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JYY Headlines Archives for 2014-05

Homeless Kid Is the Valedictorian of His Class

A Homeless Kid Is the Valedictorian of His Class . . . and the Internet Is Raising Thousands of Dollars for His College Fund
18-year-old Griffin Furlong of Jacksonville, Florida lost his mom to leukemia when he was six.  And for two years, he lived in a homeless shelter with his father and two brothers.  
They moved into a house when he was in sixth grade, but never had much money.  And recently they became homeless again.
But after all that, Griffin is graduating high school next week . . . as the VALEDICTORIAN.  Then he's headed to Florida State to study civil engineering.
Despite his grades, he hasn't been able to get a scholarship, only grants.  Which won't be enough to cover his tuition, books, food, and housing.  But Griffin says he'll manage somehow, and that he does it all for his mom.
Luckily, someone set up a fundraising page for him last week on  And since then, over $50,000 has been donated for his college fund.  If you want to donate, go to and search for "Homeless Valedictorian."  
As of last night, he was also being featured on the front page.  (WFTV / NY Daily News)  

Here's How Huge the Markup is on Movie Theater Food

Movie theater food is OBSCENELY overpriced.  You knew that . . . but here's exactly how much.  It's amazing any movie theater could ever go out of business when they're working with THESE margins.
A business school professor at the University of California, Irvine analyzed how much the average movie theater charges for different food at their concession stand versus how much it costs . . . and it's really spectacular.  Check it out . . .
A large bucket of popcorn sells for an average of $8.15 . . . and costs them 90 cents.  
A large soda sells for an average of $6.31 . . . and costs them 51 cents including the cup, lid, and straw.  ($6.31 seems high to me, but even at $4 or $5 that's still a massive markup.)
And a box of candy sells for an average of $4.25 . . . and costs them around $2.  So in terms of markup, that's the worst deal for them.  

The Average Diet Fails Within 59 Hours

Did you start a diet on Monday that's STILL going today?  If so, congratulations . . . you just beat the odds.
The average diet fails within 59 hours, according to a new survey.
That means if you start your diet with breakfast on Monday morning, odds are you'll have given up by dinner on Wednesday.
And that's not just disappointing because the diet failed . . . it's also disappointing because the majority of people prepare to start a diet by BINGING the night before.   69% say they eat more than usual the night before they're starting a diet.
38% of women say they start about 12 diets a year that fail.  

Wearing Perfume Makes People Think You're Better Looking

Next time you put on some perfume, people won't just think you SMELL great . . . they'll also think you LOOK great.  Not that you don't ALWAYS look great, but you know what we mean. 
A new study out of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia found that when women wear perfume, it actually makes people rate their FACES as more attractive.
So if you smell better . . . people will think you LOOK better.
Which makes sense.  The researchers say that the way the brain processes someone's ODOR is connected to the way it processes someone's looks.
They didn't test it on men's faces with cologne.  But we're assuming the process works for both men and women . . . as long as it's a REASONABLE amount, guys.  
(Science Codex)

Five Signs You Should Be Eating More Carbs

For a lot of us, the first thing we do to lose weight is cut down on carbs.  But you can go too far and end up LESS healthy than before.  So here are five signs you're not getting ENOUGH carbs in your diet.
1.  You have bad breath.  When your body burns fat, it releases foul-smelling chemicals called ketones.  And a lot of them are released in your breath.  There's no way to avoid it.  It's just a drawback of going on a low-carb diet.
2.  Your workouts are slipping.  If you're finding it harder and harder to keep up with your workouts, you might not be getting enough carbs.  It's a sign that your body is using stored protein for muscle building, which means you'll have less energy.
3.  You're not thinking clearly.  Your brain uses carbs for energy.  So if you're keeping away from carbs, your brain gets tired just like anything else.  You might have trouble remembering things, or you might just feel slow and kind of fuzzy.
4.  You're always cranky.  There could be two reasons.  Low-carb diets are no fun, because you're eating more high-calorie foods, so you have to eat smaller portions.  Also, carbs help the body produce serotonin, which makes you feel happier.
5.  You're irregular.  Cutting out carbs usually means cutting out most of your fiber too.  So you'll tend to get constipated.  (Huffington Post)

A Goat Refused to Eat Until It Was Reunited with Its Best Friend . . . a Donkey

Officials in California busted an animal hoarder earlier this month, and rescued a bunch of dogs, a donkey named Jellybean, and a 10-year-old goat named Mr. G.
But the goat ended up at an animal sanctuary in Grass Valley, California, an hour north of Sacramento . . . while the donkey went to a different sanctuary seven hours away.  And the goat took it HARD.
For four days, it just laid in its pen and refused to eat.  What no one realized was, Mr. G the goat and Jellybean the donkey had NEVER been separated.  Luckily someone decided to get in touch with the other sanctuary and reunite them.
Three days later, a volunteer showed up with the donkey, and the goat STILL hadn't eaten.  But as soon as they brought the donkey in, the goat JUMPED to its feet, ran over, and they started eating from the same bowl.
Now the people who run the sanctuary say they won't put either of them up for adoption.  And both animals will become permanent residents, so kids who visit can see the amazing bond animals are capable of having.  (

A Guy Robs a Dunkin' Donuts, and Employees Are Able to Identify Him . . . Because He Works There

On May 18th, a guy wearing a mask robbed a Dunkin' Donuts at knifepoint in Louisville, Kentucky.  And because of the mask, the employees weren't able to give much of a description to police.
But then on Saturday, the place got held up again by the SAME GUY.  And for some reason he skipped the whole disguise thing this time.
And it was even dumber than it sounds, because it turns out he's a 36-year-old named Luke Payne.  And every one of the employees was able to I.D. him . . . because he WORKED THERE, and was robbing his own Dunkin' Donuts store.
Police arrested him on Sunday.  He's charged with two counts of first-degree robbery, and also had an outstanding warrant.  

Four Out of Five Women Listen to Music When They Give Birth

Giving birth is a pretty LOUD process . . . all the screaming, crying, coaching, and then MORE SCREAMING.  Why not rock a slow jam to welcome the baby into the world?
A new survey found that four out of five women say they listened to music when they gave birth.
The most popular music to listen to during birth is classical . . . then soft rock, pop, nature sounds, and rock.
61% of women say they can't remember the exact song that was playing when their baby was born, which actually seems low . . . 39% of women had the mental capacity to focus on the playlist when they were crowning?  
(Daily Mail)

The Bathroom

Men Spend 40 More Minutes on the Toilet Per Week Than Women
A new survey found that even though men have the ability to pee standing up and women don't, men spend MORE time per week sitting on the toilet. Apparently they just CHERISH the time they get in there?
Men spend an average of one hour and 35 minutes on the toilet per week, or around 14 minutes a day.  Women spend 40 minutes less on the toilet per week, at 55 minutes . . . which is about eight minutes a day.
86% of men say the toilet is the place where they get MOST of their reading done . . . versus just 27% of women.
The top things men like to read on the toilet are EROTIC MAGAZINES, sports biographies, crime novels, and men's magazines.
The top things women like to read on the toilet are home and decorating magazines, romance novels, gossip and celebrity magazines, and fashion magazines.  
(Daily Mail)


What's Something You're Always Happy to See in Someone Else's Bathroom?
Using the bathroom at someone else's house is always a gamble . . . you NEVER know what you'll find in there.
So what's something you're ALWAYS happy to see in someone else's bathroom, other than the obvious answer, toilet paper?  Here are six of the most popular answers . . .
1.  A lit candle.  It smells nice, keeps the room from being completely dark when you walk in, and makes you feel like you're someplace super classy.
2.  A small trash can next to the toilet with a lid on it.
3.  A fan that can mask noises and circulate air.
4.  A clean hand towel to wipe your hands on, so you're not using someone's shower towel.
5.  A lock on the door.
6.  A plunger.  Just in case.  

The Six Benefits of a Long-Distance Relationship

For most people, a long-distance relationship means the beginning of the end.  But sometimes it's a GOOD thing . . . if you put work into it.  Here are the six unexpected benefits of being in a long-distance relationship.
1.  If you get through it, your relationship can survive anything.  Not many things make a relationship harder than living far apart.  So if you handle it, and all the trust issues involved, you know you're ready for almost anything.
2.  You become a better communicator.  People who live apart have MEANINGFUL conversations more often.  When they get a chance to talk, they make it count.
3.  You learn to be independent.  We all hate friends who get in a relationship and suddenly can't do ANYTHING without their significant other.  People who live apart get plenty of "me" time . . . and there's no one around to guilt trip you.
4.  You get really good at planning things.  When you have to schedule a call just to say goodnight before bed . . . you become a good planner in a hurry.
5.  The relationship goes beyond sex.  The non-physical stuff is what makes relationships last . . . and when you're apart, you're forced to focus on it.
6.  You get to travel.  When you finally see someone long distance, you do things to make it memorable . . . the stuff normal people never get around to.
(Huffington Post)

A Cop Raised Over $100,000 for the Family of a Murder Victim

On May 6th, a 37-year-old bus driver named Phuoc Lam was shot and killed in a road rage incident in San Jose, California.  And police are still looking for the gunman.  (The victim's name is pronounced Fook Lahm.)
Phuoc didn't have any savings, and was working seven days a week to stay afloat.  And his wife . . . who speaks almost no English . . . didn't even know how she'd pay RENT next month.  They also have two young sons, including one who's autistic.
Luckily, one of the cops investigating decided to go above and beyond.  Huan Nguyen immediately took an interest in the family, because they're Vietnamese immigrants like he is.  And he ALSO has two kids.  (His name is pronounced Hwan When.)
So when he found out about their money issues, he started texting all his friends asking for help.  And he encouraged other officers to do the same, hoping to raise a few thousand bucks.
Then he set up a fundraising page on the site  And in three weeks, complete strangers have donated over $100,000.
Huan says he usually tries not to get emotional when it comes to being a cop.  But this time it was too much, and he knew he had to help.  You can donate by going to  (Newsday / CBS SF Bay /  

There's a New Record For the Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Ever .

