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JYY Headlines Archives for 2014-06

A Restaurant Pays Its Servers Fairly . . . So They Can Donate Tips to Charity

We've all gotten used to tipping for EVERYTHING . . . America is the country that gives the most tips, and no one else is even close.
There's a restaurant in San Antonio, Texas that's not just trying to take the annoyance of tipping away . . . they're ALSO helping charity in the process.
Oaks Crossing restaurant in San Antonio pays its servers a good hourly wage, so they don't have to rely on tips.  They didn't say how much they pay.
Customers aren't supposed to tip . . . but if they do, the tips are donated to charity.
So far, they've collected about $600 in tips . . . all of which has gone to help a local library.  
(CBS 5 - San Antonio)

You'll never believe why a Congressional Candidate in Oklahoma Is Contesting the Primary Results!

A Congressional Candidate in Oklahoma Is Contesting the Primary Results . . . Because He Says His Opponent Is a Body Double or a Robot?
Frank Lucas is a Congressman from Oklahoma who's held his seat for 20 years.  He was in the Republican primary for his seat last week, and got 82.8% of the vote.  His opponent, Timothy Ray Murray, got 5.2% of the vote.
But Murray is contesting the election . . . he says Lucas should be disqualified because he's actually DEAD.
On his website, he wrote, quote, "It is widely known Rep. Frank D. Lucas is no longer alive and has been displayed by a look alike."  He says Lucas was executed during a trip to the Ukraine in 2011.
Lucas says he's never been to the Ukraine and is very much alive.  Quote, "Many things have been said about me in the course of all my campaigns.  This is the first time I've ever been accused of being a body double or a robot."
The state election board is reviewing Murray's complaint.  (NBC 4 - Oklahoma City / Washington Post / Gawker)  

Facebook Secretly Conducted Experiments on Us, to See If They Could Manipulate Our Moods

Facebook just keeps getting more and more evil.  We THOUGHT we'd reached a point where there was nothing shady they could do to surprise us . . . but somehow they've managed to top their own shadiness again.
Turns out Facebook secretly used almost 700,000 of us as guinea pigs . . . to see if they had the power to manipulate our emotions.
They spent one week in January of 2012 showing some people mostly NEGATIVE posts from their friends and filtering out the good ones.  They also showed some people mostly POSITIVE posts and filtered out the negative ones.
Then they monitored those people to see how it affected them.  Did the people who mostly saw negative stuff become bummed out and post more negative stuff themselves?  Did the people who saw positive stuff become happier?
Fortunately, they found they CAN'T manipulate our emotions . . . there was no connection between the posts people saw and how their moods changed.
The study was technically legal . . . you give permission to Facebook to do stuff like this by being a member of their site.  In fact, we only know about the study because Facebook just published a paper on it.  But still . . . damn Facebook.  (The Atlantic) 

Things That Instantly Make Men and Women More Confident

The Ten Things That Instantly Make Men and Women More Confident 
What's something that INSTANTLY makes you more confident?  According to a new survey, the top answer for guys was . . . "A SUNNY DAY".  Followed by a clean shave.  
For women it's a new HAIRCUT, and a sunny day came in second.  So apparently nice weather boosts our confidence?  Which makes sense.  But it's probably skewed here because they did the survey in the UK . . . where obviously the weather ISN'T sunny.
Anyway, here are the top ten things that instantly make WOMEN more confident.
1.  A new haircut . . . unless of course it's TERRIBLE.
2.  A sunny day.
3.  Walking in heels.
4.  Learning a new skill.
5.  Booking a vacation.
6.  Shaved legs.
7.  Lipstick.
8.  Having a tan.
9.  Wearing a little black dress.
10.  Designer perfume.
Now here are the ten things that instantly make MEN more confident.
1.  A sunny day.
2.  A fresh shave.
3.  A new suit.
4.  Brushing your teeth.
5.  Wearing aftershave.
6.  Being praised at work.
7.  A new haircut.
8.  Sleeping in fresh sheets . . . which is RARE for a lot of guys.
9. Learning a new skill.
10.  Asking someone on a date, and getting a "yes".  Being asked out was number 12 for women.  (Check out the full top 20 lists here.)
(Daily Mail)

Four Mistakes Single People Make

If you've been single for a while and can't figure out why, it might be because you're making one of these four common mistakes . . .
1.  You don't get out and socialize often enough.  Staying in and binge watching "Game of Thrones" can SOUND appealing after a long day or week of work . . . but it's not going to get you dates.
2.  You keep dating the same type of person over and over again.  If your last few relationships failed miserably, it's probably time to reassess and make some changes.
3.  You have a "friend with benefits."  Having a sure thing is such a tempting option, it'll probably keep you from meeting someone who's dating material.
And if you're hoping it develops into an ACTUAL relationship, you're wasting your time.
4.  You're still hung up on an ex.  The last thing anyone wants to hear about is how big a jerk your ex is.  If you've still got some baggage from a past relationship, deal with it before trying to jump into something new. 

Little girl saves dad's life after being late for school..

A 12-Year-Old Gave Her Dad CPR . . . and Was Only There to Help Because She Was Late for School
This happened in February, but it hasn't been in the news until now.  On Valentine's Day, a guy named Michael DeMarco had a heart attack while he was on a stationary bike at his home in Austin, Texas.  (Michael looks to be in his mid-40s.)
When it happened, he was alone in a room with his dog, and his four-year-old daughter.  Meanwhile, his 12-year-old daughter Aly was on her way out the door for school.  Normally she would have left already, but it turned out she was running LATE.  
She heard him yell something, and she almost IGNORED him, because she assumed he wanted her to watch her sister for a few minutes.  Luckily, she says his voice sounded kind of high-pitched and girly, which was weird.
She went to see what he wanted, and got there just in time to see Michael collapse on top of the dog's cage.  Then the dog thought he was playing and started JUMPING on him.  Aly says even SHE thought it was a joke at first.
uckily, she'd taken a class just DAYS earlier on how to do CPR on infants, so she could babysit.  Which is obviously different than doing CPR on her dad, who's 6-foot-1, and 215 pounds.
But a 911 operator talked her through it, and she ended up saving his LIFE.  Michael was in a coma for six days.  But now he's back home and doing well.  (KVUE / ABC News)  

A Woman Is Suing Her Company Because They Made Her Drive to Work During Rush Hour?

If this woman wins her lawsuit, it opens the door for literally MILLIONS of people to sue their companies.  So for your sake, let's hope she wins.  Even though she won't.
Andrea DeGerolamo of Berlin, New Jersey is suing her former company because her bosses made her drive to work during RUSH HOUR.
She was working at a company called Fulton Financial in 2012 and started having anxiety . . . which was worse when she was in traffic.  So she asked her bosses if she could avoid rush hour.
And her plan was . . . she'd come into work AFTER morning rush hour and leave BEFORE night rush hour.  She didn't propose, say, coming in extra early so she could leave at 3:00 P.M.  She just proposed a shorter work day for herself.
Obviously her bosses said no, and she wound up getting fired about six months later.
Now she's suing the company for unspecified damages for discrimination . . . since she says her anxiety was a disability.  
(Courier Post)

Things on Social Media That Can Cost You a Job

Ten Things on Social Media That Can Cost You a Job
According to a new survey from Career Builder, 43% of employers now check social media like Facebook and Twitter before they decide to hire you.  Here are the ten things that are most likely to get you rejected.  
Most of them are pretty obvious, but a reminder doesn't hurt.  (For actual examples, check out this story.)
1.  Inappropriate photos, or anything else provocative.
2.  Posts about drinking or doing drugs.
3.  Negative comments about a former boss or co-worker.
4.  Anything that shows you have poor communication skills.  Which could mean posts where you argue with people and are rude, or just lousy grammar and spelling . . . which pretty much includes ALL social media.
5.  Any comments that discriminate against race, gender, or religion.
6.  Anything that shows you lied on your resume.
7.  Anything you posted about a previous employer that should have been confidential.
8.  Anything that links you to criminal behavior.
9.  Having an unprofessional username.
10.  Anything that shows you've lied to get a sick day.  (PR Newswire)


Seven Ridiculous Things Employers Have Discovered About Job Candidates on Social Media 
You should have figured it out by now, but companies Google you when you apply for jobs these days.  Check out the seven craziest things employers have found out about job candidates on Facebook and Twitter.
1.  Someone applying for a job had links to an ESCORT SERVICE on their profile.
2.  A job candidate posted a photo of a warrant for his ARREST.
3.  A guy posted about how he sued his wife for shooting him in the HEAD.
4.  A post about how a job candidate's closest friend was a PIG.  As in, an ACTUAL pig.
5.  A post where they bragged about driving drunk and getting away with it.
6.  A post about how they were actively involved in a demonic CULT.
7.  Photos of BIGFOOT that the guy applying for the job said HE had taken.
(PR Newswire)

The City With the Best Looking People in America Is . . .

The City With the Best Looking People in America Is . . . Stockton, California?
You might think the most beautiful people in the country live in California, and you'd be right.  But you're probably thinking Los Angeles.  Wrong.  Apparently inland central California has got it going ON.
Remember the website Hot or Not . . . where you'd make snap judgments on people's photos and rate them one to 10?  Apparently it still exists as an app.  And they used their data to put together a list of the hottest U.S. cities.
The big winner is . . . Stockton, California.  Stockton's men ranked fifth hottest in the country, and Stockton's women are ranked number ONE.
The 10 cities with the hottest men are:  Nashville . . . Boise, Idaho . . . Lincoln, Nebraska . . . Fort Wayne, Indiana . . . Stockton . . . Lubbock, Texas . . . Buffalo, New York . . . Tulsa, Oklahoma . . . Scottsdale, Arizona . . . and Omaha, Nebraska.
The 10 cities with the hottest women are:  Stockton . . . Riverside, California . . . Santa Ana, California . . . Scottsdale, Arizona . . . Miami . . . Hialeah, Florida . . . San Diego . . . Anaheim, California . . . Chandler, Arizona . . . and Boston. (PR Newswire)

The Three Reasons Everyone Looks Hotter in Sunglasses

Ever notice how everybody is instantly hotter with sunglasses on?  It's not because you have some fetish you didn't even know about.  It's true for everyone . . . and here's why.
1.  They're associated historically with glamor and risk-taking.  Which seems kinda obvious, but it wasn't always true.   Sunglasses became popular in the 40s, mainly for water and snow sports, and for pilots.
After that, Hollywood stars began wearing them to protect their eyes from camera flashbulbs, so people began to see sunglasses as a glamorous accessory.
2.  They make you more mysterious.  But not on the superficial level you're thinking about.  Basically, you pick up a LOT of information about people when you look them in their eyes.  
So if you can't see their eyes, you know less about them . . . and that makes them more intriguing.
3.  Most importantly, sunglasses instantly make your face more symmetrical.  Even if your face ISN'T.  And according to science, facial symmetry is supposedly the universal key to deciding whether someone's face is 'attractive' or not.   
Not only are sunglasses symmetrical themselves, but they also hide the asymmetries around your eyes and cheekbones.  (New York Magazine's Science of Us) 

A Computer Chip Allows a Paralyzed Man to Move His Hand with His Mind

Back in 2010, Ian Burkhart was a 19-year-old lacrosse player for Ohio University, celebrating the end of freshman year in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
But in a freak accident, he dove into the ocean, broke his neck on a sandbar he couldn't see, was paralyzed from the chest down, and has needed constant care ever since.
Now he's 23.  And two-and-a-half months ago, he let doctors at Ohio State University try an experimental treatment that could help paralyzed people use their limbs again . . . by using their MINDS.  It's called Neurobridge.  Here's how it works . . .
They implanted a computer chip into his brain that's connected to a port in his skull.  The port's connected to a computer so the chip can relay what he's thinking.  Then the computer decodes it, and sends signals to a series of electrodes on his arm.
The idea was that if Ian could focus on his hand clenching into a fist, he actually WOULD clench his fist.  But even his doctors didn't know if it would work . . . until last Wednesday when Ian gave it a test run.  And it DID work.
You can check out a video of it online.  Just search for "Paralyzed Man Moves His Hand."  (CBS News / Washington Post)  

