to Your Body As Long As You Drop Your Bad Habits by Age 50
Here's some good news going into a holiday weekend full of red meat and booze . . .
Even if you've REALLY beaten your body up with alcohol, bad food, and smoking over the years . . . it's probably NOT too late to undo it.
Unless you're over 50, in which case you're pretty much screwed.
A new study out of Northwestern University in Chicago has found that you can undo ALL the damage you've done to your body . . . as long as you get rid of your bad habits before you're 50.
The researchers found that if you start to lose some weight, eat healthier, exercise, stop smoking, and cut back on alcohol in your 30s and 40s, your body will recover.
AND you can reduce your risk of having heart attacks and other health issues.  

Two Women Find Out They Have the Same Boyfriend

Two Women Find Out They Have the Same Boyfriend . . . So They Hang a Banner Over a Highway Announcing He's Been Dumped
This is some sweet, sweet drive-time revenge right here.
Two women in Newcastle, England just found out that a guy named Steve Frazer was secretly dating BOTH of them.  And instead of getting mad at each other . . . they teamed up AGAINST him.
They made a giant BANNER that read, quote ,"Steve Frazer, you're dumped by both of your girlfriends."  And it had a photo of Steve on one side, and a photo of them together on the other.
The two women also look remarkably SIMILAR, so Steve clearly has a type.
Then they hung the banner on a bridge over a HIGHWAY yesterday morning, so thousands of people would see it during their commute.
It was eventually taken down, and there's no word if Steve saw it.  But we're guessing with all the publicity, he got the message.  (Chronicle Live)  

Things You Need to Be Happy in a Relationship

The Two Things You Need to Be Happy in a Relationship Are Sleeping Naked and Clean Sheets
Are relationships REALLY this easy?  A new study found the only two things you need to be happy in your relationship are . . . SLEEPING NAKED and CLEAN SHEETS.
The study found that couples who sleep naked are happier than couples who sleep in clothes . . . and couples who sleep on clean sheets are happier than couples who don't.  Really, that's all it takes for everything to be great.  You're welcome.  (FemaleFirst)

The 50 U.S. States Ranked by Patriotism

Between the World Cup, the Fourth of July, and Russia acting all evil again, patriotism is running pretty strong right now.  So let's make everyone angry by ranking HOW patriotic you are.
A real estate blog called Movoto just ranked all 50 states by how patriotic they are.  It's based on historic landmarks per capita, the number of veterans per capita, spending on veterans, voter turnout, people Googling American flags to buy, and people who list "America" as an interest on Facebook.
And based on all that, the most patriotic state in the country is . . . South Carolina.
The top 10 are:  South Carolina . . . Maine . . . North Carolina . . . Wyoming . . . Virginia . . . Florida . . . Georgia . . . Alaska . . . Alabama . . . and Arizona.
On the other end of things, California ranked LAST in patriotism . . . which probably just made at least half of you say "I told you so."
The ten LEAST patriotic states are:  California . . . Minnesota . . . Rhode Island . . . Vermont . . . Hawaii . . . Michigan . . . New Jersey . . . Kansas . . . Connecticut . . . and Oregon.  (Movoto)  
(You can see the rankings for all 50 states here.)

A Guy Rescues a Stranger From a Burning Car . . . by Bending the Door in Half With His Bare Hands

If I'm ever in a life-or-death situation, I hope I have an Incredible Hulk type dude run over to save me.  That's EXACTLY what happened here.
A guy named Michael Johannes was driving in New Brighton, Minnesota on Sunday when his 2006 Chevy Trailblazer caught on fire.
He pulled over, but the doors automatically locked and he was trapped inside . . . with smoke starting to fill up the car.
Fortunately for him, 52-year-old Robert Renning of Woodbury, Minnesota was driving by.  He pulled over, ran over to the car, and somehow BENT the door with his bare hands until the window shattered.  Then he pulled Michael out.
Robert says he's not entirely sure how he bent a car door.  Quote, "It had to have been adrenaline.  I don't know how I did it."
Michael only wound up inhaling some smoke and got a few cuts . . . Robert wasn't hurt.
The Minnesota State Patrol says they're planning to nominate Robert for a good Samaritan award.  (CBS 4 - Minneapolis)  