There's a New Record For the Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Ever . . . $54.75
I feel like Starbucks is expensive enough without people figuring out ways to make it MORE expensive . . . but here ya go.
A guy named Andrew Chifari in Dallas, Texas just broke the record for the most expensive Starbucks drink.
He managed to get a single drink that cost $54.75 . . . and he did it without a ton of gimmicks.  He just ordered a regular vanilla bean frappuccino . . . and added 60 extra shots of espresso.
Andrew's drink wound up filling up a 128-ounce glass . . . that's a full gallon.
And the best part is . . . he got it for free.  He's a gold member of the Starbucks rewards program, which means he gets a free drink after he buys 12.
The previous record was set last February by a guy in Washington who got a mocha frappuccino with 48 espresso shots, plus bananas, syrups, chocolate chips, protein powder, and more.  His total "only" came out to $47.30.  (Consumerist / Twitter)

Who drinks the most booze on a plane?

People Flying to Vegas Drink the Most Booze on Planes . . . People Flying to Scranton, Pennsylvania Drink the Least
It's weird if you DON'T drink when you're flying to Vegas . . . which is why this study makes perfect sense.
A company called GuestLogix handles the credit card payments on almost all the major U.S. airlines.  And they just released a report on which flights have the most people drinking booze, and which flights have the least.
And just like you'd expect, people flying to Vegas spend the most on alcohol.
The rest of the top five are Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, and Phoenix.
The destination that gets the fewest people drinking is . . . Scranton, Pennsylvania.  The alcohol tab on the average flight to Scranton is about four times lower than the average flight to Vegas.
Flights to Elmira, New York have the second-lowest average alcohol tab.  (ABC News)

The Average Woman Spends 753 Hours of Her Life Taking Selfies

Let's assume from this point forward, we're going to be taking photos of ourselves until we die.  And that means you'll spend a LOT of your life taking pictures of yourself.
A new study found that the average woman will now spend 753 HOURS of her life taking, retaking, filtering, and posting selfies.  That's a full MONTH of your life. (The study didn't figure out how much time men will spend taking selfies.)
The study also found the top tricks people use to try to make the photos of themselves look better.  They are:  Using soft mood lighting, shooting from a downward angle, using a slim body pose, and using Instagram filters.  (Daily Mail) 

One-Third of Us Haven't Worn a Bathing Suit in Public in at Least Five Years

You're not alone . . . we're ALL self-conscious about wearing bathing suits.  Maybe we should all move to Europe, where there's absolutely no stigma about jamming the fleshiest body into the tiniest bathing suit possible. 
According to a new survey, 7% of Americans haven't worn a swimsuit in public in at least FIVE YEARS.
20% haven't worn one in public in 10 years.
And 5% have NEVER worn one in public.
That's one out of three people who haven't worn a bathing suit in public since 2009.  
(PR Newswire)

When You Marry a Lazy Slob, You Become a Lazy Slob

Are you the responsible one in your relationship . . . and the other person is a lazy, unmotivated slob?  Well, apparently you won't be responsible for much longer.
A new study found that when one person in a relationship has low self-control, the other person eventually follows.  So, if the person you're with eats like crap, never cleans, and constantly wastes money, YOU will too.  Or you'll just break up.
In the study, researchers looked at three types of couples.  Ones where both people had a high level of self-control, ones where neither did, and couples where only ONE person did.
And they found that when only one person was responsible, the couple was just as bad about eating healthy and saving money as couples where NO ONE was responsible.  Because the person who's responsible is more likely to compromise and change.
But one of the head researchers says it doesn't HAVE to be a deal breaker.  If you're the responsible one in the relationship, just be more aware of your tendency to give in.  And if you're the lazy slob, try to compromise more.  
(ABC News)

Old School "Dumb" Phones Are Making a Comeback?

We definitely didn't see THIS backlash coming, but here you go.  Apparently, old school cell phones are making a comeback . . . and people are getting rid of their smart phones because they want "dumb" phones.
Why would you want a phone with a tiny black-and-white screen that doesn't have a keyboard or apps or the Internet?  There are three main reasons . . .
1.  The battery can last for days . . . maybe even a whole week . . . without having to charge.
2.  They're WAY tougher.  You see people walking around all the time with iPhones that have cracked screens . . . old phones were indestructible compared to that.
3.  It helps you break that feeling of being TOO connected.  Some people find it freeing not to have every email, Facebook message, or tweet immediately show up in front of them.
Even if you don't want to go back to an old phone, there's some good news for you here . . . if you still have your old phone, you might be able to get good money for it on eBay.  
(Daily Mail) 

99-Year-Old Woman Finally Got Her College Degree

A 99-Year-Old Woman Finally Got Her College Degree . . . After the President of the College Paid a $5 Fee She Couldn't Afford 75 Years Ago
Jessie White is a 99-year-old woman from Belfast, Maine, who studied stenography and bookkeeping at Beal College in Bangor back in 1939.  (Belfast is about 35 miles south of Bangor.)
But she didn't get her degree because of a technicality.  She couldn't afford to pay a $5 TRANSCRIPT FEE.
Recently, Jessie was telling a friend how much she regretted it.  So the friend got in touch with the current president of Beal . . . a guy named Allen Stehle.  And Allen decided to do something about it.
First he paid the $5 fee himself.  Then last week, he hosted a special graduation ceremony for Jessie, where she finally got her diploma . . . 75 YEARS after she should have graduated.
After school, Jessie managed to get a job as a bookkeeper WITHOUT a diploma.  But she says she felt like her life would never be complete without one.  And now it is.
She also wants people to know that she'll never stop learning, and neither should YOU . . . because as long as you never stop learning, you never grow old.  (ABC News)  

The Scientific Guide to Good Naps

Science keeps telling us we need more sleep than we're getting.  Even people who get eight hours a night will feel better if they get ten.  But if you can't do THAT, just take naps.  Here's a guide to getting the ideal nap for your specific needs.
1.  If you just need to be more alert and focused, a 10 to 20-minute nap gives you a boost in alertness for two hours or more.
2.  If your brain isn't working and you can't think straight, a one hour nap gives you more focus and also improves memory and learning.
3.  If you need a complete reset, a 90-minute nap puts you through a full sleep cycle, which gives benefits in alertness, memory, learning, creativity, and performance.
4.  If you're not sure WHAT you need, a 10-minute nap should be the default.  It was better than five minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes in a recent study.
5.  If you don't even have enough time for a nap, ANYTHING helps, even just resting your eyes for a minute.  One study found that even just THINKING about taking a nap reduces your blood pressure.
(Business Insider)

A 19-Year-Old Superstitiously Held His Breath Driving Through a Tunnel . . . Then Passed Out and Caused an Accident

You know that superstition where people hold their breath while they're driving through a tunnel?  It almost got a bunch of people KILLED this weekend.
19-year-old Daniel Calhon of Snohomish, Washington clearly follows that superstition.  He was driving his 1990 Toyota Camry on Sunday afternoon through Manning, Oregon when he went through a tunnel.  And he held his breath.
Unfortunately, he REALLY committed to the superstition . . . and ended up PASSING OUT.  He drifted into the next lane, crashed head-on into a Ford Explorer, then got hit by a GMC pickup.
Daniel was hospitalized, along with a 19-year-old friend he had in the car, the 67-year-old driving the Ford Explorer, and his 61-year-old passenger.  The people in the pickup weren't injured.
The only person still in the hospital is Daniel's friend, who's listed in serious condition.
Daniel has been charged with reckless driving, reckless endangerment, and assault.  
(The Oregonian)

Rich Moms Are Now Paying Professional Organizers to Pack Their Kids For Summer Camp

There's such a thing as having too much money.  Because when you do THIS . . . it's clear you have too much.
Apparently, some rich moms in New York City are paying professional organizers to PACK for their kids, for summer camp.
They pay about $250-an-hour to have professionals organize their kids' duffel bags and suitcases, and make sure they have everything they need for camp.  
It takes about four hours . . . so these people are paying a solid $1,000 to have someone else handle summer camp packing.
Barbara Reich runs a professional organizing company in Manhattan.  She says, quote, "For a lot of mothers, particularly when their child is going away for the first time, it's very stressful."  
(New York Post)