Things We Do to Avoid Falling Asleep at the Wheel

The Ten Things We Do to Avoid Falling Asleep at the Wheel
The safe thing to do if you think you might fall asleep behind the wheel is to pull over and take a NAP.  But a recent survey found that only 23% of us ever actually do that.  Here are the top ten things we do to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.
1.  Drink something with caffeine in it.  53% said it's one thing they do to stay awake.
2.  Open a window, 42%.
3.  Switch drivers, 42%.
4.  Pull over to stretch, 35%.
5.  Crank up the radio, 35%.
6.  Crank the A/C, 25%.
7.  Pull over for a nap, 23%.
8.  Eat something, 21%.
9.  Sing along to the radio, 21%.
10.  Listen to talk radio, 14%.
Talking to yourself just missed the top ten, with 11%.  And 10% of people say they just start SLAPPING themselves.
(PR Newswire)

The Ideal Amount of Time to Spend With Your Boss

The Ideal Amount of Time to Spend With Your Boss Is Six Hours a Week . . . No More, No Less
What's the ideal amount of time to spend with your boss in a week?  And even though your first answer is probably ZERO . . . that's not the REAL answer.  It's just the dream answer.
A new survey of more than 30,000 people found the average person spends three hours a week or less directly interacting with their boss . . . but the IDEAL amount of time is six hours.
People who spend six hours talking, working, and interacting with their boss are 29% more inspired, 30% more engaged, 16% more innovative, and 15% more motivated than people who spend less time.
But . . . spending more than six hours with your boss is also bad.  That's TOO much . . . and leaves you less motivated.   (Leadership IQ)

Most Annoying Photos People Post From Vacations

The Ten Most Annoying Photos People Post From Vacations
Someone's going to post a vacation photo every single time you go on Facebook this summer.  So since we're secretly jealous of them . . . let's judge them.
A new survey came up with the 10 most ANNOYING types of photos people post from their vacations.  Check 'em out . . .
1.  A screenshot of your iPhone screen showing the temperature.
2.  Selfies.
3.  "Hot dog legs" . . . that's when you take a photo lying on the beach with your knees up so your tan legs look like two hot dogs.
4.  Jumping.
5.  Pretending to hold up a building, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
6.  Your name written in the sand.
7.  Your head sticking through a hole in one of those wooden boards with bodies painted on them, so it looks like you've got the body of a mermaid or carnival strongman.
8.  Sunsets.
9.  Blue skies and palm trees.
10.  Food or drinks.  (Daily Mail)


We Spend $800 Every Year Taking Trips We Don't Want to Go On
Ever gotten on a flight to Billings, Montana for a cousin's wedding, and wondered how STUPID you were for not coming up with an excuse to get out of it?  We've all been there, man.
A new survey found the average American spends $800 per year on trips they don't WANT to take . . . but feel like they HAVE to take.
Birthdays are the number one reason people take trips out of obligation . . . weddings are second, reunions are third, and bridal and baby showers are fourth.
The survey found we also spend about $2,700 each per year on trips we actually DO want to take.  

What Was the Last Great Decade?

I thought '90s nostalgia was RAGING right now . . . Buzzfeed alone pumps out approximately 74 million lists each day about "stuff only '90s kids would remember."  But apparently, we're not THAT in love with the '90s.
A new survey asked people to name the last GREAT decade, and the number one answer was . . . the '80s, with 24% of the vote.  22% went with the '90s.  
Here are a few other things about the '90s from the survey . . .
77% believe the U.S. was in better shape in the '90s than it is today.
The O.J. trial was named the top news event of the '90s.  14% of people still think he wasn't guilty.  The death of Princess Diana was voted the second-biggest news event of the decade.
59% of people believe movies today are better than movies were in the '90s.
75% of people think fashion today is better than it was in the '90s.  My Zubaz pants beg to differ.  
(PR Newswire)

We're all addicted to SOMETHING

How Long Could You Go Without Beer, Pizza, Sex, Chocolate, or Your Phone?
We're all addicted to SOMETHING.  A new survey asked 2,000 people about some everyday addictions, to see what we're hooked on without even realizing it.  Could you go a week without . . .
Beer?  28% of men and 13% of women couldn't go a week without a beer.
Pizza?  31% of men and 24% of women couldn't go a week without pizza.
Chocolate?  36% of men and 45% of women couldn't go a week without chocolate.
Credit cards?  48% of men and 39% of women couldn't go a week without using their credit card.
Sex?  54% of men and 40% of women couldn't go a week without sex.  Note that more women would have trouble giving up chocolate than sex.
Facebook?  41% of men and 57% of women couldn't go a week without Facebook.  
TV?  69% of men and 68% of women couldn't go a week without TV.
Cell phone?  77% of men and 81% of women couldn't go a week without a phone.
Computers and tablets?  79% of men and 87% of women couldn't go a week without their computer or iPad . . . making it number one for both genders.  (Arizona Republic)

Ten Psychological Tricks Fast Food Companies Use to Make You Buy More

Every time you eat fast food, you're being TRICKED into buying more than you should.  They really put a lot of thought into it.  Here's a list of some of the biggest ways they get you to spend extra money.
1.  They use red on everything.  Scientists think the color red stimulates your appetite when you see it.  Orange, yellow, and pink work too.  McDonald's, In-N-Out, Fatburger, Chick-Fil-A, Carl's Jr., Hardee's, Burger King, Wendy's . . . just about everyone does it.
2.  They always smell good.  What you smell has a huge impact on your appetite.  That's why you start smelling Cinnabon in the mall about a hundred yards before you get to the food court.
3.  Food porn.  They get you with those big close-ups of that perfectly-cooked, perfectly-built burger that doesn't exist in any actual fast food joint.  By the time you get the nasty burger from the drive-thru, you're too hungry to notice the difference.
4.  Blasting top 40 music.  Relaxing music like classical and jazz tends to keep people in a restaurant longer, according to one study.  So fast food chains use loud, fast pop music to make you eat FASTER and leave earlier.  They need the turnover.
5.  Meal deals.  The restaurant gets less for a combo than it would for each item bought separately.  But the deal you get makes you buy more food than you would buy otherwise.  
6.  Bright lighting.  It keeps you from relaxing, so you'll spend less time there.
7.  Keeping menu options limited.  The game is to give a good selection without overwhelming customers with too many options.  They aim for about six items per menu category.
8.  Appealing names and descriptions.  There are certain adjectives they always go back to.  Coffee is always "aromatic" . . . beef is always "sizzling" . . . you get it.
9.  Different sizes for the same item.  Restaurants make more profit on smaller sizes.  So they actually make the large sizes absurdly large on purpose, to make people order more of the small sizes.  
Of course it usually backfires, because they just used all their OTHER tricks to give you a huge appetite.
10.  Special menu designs.  They put the expensive items in the upper right corner, where your eye tends to land first.  Or they highlight certain items by making them bigger than the rest, or putting a box around them.
(Business Insider)

A Video of a Dad Dancing with His Disabled Daughter Went Viral . . . and People Have Donated $90,000 for Medical Bills

12-year-old McKenzie Carey lives in Dallas, Georgia, outside Atlanta.  And when she was 18 months old, she was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, which affects your cells and leaves you with basically no energy.
So she's in a wheelchair, can't speak, and needs constant care.  But despite all that, she's been competing in BEAUTY PAGEANTS since she was FIVE.  
Her mom signed her up to show people that McKenzie can still do what other kids are doing.  And it's not just for show . . . McKenzie has won almost TWENTY pageants.  
Her father Mike has a played a big role in that . . . about five years ago, McKenzie's mom was nervous for her at a pageant.  So Mike decided to go on stage with her, picked her up, and started DANCING.  And McKenzie ended up winning.
It's sort of became their "thing", and a video of them dancing at a recent pageant has gotten almost 5 MILLION views on YouTube.  Now people have donated over 90 THOUSAND dollars for McKenzie's medical bills.
According to her mom, McKenzie is completely aware of what's going on around her, which you can tell in the video, because there's a huge SMILE on her face.
The video's called "Kenzie Dancing with Her Dad".  And you donate on their page, "Hope for McKenzie".  (Fox News)  

A Soccer Fan Fell Through a Second-Story Window When the U.S. Gave Up That Last-Minute Goal

It was pretty heartbreaking when the U.S. gave up that last-minute tying goal to Portugal on Sunday.  But for one guy, it was almost BONE-breaking.
Eric Corey is president of the Miami chapter of a soccer fan club called the American Outlaws.  So he's a SUPER-FAN, and was watching the game at a bar in Miami.  (We're not sure how old he is, but he looks like he's in his late-30's.)
Anyway, right before the goal, Eric was leading the whole bar in a chant.  Then when Portugal scored, he flipped out . . . and fell backward through a second story WINDOW.
There are a bunch of photos of him being rescued.  Luckily, he landed on an awning, and wasn't seriously hurt.  (Miami Herald / Local10 / WSVN)

Men Are Four Times More Likely to Spray Air Freshener Instead of Cleaning

I've never tried to avoid cleaning the bathroom by spraying air freshener . . . that feels like just putting on cologne instead of taking a shower.  But I definitely see the appeal.
A new survey asked people about their cleaning habits, and found that men are four times more likely than women to spray air freshener to avoid actually cleaning the bathroom.
Here are a few other findings . . .
1.  20% of people say one of their big cleaning techniques is hiding a mess under the furniture or in closets.
2.  More than half of couples say one of the biggest causes for arguments is who's going to take out the trash.
3.  One-third of men think that fresh sheets are really all you need to have a clean bedroom.
4.  And 42% of women say that the biggest cause of stress in their lives is the mess in their house.  (FemaleFirst)

Mom is getting busier!

The Average Mother Now Looks After Six Different Family Members, One Pet, and Holds Down a Job
This is one of those studies you usually see around Mother's Day, but we're glad it didn't . . . because it might've gotten lost in the shuffle.  By coming out over a month late, it get's our full attention . . .
A new study found the average mom is now looking after more people than EVER.  The average mother looks after SIX different family members, one pet . . . AND holds down a job.
The most common people moms look after are:  Kids, husband, parents, their husband's parents, other relatives, grandchildren, grandparents, stepchildren, and their husband's grandparents.
The top things they do for the people they're taking care of are:  Cooking, laundry, housework, shopping, errands, taking them to doctor's appointments, taking them to school, cleaning, taking them to activities, and dressing them.
The average mother spends four-and-a-half hours actively caring for others . . . and less than two hours to themselves.  (Daily Mail)

The Trick to Making a Smart Life-Changing Decision

The Trick to Making a Smart Life-Changing Decision is the "10-10-10" Rule
At some point soon, you'll probably face a decision that will change the course of your life forever.  No big deal, right?
Suzy Welch is an author who came up with a trick to help you weigh a decision and really figure out which answer is the most in line with your priorities.
It's called the "10-10-10 Rule."  When you're facing a really tough decision, look at the options and answer these three questions for each one:
1.  What are the consequences of this decision in 10 minutes?
2.  What about in 10 months?
3.  And finally, what are the consequence of this decision in 10 YEARS?
Here's the thinking behind it:  Apparently we're wired to make decisions emotionally.  So by breaking your options down with those three questions, you'll think about them more LOGICALLY, which should clear things up and lead to better choices.  (Lifehacker)

Marine get's big surprise!