You're Secretly Racist When It Comes to Adopting a Dog

A new study found that people are less likely to adopt black dogs than dogs with lighter colored fur.  
Fortunately, being racist against black dogs isn't connected to being racist against black people.  There are three main reasons people stay away from black dogs . . .
1.  Studies have found that black dogs are seen as being SCARIER or GRIM, so people with kids are less likely to adopt them.
2.  Their photos look worse on humane society adoption websites, since amateur photographers don't know how to light photos properly to keep black dogs from looking like silhouettes with tongues.
3.  And when black dogs shed, their fur is more noticeable . . . so people might not want a black dog to shed all over their furniture.  (

Women Spend $170,000 on Makeup in Their Lifetime . . . And Would Rather Have Makeup Than a Boyfriend

Maybe you should stop wearing makeup.  And we're not saying that from a feminist, "you're beautiful the way you are" standpoint . . . we're saying it because you're blowing a FORTUNE on the stuff.
A new survey found the average woman spends $170,000 on makeup in her lifetime.  That's about $300 per month, which seems high . . . but since it includes all makeup, perfume, moisturizers, and other beauty products, it might be right.
The survey also found 57% of women would rather have makeup than a BOYFRIEND . . . which seems to miss the point of wearing makeup, right?
The average woman has 54 items in her makeup collection . . . and they only use about one-third of it.  
(Daily Mail)

Are You Too Good Looking to Get Sick?

I was JUST thinking that good-looking people don't have it easy enough.  They really deserve a break.
A new study of more than 15,000 people from the University of Cincinnati found that good-looking people actually have fewer HEALTH problems than the rest of us trolls.  In other words, they're too attractive to get sick.
Attractive people are less likely to get asthma, diabetes, ADHD, and depression than the rest of us.  They also have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and get sick with things like the flu or colds less often.
This is the biggest study to link good looks and good health.  Other studies have found that link, but they're usually just studies of college students . . . this one featured a representative sample of all ages.
The researchers say the link between attractiveness and health is probably that both come from good genetics.  (

Couples Spend More Time Together in the Bathroom Than at the Dinner Table

Nothing says "the magic is gone" in a marriage like being in the bathroom while your husband or wife punishes the toilet after a big Mexican dinner.  But somehow . . . that's where couples now do their best bonding.
A new survey found that couples now spend more time together in the BATHROOM than at the dinner table.
45% of couples spend time together in the bathroom daily, whether it's brushing their teeth together, talking to each other while they get ready, or . . . yes . . . while someone is using the toilet.
Only 29% of couples eat dinner together every night.  For couples under 34, it's even lower . . . only 16% eat dinner together every night.
The survey also found that only 10% of people lock the door to the bathroom when they're on the toilet . . . the other 90% are cool with their significant other popping in to talk.  
(Daily Mail)

Five Predictions from "Back to the Future 2" That Are on the Verge of Coming True

In the 1989 sequel "Back to the Future 2", the heroes travel into the oh-so-distant future of 2015.  Since that's only half a year away, you're probably wondering why some of the cool stuff they predicted still isn't in our hands.
Well, here are five that may be on the verge of coming true . . . 
Vertical Takeoff and Landing Cars:  The military is actually working on one, although it's not technically a car.  It's a drone with heavy lifting capabilities that could carry and detach cargo like vehicles and pods full of supplies.
Mr. Fusion:  We'll probably never be able to just throw random trash into a tank and have it run our vehicles.  But there's such a thing as biogas, which is created from the breakdown of biodegradable materials.  Cars that run on it probably aren't too far off.
Commonplace Biometrics:  In the movie, people use their thumbprints just about everywhere, to do things like pay for stuff and open doors.  In real life, the technology is here, it just isn't secure enough. It may not be common practice by the end of 2015, but if the technology improves, it could be the way of the future.
Weird TVs:  In the movie, they have display screens you can roll up like a piece of paper, multi-screen TVs and TVs with weird shapes.  
In the real world, there are already flexible displays on phones, and new technology allows TV companies to make a TV or display in any shape they want.
Hoverboards:  Sadly, this one actually DOESN'T seem likely to become a reality anytime soon, so we're not really sure why it's on the list.
In 2010, a French artist named Nils Guadagnin built a replica of the hoverboard, and actually made it hover.  But he used MAGNETS.  It couldn't move OR bear weight.