Going to Work Is Less Stressful Than Being Home With Your Family

Good news for everyone hating the fact they're back at work after a three-day weekend:  Conventional wisdom says we spend all day at work counting down the moments until we can enjoy blissful relaxation at home with our families.  
Well . . . conventional wisdom is WRONG.
A new study out of Penn State University found that people are actually MORE STRESSED at home than they are at work.  In fact, work is kind of like stress relief compared to being home with your family.
The researchers tested people's cortisol levels at home and at work . . . your cortisol levels are one of the most accurate ways to measure stress.  And people's stress was noticeably lower when they were at work.
This was ESPECIALLY true for women . . . getting out of the house for work made women even more relaxed than men.
So what's the takeaway?  It's important to have a good work-life balance . . . but maybe not in the way people usually think.  Going to work can be better for you than you realized . . . it can help you de-stress so you can enjoy being home even more.  (Contemporary Families)


Don't Bother Being Good at Your Job . . . As Long As You Do Things on Time, You'll Be Fine
Have you ever worked like CRAZY to get a project at work done early and perfectly . . . and not gotten anything more than a "Hey, thanks" from your boss?
A new study out of the University of California, San Diego and the University of Chicago found there's really NO NEED to be exceptional at your job . . . no one will really care or notice.
But it's REALLY bad to be BAD at your job . . . like turning something in after a deadline.  People WILL notice that.
In other words, if you work like a lunatic and always turn in amazing stuff early, it won't really help out your career that much . . . but if you miss a deadline, it will absolutely derail your career.
Here's an analogy:  Think about taking a flight.  If you land early, you'll be sort of happy.  But if the flight is delayed, you'll be FURIOUS.
The researchers say you just need to deliver exactly what you promise, and deliver it on time . . . going above and beyond won't really help you, and falling short will really hurt you.  (Bloomberg Businessweek)


Drinking Red Wine Is Good For Your Teeth

You know that moment after you've been drinking red wine? When you look in the bathroom mirror and realize you've looked like a VAMPIRE for the past hour, because your teeth are purple?  Don't worry . . . that's the color of health and wellness.
A new study found that drinking red wine is GOOD for your teeth.
A team of researchers in Spain found that the grape seed in red wine slows down the growth of bacteria in your mouth, which helps prevent plaque, cavities, and gum disease.
The researchers even suggested that red wine can be as good for your teeth as BRUSHING . . . but you should probably still go ahead and brush anyway.  
(Daily Mail)

A Guy Stole a Bread Truck . . . You'll never guess what he did next!

A Guy Stole a Bread Truck . . . And Kept on Making Deliveries
29-year-old David Bastar was in Manhattan on Monday, and saw a bread delivery truck from a bakery in Queens idling outside a pizzeria.  And apparently David couldn't let that opportunity pass him by.
So he jumped in the driver's seat and STOLE IT.  Then he did just about the LAST thing you'd expect . . . he started making BREAD DELIVERIES.
Now . . . he didn't make them to the places they were actually SUPPOSED to go.  He just kept stopping the truck to drop off bread at random businesses.
And once he'd made all his deliveries, he decided to tailgate a limo.  He followed the limo driver for MILES . . . all the way to LaGuardia Airport.
By that time, the limo driver had called the cops . . . and they were waiting there to arrest David.  He was charged with criminal possession of stolen goods and driving without a license . . . and was also taken in for a mental health evaluation.  

Popular Burger Toppings/ Tips for a Better Memorial Day Barbecue

The 10 Most Popular Burger Toppings in America
A not-very-exciting new survey had Americans rank 10 of the most popular burger toppings.  And coming in at number one was . . . KETCHUP.  
For some reason, CHEESE wasn't one of the choices.  I guess that would technically make it a cheeseburger, so maybe that's why they left it off the list?  We're not sure.
Anyway, here are the top 10 most popular burger toppings, in order:  Ketchup, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, pickles, mayo, bacon, mushrooms, and barbecue sauce.
I think we can assume that if they'd included cheese as an option, it would've been number one.  
(ABC News)


Six Tips for a Better Memorial Day Barbecue
Check out six tips for a better Memorial Day barbecue . . .
1.  Serve less meat, but buy the expensive stuff . . . grass-fed beef, dry-aged steaks, and wild seafood.  Anybody can grill a hundred burgers for 20 people.  You can make people remember your party if your meat TASTES GOOD.
2.  Focus on the vegetables.  Instead of chips and salsa, serve charred vegetables with dipping sauces.  Or grill vegetables and puree them into fresh sauces for your meat.  
3.  Make your own rub.  For a dry rub, just throw some paprika and chili powder together with brown sugar, oregano, salt, and garlic.
4.  Use high, medium, and then low heat.  Put a high-heat flame on the left side of the grill to get your sear marks.  Then cook the meat in the middle on medium heat, and then move it to low heat to keep warm.
5.  Keep track of cooking temperatures.  Food poisoning will wreck it for everybody.  Cook everything at 140 degrees or above, and smoked food should be cooked between 180 and 220.
6.  Serve fruit for dessert.  Nobody saves room for brownies and ice cream.  Just grill up some slices of pineapple, peaches, or mango.  You can also serve them with angel food cake, toasted right on the grill.  (


The Top Five Things We Want Science to Invent

A new survey asked people to name the number one thing they want science to invent in the future . . . and "time machine" only came in fifth.  You're slipping, people.  NOTHING is more important than a time machine.
The top five things we want in the future are:
1.  A pill that cures all illnesses.
2.  Wrinkle-free clothing.
3.  Self-driving cars.
4.  Robot maids.
5.  A time machine.
The survey also asked people to name the top five inventions of the past century.  The Internet came in first, followed by microsurgery, pacemakers, TV, and cell phones.  
(Daily Mail)

What Do People in Your State Google More Than People Anywhere Else?

Want to get the REAL insight into how the 50 states are different?  This is how to do it.
The website Estately analyzed Google search data to figure out the things people in each state Google MORE than people in any other state . . . and the results are great.  Some of the highlights . . .
Alaska:  mail order brides.
Arizona:  conjugal visits.
Georgia:  butt implants.
Louisiana:  "Golden Girls".
Maine:  cat pics.
NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Cats / Ellen Degeneres (TV host) / Fireworks / Free Kittens / Live Free or Die / Ron Paul
Nevada:  tattoo removal.
Texas:  Do I have herpes?  (Estately)
(You can see the top five or so for every state here.)

Losing Weight!... And Friends...

Dieting can be pretty antisocial. It's harder to go out for dinner, it's harder to go to parties . . . and it's hard because you might be making the people around you feel like LAZY SLOBS. So this makes a lot of sense. A new study found that for every seven pounds you lose on a diet, you ALSO lose one FRIEND. The study included more than 2,500 people who dieted in the past 18 months . . . and 81% said they'd lost at least one friend in the process. 65% said they'd lost a friend because the friend was jealous . . . and 53% said they'd lost a friend because the lifestyle changes they made during the diet drove them apart. But . . . it's a sacrifice almost ALL of them would make again. 92% say losing weight made a, quote, "significant positive impact" on their life . . . regardless of the friends they lost.

Little boy saves Grandfather's life, thanks to Video Game!

An 11-Year-Old Saved His Grandfather's Life When He Passed Out Behind the Wheel . . . and Says It's All Thanks to "Grand Theft Auto"
Last month, an 11-year-old in Ireland named Charley Cullen was in the car with his 79-year-old grandfather, who passed out behind the wheel with his foot on the gas.  And in no time, they were on the wrong side of the road doing 70.
Luckily, Charley stayed calm, steered them away from oncoming traffic with one hand, and tried to shake his grandfather awake with the other.  But he couldn't wake him up, and eventually they DID crash into a wall.
Charley suffered a fractured skull, but somehow he managed to get out, pull his GRANDFATHER out, then carried him 50 yards to get help.
And Charley says he only knew what to do because he'd started playing "Grand Theft Auto 5" a few weeks earlier.  That's the game where ALL YOU DO is yank people out of cars and drive around crashing into stuff.
Now both Charley 

Boy saves girls life & she still won't go on a date with her!

A Nerdy Kid Saved a Girl From a Drunk Driver and May Not Walk For a Year . . . and She Still Considers Them Just Friends
This kid is a HERO.  
15-year-old Kameron Howell-Meeker of Milwaukie, Oregon is a new student at Rex Putnam High School.  And about a month ago, he became friends with another new student, 17-year-old Ellie Fielder.  
Oh, and Kameron is kinda nerdy, while Ellie is pretty attractive.
Anyway, they were walking down the street together last Tuesday when they saw a TRUCK heading right toward them.  A guy named Corey Brownlee was driving drunk . . . and headed straight for Kameron and Ellie.
And Kameron's instinct was to PUSH Ellie out of the way . . . and take the full brunt of the hit himself.  He rolled up on the hood, then flew off.  Cops came and arrested Corey for drunk driving and assault.
Kameron was hospitalized for two days with a broken pelvis, torn ligaments, a compressed spine, and bad cuts on his face and body.  Doctors say he may be able to walk again in a month . . . but it COULD take up to a YEAR.
And even after ALL THAT, it looks like Ellie STILL doesn't have any romantic feelings toward this poor dude.  She told the news, quote, "He's going to be my best friend for the rest of my life."  (ABC 2 - Portland)  

The CEO of Levi's Says You Should Never Wash Your Jeans

How often do you wash your jeans?  After you wear them once?  Or, like most people, after you wear them so much that they're saggy and kinda smell and weigh three pounds more from dirt?  Apparently, even THAT'S too soon.  
Chip Bergh is the CEO of Levi's, and he says the right time to wash your jeans is . . . NEVER.
He says that's the best way to break them in . . . jeans get better and better the less you wash them.  Plus it helps the environment, because it saves water and energy if you avoid washing them.
He says, quote, "I know that sounds totally disgusting, I know it does.  But believe me, it can be done.  You can spot clean it, [then] air dry it, and it's fine.  I have yet to get a skin disease or anything else."  