A Marine Asked His Friend to Watch His House While He Was Gone . . . and the Guy Did $70,000 Worth of Renovations
Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo is an Iraq war veteran who just retired after 21 years in the Marines.  Most recently, he and his family were stationed in Japan.  (It's pronounced Juh-SIN-toe, and he looks to be in his late 40s or 50s.)
Back in January, he and his wife were finally able to buy a house in Suisun City, California, just north of San Francisco.  (It's pronounced Soo-sun City.)  But it was a MAJOR fixer upper, because that's all they could afford.  
Now, before they left for Japan, Jacinto asked a Marine buddy named Jeremy Epperson to keep an eye on the house for him.  But when he got home last week, he found out Jeremy did WAY better than that.
First, there was a limo waiting for him and his family at the airport.  Then when they got to the house, they found out Jeremy had raised a bunch of money while they were gone . . . and did $70,000 worth of renovations on it.
Jacinto cried when he talked to the local news about it, because he said there are other veterans who deserve it more than he does.  You can check out the before-and-after photos online.  (ABC News / KGO-TV)  

Your Husband Will Finally Choose You Over His Buddies When He's 70

Your Husband Will Finally Choose You Over His Buddies When He's 70 . . . But Only Because They'll Be Dead
If you're sick of your husband hanging out with his buddies instead of you, the good news is he WILL eventually choose you.  The bad news is . . . you have to wait until he's SEVENTY.
According to a recent study, men start to appreciate time with their wives more and more when they hit their 70s.  And one reason is because they become more in touch with their feminine side, so they can relate to you better.
But the other reason is pretty simple:  It's also because that's when their guy friends start DYING OFF.  So they NEED someone else to hang out with.
The study also found that 30% of guys who stayed married for at least 50 years were still "happy" with their marriage on their 50th anniversary . . . 42% rated their marriage as "so so" . . . and 28% stayed married that long even though they were MISERABLE.
(Daily Mail)

Does Chewing Gum Make You More Attractive?

Here's a quick way to make yourself way more attractive . . . without having to do stuff like, I don't know, exercise.
According to a new study, chewing gum makes people like the way you look.
Researchers had pairs of identical twins stand next to each other.  They were dressed exactly the same, and obviously they looked the same.  The only difference was that one was chewing gum.
The researchers asked people which of the twins would get invited to more parties and which one had a better sex life . . . and three out of four people picked the twin who was chewing gum.
There's one HUGE catch though.  The study was sponsored by Trident gum.  So . . . yeah.  
(Daily Mail)

The Average Employee Spends $18 a Day on Meals, Snacks, and Coffee

Bad news:  You're probably spending one out of every 10 or 11 dollars you make just so you can have something to eat and drink WHILE you make those dollars.
A new survey by Visa found the average employee spends $18 every work day on some combination of breakfast, coffee, lunch, snacks, and food to take home for dinner that night.
You probably don't buy all of those every day, but they average out to $18 a day.
Let's say you work 47 weeks a year, with five weeks off between vacation, holidays, and sick and personal days.
That's 235 work days . . . at $18-a-day, that means you spend $4,230 eating and drinking at work.
If you make $50,000-per-year, that's about 8% of your salary on food.  
(Daily Mail)

What Is The Key to Making More Money?

The Key to Making More Money Is to Change Jobs Every Two Years . . . Stay at the Same Place and You'll Earn 50% Less Over Your Lifetime
If you've been with your current company for a long time, they've probably rewarded your loyalty with some 3% raises here and there . . . maybe even 5% or 8%. 
And that's cool.  But it's going to leave you way POORER than the coworkers who moved on.
A new study by "Forbes" found that people who stay at the same job make 50% LESS in their lifetimes than people who switch jobs every two years or so.
The main reason is that if you stay at the same job, you get raises that barely help you keep up with inflation.  The average raise in 2014 is 3% . . . and inflation is 2.1%.  That means your "real" raise is less than 1%.
But if you jump to another job, it's probably because they're offering to pay you over 3% more than what you make now.  So if you keep jumping from job to job, you're actually getting bigger jumps in your salary than staying loyal.  

The Six Ways Men Text Women

Considering guys usually prefer texting to talking on the phone you'd think they'd have better texting skills.  Here's a list of the six different ways men text women . . . and they all STINK.
1.  Disappearing in the middle of a conversation.  A lot of guys don't know when a conversation is supposed to continue.  You text them something funny, hoping to start some flirting or something, and you never hear back.
They probably just laughed and went on with their day . . . they're not trying to be mean.  But it's still a failure of etiquette, since a funny text requires a response.
2.  Abbreviating everything.  Typing the letter "K" instead of "Okay" . . . using "TY" instead of "thank you" . . . or using "ur" instead of "you're."  You're not paying for text messages by the letter, so it's okay to spell it out.
3.  Being too abrupt.  Like when you take out all the descriptive words and just use subjects and verbs.  As in, "Movie.  I'll get tickets.  8PM.  See you there."  
It's good to be direct, but if you're TOO direct it's easy to sound passive-aggressive by accident.  As in, "okay" . . . "that's fine" . . . "if you want."
4.  Over-texting.  The stereotype is that guys don't like to talk on the phone as much.  But that doesn't mean you should stuff EVERYTHING you would have said in a phone call into a single text.
5.  Texting like a teenager.  That means using emoticons, acronyms like LOL, and using too many exclamation points.  You don't want a girl to think you're being cold, so you overcompensate. 
6.  And of course . . . SEXTING.  Some guys seem to think there's no use for texting EXCEPT sexting.  Even when they're not sending dirty pictures, they're always saying something dirty.  
But this one depends on how much you like him . . . because it could come off as either creepy or hot.
(The Cut)

A Homeless Man Returned a Preschool's Rabbit After He Found It in a Garbage Can

Earlier this month, someone in Rogue River, Oregon stole a pet rabbit from a PRESCHOOL.  Which is about as heartless as it gets.  (Rogue River is in the southwest corner of the state, about 50 miles north of the California border.)
The rabbit's name is Amos, and the kids were obviously devastated.  Luckily, the population of Rogue River is only about 2,000 people.  So EVERYONE heard about it.  But after almost a week, Amos was still missing.
Then a homeless man named Ralph Rowden came into the picture.  Five days after the rabbit disappeared, Ralph was looking through a trashcan behind the local library.  And when he lifted up a bag of cans, he saw Amos sitting in a box underneath it.
Ralph says even HE had heard about Amos at that point, and immediately brought him back to the preschool.
He ended up getting a small cash reward for it, but says the thank you card that the kids made for him meant even more.  In fact, it's the first thank you note he's ever received.  (KOBI / Huffington Post)  

A Kid Faked His Own Kidnapping to Avoid a Dentist Appointment

12-year-old boys tend to be dirty LIARS.  At least this one had a reason most of us can RELATE to.
Last month, a 12-year-old in France disappeared.  Then when police found him hiding in some bushes, he told them he'd just been ABDUCTED.  But he managed to get away, and was able to give them a pretty detailed description of the kidnapper.
He said it was a white guy in his 30s, about 5-foot-7, wearing a black shirt and jeans, with a scar on his right cheek.  And he also described his car.  So they had a sketch artist draw a picture of the guy.  And for the past month, they've been looking for him.
But they realized it didn't add up after they went over security footage from the area where the kid said it happened.
So last week, they decided to interview him again.  And he finally admitted he HADN'T been kidnapped . . . he was just hiding in the bushes because he didn't want to go to the DENTIST.
It's not clear how much money was spent searching for the guy.  It's also not clear if the kid's parents will have to pay for it.  (The Local / Yahoo)

What is "Doritos Roulette"??

"Doritos Roulette" . . . a Bag of Doritos Where One Out of Seven Chips Is Incredibly Spicy
The people at Frito-Lay have managed to turn eating Doritos into a game.  And NOT just a game of, "Let's see how chubby I can get."
Right now there's a special limited-edition line of Doritos in Canada called Doritos Roulette.  And they've got a hell of a gimmick:  Six out of every seven chips are normal Doritos . . . one out of seven LOOKS normal but is actually incredibly spicy.
There's no word on if or when these might come to the U.S.  (Reddit)  

The New "World's Ugliest Dog" Is a Mutt Without Lips or Eyelids

The annual World's Ugliest Dog contest went down on Friday.  It was at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California.  And even though the winner IS ugly, he's also strangely beautiful . . . like a sunset over a garbage dump, perhaps?
This year the World's Ugliest Dog is a two-year-old mutt named Peanut.
Peanut was injured in a fire, so he doesn't have lips or eyelids.  That means his eyes are always bugging out and watering . . . and it always looks like he's smiling.  His hair is all over the place too.
His owner is a woman named Holly Chandler from Greenville, North Carolina.  She won $1,500 from the contest and she's going to use it to pay other pets' vet bills.
Quote, "He's my baby.  I guess I don't see him every day as being that ugly, but I guess the judges thought so."  (Time)  

Using Math to Find The "One"

When you're dating someone, how do you know if they're really the one . . . or if there isn't someone better out there? A mathematician named Martin Gardner came up with a simple math formula several decades ago, to help you make tough choices like that. For some reason it just started resurfacing now. Here's what you do . . . 1. Decide on the number of people you'll go out with in the near future. To make it simple, let's say you'll go out with 12 people in the next few months. 2. Go out with exactly 36.8% of them. And do NOT settle down with any of them. That's the EXACT calculation he found to get an accurate sample of what's out there. So if you date 12 people, that means you only need to go out with four or five of them. Now you have a big enough sample to make a fair comparison. 3. From that point on, as SOON as you go out with someone who's better than the best person in that first group, THAT'S the person to get serious with. Why? Because if you haven't found something better by then, the odds are . . . YOU'RE NOT GOING TO. 4. If you don't meet anyone better than anyone in that first group, go with the most recent new person ANYWAY. Sure, they might not be AS good as someone from that first group, but the people in the first group are no longer considered an option . . . you've REJECTED them, you've moved on, and you operate under the assumption they're gone. Supposedly it works because you've given yourself great odds, and a mathematically accurate sample that you can compare things to. Basically, it's a technique to make decisions without feeling like you've jumped in too quickly, or without weighing your options. That way you can be confident, with no regrets. And that goes for ANY decision. Because you can use the formula to pick ANYTHING . . . a house to buy, a place to rent, a person to hire at your company, a movie to watch on Netflix, what to order at a restaurant, whatever. You're welcome.

How To Turn a Bad Day ARound in 10 min. or less!

If you're having a bad day, it doesn't have to STAY bad until it's over. You can turn things around in less than ten minutes, using these four tips. 1. Move to another location. Just get away from your problems. Go outside for some fresh air. If you're in a tall building, climb a few flights of stairs. Exercise is relaxing anyway, and you'll feel better once you get some endorphins going. 2. Give yourself a treat. Have a cup of tea or some chocolate, something you really enjoy. The more you focus on it, the more you shut out all the stuff that's bugging you. 3. Do a good deed. If you do something nice for someone and you really mean it, it's basically impossible to keep feeling bad afterwards. You could even find someone else who's having a bad day, and give them some encouragement. 4. Write it down. For some reason, writing about things that are bothering you can help you let go of them. Just summarize the problem and say something about how you plan to fix it, and you'll probably end up feeling more optimistic about it.

Changing the End of a Movie if Deleted Scenes Weren't Deleted!