A Woman Finds the Wedding Ring She Lost Six Years Ago . . . When Her Dog Coughs It Up

Lois Matykowski of Stevens Point, Wisconsin lost her wedding ring six years ago.  She and her husband had been married 20 years, they'd just upgraded the diamond on the ring, and it wasn't insured yet when it disappeared.
Fast forward to last week.  Lois's family has a pet Rottweiler named Tucker who eats everything . . . and last Monday, he swallowed an entire popsicle, including the stick.
So Lois called the vet, who had her induce vomiting.  When Tucker threw up, the stick came out . . . and as Lois was cleaning up the vomit, she noticed something sparkling.
Turns out Tucker had eaten her ring six years ago, and it had been lodged in his stomach ever since.  The vet thinks the popsicle stick might've dislodged it.
Lois says she cleaned the ring with a toothbrush and it looks brand new.  I'm not sure that I'D want to wear a ring that just spent six years in a dog's stomach, but hey, good for her.  (ABC News / ABC 9 - Wausau)

A Woman Was Run Over by Three Subway Trains & Survived with minor injuries!

A Woman Was Run Over by Three Subway Trains in New York . . . and Only Broke Her Shoulder
22-year-old Mary Downey of New York City was drunk around 6:00 A.M. on Sunday.  If you're wondering how she was drunk at that hour, keep in mind she's an Irish immigrant.
She was trying to get on the subway at Times Square, but was so hammered she FELL onto the tracks.  Then she was run over by a train.  Then ANOTHER train.  Then a THIRD train.
The third train conductor spotted her and called for help . . . but still couldn't stop before he ran her over.
And after all that . . . Mary only wound up with a broken shoulder and not, you know, death.
She said she was able to wedge herself down in the tracks, and positioned herself so the trains would just glide over her, not crush her.  (New York Post)  

Trouble in the sky

A United Flight Had to Make an Emergency Landing After the Inflatable Evacuation Slide Deployed Inside the Cabin 
A United Airlines plane was flying from Chicago to Orange County, California on Sunday night, when the plane's inflatable evacuation slide somehow deployed INSIDE the plane.
It basically filled up the entire back area of the plane where the bathrooms were.  So the pilots decided to make an emergency landing in Wichita, Kansas.
United is inspecting the plane to figure out how the slide opened in mid-air . . . it's only supposed to open outside the plane when the emergency exit is opened.
No one was injured, but the passengers WERE stuck in Kansas overnight.  United put them up at a hotel, and they could fly out at either 6:20 A.M. or 11:00 A.M. yesterday.  (CBS 12 - Wichita / ABC News)  

How much do Americans spend a year on beer?

The Average American Spends $356 a Year on Beer
America isn't the biggest beer drinking country in the world, but we DO drink enough that other countries will totally think we're cool.  I think we can accept that.  Here are five new stats on beer drinking around the world . . .
1.  Americans spend an average of $356.20 each on beer a year.  That's the seventh most in the world.  Australia spends the most, at $747.90, followed by Ireland, Finland, New Zealand, Venezuela, and the U.K.
2.  Even though we spend the seventh most, we only drink the 14th most . . . 217 beers per person per year.  The Czech Republic drinks the most, 419 beers per person per year.
3.  The Ukraine spends the least on beer, $72.69 per person.  But that's not because they don't drink beer . . . their beers are just the cheapest in the world, at an average of 59 cents for a bottle.
4.  The best selling beer in the world is a Chinese beer called Snow Beer . . . which you've never heard of.  Of the brands you've heard of, Budweiser is third, Bud Light is fifth, Corona is sixth, Heineken is eighth, and Coors Light is ninth.
5.  The most expensive beers in the world are usually in Muslim countries where drinking alcohol is illegal, except in some hotels.  A beer in Iran costs $7.71, in Kuwait it's $7.09, and in the UAE it's $6.20.  (Finances Online)

You Have No Idea If Your Coworkers See You as a Doormat or a Jerk

It's amazing we're able to get along with ANYONE at work . . . because apparently we're all DELUSIONAL about how our coworkers see us.  That's right:  You might NOT be the office stud you think you are.
A new study had people rate their assertiveness at work, and asked people if their coworkers saw them as under-assertive, over-assertive, or just right.  In other words, do your coworkers think you're a doormat, or a jerk?
Then they had people's coworkers rate them too.  And it turns out . . . the majority of people are WRONG about how they're perceived.
57% of the people who were seen as pushovers by their coworkers believe they're the right amount of assertive, or over-assertive.
And 56% of the people who were seen as jerks by their coworkers believe they're the right amount of assertive or under-assertive.
What does that mean?  The odds are whatever you THINK you are, your coworkers think you're the opposite.  
(PR Newswire)

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