The 10 Most Common Disgusting Things People Do

We are living in a world that's just full of FILTHY people.  Except for you, of course . . . you're perfectly clean and not disgusting in any way.
A new survey found the top 10 most common disgusting things people do, check 'em out . . .
1.  Going several days without showering.
2.  Running out of underwear and not wearing any.
3.  Cleaning the toilet with your significant other's toothbrush.  (???)
4.  Cleaning naked.
5.  Not cleaning the toilet seat after splashing on it.
6.  Letting the dog sleep on the bed.
7.  Using the same toothbrush for years.
8.  Using a hairdryer to dust the bathroom.
9.  Letting the dog lick your plates.
10.  Using the kitchen sponge to clean the floor.  (Daily Mail)

You Don't Turn Old Until Age 80? Plus the Top 10 Signs You're Getting Old

No matter how old you are and no matter how old you feel . . . apparently EVERYONE still thinks they're young.  A new survey found people think the average age when you turn old is . . . age 80.
And the average person says they feel 11 years younger than they are.
But even though you don't BECOME old until 80 . . . there are still plenty of signs you're GETTING old.  Here are the top 10 . . .
1.  You fall asleep watching TV or reading the paper.  (Side note:  "Reading the paper" alone might be a sign of old age.)
2.  You start forgetting things.
3.  You groan when you get out of a chair or bed.
4.  You say, "Back in my day."
5.  You pick clothes for comfort instead of style.
6.  You repeat yourself.
7.  You don't recognize popular music.
8.  You swear things aren't where they used to be.
9.  You pick places to eat because the music isn't that loud.
10.  You take afternoon naps.  (SWNS)

Who are the "Worst Drivers"?

Texters Are Voted the Most Annoying Drivers . . . Even Worse Than Tailgaters or Multitaskers
Triple-A says about 36.1 million people will drive at least 50 miles over Memorial Day weekend.  In other words, the roads will be clogged with morons starting tomorrow.
But which morons are the WORST morons?  A new survey had people rank the most annoying drivers, and these are the results . . .
1.  People who text, email, or talk on the phone and drive.  69% of us ranked these idiots as the worst drivers.
2.  Tailgaters, 60%.
3.  People who multitask and eat, read, or put on makeup while they drive, 54%.
4.  People who drift into other lanes, 43%.
5.  People who drive under the speed limit, 39%.
6.  People who don't use their turn signals, 38%.
7.  People who clog up the left lane, 32%.
8.  People who don't let other people merge, 30%.
9.  People who speed, 27%.
10.  People who overuse the horn, 18%.
The survey also found a few other random stats about our driving habits . . .
Even though we hate people who use their phones while they drive . . . we ARE those people.  55% of us admit we sometimes do it.
Only 4% of people think gas prices will stay the same or go down this summer.
61% of people treat their rental cars more carefully than their own cars.
62% think the driving age should be raised, and that 16 is too young.
And 91% of men and 57% of women say they know how to change a tire.  
(Expedia / AAA)

How Much Money Would It Take For You to Give Up Facebook

How Much Money Would It Take For You to Give Up Facebook, Give Up Hot Showers, or Eat a Cockroach?
How much money would it take for you to do something nasty you didn't want to do?
eBay just ran a survey where they asked 1,000 people how much it would take to do a bunch of tough, disgusting, or dangerous things.  Here are the average answers for the 20 best ones . . .
1.  Give up Facebook for a year . . . $1,000.
2.  Give up Netflix for a year . . . $10,000.
3.  Give up your smart phone for a year . . . $32,500.
4.  Give up caffeine for a year . . . $55,000.
5.  Go without shaving for a year . . . $100,000.
6.  Go without music for a year . . . $550,000.
7.  Go without a hot shower for a year . . . $1 million.
8.  Go running with the bulls . . . $5.5 million.
9.  Live with 50 cats for a year . . . $5.5 million.
10.  Shave your entire body . . . $5.5 million.  (This one seems the most surprising on the list.  Really.  If I gave you $5 million to shave your head, eyebrows, and body, you'd turn that down?  Come on.  You'd do it for $50.)
11.  Eat a donut off the floor of a subway train . . . $10 million.
12.  Not speak for an entire year . . . $10 million.
13.  Fight an MMA pro for two minutes . . . $55 million.
14.  Eat a cockroach . . . $100 million.
15.  Chug an entire bottle of Sriracha in two minutes . . . $100 million.
16.  Live with 300 spiders for three weeks . . . $100 million.
17.  Skydive from space . . . no amount of money.
18.  Swim with sharks without a cage . . . no amount of money.
19.  Do pull-ups hanging 20 stories in the air . . . no amount of money.
20.  Travel to mars . . . no amount of money.  (eBay)

Six Phrases That Make People Like You More

When it comes to being likeable, your actions speak louder than your words.  But if you have the actions to back them up, these six phrases can help make people like you even more than they already do.
1.  "Sir" or "Ma'am."  Most people these days don't make an effort to show respect.  If you do, it makes you stand out in a good way.
2.  "You're welcome."  If someone thanks you and you say, "No problem," it sounds like it was no big deal for you.  But if you say "You're welcome," it shows that you did something SIGNIFICANT for them . . . and they'll appreciate you more.
3.  "Here's what's happening."  People like to be kept in the loop.  So say this to remind people that you know what's going on, and you're about to fill them in.
4.  "How can I help?"  It not only shows that you're about to give someone a hand, but it also says you're WILLING to give a hand.
5.  "I'll find out."  This one is great because it says that you're about to go out of your way to help someone else who needs it.
6.  "I believe in you."  It inspires people to try harder and achieve more.  And no one ever forgets the people who inspired them.  (Yahoo! Small Business)

A Cancer Patient Couldn't Afford to Get Married, So Mark Cuban Paid for the Wedding

Since 2009, a woman outside Fort Worth, Texas named Monica Wilkinson has been planning to marry her fiancé Leroy.  But she started having health problems, and they couldn't afford a wedding.
Then in January, things got even worse . . . she was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer.  (We're not sure how old Monica is, but we're guessing early 40s.)
So Monica started chemo, and probably thought the wedding would NEVER happen.  Luckily, she was wrong. 
Because somehow MARK CUBAN heard about it . . . he's the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and one of the businessmen on the show "Shark Tank".  And he decided to pay for the ENTIRE WEDDING.
We're not sure HOW he found out, but Monica and Leroy had hit up different charities, and they live near Dallas.  And one day they got a call from Cuban's assistant, saying Mark was taking care of it.  
The wedding went down last month, and now Monica is in the middle of 18 rounds of chemo.  And even though they haven't met Mark, they say they're hopeful, and couldn't be more grateful.  (WFAA)  

Man Is Suing to Get Back His "Harry Potter" DVDs

A Guy Is Suing a Stripper to Get Back His "Harry Potter" DVDs From When They Were "Dating"
There aren't many facts more indisputable than this:  Strippers don't ACTUALLY like you.  But every day, men delude themselves into thinking strippers aren't just using them for money.
32-year-old Robert Wallace is a software developer in Houston, and he took that delusion to the extreme.
He met a stripper named Nomi Mims at a strip club called Treasures last year, and they started dating.  And by dating, we mean . . . he started giving her stuff.  It's not clear if their relationship ever got physical beyond lap dances at the club.
But their relationship ended back on the 3rd when Robert realized she wasn't actually in love with him.  And now he wants his stuff back.
He says he loaned Nomi about $2,000, a laptop, and his collection of "Harry Potter" DVDs.  She refused to return any of it . . . so now he's SUING her.
Nomi says she's not planning to return the stuff.  Quote, "I've given him gifts too.  You know, how do I get my booty and boobs back?  No refunds in the strip club.  We ain't got no layaway plans."  (Raw Story)  

If Your Pet Dies, a New App Helps You Find a Lookalike

Something just feels WRONG about this.  If your pet dies, there's a new app called PetMatch that will help you find a LOOKALIKE to adopt.
You just upload a photo of your dead dog or cat, the app analyzes the photo, and searches through adoption databases in the area for pets that look like your old one.  Once it finds a match, it sends you the details.
And now, the big question . . . could the company behind this create another app for PEOPLE, where it searches dating sites for a lookalike if your significant other dies?
They probably COULD . . . but for now they're focusing on apps that are significantly less CREEPY.  Their next plans for apps are ones that find lookalikes for things like jewelry or furniture.
PetMatch is free . . . and for now it's only available for the iPhone.  
(One other new app to tell you about . . . it's called Marco Polo.  It's always running on your iPhone so when it's lost, you can yell out "Marco" and it will respond with "Polo."  It costs $1 but reviews say it still needs some work.)