We've probably all watched a deleted scene in a DVD's special features, and thought: "Now THAT would've changed the movie." Sometimes it's GOOD that the scene was cut . . . but other times a dropped scene would've actually made the movie BETTER. Here are some movies that would've been different had their deleted scenes NOT been deleted. 1. "Frozen": An early version of the script had a scene where sisters Elsa and Anna lightheartedly goof around in a dressing room . . . but it was cut because the directors thought it diminished the rift between them, and the significance of their reunion. 2. "Pretty Woman": The original storyline was much darker. Julia Roberts' character was a crack cocaine addict, who was going through withdrawal throughout the movie. And she had to be rescued after being confronted by two drug dealers. The original script also had Richard Gere leaving her back in the gutter at the end. 3. "The Ring": A deleted scene featured Chris Cooper as a child rapist and murderer, who asks Naomi Watts' character to help him clear his name. The movie ends with her giving him the cursed videotape. 4. "Back to the Future 3": In a deleted scene, Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen was not only arrested for robbing the Pine City stagecoach . . . he was also charged with MURDERING Marshal James Strickland. 5. "There's Something About Mary": There was a sequence where Jeffrey Tambor, a recovering addict, falls off the wagon. He drinks a beer, snorts a ton of coke, and is SWALLOWED WHOLE by his pet python. 6. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off": There was originally a backstory for Charlie Sheen's troubled character, showing Ferris trying and failing to help him. 7. "American Beauty": There was a deleted sequence where Chris Cooper frames Thora Birch and Wes Bentley for the murder of Kevin Spacey's character. And they're actually convicted of the crime. 8. "Little Shop of Horrors": The movie originally had the stage musical's dark ending, where the carnivorous plant eats Seymour and Audrey, and then rampages through Manhattan Godzilla-style. The movie changed that up, with Seymour electrocuting the plant. 9. "Fatal Attraction": The alternate ending has Glenn Close's character committing suicide by cutting her throat while "Madame Butterfly" plays in the background . . . and Michael Douglas being framed for her death. In the version that hit theaters, Glenn attacks Michael's wife, who SHOOTS her during the struggle. 10. "Return of the Jedi": The first draft didn't end with a celebration on Endor. Originally, Han Solo was going to die, and Luke was so broken down by his confrontation with Darth Vader that he couldn't join Princess Leia in defeating the Empire.

Skills Our Grandparents Have that We Don'T

You might think your grandparents are clueless because they can't program the DVR or video chat. But they know how to do a lot of stuff that YOU don't. Here's a list of seven skills most people don't have anymore. 1. Cooking from scratch. Not following a recipe, but actually improvising with food. Before microwaves and TV dinners, people just had to know how to work with what they had, and make it taste good. 2. Sewing. Also crocheting, quilting, darning, needlepoint, and all that related stuff. If we have holes in our socks, we throw them away. Your grandparents actually sat down and fixed them. Men too . . . they had to do it by themselves in the Army. 3. Canning. A couple people do it now if they're really into home gardening. But fifty years ago, just about everybody did it. 4. Ironing. It used to be that you would iron everything off the clothesline. Now we just iron dress clothes, and most of the time we don't even do it right. 5. Meeting people in person . . . by TALKING. A lot of us meet new people online nowadays. When we're out in public, face to face with real people, we IGNORE them . . . so we can stay online instead. 6. Haggling. Before everything was sold in chain superstores, people used to haggle a lot. Now you never even get to try, except on Craigslist and at the car dealership. 7. Writing letters. Your grandparents used to write beautiful letters all the time, with pen and paper, and mail them in envelopes. The writing you do on Facebook and Twitter . . . your grandparents would have called that being ILLITERATE.

How Much Does the Average Dog Destroy?

It's hard to put a price tag on all the GOOD stuff dogs do for us . . . like keeping us company, giving us a reason to go on walks, and protecting us by barking at EVERYTHING. But we can put a price on all the BAD stuff they do. According to a new study, the average dog does $392 worth of damage to stuff around the house every year. Making them the MOST destructive pet you can own . . . unless you've got a water buffalo in your apartment or something. The second most destructive pet is a cat, but they didn't give a dollar figure. And the pet that causes the LEAST amount of destruction is a guinea pig. Although a fish has to be right up there too.

Keeping Safe Tips... From a former Navy Seal!

A former Navy SEAL recently laid out the four things you should do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Which is something he should know a thing or two about. Specifically, he means if someone is stalking you or trying to rob you. Here are the four things you should do, in this order. 1. Increase your distance. The farther away you are, the more time you have to react if they DO attack. 2. Introduce a barricade. Meaning stand behind something, so it's between you and the threat. And the bigger the better. So a table is better than a chair, and a car is better than a table. Again, the point is to give yourself more time to react. 3. Look for a way to escape. Scan the area for exits, or look for someone who might be able to help you. 4. Only fight as a last resort. Which doesn't mean you shouldn't defend yourself if you need to. You SHOULD. And you should fight like your life DEPENDS on it. Meaning hair-pulling, eye-gouging, and groin-kicking are all viable options. But the safest thing to do is RUN . . . and find help.

Casey Kasem (1932-2014): The Tributes

Casey Kasem (1932-2014): The Tributes CASEY KASEM'S successor RYAN SEACREST wasn't the only one to pay tribute to him following his death yesterday. Here are a few others: Carson Daly: "Long before MTV and the Internet, Casey made sure you were hearing the best music out there. Peace be to his family, and R.I.P. #Respect." Nikki Sixx: "R.I.P. Casey Kasem . . . who inspired all of us in radio, and turned millions of people onto music." Questlove of The Roots: "Man, Casey Kasem was a MAJOR part of my musical upbringing. I listened to #AT40 religiously. Sad day for music. R.I.P." "Simpsons" star Harry Shearer: "Part of my first grown-up radio gig was being Casey Kasem's 'newsman' on his Sunday show. R.I.P. Caser. (Now the family can wrangle in peace.)" Harry is the voice of Principal Skinner, Ned Flanders and Mr. Burns, among others. Al Roker: "I played AT40 at my college station [from] 1973 to 1975. It came in by mail on Friday on three 12" LPs. Learned a lot from Casey." Dennis Haskins, Mr. Belding on "Saved By the Bell": "'Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars,' Casey Kasem. God bless you! R.I.P. #BigBopper #TheSprain." Dennis also included this photo from when Casey guest-starred on "Saved By the Bell". Casey hosted a dance contest at The Max.

The Three Best and Worst Pieces of Dating Advice From Actual Dads

Father's Day is Sunday, so "Glamour" asked readers to list the best and worst dating advice they ever got from their dad.  
The three BEST pieces of dating advice from dad are . . . 
1.  "Date a gentleman."
2.  "Protect your heart."  That's from a woman whose father explained to her when she started dating that men are like sharks . . . they'll circle around before going in for the kill.
3.  "Be independent first."
And three of the WORST pieces of dating advice from dad are . . . 
1.  "Date a younger version of me."
2.  "Pay attention to his name."  From a woman whose heart was broken by a guy named Matt Peter . . . and her dad told her to never trust a boy with two first names.
3.  "Don't be a baby-maker."  (CAREFUL!)  From a woman whose dad sat her down and told her that, quote, "vaginas are like vending machines.  Sperm goes in, and a baby comes out."  (Glamour) 


Six Ways Dads Influence How Their Kids Turn Out
Sunday is Father's Day.  If your kids are bad at remembering it, you can help them by pointing out all the ways you made them what they are today.  Here's a good list from
1.  Fathers can make their kids grow up smart.  The way fathers talk when they play with their kids can have an important effect on language development.  And infants who have involved and nurturing fathers grow up to have higher IQs.
2.  Fathers can determine when their daughters become sexually active.  Not by grounding them until they're 40, although that would work in theory.  When fathers are absent in their daughters' lives, the daughters tend to lose their virginity earlier in life.
3.  Fathers can influence how well-behaved their children are.  Depression in fathers of young children is linked to behavioral problems when the kids are older.  And kids whose fathers are involved in their lives are less likely to get in trouble at school.
And here's something interesting: rough-housing between fathers and kids can help CONTROL bullying behaviors later.  The theory is that it teaches children how to manage their aggressive impulses without losing control of their emotions.
4.  Fathers influence their children's eating habits.  One study found that the number of times a father ate fast food was the biggest influence on how often his children ate it.  And children of authoritarian fathers are also more likely to eat junk food.
5.  Fathers can determine how popular their kids turn out to be.  Children with an involved father are more confident and emotionally secure, and they tend to have better social connections with their peers.
6.  Fathers can also have a special impact on their daughters' future success.  According to research, fathers who believe in gender equality are more likely to have daughters with high career ambitions.

An Eight-Year-Old Is the First Person to Beat a Rare Type of Brain Cancer

For the past three years, an eight-year-old girl in England named Claudia Burkill has been battling a rare form of brain cancer called metastatic pineoblastoma.  (Met-uh-tas-tic pin-ee-oh-blass-tome-uh.)
Which is inoperable, and has about a 5% survival rate.  Only about four cases are diagnosed every year.  But where Claudia's tumor was . . . in the very center of her brain . . . the survival rate was literally ZERO percent.  No one had EVER survived it.
Doctors refused to give up on her though.  And since 2011, she's gone through 44 extremely aggressive radiation and chemo treatments.  Her family was told four times that she only had weeks or even HOURS to live.
But over the weekend, they got some very good news.  Exactly three years to the day that her mom first called a doctor . . . Claudia's family found out she's BEATEN IT, and is now cancer free.  (Daily Mail / / Mirror)

The "Cool Kids" From School Wind Up Having Worse Relationships and Committing More Crimes

This study is a DREAM for everyone who was a nerd back in school . . . or was in that "well-liked but wouldn't say 'popular'" zone.
The University of Virginia found that the cool kids in high school end up having WORSE lives than everyone else.
Researchers spent the past decade monitoring 84 different kids . . . they started when the kids were 13 and checked in with them until they were 23.
And they found that the coolest kids in school were more likely to grow up to have bad adult relationships . . . commit more crimes . . . and develop drug problems.
Their theory is that the cool kids start doing more risky adult things when they're younger . . . like hooking up or drinking.  Over time, they have to keep pushing those things further to stay cool . . . and it drives them down a bad path.  

The Biggest Productivity Killers at Work Include Texting, Gossiping, and Annoying Coworkers

Unless you work in a cave with really bad cell phone reception, it's impossible to get through an entire day without SOMETHING messing up your productivity.
A new survey asked people their top productivity killers.  Here's the top 10 . . .
1.  Texting.
2.  Gossiping.
3.  Surfing the Internet.
4.  Social media.
5.  Breaks for snacks or cigarettes.
6.  Noisy coworkers.
7.  Meetings.
8.  Emailing.
9.  Coworkers dropping by.
10.  Coworkers putting calls on speaker.  
(PR Newswire)

Five Tips For Becoming More Likeable

What's your number one tip for becoming more likeable?  Here are five of the most popular answers . . .
1.  Stop taking yourself so seriously . . . be able to make a joke about yourself, and be able laugh at a joke someone else makes about you.
2.  Ask people questions so they can talk about themselves.  Then just let them talk . . . it'll make them remember you.
3.  If someone's telling you about a problem, they don't need you to jump in with an answer to solve anything.  They probably just want to vent.  Don't give advice until they specifically ask for it.
4.  Don't interrupt people . . . especially not to "top" one of their stories.
5.  Do favors for people . . . and once in a while, ask them for a favor that shows you trust them.  

Here's What Bartenders Think of You Based on Your Drink

There was a thing online recently where bartenders talked about how they profile people based on what they order.  So here's what your drink says about you, straight from the mouths of the professionals.
1.  If you order a drink that's mentioned in a rap song, you're not a real drinker.  After Drake mentioned moscato in "Do It Now", a bunch of guys started ordering it in bars.  And they had no idea it was a sweet white wine.
2.  Not surprisingly, girls who order a Long Island iced tea are looking to get WASTED.
3.  If you drink Bud Light, there's a jail cell in your future.  The stereotype is that all crimes start with Bud Light.  Not Coors, or Miller Lite, or tequila, or whisky or malt liquor.  It's always Bud Light.
4.  People who order mojitos are full of themselves.  This one's probably unfair, but apparently bartenders think that way because it's such a pain in the neck to make a mojito.  So if you get one, it's like you want other people to go out of their way for you.
5.  A guy who orders a drink with a sexual name like Slippery Nipple or Sex on the Beach is a D-bag.  The dead giveaway is how he always tries to make eye contact with the nearest woman when he orders.
6.  If you look young and you order Jack Daniels instead of scotch, you're getting carded.  Most people discover scotch after they've lived through their partying days, once they've learned how to appreciate good liquor for its own sake.
7.  Anyone who orders a great Scotch and drinks it neat is a badass.
8.  If you get a Kamikaze, that means you don't know what to order.
9.  If you order a shot of Fernet, you're from San Francisco.  That's one of those bitter Italian liqueurs that tastes sort of like licorice.  For some reason it's just popular there.
10.  People who drink appletinis don't like the taste of alcohol.
11.  If you order Johnny Walker Blue, you have more money than brains, and you're just trying to show off. 
12.  If you ask for a White Russian, it means you're naïve.  Milk never gets poured at most bars, so the milk in their refrigerators is probably spoiled.  Either that, or you're a fan of "The Big Lebowski".
13.  If you drink PBR, you don't tip.  Probably because you're a hipster.
14.  If you try to ask for a Gin Rickey, it means you just read "The Great Gatsby" for the first time.
(Thought Catalog)

A Woman with Cancer Needed a Cheap Mechanic . . . and Someone Just Bought Her a New Car

Kerry Lumsden lives outside Brisbane, Australia.  And in November, her 10-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  So Kerry quit her job to take care of him.  (We don't know her age, but she looks to be in her 40s.)
Meanwhile, Kerry is ALSO battling cancer.  She's had seven melanomas removed, and just found out she has cervical cancer too.  Then recently, her car broke down.  Which was a big deal, because she had to get to their chemo treatments.
Luckily, a website called got involved.  Their goal is to do something nice for one person every week of the year.  With Kerry, the idea was to find a mechanic who'd fix her car for free.  
But halfway around the world, an anonymous woman in Scotland heard about it, and stepped it up a bit.  Instead of fixing the car, she decided to buy Kerry a NEW one, and donated about $6,500.  Then a car dealership offered to give her a sweet deal, so she could buy a truck to carry her son's wheelchair.
Kerry says it made her realize that she and her son aren't going through this alone.  And they recently found out that his cancer is now in remission.  ( / Sunshine Coast Daily / Good News Network)  

A Naked Guy Painting His Wall Slips . . . and Gets His man part Stuck in a Pipe For Two Days

61-year-old Lian Tien of Quanzhou City, China was painting his house recently, and it was so hot out, he was painting NAKED.  Check out what happened next . . .
Lian says, quote, "I slipped on the floor causing my private parts to fall inside the pipe that was protruding from the wall to take water outside from the air conditioner."  Riiiiight.
He cut the pipe out from the wall, and tried pouring oil and liquid soap on it.  But his junk was wedged so deep it didn't work.  Then he went to sleep with the pipe on, and it STILL wouldn't come off . . . and stayed there the next day.
Finally, the day after that, he went to the hospital.  So his junk was stuck in a pipe for TWO DAYS before he went to the hospital.  Doctors had to bring in firefighters to cut the pipe off, and it took four hours.  
The good news:  Lian didn't do any permanent damage down there.  
(Daily Mirror) 

A 29-Year-Old Woman With 10,000 Hello Kitty Items Somehow Can't Get a Boyfriend

29-year-old Natasha Goldsmith is a horse trainer in Exeter, England.  And she's single.  But there's NO QUESTION why . . . she's ADDICTED to Hello Kitty.
Back in 2000, a friend from Japan gave her a Hello Kitty notebook . . . and Natasha became obsessed with Hello Kitty.  She's spent the past 14 years collecting at least 10,000 items, and estimates she's spent $84,000 so far.
Her entire one-bedroom apartment is CRAMMED with Hello Kitty stuff . . . from appliances and furniture, to curtains and more than 4,000 toys.
And now, back to the issue of a boyfriend.  Natasha says, quote, "Boyfriends in the past have tried to make me give her up, so I got rid of them.  It's part of who I am and I'm not changing for anybody.
"If a man doesn't like my Kitty kingdom and can't accept me for who I am then I'm not interested in them."  
(Daily Mirror)  

Women Waste $176,000 in Their Lifetime on Dieting

A new study just found that the average woman who diets will spend more than $176,000 on dieting in her lifetime . . . and almost all of it goes to waste since their diets almost never stick.
The study found the average dieter tries between 10 and 20 diets in their lifetime and spends about $50-a-week on special foods, exercise classes and gym memberships, diet program fees, and supplements.
It also found that when the average person starts a diet, they want to lose 24 pounds.  
(Daily Mail) 

We Rely on Our Dads to Fix Stuff Until We're 41 . . . Here Are the 10 Things We Make Them Do

At some point you have to stop calling your dad every time something breaks around the house.  And based on this survey, that point is . . . when you're well into middle age.
A new survey found the average age when people FINALLY stop leaning on their dads to help fix stuff is . . . 41.
Men are just about as likely to rely on their dads as women . . . 70% of men say they still call their dads for help versus 75% of women.
The top 10 jobs we rely on our dads for are:
Anything involving power tools . . . fixing the heat . . . fixing the toilet . . . fixing a leaky pipe . . . building a wall . . . fixing a faucet that drips . . . changing a fuse . . . building a patio . . . installing a kitchen . . . and putting up a fence.  
(Daily Mail)

How to Become a Millionaire By Age 30

Grant Cardone from Entrepreneur Magazine says you can become a millionaire by the time you're 30.  Just follow these nine easy steps?
1.  Don't show off.  "Fake it 'til you make it" is a good way to stay poor forever.  Don't buy expensive things just to look like you're already a millionaire.  Save money for the investments that can MAKE you a millionaire.
2.  Never save money, except to invest it.  When you save money, it should be for things that will make you richer.  And the money you save should be untouchable, even for emergencies.  Lock it away, and don't bring it out except to start a new venture.
3.  Avoid debt that doesn't make you richer.  Cardone says rich people use debt to make investments, and increase their cash flow.  Poor people use debt to buy stuff . . . which only makes the RICH people richer.
4.  Treat money like a jealous lover.  If you want to be a millionaire, you have to treat money better than everything else.  You have to put it first.  Otherwise it will leave you for someone else.
5.  Money doesn't sleep, and neither should you.  The way to get rich is to outwork everyone else.  When other people go home and get drunk, stay at the office.  Don't take vacations, and don't try to have a life.  No one said it would be easy.
6.  Tell yourself it makes no sense to be poor.  Cardone says a lot of people just accept being poor, because they think it will always be that way for them.  You have to believe that it sucks to be poor, and that it's your FAULT if you stay that way. 
Hey . . . no one said it would be PROPER, either.  But if you want to get to be a millionaire in the first ten or 12 years of your career, you can't think the way other people think.  And you can't CARE what they think about you.
7.  Get a millionaire mentor.  If no real millionaire will mentor you, pick someone in the public eye and study them.  Once you find out what they did, do that.
8.  Let your money do the work for you.  You should always be focused on investing.  Use your money to attract more money.  Labor doesn't make anyone a millionaire . . . there's not enough time in one life.  You need investments that pay off.
9.  Aim for $10 million, not $1 million.  You have to think bigger, so that even if you don't reach your goals, you still get to be a millionaire.  Cardone says the biggest mistake he ever made was not thinking big enough. 

Two Sisters Born as Conjoined Twins Graduated High School as Co-Valedictorians

18 years ago, Emily and Caitlin Copeland of Houston, Texas were born conjoined at the chest.  And with conjoined twins, the odds of survival are pretty dismal.
Luckily, Emily and Caitlin DID make it . . . and also survived an operation 10 months later to separate them.
They just turned 18 yesterday, and soon they'll be headed off to college . . . after graduating from high school last month as CO-VALEDICTORIANS of their class.
Since they're going to college in different cities, they're worried about being apart for the first time . . . Emily's enrolled at the University of Houston, and Caitlin is going to Concordia University in Austin, almost 200 miles away.
But they also say they're excited.  And Caitlin even joked that they're finally being "separated permanently."  

A New Website Figures Out Which Facebook Friends Are Most Similar to You

Unless you're really selective about Facebook friends, you're probably friends with random people you went to elementary school with, and people you think you MIGHT have met at a party once.
Time to find out who you REALLY jibe with.
There's a new website that that can figure out which Facebook friends are most similar to you.  
It's called  It analyzes your Facebook posts to see how outgoing, open, agreeable, neurotic, and conscientious you are.  Those are considered the "big five" personality traits.  
Then it looks at your FRIENDS' Facebook posts for the same things, and figures out which of your friends have the same personality breakdown.
You can also compare yourself to people like President Obama and Bill Gates.  
(Business Insider) Can Now Use Photos of Your Ex to Find You a Lookalike

When you get DUMPED, don't you want your next hook up to look like the OPPOSITE of your ex?  Like, if you get dumped by a 5-foot-2, 110-pound blonde, don't you gravitate to a 6-foot-8 Eskimo Can Now Use Photos of Your Ex to Find You a Lookalike
When you get DUMPED, don't you want your next hook up to look like the OPPOSITE of your ex?  Like, if you get dumped by a 5-foot-2, 110-pound blonde, don't you gravitate to a 6-foot-8 Eskimo lady with skull-crushing thighs?
Well, thinks if you have a type, you'll want to STICK with that type.  So they've just introduced a new feature that lets you upload photos of your ex . . . and they'll use facial recognition to match you up with a LOOKALIKE.
A spokesperson says, quote, "People have a type and it's not necessarily about height or race or hair color, but a lot of it is about face shape."
There's one catch . . . the service is only available with PREMIUM memberships.  Those cost $5,000 for a six-month package.
The premium membership also includes your own professional matchmaker, who coaches you, flies out to meet you, and goes on pre-dates with your potential matches.  (Mashable)
y with skull-crushing thighs?
Well, thinks if you have a type, you'll want to STICK with that type.  So they've just introduced a new feature that lets you upload photos of your ex . . . and they'll use facial recognition to match you up with a LOOKALIKE.
A spokesperson says, quote, "People have a type and it's not necessarily about height or race or hair color, but a lot of it is about face shape."
There's one catch . . . the service is only available with PREMIUM memberships.  Those cost $5,000 for a six-month package.
The premium membership also includes your own professional matchmaker, who coaches you, flies out to meet you, and goes on pre-dates with your potential matches.  (Mashable)

Nine Steps for Getting Rid of Your Junk

If you need to get rid of junk but don't know where start, take a look at these nine steps.
1.  Don't do it all at once.  That's how you get overwhelmed and give up before you start.  Set a timeline and divide the job up into smaller goals.
2.  Don't make a "maybe" pile.  Everything should be a "yes" or "no."  That's how you got the junk in the first place . . . by assuming you'd need things later on.
3.  Have a garage sale.  Advertise well, and offer volume discounts.  Also put out a "free" box with stuff you can give away.  People will be more likely to shop if they think they can get something else for free.
4.  Post bigger items online.  For furniture and appliances, the best thing is to list them on Craigslist or eBay.  You'll get more exposure and usually a better selling price.
5.  Use to give things away.  It's a website where you post stuff you don't want.  Usually there's someone out there who'll want to take it and fix it up.  They probably CAN'T fix it, but that's fine because now it's THEIR junk.
6.  Donate to charities and local organizations.  A lot of charities will schedule a pickup with you.  Or you can contact places like schools, assisted living facilities, and community centers to see what kinds of things they can use.
7.  Sell at consignment stores or flea markets.  Do it for things like antiques and special items that you don't want to put out at a garage sale.  Or you could go to a pawn shop or antique dealer, if you have anything that's actually worth good money.
8.  Put it out on the curb.  If you can't sell it and you don't want it, try leaving it outside.  People will take just about anything.  If they see it sitting there unguarded, they'll think they saw it first, and they'll grab it because they don't want to miss out on a good deal.
9.  Throw it away.  After the first eight steps, whatever is left goes straight to the trash.  Take it to the dump if you have to, or call a junk removal service.  