Five Signs Someone Famous Is Staying at Your Hotel

If you stay in a lot of hotels, you've probably stayed with celebrities before.  But you might not always realize it, unless you know the signs.  If a VERY famous person is at your hotel, there are always certain giveaways to watch for.
1.  Lots of black vehicles in the parking lot.  If you see a group of black SUVs or buses at a hotel, that could mean there's a big celebrity or a politician staying there.  It means someone has hired drivers for a big group of people, like an entourage.
2.  Security details.  Basically, anyone who's wearing an earpiece and not a nametag is someone's private security.  If they're wearing suits, they could be with a politician.  Bodyguards for celebrities always stick out, because they're HUGE.
3.  Special pins or buttons on hotel employees.  For big politicians, the hotel employees have to be vetted ahead of time.  They wear little pins on their lapels, to show they have security clearance.
4.  Valets talking in code.  They actually do use corny phrases like "The eagle has landed," to let each other know when a VIP is arriving.
5.  Weird room service requests.  If you see a hotel employee carrying a bowl of green M&Ms, or any other kind of unusual food, it could be for a celebrity.  Touring musicians have contract riders full of bizarre demands, which the promoters pass on to the hotels.
(ABC News)

A Blind Boy Made the Football Team at Tulane University

With just about every position in every sport, being able to SEE is kind of a requirement.  But for one kid in Newton, Massachusetts, it's not.
17-year-old Aaron Golub is legally blind.  But for the past two seasons, he's been the starting long snapper for his high school football team.  (Newton is about 10 miles west of Boston.)
If you don't know football well, the long snapper is the guy who plays center and snaps the ball, but only on punts, field goals, and extra points.  So, there's not as much blocking involved.
And apparently Aaron is EXTREMELY good at it.  He practices with a net every morning before school.  And in two years, he's only had one bad snap in a game, according to his coach.
Which is impressive enough that he'll get to KEEP playing when he graduates.  Because recently, Aaron got word that he's been accepted as a walk-on for the Division-1 football team at Tulane University.
According to Aaron, quote, "If you set your mind to [anything], you can do it.  There's nothing you can't accomplish if you really want to."  (WBZ / MyFoxNY)  

World's First Drinkable Sunscreen Is on Sale

The World's First Drinkable Sunscreen Is on Sale . . . Just Drink It and You'll Be Protected From the Sun?
Yeah, there's no way this works.
A company called Osmosis Skincare just introduced a new product . . . they say it's the world's first DRINKABLE SUNSCREEN.
Instead of slathering yourself up with sunscreen, you just put a few drops of this stuff in your water . . . and they say it'll protect your skin just like an SPF 30 sunscreen.
Their website doesn't offer any scientific evidence, and we're not sure how it works from a logical perspective . . . so basically, you're taking their word for it that drinkable sunscreen works.
The company says you need about two milliliters of the drink every four hours you're in the sun to stay protected.  The bottles are 100 milliliters, so you get 200 hours in the sun from one bottle.  They sell for $30 online.  
(The Telegraph)

Women Are Now Getting Quick Plastic Surgery on Their Hands

Women Are Now Getting Quick Plastic Surgery on Their Hands . . . So Their Engagement Ring Selfies Look Better
When a woman gets engaged in 2014, the first step is to IMMEDIATELY take a photo of the ring on her finger, and post it on as many social media sites as possible.  
So naturally, there's a new way for people to make money off our rampant narcissism and vanity.  Before taking that photo, why not pop into a plastic surgeon to make your ring finger look better?
There's a surgeon in New York named Ariel Ostad who's doing a procedure called a HAND LIFT . . . where he tightens up your left hand to make it look better in engagement ring selfies.
It costs $1,200 and smoothens up your hand for about nine months.  
(The Gloss)

Facebook Added a Button So You Can Ask Someone Their Relationship Status

If your relationship status on Facebook is blank, you have NO idea how many people are curious and confused about whether you're available.  Now you might find out.
Facebook just made it way easier to pry into someone's sex life.
If you go to a person's profile and see that they haven't filled in their relationship status, now you'll ALSO see a brand new button they just added that says "Ask."  
When you click on it, it sends the person a message asking them to tell you whether they're single or in a relationship or whatever.
It sounds like it could be a decent new way to very casually flirt with someone . . . kind of like the POKE used to be.  But like everything on Facebook, it's really just another way for them to get their hands on as much of your personal info as they possibly can.
If someone presses the "Ask" button on your profile and you respond that you're single, Facebook now knows that . . . and they can target ads at you better.   (Uproxx)

Webster to add new words

Webster's Dictionary Is Adding Hashtag, Selfie, Auto-Tune, and Turducken
Merriam-Webster is adding over 150 words to the newest edition of its "Collegiate Dictionary".  And as usual, things that have to do with technology and the internet tend to dominate.  Here are the top 13 new internet and tech words . . .
1. Hashtag.
2.  Selfie.  In November, the Oxford English Dictionary named "selfie" the Word of the Year.  Although Webster's went with "science".)
3. Hot spot . . . as in a WiFi hot spot.
4.  Big data.  Which they define as, quote, "an accumulation of data that is too large and complex for processing by traditional database management tools."
5.  Auto-Tune.
6.  Crowdfunding . . . when you raise money through websites like Kickstarter.
7.  Dubstep.  That's the electronic music that pretty much requires a computer to create.
8.  E-waste . . . which is anything tech-related that you throw away.
9.  Social networking.
10.  Tweep . . . a person who uses Twitter.
11.  Catfish . . . as in someone "catfishes" you online, and pretends to be someone they're not.
12.  Fangirl.  Obviously it's the female version of fanboy.  As in, a girl who's WAY too into something.  They're both kind of an online phenomenon.
13.  Spoiler alert.
But there are actually a few words that DON'T deal directly with technology and the internet. The top seven are:
1.  Baby bump.
2.  Fracking.
3.  Freegan.  That's, quote, "an activist who scavenges for free food . . . as in waste receptacles at stores and restaurants . . . as a means of reducing consumption of resources."
4.  Gamification . . . where you add game elements to something that ISN'T a game to make more people interested in it.
5.  Steampunk . . . which is, quote, "science fiction dealing with 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology."
6.  Turducken . . . "a boneless chicken stuffed into a boneless duck stuffed into a boneless turkey."
7.  Yooper . . . a native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  (Merriam-Webster / Time)

Find out what strangers did to help 3 kids who's mom had just passed away

Three Kids Wrote Letters to Their Mom After She Died and Attached Them to Balloons . . . and Strangers Raised Over $20,000 to Help Them
A 42-year-old woman in Moreno Valley, California named Renee Finney passed away from cancer the week before Mother's Day.  And she left behind three kids . . . ages 16, 18, and 25.
They didn't have enough money to pay for a funeral, and obviously they were heartbroken.  As a way to cope, a friend told them each to write their mom a letter and send them to heaven . . . by attaching the notes to balloons, and letting them go.
The next day, a 55-year-old woman named Yvette Melton found the balloons on her front lawn, 35 miles away.  One of the letters mentioned the funeral costs . . . so Yvette decided to help.
She brought the letters to work, managed to raise $2,000 with her co-workers, and created a page on  And since then, she's raised over TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Enough to cover the funeral and then some.
Renee's oldest daughter told the local news that she didn't think the letters would actually reach her mom.  But now she knows her mom must have MADE them fall in Yvette's front yard.  (10News / NY Daily News / Yahoo)  


You Decide Whether or Not You're Going to Buy Something Within 12 Seconds of Seeing It

You Decide Whether or Not You're Going to Buy Something Within 12 Seconds of Seeing It
You don't need to take long shopping trips.  Apparently any shopping trip where you spend more than a few MINUTES in the store is a huge waste of time.
A new study found you decide whether you're going to buy something within 12 SECONDS of seeing it.
So as much as you keep shopping around or debating whether you really want it or not . . . deep down, your mind's already made up.
The researchers tested it with women shopping for clothes.  80% of them said an average shopping trip takes FOUR hours . . . but 78% said they recognize exactly what they're going to buy within 10 to 15 seconds of seeing it.  

Man Is Suing New York For $2 Trillion Trillion Trillion .

A Man Is Suing New York For $2 Trillion Trillion Trillion . . . Because a Dog Bit Him and the Airport Charges Too Much For Coffee
This is a COMPLETELY frivolous lawsuit, but it's still so incredibly ridiculous that we have to give it a quick shout-out.  Some guy named Anton Purisima in Manhattan is suing New York City for $2 trillion trillion trillion.
That's a two followed by 36 zeroes . . . and we're pretty sure that's more than all of the money in the entire world combined.
Why is Anton suing for so much?  Three reasons.  One, he says he was bitten by a rabid dog on a city bus . . . two, quote, "a Chinese couple" took photos of him without asking . . . and three, LaGuardia Airport overcharges for coffee.  (Time)

90's music flashback trouble

A Woman in Oregon Wants to Take Action Against McDonald's . . . For Playing Color Me Badd
There's a woman from Beaverton, Oregon who's only been identified as Suzie, and she's OUTRAGED at a local McDonald's.  Because when she was there last week with her kids, the song "I Wanna Sex You Up" by COLOR ME BADD came on.
They were in the play area, and when Suzie's daughter heard it, she asked her what "sex you up" means.  Suzie complained to the manager, but he told her he couldn't change the music . . . someone higher up makes the calls on what to play.
So Suzie turned to every American's best hope for justice:  The local news investigative team.  She called the local ABC station in Portland and asked them to do something.
They tracked down the owner of the McDonald's, and he said he's looking into how the song made it onto their playlist.
But Suzie says there were OTHER songs playing she wasn't thrilled about either, including "No Diggity" by BLACKSTREET and "The Boy Is Mine" by BRANDY and MONICA.   (ABC 2 - Portland)


A Guy Is Written Up at Work For Loudly Singing a Parody of Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It"
There's a photo circulating around online right now that shows a guy's disciplinary write-up at work . . . for one of the funniest reasons possible.It's not clear what the guy does, but it's something in manufacturing.  And he was written up on Friday for being disruptive . . . by singing a parody of MONTELL JORDAN'S "This Is How We Do It". The guy was at the GLUING station and the report says other coworkers complained he was singing, "This is how we glue it."   The suggestion for how to improve is, quote, "Be quieter."  (Jezebel)  

15 Things That Instantly Make a Guy Less Attractive

"Cosmo" recently came out with a list of things that make a guy instantly more attractive.  So here's 15 things that instantly make a guy LESS attractive.
1.  Aggressive or reckless driving.
2.  A soul patch or goatee.
3.  Wearing anything by Ed Hardy.  
4.  Smoking.  
5.  Calling all their friends "bro."
6.  Having no hobbies or interests. 
7.  Not reading books.
8.  Bad manners.  
9.  Bad grammar or spelling.  
10.  Being rude to servers, bartenders, or people who work in retail.      
11.  Swearing a lot.   
12.  Indecisiveness.  
13.  Wearing a Bluetooth headset everywhere.    
14.  Wearing a fedora.
15.  Calling their ex "crazy."  (Cosmopolitan)

Three College Students Bought a Used Couch, Found $40,000 Hidden In It . . . And Tracked Down the 91-Year-Old Owner

Senior citizens tend to be suspicious of young people, and for good reason.  But maybe this'll help a little.
Back in March, three college students in New Paltz, New York bought a couch for $20 at the Salvation Army.  And it wasn't very comfortable . . . but hey, 20 bucks.  (New Paltz is about 85 miles north of New York City.)
Then recently, one of them wanted to know WHY it was so uncomfortable.  So they unzipped one of the cushions . . . and found an envelope with $4,000 CASH in it.  Then they kept digging, and found a total of more than 40 GRAND.
They were so excited at first, their neighbor thought they'd won the lottery.  They even started talking about how to spend it.  But then they found a deposit slip with a woman's NAME on it.  After that, all three of them KNEW they couldn't keep the money.
They decided to track down the owner, and she turned out to be a 91-year-old widow who'd recently broken her hip.  Her kids had donated the couch while she was in the hospital.  It's not clear if they got a reward . . . but they still have the couch.  

Words Men and Women Find Most Attractive in Online Dating

The Ten Words Men and Women Find Most Attractive in Online Dating
According to a new study of 12,000 online dating profiles, there are specific words you can use to describe yourself to get more dates.  Of course, it also helps if you actually ARE those things.
Here are the ten words WOMEN are most attracted to:
1.  "Physically fit".  Using that phrase makes women 69% more likely to contact you.
2.  "Ambitious", women are 64% more likely to contact you.
3.  "Perceptive", 63%.
4.  "Passionate", 53%.
5.  "Optimistic", 44%.
6.  "Funny", 38%.
7.  "Spontaneous", 33%.
8.  "Thoughtful", 21%.
9.  "Affectionate", 17%.
10.  "Outgoing", 17%.
And here are the best words to attract GUYS.  Notice the percentages are a LOT lower.  That's because . . . not surprisingly . . . guys care more about PHOTOS:
1.  "Sweet".  Using that word makes guys 46% more likely to contact you.
2.  "Ambitious."  Men are 39% more likely to contact you.
3.  "Thoughtful", 30%.
4.  "Spontaneous", 30%.
5.  "Physically fit", 22%.
6.  "Funny", 21%.
7.  "Outgoing", 19%.
8.  "Optimistic", 17%.
9.  "Hard-working" 17%.
10.  "Passionate"  16%.
Eight words are on both lists . . . although with different levels of interest depending on whether you're a guy or a girl.  For the two words that AREN'T on both lists . . . women like guys who are PERCEPTIVE and AFFECTIONATE, and men like women who are SWEET and HARD-WORKING.
(Daily Mail)

The Most Stressful Person to Drive with Is Your Kid . . . But Your Spouse Is a Close Second

If you're like most parents, you love your kids more than anyone . . . and it all goes out the window as soon as they get in the car with you.
According to a new survey, your KIDS are the most stressful people to drive with.  Your husband or wife is a close second.
75% of women and 67% of men say having their kids in the car stresses them out . . . which actually seems a little LOW.  Meanwhile, 68% of women and 57% of men say driving with their husband or wife in the car is stressful.
The top five are your kids . . . your spouse . . . other people's kids . . . your parents . . . and other family members.
The survey also found that the most stressful PLACE to drive is in the middle of a city.  And driving on the highway came in second.
Driving to work and driving to a doctor's appointment tied for the most stressful TIME to drive.  
(Daily Mail)


The Three Most Annoying Driving Habits
What are the top three things you wish other drivers would stop doing immediately?  According to a new survey, here are the three most popular answers.
1.  Cutting people off.  59% of people put it on their list.
2.  Forgetting to turn off your high beams when there's oncoming traffic, 57%.
3.  Tailgating, 56%.
The survey also found 37% of us have seen someone merge into the middle of a FUNERAL procession . . . 42% have seen someone cut off a school bus . . . and 54% have seen a non-handicapped person park in a handicapped spot.
(PR Newswire)


The 10 Qualities That Make You the Perfect Daughter

I'm thinking EVERY woman out there wants to be the PERFECT DAUGHTER . . . you know, as long as it doesn't take TOO much effort.  Unfortunately it does.  Go back to focusing on being slightly better than your sister.
A new survey asked 1,000 mothers what makes for a perfect daughter.  Here are the top 10 things . . .
1.  You confide in your mom.
2.  You're honest on shopping trips.
3.  You call regularly.
4.  You're always available in a crisis.
5.  You go on trips together, just the two of you.
6.  You text every day.
7.  You help make family dinners.
8.  You waters the plants when your mom is away.
9.  You look after your mom's pets when she's away.
10.  You offer to give your mom rides.  (Daily Mail)
(You can see the rest of the top 30 qualities here.)

A Retired Marine Starts Having a Seizure, and His Dog Chews on the Phone Until it Dials 911

Terry McGlade of Zanesville, Ohio is a Marine who served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Several years ago, he was injured by a roadside bomb and had to end his service.  And since then, he's suffered from PTSD and seizures.
So two years ago, he got a service dog named Major, who's trained to sense when Terry's in trouble.  But he wasn't trained to do THIS.
Recently, Terry started having a pretty serious seizure, and wasn't able to call for help.  But the dog realized what was happening, and while Terry was on the ground, it started pawing at the pocket Terry had his cell phone in.
Eventually it managed to get the phone out.  And luckily Terry had it set up to call 911 with a push of a button.  Because Major started chewing and stepping on it, and made SEVERAL calls to 911.
Then he ran outside, sat on the curb, and waited for the ambulance.  And when it got there, he led them straight to Terry.
Terry says he had to get a new phone afterward, because the other one was covered in bite marks.  But he's not sure what would have happened if Major hadn't called for help.  And now he's entered him in something called the "Hero Dog Awards".  
You can vote at  (ABC6)  



A Kid Who Stole a Tuxedo Was Busted By the Owner of the Store . . . Who Went to His Prom and Saw Him Wearing It

I guess this kid will always be able to say he made some unforgettable memories at prom.
18-year-old Kyle Laderoot of Prescott Valley, Arizona had his senior prom this past weekend.
He needed a tux, and apparently couldn't or wouldn't pay for one . . . so last week he STOLE a $600 tux off a mannequin at a store called Elegant Brides and Evening Wear.
The owner had a feeling the thief was someone who needed the tux for prom . . . and found out Prescott Valley's charter school was having its prom that weekend in Jerome, Arizona.  So . . . the owner showed up AT the prom.
He spotted Kyle wearing the stolen tux, called the police . . . and they came and arrested Kyle, right in the middle of the prom.  He's facing one count of burglary and one count of criminal damage.  (AZ Family)  