Two Strangers Donated $35,000 to Save a Two-Year-Old's Eyesight

Two-year-old Pamela Soto lives in Hobbs, New Mexico, and has a degenerative eye condition that's slowly been making her go BLIND.  So a while back, she had eye surgery.  (Hobbs is in the southeast corner of the state, near Texas.)
The surgery didn't help though, and her doctor said she needed ANOTHER surgery that would cost $35,000.  As a last resort, her mom walked around to local businesses asking for donations, and raised about five grand.
But out of nowhere, someone anonymously donated the FULL AMOUNT of $35,000.  That was in February, and Pamela's parents used the other $5,000 to travel to Michigan last month where she had the surgery done.
Since then, she's started to regain vision in both eyes.  And once it was clear the surgery was a success, the anonymous donors came forward.
It turns out one of the businesses the mom went to was a construction company owned by two guys named Danny Watson and Jimmy Cooper.  And they're the ones who donated the money.
Danny told the local news that they talked it over, and decided they just couldn't sit back and let someone so young go blind when there was a way to stop it.  (Yahoo / KOB4 / NY Daily News)  

A Quarter of Us Are Friends with Someone's Pet on Facebook

Chances are you have at least one friend who talks about their pet like it's their kid.  Unfortunately, a lot of us are ENCOURAGING that type of behavior.
According to a new survey on pets and technology, 17% of pet owners have created an account for their pet on places like Facebook and Twitter.  Even worse . . . 25% of us are FRIENDS with someone's pet online.
Ironically, about 10% of pet owners say their cat or dog has DESTROYED a piece of technology . . . which sounds low.
19% claim their pet has destroyed something because it was ANGRY at them . . . 25% say they were USING the device at the time, and maybe the pet was jealous . . . and power cords are the most common piece of technology pets like to mess with.
The survey also found that male dogs are 86% more likely to destroy a phone or computer than female dogs.  And 18% of cat and dog owners have VIDEO CHATTED with their pet while they were away from home.  (PR Newswire)
Related Comedy:  17% of pet owners have started a page for their pet on places like Facebook and Twitter.  There's a name for these people . . . single.  (Tweet This)

A Guy Is Severely Injured When an Elevator Suddenly Shoots Up 31 Floors

It's common to worry about an elevator suddenly falling DOWN while you're inside.  I'm not sure anyone's ever worried about an elevator doing the opposite, and shooting UP.  But now you can.
There's a video on YouTube of a guy named Jose Acevedo.  He got into an elevator in a new apartment complex in Santiago, Chile on Friday . . . and before the doors could even close, it started FLYING upwards.
He was frantically pressing buttons to get it to stop, but it didn't work.  The elevator shot up 31 floors in 15 seconds, and CRASHED into the ceiling.  
What's even scarier is that the doors were OPEN the whole time . . . so in the security video footage, you can see the floors flying by while Jose hits the buttons.
Emergency crews got Jose out . . . but he's still in the hospital with leg and head injuries.  And he may not be able to WALK again because the crash damaged his spine.  (Gawker)

Dads Do $24,103 Worth of Stuff Around the House a Year

Dads do a TON of free labor around the house, and save their families tens of thousands of dollars a year.  Translation:  Don't just buy him three packs of M&M's at the gas station this Sunday on the way to a Father's Day lunch. just released the results of their annual report on the value of all the stuff dads do around the house.
And they found that in 2014, the average dad does $24,103 worth of work.
That's based on his work as an accountant, plumber, tutor, coach, handyman, car mechanic, builder, pest control worker, taxi driver, laborer, cook, and groundskeeper . . . and what you'd have to pay all of those people to do what dad does for free.
That value is up 3% from last year, and up 19% from 2012.  

Eight Ways to Outsmart a Salesperson

Everyone THINKS they're smarter than salespeople when they go shopping.  If you can remember these eight tips, there's a chance you actually might BE smarter.
1.  Don't buy the accessories.  Stores put really low prices on things like computers and TVs, just to get customers in the door.  They make their real money on all the cables and peripherals.  So buy what you came for and leave the rest behind.
2.  Read the fine print and understand it.  Especially for things like cars, the deal only looks good UNTIL you go through the fine print.  But a lot of people don't do that until after they've made the deal.
3.  Put your ego away.  Some customers come in over-confident, because they've done their research.  Smart salespeople will use that against you.  They'll say things like, "Obviously you know what you're talking about, so let's cut to the chase."
4.  Recognize a lie when you hear it.  When they tell you a price is only available TODAY, it's a lie.  If they can give it to you for that price today, they can do it at that price as long as it stays in inventory.
5.  Never leave and then come back.  You might think you're giving a salesperson time to soften up.  But really you're just showing them that you've already decided you're going to buy it.   If you come back on your own, they'll come at you even harder.
6.  There's probably not a minimum purchase.  Sometimes you'll get offered a makeover at the cosmetics counter, but they'll tell you there's a minimum purchase.  They could easily be lying, and expecting that no one will call them on it.
7.  Don't fall for "the face."  Don't let a salesperson ask you what you're currently using, and then react with surprise or disapproval.  Salespeople will try to make you think you're doing it wrong, and then you'll be ready to buy whatever they suggest.
8.  You're allowed to mix up different brands of makeup.  Every cosmetics company tries to tell you that you have to use all their products together.  They just do that to make you throw away your old stuff and buy their entire line.
(ABC News)

The College Student Who Tackled the Seattle Shooter Is Getting a Free Honeymoon

One person was killed in the shooting at Seattle Pacific University on Thursday, and two more were injured.  But police say it would have been a lot worse if a 26-year-old engineering student named Jon Meis hadn't done what he did.
While the shooter was reloading, Jon ran in and pepper sprayed him.  Then he tackled him and held him in a chokehold until help came.  Which is the type of thing you can't really thank someone ENOUGH for.  But the Internet is trying.
After Jon's name was released, someone found out he's getting married to his girlfriend Kaylie later this month, and shared a link to their gift registry on Twitter.  And almost immediately, complete strangers bought EVERYTHING on it.
And then some.  For example, you know those things you stick in the ends of an ear of corn when you eat it?  Yeah, they're getting FORTY of those.
Then after the registry was done, someone else set up a fundraising page on to pay for their HONEYMOON.  And the goal was to raise $5,000 . . . but they've already raised nearly 50 GRAND.
If you want to donate, just google the phrase, "Jon Meis".  (KIRO7 / CBS Seattle / Fox News

A Guy Wants to Get Out of His Burger King Shift Early . . . So His Brother Calls in a Bomb Threat

A guy working at a Burger King in Norwich, England back on March 6th wanted to get out of work early.  So he called his brother, 18-year-old Luke Brown, and asked him to figure out how to get him out.
And Luke's brilliant plan was . . . calling in a BOMB threat.
The Burger King is in a mall, so the police evacuated the entire mall and swept it for bombs.  When they couldn't find one, they started investigating the bomb threat . . . and even though Luke made it from a pay phone, the cops traced it to him.
He was arrested . . . and last week he was sentenced to six months in a juvenile detention center.
In his defense, since the mall was evacuated that day, he DID accomplish his goal of getting his brother out of work early.  (Eastern Daily Press)  

Florida Is the Most Stressed Out State in the U.S. . . . North Dakota Is the Most Relaxed

Maybe THIS is why people in Florida always seem to do CRAZIER stuff than people anywhere else.
A real estate website called Movoto just did a study on the most stressed out states in the country . . . and Florida is number one.
The rankings are based on six factors:  Percentage of people with a commute over 20 minutes, the unemployment rate, hours worked, population density, percentage of income spent on housing, and percentage of people without health insurance.
The top 10 most stressed states are:  Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, California, Nevada, Illinois, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, and Arizona.
On the other end, North Dakota was least stressed state.  The rest of the 10 least stressed are:  Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Vermont, Wyoming, Montana, Maine, and Utah. NH was 27th on the least stressed side!  (Movoto)
(You can see the rankings for the 48 states in the continental U.S. here.  The study didn't include Alaska or Hawaii.) 

21% of People Dating Online Have Gone Out With Someone Who Looked Nothing Like Their Photos

At this point, we all know the photos people use for online dating don't match EXACTLY how they look in real life.  But at least you hope the photos are SOMEWHAT close.
A new survey found that about one out of five times, they aren't.
21% of people say they've gone on a date with someone they met online who was, quote, "unrecognizable" . . . they looked THAT different than their photos.
And that makes sense . . . since one out of four people say they use some photos that are at least FIVE YEARS OLD in their online dating profile.
Overall, 33% of people say they've gone on at least one date where they were disappointed at how the person looked in real life.
And 48% of people have gone on a date with someone ONLY because of their looks.  
(Daily Mail)

The Top Five Ways Dads Embarrass Their Kids

This Sunday is Father's Day.  And the one thing all dads have in common is their uncanny ability to EMBARRASS their kids.
In fact, according to a new study, teenagers stay an average of 22 FEET away from their dad when they're in public, because they're afraid their friends might see them.  Here are the five things dads do that embarrass kids the most.
1.  Dancing in public.
2.  Singing in public.
3.  Dressing like a dad.
4.  Telling bad jokes.
5.  Trying to be cool by using young-person slang.
The survey also asked what kids APPRECIATE most about their dad.  Number one is driving them places, followed by giving them money . . . knowing how to fix things . . . being more easygoing than Mom . . . and their willingness to eat in front of the TV. (Daily Mail)

Eight Things Women Think Men Care About . . . But They Actually Don't

"Cosmopolitan" has come out with a list of things that women THINK men care about . . . but they really don't.  Listen up, and see if you agree . . .    
1.  If you don't shave your legs every day.  YOU might notice a bit of stubble, but he doesn't.
2.  If you're not wearing makeup.
3.  If you want to hang out with your friends without him.  He'll probably appreciate the alone time.
4.  What you look like "downstairs."
5.  How big your boobs are.  No guy has ever said, "I met this amazing woman, she's everything I want . . . except for her boobs."
6.  How much money you make.
7.  Whether or not you've had a mani-pedi.
8.  That you have bodily functions. The only thing worse than burping or letting one out is making a big deal about it.  (Cosmopolitan) 

A Nine-Year-Old Did the Heimlich and Saved His Friend's Life

Last month, a nine-year-old in Minneapolis named Zach Furman was at a school picnic.  And he and a friend started looking for their buddy Fletcher to see if he wanted to sit with them.
And it's a good thing they did.  Because when they found him, Fletcher was in the middle of CHOKING on a French fry.  And no one else was around to help him.
At first, the other friend thought Fletcher was throwing up.  But Zach said no, he was choking on something.  So the friend ran to get a teacher, while Zach decided to handle it HIMSELF . . . gave Fletcher the Heimlich maneuver . . . and saved his LIFE.
It turns out Zach realized what was happening and knew what to do, because his dad had taught him the Heimlich just two week earlier.
And listen to how modest this kid is about it.  When someone asked if he's a hero, he said no, it was no big deal . . . and he's just glad his buddy is okay.  (CBS Minnesota / Fox News)  

A Guy Got His Arm Stuck in a Toilet For Six Hours Trying to Get His Cell Phone

I'm sure thousands of people accidentally drop their cell phone into the TOILET on a daily basis.  But at least you get to fish it out of a clean American toilet . . . not a Chinese feces pile.
A guy named Chen Ho in Jianyang, Sichuan, China was using a public toilet this week . . . which is really just a hole in the ground.  He was talking with a friend on his new smart phone . . . and dropped it into the hole.
He says he couldn't imagine losing his new phone, so he stuck his arm into the toilet hole to try to get it.  But . . . he got STUCK.
It took SIX HOURS for firemen to get him out.  Chen says, quote, "The smell was appalling and by the time the firemen arrived, my arm was terribly swollen.  I forgot I had a cut on my hand and I think it got infected."
He DID get his phone back at the end of this . . . but after all that, it was RUINED.  (Daily Mail)  

A Woman Lit Her Hair on Fire Trying to Lean in For a Selfie

There's a movement out there to get people to shoot cell phone videos with the camera HORIZONTAL . . . not VERTICAL.  Because vertical videos look bad when you watch them on YouTube, with those giant black boxes on the sides.
Well, here's the best possible public service announcement against vertical videos . . . shoot horizontal videos, or you might wind up setting someone on FIRE.
There's a video on YouTube that shows a bunch of people at a bar in England trying to get in a selfie video . . . and it's being shot vertically.
And when one girl leans in to get into the narrow frame . . . she accidentally leans into a candle and sets her HAIR on fire.
Fortunately she puts it out quickly . . . but she does wind up with a chunk of burnt hair in her hand.  You can check it out on YouTube, it's called "Wait is your hair on fire?" (Warning:  There's uncensored profanity.)  

A Quarter of the Time You Spend in Meetings Is Completely Wasted

Most meetings seem like a complete waste of time . . . we all know it.  But is it actually true?  Well . . . sort of.
According to a new survey, one-quarter of the time you spend in meetings is completely wasted.  So if a meeting is an hour long, 15 minutes of it is taken up by chit chat and other non-work-related stuff.
The survey also asked people what annoys them the MOST about work meetings.  Here are the top five responses.
1.  When the person in charge doesn't have a clear agenda.  So it lasts longer than it should.
2.  When the person DOES have an agenda, but then goes on a bunch of tangents.
3.  Not ending the meeting on time, for whatever reason.
4.  Not starting on time.
5.  Having to be at a meeting that doesn't involve you in any way.  
(PR Newswire)

How Much Money Do You Need to Feel Rich? And How Much to Feel Happy?

CNN asked people how much money they'd need to make in a year to feel RICH . . . and how much they'd need to be HAPPY.  And no, those are NOT the same thing.
How much would you have to make this year to feel rich?  The most popular answer was between $100,000 and $200,000, with 23% of the vote.  Only 11% of people said they'd need to make $1 million or more.
4% of people say they'd feel rich making between $1 and $30,000 . . . and 4% would feel rich making between $30,000 and $50,000.  So, wealth is clearly relative.
Now . . . how much would you need to make this year to feel happy?  The most popular answer was between $100,000 and $200,000 again . . . but the rest of the numbers skewed lower.
Almost three out of five people gave an answer between $50,000 and $200,000 . . . and another one in five gave an answer under $50,000.
Only 2% of people would need to make $1 million this year to be happy . . . and 6% of people who LOVE CLICHÉS said money can't buy happiness.  

The 10 Best Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree

If you don't have a four-year college degree, you're NOT screwed.  There are some pretty good careers that don't require one.  Here's a list of the 10 best.
1.  Dental hygienist.  Obviously not just anyone can do it.  You need a two-year degree including clinical training, and you need a state license.  But you can make 70 grand a year if you get that far.
2.  Registered nurse.  Nowadays a lot of them have four-year degrees.  But it only requires a two-year degree, and it pays more than $65,000. 
3.  Web developer.  It might take you more than four years to learn how to do it well.  But you don't need a degree for it.  And the median salary is $62,500.
4.  Respiratory therapist.  They help doctors with asthma patients and people who have lung diseases, and they also help take people on and off life support.  It only requires a two-year degree and national certification, and pays $56,000.
5.  Electrician.  You need to be licensed, and you need to know a lot.  But you can learn it on the job, and it pays almost 50 grand a year.
6.  Computer service technician.  Again, it takes a long time to learn how to work on computers.  But plenty of people learn it on their own, and you can make $49,000.
7.  Paralegal.  Most of them have bachelor's degrees and certification, but you don't NEED anything, if there's a lawyer who will hire you.  Pays about $47,000.
8.  Appliance repairer.  You can learn on the job, and you can make almost $44,000 on average.
9.  Carpenter.  It only takes experience.  Typically you make around $40,000.
10.  Auto body technician.  Usually you get a job in a body shop and work your way up.  It pays about $38,000 a year.
(ABC News)

A 91-Year-Old Woman Shattered a Marathon Record by Almost Two Hours

91-year-old Harriette Thompson lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.  And she's a cancer survivor who's now battling the disease for a second time.  But she hasn't let that stop her from being a total BADASS.
The year she turned 76, Harriette ran her first MARATHON.  And since then she's done 14 more.  On Sunday, she ran one in San Diego, and finished in 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 42 seconds.  Which is a new U.S. RECORD for a woman over 90.
In fact, she shattered the previous record by almost two HOURS.  And she's also now the second oldest woman to ever FINISH a marathon in the U.S.
Harriette did an interview two days after the race, and said she didn't even feel sore.  She also says she didn't even care about breaking the record . . . she was only running to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
Harriette told a reporter that this will probably be her last year running marathons . . . then admitted that she says that EVERY year.  (USA Today / Runner's World)

A Woman Is Divorcing Her Husband Because He Didn't Like "Frozen"?

If you have a daughter between the age of 5 and 15, she's probably seen the Disney movie "Frozen" . . . and probably thinks she's the biggest fan in the world.  But she isn't.  Because THIS woman is.
A guy in Japan claims his 29-year-old wife LEFT HIM last month, because she made him watch "Frozen" . . . and he said it was just "okay".  (Neither of them have revealed their names.)
He says she's been staying with her parents, and she's so angry she won't talk to him.  But before she left, she explained that if you don't like "Frozen", then there's something wrong with you as a HUMAN BEING.
Of course, it's possible he's making the whole thing up.  But he claims their marriage is basically solid other than the fact that he doesn't like the movie.
The guy says he was a literature major in college, and did a paper on "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen, the story "Frozen" is based on.
So it sounds like maybe he's just being a SNOB about it.  And this might also be the first time someone got divorced over the classic "book was better than the movie" argument.  (Gawker / Rocket News 24)

What Lie Do You Tell Most Often?

You LIE on a daily basis.  They aren't necessarily big lies . . . but we ALL drop little lies here and there.  If you don't . . . well, then you're either JESUS or JIM CARREY in "Liar, Liar". 
What lie do you tell the most often?  Here are eight of the most popular answers . . . 
1.  "My phone was on silent so I didn't know you called."
2.  "Sorry, I don't have any change on me."
3.  "I don't care what people think of me."
4.  Whatever your height is . . . adding at least an inch.
5.  "I'm fine" . . . whether you're happy, sad, or anything in between.
6.  "I'm on the way."
7.  "This meal was delicious."
8.  "I'll let you know if I can make it . . . I think I might already have something that night."  

64% of Parents Need to Escape During a Day With Their Kids . . . By Hiding in the Bathroom

There's no JOY like spending an entire day with your kids.  And by "joy," we mean "joy that quickly evolves into mind-pounding torture."
64% of parents say they feel the need to ESCAPE for a while during a day with their kids, according to a new survey.
The average time when parents escape is 3:53 P.M. . . . and almost all of them find refuge in the BATHROOM.  Then they spend an average of 14-and-a-half minutes in there with the door locked.
The average parent says they take about three or four trips to the bathroom during the week because it's their only way to get some privacy.  
(Daily Mail)

3% of People Have Skipped a Wedding Because They Didn't Approve of the Marriage . . . Plus Four Stats About Weddings

The people at Harris Interactive just released the results of a new poll on Americans' feelings toward weddings . . . and it proves one main thing:  No matter WHAT you do for your wedding, a bunch of people are going to hate it.
Here are five of the best stats from the survey . . .
1.  6% of people have skipped a wedding to avoid DRAMA . . . 3% have skipped one because they didn't APPROVE of who their friend or family member was marrying . . . and 1% have skipped one to avoid running into an ex.
2.  84% of people are still cool with the tradition of the bride's father "giving her away" . . . but 16% of people don't like it.
3.  We're pretty split on whether brides should wear white . . . since, you know, barely anyone gets married as a virgin anymore.  54% of people say the bride should wear white . . . 46% say it doesn't matter.
4.  88% of people think destination weddings are RUDE because they put too much of a financial burden on guests.
5.  And 71% of people think if it's one person's second wedding . . . or third, fourth, or fifth wedding . . . the wedding should be more subdued.  (Harris Interactive)

The Five Weirdest Things That Can Happen When You Sleep

There's a good chance the freakiest things that happen to your body happen when you're ASLEEP.  Which is good, because some of them are pretty weird.
1.  Feeling like you're falling.  You know this one.  It's actually called a 'hypnagogic jerk.'  It happens when you're about to fall asleep, and it wakes you back up.  You feel like you're about to tip over, and throw out your arms and legs to catch yourself.
2.  Sleep paralysis.  Sleepwalking is when your body wakes up but your brain stays asleep.   This is like the opposite, as if your body is paralyzed while you're dreaming.  Sometimes you wake up from a deep sleep, and your muscles are still shut down.  
And at first it might feel like you can't BREATHE, because you can't move the muscles in your chest.
3.  Sleep-talking.  About 5% of us do it regularly, and it's usually within the first hour or two after going to bed, when you're already dreaming but the muscles in your throat and face are still working.
4.  Sleep sex.  Sometimes it's possible to wake up when you're already having sex.  And YOU might be the one who started it.  And it happens to about 8% of us.   
5.  Exploding head syndrome.  Seriously.  You wake up after hearing a really loud noise or maybe seeing a flash of light.  You might actually have the sensation that your head is exploding.  (ABC News)

Someone Returned a $46 Million Winning Lotto Ticket to the Rightful Owners

Hakeem and Abiola Nosiru are originally from Nigeria, but they've lived outside Toronto for the past 17 years, and they've been married for 29.  
Back in January, they hit the Canadian lottery for 50 MILLION BUCKS . . . which is about 46 million in American dollars.
And Hakeem was so worried about losing the ticket, he put it in an envelope . . . then duct taped it to his STOMACH.  Which was a brilliant move, that he followed with a NOT-so-brilliant move.
Because for some reason, he didn't trust himself.  So he took it off and gave it to his wife, who put it in her purse.  Then they went to church the next day.  But afterwards, she looked for it . . . and it was GONE.
They turned their house upside down and went through their trash, but didn't find it.  And eventually they had to face the fact that it was probably gone for good.
Luckily, Hakeem had already signed the ticket and filled in his address.  And TWO MONTHS after they lost it, someone from their church showed up and gave it BACK to them.  On April Fools' Day of all days.
They got their big novelty check on Monday.  They're planning to travel a lot, and also help their four kids and five grandkids.  (Toronto Sun)  

A Woman Calls 911 Because She Didn't Get Enough Sprinkles on Her Ice Cream Cone

Normally we say that frivolous 911 calls are a serious problem, because they divert resources away from real emergencies.  But NOT in this case.  If someone ruins your ice cream, that IS a legitimate cause for police intervention.
The police in West Midlands, England released a recording of a 911 call from Monday, where a woman called because she didn't get enough SPRINKLES on her ice cream cone.  (Technically in England it's 999 not 911.)
The woman reported that the guy at the ice cream shop had only put sprinkles on one side of her cone . . . and refused to either even out the sprinkle distribution, OR give her a refund.
The dispatcher explained to the woman that that's not a good enough reason to call . . . the line is only supposed to be for life-or-death emergencies.  But she was nice enough NOT to have her arrested for abusing the system.  
(West Midlands Police)