The Best and Worst Paying Jobs in America

"Forbes" just put out a list of the best and worst paying jobs in America.  And hey, if you want to make more money, it's easy!  Just get into medical school, graduate at the top of your class, spend years in residency, then CASH IN.
The best paying job in the U.S. is anesthesiologist, with an average salary of $235,070-a-year.  Plus, it's like the "cool" doctor job . . . you swoop in right before surgery, make sure the patient doesn't DIE when they're sedated, and get home in time for "Scandal".
Overall, NINE of the 10 best paying jobs are types of doctors.  The only one on the list that isn't is CEO, which came in 10th.
The 10 best paying jobs are anesthesiologist, surgeon, oral surgeon, OB/GYN, orthodontist, internist, other miscellaneous physicians, general practitioner, psychiatrist, CEO.  All 10 jobs average at least $175,000-a-year.
The worst paying job is fast food cook, at $18,870-a-year.  That averages out to about $9-an-hour.
The 10 worst paying jobs are fast food cook, general fast food worker, shampooer, dishwasher, food service cashier, restaurant hostess, busboy, farm worker, amusement park worker, and movie usher.  All 10 make less than $10-an-hour.  (Forbes)


Americans Still Call More Than They Text

Sometimes it seems like texting is the main way we stay in touch these days.  Nope.  According to a new survey, the PHONE CALL still wins out.
56% of us say calling someone is still the preferred way to communicate.  And texting is a distant second at 25%.
Texting IS more popular for people aged 18 to 34 though.  But when they're getting in touch for something important . . . like a birthday . . . 67% of young people DO opt for a phone call, compared to 71% of people overall.
The survey also found that 51% of us have been DISAPPOINTED to get a text instead of a call.
64% have misinterpreted what someone meant to say in a text.
And the person guys call the most often is their wife or girlfriend.  While women call their kids more than anyone else.
(PR Newswire)

Mmmm... Smells that bring us back to Childhood!

They say smell creates the most powerful memories. I'm not sure who "they" are, but I trust them . . . because they're right. Ever smelled something that just ROCKETED you back to when you were a kid? A new survey asked people to name the scents that take them back to their childhoods. Here are the top 10 . . . 1. Fresh-cut grass. 2. Pencil shavings. 3. Baby powder. 4. Vicks vapor rub and other cold and cough medicines. 5. Play-Doh. 6. Cotton candy. 7. Bonfires. 8. Suntan lotion. 9. French fries. 10. An old lady's perfume that reminds you of your grandma.

Weird Things That Could Send You to the Hospital

Six Weird Things That Could Send You to the Hospital
You've probably heard that myth that you can pop your eyes out if you hold them open when you sneeze.  Don't try it.  But sneezing CAN send you to the hospital, along with these other things that seem totally harmless.
1.  Skinny jeans.  If they're tight enough, they can pinch the nerves at the tops of your thighs, and lead to a condition called meralgia paresthetica.  Sometimes it requires surgery to fix the problem.
2.  A fat wallet.  If you keep your wallet in your back pocket, you're twisting your spine every time you sit down.  It could lead to sciatica and even herniated discs.
3.  Flip-flops.  If you're always gripping them with your toes to keep them from falling off, it could lead to tendonitis.
4.  Drinking too much water.  This is kind of hard to do.  But too much water can dilute the essential nutrients in your blood.  And in an extreme case you could actually die.
5.  Intense workouts.  Aside from dehydration and heat sickness, you can get something called rhabdomyolysis (RAB-doh-my-oh-LY-sis). That's when your muscles start to break down and leak protein into your bloodstream.
6.  Sneezing.  The pressures in your neck and head go way up when you sneeze.  Enough that you could even wrench your spinal column and be partially paralyzed.  And if you sneeze with your mouth and nose closed, you could blow out your larynx.
(ABC News)

A Walmart Manager Grabs Rubber Gloves and Delivers a Baby in the Parking Lot

24-year-old Alesia Medeiros of Bismarck, North Dakota wasn't supposed to give birth for six weeks.  But on Thursday, she went into labor in a Walmart PARKING LOT while she was waiting for her fiancé's mom to finish shopping.
Luckily someone heard her and called 911.  Then a Walmart manager named Derrick Orr got a call for a "code white", which means someone needs medical attention.
So he went out to the parking lot, saw Alesia, and ran back into the store to get rubber gloves.  Meanwhile, other shoppers were talking to 911 and taking care of Alesia's three-year-old son, who was sitting in her truck. 
Once Derrick got back with the gloves, he delivered the baby . . . then tied off the umbilical cord with his SHOELACE.  Alesia says she was mostly EMBARRASSED, and couldn't believe she was giving birth at Walmart.
But she and the baby are doing fine.  And even though the kid was just 4 pounds 14 ounces, she's decided to name him DIESEL.  Also, Alesia and the baby already have something in common, because Thursday happened to be HER birthday too.
Meanwhile, Alesia's future mother-in-law missed the whole thing. . . . because she was standing in the checkout line.  (Billings Gazette / Bismark Tribune)  

A Woman in Texas Found a 12-Foot Python in Her Bathtub

50-year-old Veronica Rodriguez was home in College Station, Texas last week, and heard a noise in the bathroom.  And if she wasn't ALREADY afraid of snakes . . . we're guessing she is now.
Because when she turned on the lights to the bathroom . . . she found herself face-to-face with a 12-FOOT AFRICAN PYTHON.  Somehow it had managed to get into her house, and was hanging out in her bathtub.
So she slammed the door, ran outside, and called 911.  A cop showed up with a small grocery bag to put the snake in, but he ended up calling animal control . . . who showed up with a 10-gallon bucket.  And that STILL wasn't CLOSE to big enough.
Finally, they decided to use a city TRASH CAN . . . and they managed to get the snake inside.  Then they sealed up the trash can . . . and left it by the side of Veronica's HOUSE until the next morning, when they could transport it to a rescue facility.
Apparently this python wouldn't have been dangerous to any adults . . . but it could've been dangerous to small children or pets.  No one's quite sure where it came from or how it got into Veronica's house.  (College Station Eagle)  

Ridiculous Complaints at Hotels

The Ten Most Ridiculous Complaints at Hotels . . . Like the Sheets Being Too White, and the Ice Cream Being Too Cold
I'm sure when you work in a hotel, you get people complaining DAILY.  And with those numbers, you're going to get a few LUNATICS thrown in.
A travel website called Skyscanner surveyed 400 hotel staff members in 49 countries and asked them to name the most RIDICULOUS complaint they ever heard.  Here are some of the highlights . . .
1.  "The sheets are too white."
2.  "The sea is too blue."
3.  "The ice cream you served is too cold."
4.  "The bathtub is too big."
5.  "My girlfriend wouldn't stop snoring so I couldn't get to sleep."
6.  "My dog didn't like his stay."
7.  "The hotel didn't have an ocean view" . . . but the hotel was landlocked.
8.  "There's no steak on the vegetarian menu."
9.  "The waiter was too handsome."
10.  "The mother of the groom didn't get the honeymoon suite."  (Daily Mail)

People Are 230% More Likely to Share a Cat Photo Than a Dog Photo

If you had to pick ONE photo to sum up every photo on the Internet, it would HAVE to feature a cat.  It might be a celebrity accidentally tweeting a photo of their genitalia, with a cat in the background . . . but still, a cat's there. 
There's an app where you share photos of your pets, called Klooff.  And they looked at just HOW much the Internet prefers photos of cats over photos of dogs . . . and it's significant.
According to their numbers, CAT photos are shared 230% more than dog photos.
And puppy photos get shared 170% more than photos of adult dogs.
They also found small dogs are 61% more likely to be in photos wearing COSTUMES than larger dogs.  

Will Your Name or Your Baby's Name be Popular in the Future?

A researcher at Virginia Tech created a program that predicts how popular your name will be in 25 years. And pretty much every "normal" name today will become less and less popular each year. You can look up your own name by googling, "Time's Baby Name Predictor". This week, the Social Security Administration released its list of the most popular baby names last year. "Noah" and "Sophia" won out. But apparently almost every popular name today WON'T be popular in 25 years. A researcher at Virginia Tech looked at baby name trends since 1880, and created a program that predicts how popular specific names will be in the future. "Time" magazine posted it on their website . . . you type in your name and it spits out results. But pretty much every "normal" name is becoming less and less popular each year. For example, the most popular boy's name every year from 1961 to 1998 was "Michael". It peaked in 1969, when about 5% of boys in the U.S. were named Michael. Now it's less than 1%. And by 2030, it'll be down around .25%. For girls, "Emily" was the most popular name every year from 1996 through 2007, peaking at about 1.5% in 1999. But by 2030, it'll also be down to about 0.25%. Meanwhile, a few names that used to be popular . . . like "William" and "Margaret" . . . are expected to become popular again. You can look up your own name by googling, "Time's Baby Name Predictor".