A youth ministry in Alabama put up a controversial billboard

A Youth Ministry in Alabama Put Up a Billboard With an Inspirational Quote From Adolf Hitler . . . and Even Had Hitler's Name On It
This is one of those things that just BOGGLES the mind . . . NO ONE thought to veto this idea at ANY point in the process?
There's a youth ministry in Opelika, Alabama called Life Savers Ministries, and they just put up a billboard outside a mall in Auburn, Alabama . . . featuring an inspirational quote from ADOLF HITLER.
The billboard has a photo of five smiling children and says, quote, "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.  Adolf Hitler."  In other words, it WASN'T an accident.  They actually put his name up there too.  The billboard also has a quote from Proverbs.
The thing is, they're NOT a neo-Nazi organization.  Apparently they're just an organization with REALLY bad judgment about who to get inspiration from?
The billboard went up Friday and was taken down yesterday.  James Anderegg is the founder of Life Savers Ministries . . . he says, quote, "We are a children's organization and had honorable intentions and nothing less."  (Columbia Ledger-Enquirer)  

Two Guys Staged a Fake Murder For Google Street View . . . and Got a Visit From the Cops

If you saw the Google Maps Street View car coming down the street, you'd probably be tempted to do SOMETHING stupid in front of it.  And thousands of people have had the same idea.
56-year-old Dan Thompson owns a car repair shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, and 31-year-old Gary Kerry is one of his mechanics.  They were outside the shop back in August of 2012 when they saw the Google Maps car coming.
So they thought it'd be funny to stage a FAKE MURDER.  Dan got down on the ground and pretended to be dead . . . and Gary stood over him with an ax handle.  Then the car went by, took the photos, and they forgot all about it.
Well, Google eventually updated their Edinburgh maps with those photos.  And someone finally spotted them, freaked out, and called the cops.
The police actually showed up at Dan's repair shop to investigate the murder . . . and after they talked with Dan and Gary, they found out it was just a joke.  No charges were filed . . . and you can still see the fake murder on Google.  (Buzzfeed)

Two-Thirds of Us Go To The Bathroom in the Water at the Beach

Next time you go swimming at the beach, just know that you're swimming in a SEA of PEE.  Although maybe if you get stung by a jellyfish that means you'll be instantly cured?
Almost two-thirds of people admit they pee in the water at the beach, according to a new survey.
62% of people have peed in the water . . . and 48% do it all the time.
One of the main reasons is . . . we all think the bathrooms at the beach are DISGUSTING.
The majority of people say there are NO bathrooms grosser than beach bathrooms . . . they beat out planes, the gym, and movie theater bathrooms.  

Six Car Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Paying for car repairs isn't the worst thing in the world . . . getting in a crash because you DIDN'T pay for repairs is worse.  Here's a list of six car sounds that might mean a crash is in your future . . . so DON'T ignore them.
1.  Diesel-like clattering in a gasoline engine.  It could be bad gasoline, or your ignition timing might be off.  Either one could cause serious engine damage if it isn't fixed.
2.  Drumming underneath the car that increases with speed.  It could be a failing U-joint.  The worst that can happen is that the U-joint breaks, the driveshaft hits the pavement . . . and your car flips end over end until something stops it.
3.  A sound like fingernails scraping on a chalkboard.  It's probably a loose accessory drive belt.  It's not life or death, but everyone around you will hate you until you fix it.
4.  Sharp tapping that increases with engine RPM.  It could be a connecting rod knock.  In the worst case, the rod punches through the engine block . . . metal parts and flaming oil shoot out . . . and you're shopping for a whole new engine.
5.  Grinding metal, like a snowplow on a bare road.  Your brake pads could be completely worn away, which could cause the car to pull to one side when you brake.
6. Whining when you turn the steering wheel.  It could be a failing power-steering pump.  If it failed completely, you'd lose your power steering . . . and you wouldn't know it until you tried to turn the wheel.  (Yahoo!  Autos)

A Woman's Ex-Fiancé Is Giving Her a Kidney

Everyone knows at least one couple who broke up, tried to be friends . . . and ended up hating each other even more.  This is DEFINITELY not that couple.
35-year old Sabrina Timms lives in Petaluma, California, near San Francisco.  And last year, she suffered double renal failure . . . meaning she had to go on dialysis, and needs a kidney transplant.
Her family all got tested, but none of them were a match.  Which is when her ex-FIANCÉ got tested . . . a guy named Daniel Burdick.  Daniel found out he IS a match, and the surgery is happening today.  Even though they broke up EIGHT YEARS ago.
Apparently it ended because Sabrina wanted to settle down, and Daniel wanted to pursue his music career.  So now they're dating other people.  But they stayed friends, and they have a DAUGHTER together . . . which explains a lot.
Ironically, Daniel finally just booked a national tour . . . but now he'll have to wait a year while he recovers.
According to Daniel, his tour can wait.  All he cares about now is making sure Sabrina will be okay.  (ABC7News / KTVU)  

A Guy Got a Detached Retina From Texting His Girlfriend in the Dark

You've probably heard how you're not supposed to stare at your phone or iPad screen in the dark for too long, because the bright light is bad for you or something.  HERE'S the "or something."
A 26-year-old guy in China just wound up with a DETACHED RETINA from texting in the dark too much.
The guy would text with his girlfriend for several hours in bed.  It wound up putting a ton of strain on his retina . . . and he needed emergency surgery to have it reattached.
Your retina is light-sensitive and sends messages to the optic nerve in your brain.  And if you strain it too much, it can detach.  Apparently staring at your super-bright screen in the dark can be enough to cause those problems.
Now . . . this guy was the exception.  You probably WON'T wind up having such a severe issue from texting in the dark.  But it's a warning not to overdo it . . . because if you take it too far, you could wind up having problems.  
(Medical Daily)

Your Dad Wants Time with You on Father's Day . . . Or a Gift Card

You always hear how the best gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day is just spending TIME with them.  But if that's like HELL ON EARTH for you, apparently you can get away with buying your dad a GIFT CARD this year.
According to a new survey, gift cards and spending quality time together TIED for the thing dads want most.  Each one got 17% of the vote.
The survey also found that 10% of us think spending time with Dad on Father's Day means we don't need to buy him anything.  That's compared to 6% for Mother's Day.
11% of people say they've completely FORGOTTEN about Father's Day at least once . . . which actually sounds low.  And 20% think it's fine to just send Dad a TEXT.
But when we do buy something, at least we spend ALMOST as much as we spend on Mom.  According to the survey, the average Father's Day gift costs $61, compared to $68 for the average Mother's Day present.
(PR Newswire)

Is Myspace Blackmailing Former Users With Embarrassing Photos?

It's probably been a decade since you posted photos on Myspace . . . and a decade ago, you were DUMBER than you are now.  Translation: Myspace has some old photos of you that you'd rather NOT dredge up.
Well . . . Myspace knows it.  And it looks like they might start using your old embarrassing photos to BLACKMAIL you into signing back in.
Myspace has been emailing old members a few of their old embarrassing photos, to get them to log in.
I guess they figure if you log in to delete your account or your photos, you'll see the NEW Myspace and start using it again?
They're not explicitly saying, "We have your old photos and we can do whatever we want with them unless you give us a reason not to" . . . but that's certainly the implication.
A representative from Myspace says, quote, "Myspace has been reaching out to current and past users to re-engage them through a personalized experience."  So . . . ambiguous generic buzzwords and no denial about blackmail.  
(ABC News)

Science Says Blondes Aren't Actually Dumber

The "dumb blonde" stereotype has been around forever, and it still gets used today . . . mainly because it's the only stereotype left that won't get you sued or fired.
And now it's gone.
A new study out of Stanford University has found that blondes AREN'T actually dumber than anyone else.
The researchers found that hair color is determined by just one single letter in your genetic code and it's not connected to ANY other traits.
They also found that there's no genetic connection between hair color and eye color . . . so blonde hair and blue eyes aren't actually linked to each other.  
(Sydney Morning Herald)

The Top Seven Ways Parents Trick Their Kids Into Eating Fruit and Vegetables

You wish your kid would understand the benefits of eating broccoli and green beans . . . but unless you've got some weirdly evolved super kid, that ain't happening.
A new survey found the average parent with a kid under 11 spends 11 minutes a DAY trying to get their kid to eat fruits and vegetables . . . that adds up to about three whole days a year.
Here are the top seven tricks parents use to get their kids eat fruits and vegetables . . .
1.  Hiding them in other dishes.
2.  Giving the kids rewards for finishing them.
3.  Making up stories about their benefits.
4.  Making shapes or pictures out of them.
5.  Making them into juices, soups, or popsicles.
6.  Not letting the kids leave the table until they've eaten them.
7.  Threatening not to give the kids dessert unless they finish them.

A Woman with Leukemia Found Her Long Lost Dad on Facebook, and Now His Bone Marrow Could Save Her Life

A 39-year-old woman in Argentina named Malen Gaynor was recently diagnosed with leukemia.  And chemotherapy wasn't an option.  So she needed a bone marrow transplant, but couldn't find a match.
Now, Malen's father is still alive.  But they had a falling out a while back, and hadn't spoken in 18 YEARS.  So she didn't even know where he lived anymore.  Luckily, we now live in a world where you can find basically anyone online.
Because after a quick Facebook search, she found him living about 400 miles away.  And even though they hadn't spoken in almost two decades, Malen explained what was happening . . . and he immediately wanted to help.
Through her dad, she also reconnected with her half-brother, who she hadn't seen since he was a baby.  And he wanted to help too.
Since then, the brother has had his bone marrow tested.  And Malen's father gets tested on Wednesday to see who's a better match.  (Fox News / Huffington Post)

A Robber Is Busted When He Sends His Victim a Facebook Friend Request the Next Day

This one seems too good to be true, but this guy really IS this stupid.
A woman in Bremerton, Washington was waiting for a ferry on Tuesday, when a guy hit her in the back of the head, stole her iPod and her purse, and took off.  She didn't get a great look at him, but she did notice a tattoo of a triangle on his neck.
And the next day, she got a Facebook friend request . . . from a 28-year-old guy named Riley Allen Mullins with a tattoo of a triangle on his neck.
That's right:  The guy who robbed her looked at her license in the purse, got her name, and decided to FRIEND REQUEST her.
So she called the cops, and they arrested Riley for second-degree robbery.  
(Kitsap Sun)  

A 113-Year-Old Woman Just Married a Man at Her Nursing Home Who's 43 Years Younger

When you're a woman in your HUNDREDS looking for a man, it's impossible NOT to wind up targeting younger men.  
113-year-old Azatihan Sawuti of Xinjiang, China just scored herself a HOT YOUNG STUD.  He's 43 YEARS younger than her . . . and yeah, that means he's 70 years old, so "hot young stud" is a relative term here.
Azatihan married 70-year-old Aimti Ahemti at their nursing home last week.  They only met six months ago . . . but when you're 113, you gotta move FAST.
She rejected him the first time he proposed because she felt like he was too young.  But he proposed again the next month and she accepted.
As for what he loves about her, Aimti told reporters, quote, "She . . . gives me her portion of meat during meals."  
(New York Daily News)  

The Ten Signs You're Having a Midlife Crisis

Considering buying a sports car and wearing leather pants because you're having a midlife crisis?  Go back to the '80s.  Midlife crises have evolved and if you haven't, it's because you're old.  Not to give you a midlife crisis.
A new survey came up with the top 40 modern signs you're having a midlife crisis.  The top 10 are:
1.  Getting a tattoo.
2.  Getting a facelift.
3.  Getting botox.
4.  Running a half marathon.
5.  Going to a music festival.
6.  Getting your back waxed.
7.  Changing careers.
8.  Buying a fancy watch.
9.  Buying the latest gadgets or technology.
10.  Getting into extreme sports.
A few other signs in the top 40 are getting a Twitter account, buying a fancier smart phone than your kids, and buying a juicer.  (Daily Mail)

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