Unwritten Rules of Facebook

The Nine Unwritten Rules of Facebook
Anyone who's been on Facebook for more than a few minutes knows there are a lot of unwritten rules.  MOST of you are pretty good about not breaking them.  But here's a little reminder for the rest of you.
1.  Only post the things your friends actually want to see, like mind-blowing facts and major life updates.
2.  Posts about religion, politics, or your workouts will get you BLOCKED.
3.  Never like your own posts.
4.  Everybody stalks . . . but don't get caught.  Liking photos that are already several years old is the easiest way to get caught.
5.  Don't have a conversation in the comments section.  That's what texting is for.
6.  Keep virtual PDA to a minimum.  Treat it like real-life PDA.
7.  Don't post every selfie you take.
8.  Don't make people guess what's bothering you.
9.  Don't invite friends to play all your online games.
(Yahoo! Screen)

A Woman's Adopted Son Returns the Favor . . . By Giving Her a Kidney

Did you get your mom something good for Mother's Day this year?  Never mind.  Because no matter what it was, there's no way it could top THIS.
Over the years, a woman in Phoenix named Ingeborg McIntosh has taken in over 120 foster kids.  But 27 years ago, she formed a special bond with a baby named Jordan.  (We're not sure about Ingeborg's age, but she looks to be in her late 60s.)
She had to go through a big court fight to adopt him, but finally got custody when he was four, and raised him as her own.  And recently, he got the chance to pay her back . . . BIG TIME.
Last summer, Ingeborg found out she needed a kidney transplant because of a genetic disorder called polycystic kidney disease.  And without telling her, Jordan got tested and found out he was a match.
She tried to talk him out of it, but he told her that she'd sacrificed so much to keep HIM around, and he wanted to do the same.  So he gave her one of his kidneys last month.
The surgery went well and they're both doing great.  Jordan explained that he hopes to do even MORE for his mom in the future.  But for now it was "the least [he] could do."  Meanwhile, his mom says she couldn't ask for a better son.  (KPHO / Fox2)

What's The Number One Thing People Want to Do on Vacation?

The Number One Thing People Want to Do on Vacation Is . . . Fly First Class?

When it comes to travelling, what's the number one thing you want to cross off your bucket list?  Maybe visit the pyramids, or the Great Wall of China?  Both would be good answers.
But for the average American, apparently it doesn't matter . . . as long as you get there in STYLE.  Because according to a new survey, the number one thing people want to do on vacation is . . . fly FIRST CLASS.  Here are the top eight answers.
1.  Fly first class.  30% of people put it on their list.
2.  Take a trip to research your ancestors, 26%.
3.  Visit all seven continents, 24%.
4.  Go on safari, 21%.
5.  Climb a famous mountain, 18%.
6.  Visit a city in every time zone, 17%.
7.  Fill up every page of your passport, 17%.
8.  Go bungee jumping or skydiving, 14%.
(PR Newswire)

What Americans Are Most/ Least Proud of.

Americans Are Most Proud of Our Science, Constitution, and TV Shows . . . and Least Proud of Our Schools and Politics
It's easy to complain about everything that's wrong in America . . . there are enough people on the Internet every day talking about how our country is at its LOWEST POINT EVER that you might actually believe them.  Well . . . DON'T.
A new Harris Interactive poll had Americans rank 16 different major institutions in the country . . . and when you look at them, you realize that most things are still pretty damn good.
Our science and technology had the most people rating it as excellent or pretty good, at 70% . . . the Constitution had a 64% positive rating . . . so did our TV shows, movies, and entertainment . . . and our quality of life came in fourth, with 62%.
Our political system got the WORST rating . . . only 22% said it's excellent or pretty good.  Our public schools only had a 31% positive rating . . . health care got a 32% positive rating . . . and our economic system got a 34% positive rating.  
And when the survey asked people to compare those things to OTHER countries . . . we turned even MORE positive.  At least 60% said we do ALL 16 better or the same as every other first-world country.  (Harris Interactive)

Things That Drive Us Crazy at Work

The 20 Things That Drive Us Crazy at Work . . . Including Pointless Emails, Last-Minute Phone Calls, and Coworkers With Body Odor
We've got a list of the top 20 things that make us crazy at work . . . and while that sounds like a lot, when you hear it you realize they could've come up with another three or four HUNDRED.
Here are the top 20 things that make us CRAZY at the office . . .
1.  Being copied on emails that aren't relevant.
2.  Phone calls right when you're ready to leave for the day.
3.  Your computer crashing.
4.  The office being too hot or cold.
5.  The printer breaking down.
6.  Coworkers with BODY ODOR.
7.  Coworkers who talk too loudly on the phone.
8.  People talking too much.
9.  Coworkers not cleaning the microwave.
10.  The sounds of coworkers sniffing.
11.  People reading emails over your shoulder.
12.  People not replacing an empty toilet paper roll.
13.  Coworkers not saying "thank you" when you hold the door for them.
14.  People with bad breath.
15.  Corporate buzzwords.
16.  Inconsiderate parking.
17.  When coworkers make food that stinks.
18.  Uncomfortable office chairs.
19.  People who book their days off around holiday weekends way in advance.
20.  Your boss catching you when you're on Facebook for one minute during a hectic day.  
(Daily Mail)
(You can see the full top 50 here.)

The Top Five Reasons People Break Up

If you feel like the SPARK is gone from your relationship . . . it might be time to start moving your stuff out.
A new survey asked people who'd just gotten out of a relationship why they broke up . . . and 52% said it's because the spark was gone.
Here are the top five reasons couples break up . . .   
1.  The spark was gone.
2.  Someone cheated.
3.  Arguments over money.
4.  Too many personality clashes.
5.  One of them fell in love with someone else.  Which kinda sounds like the second one . . . although at least they haven't DONE anything about it yet.

A Soldier Raised Money for Over a Decade to Help a Random Kid with a Facial Deformity

In 2003, a British soldier named Wayne Ingram was on a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.  And he met a four-year-old named Stefan.
Stefan was born with a rare deformity called a facial cleft, which was causing his eyes to move farther and farther apart.  And his nose was basically split down the middle.  But his parents couldn't afford to have it fixed.
Luckily, Wayne didn't forget about Stefan when he got back to the U.K., and started raising money for him.  In the first four years, he raised about $145,000, which paid for three surgeries.
Then doctors had to wait until Stefan got older before they could do anything else.  But Wayne never forgot about him, and recently raised another $25,000 for a fourth operation, which happened earlier this month.
Stefan still needs at least one more minor surgery.  But he basically looks like a normal 14-year-old kid now.  (ABC News / Huffington Post)  

The Hottest New Diet Is . . . Tapping On Your Face to Lose Weight?

I'm not sure there's ANY diet that sounds easier than this one.  There's a new book out called "Tapping For Weight Loss", and it claims you can lose weight just by tapping your fingers on your face and body.
There are two steps.  One, when you're craving something unhealthy, you're supposed to dig down deep to the root of what's bothering you at that moment.  Like, are you stressed about work?  Are you worried about money?  Whatever it is.
Then you tap two fingers on nine specific acupuncture pressure points while you tell yourself things are going to be alright.  Say something like, "Even though I'm afraid I won't be able to pay off my credit card, I accept how I feel and I'm okay."  
The nine pressure points are:  The fleshy part on the side of your hand below the pinky, your eyebrow, next to your eye socket, under your eye, under your nose, your chin, your collarbone, under your arm just below the armpit, and the crown of your head.
If you tap each point seven times while you tell yourself things are going to be okay, apparently it kills any craving for junk food.
This sounds ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS . . . but in a clinical study, 89 women tried it and lost an average of 16 pounds in eight weeks.  They ALL also kept the weight off six months later.  (Daily Mail)

Two Days Without Posting on Facebook Makes You Depressed?

It seems like the overwhelming majority of people on Facebook fall into two camps:  The people who NEVER post . . . and the people who post CONSTANTLY.  Maybe it's better for you to be in that first group.
A new study had people who regularly post on Facebook STOP.  And they found in less than TWO days, those people were depressed, had lower self-esteem, and felt like they were losing control.  (Daily Mail / Science Daily)

For the First Time in 14 Years, Jacob Isn't the Most Popular Name for Boys

Jacob has been the most popular name for boys in the U.S. for 14 years.  But after 14 years on top, there's a new most popular name.
The Social Security Administration just released the top baby names for 2013, and the most popular name for boys was . . . NOAH.
That's the first time since 1960 that the most popular boys name wasn't Jacob or Michael.  David came in first in 1960.
The top 10 boys names for 2013 are:  Noah, Liam, Jacob, Mason, William, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, Jayden, and Daniel.
The most popular name for girls in 2013 was Sophia, for the third year in a row.
The top 10 girls names for 2013 are:  Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Emily, Abigail, Madison, and Elizabeth.  (ABC News / SSA)  
(You can dig into all of the most popular baby names from 2013 here.)

92% of People Say a Low Phone Battery Stresses Them Out

When you look at your phone during the day and see the battery icon is down to 5% . . . do you start freaking out?  If not . . . congratulations, you're better than the rest of us.
A new survey found 92% of people get STRESSED when their cell phone battery is low or runs out.
61% of people say they also get frustrated, and 25% of people start legitimately panicking.
All that being said . . . maybe it's justified.  81% of people say at some point a dead cell phone battery has caused a problem for them.
The survey also found that in a DISASTER, a cell phone would be the number TWO thing people would want the most . . . right after water.  It beat out food, which came in third.  Again:  IT BEAT OUT FOOD.  
(The Telegraph / Daily Mail)

Five Ways to Win Over Someone's Mom

Mother's Day is this weekend, so here are five ways to win over your boyfriend or girlfriend's MOM . . .
1.  Ask her about herself.  It's always awkward trying to make conversation with someone's mom for the first time, but asking her questions and listening goes a long way.  
If you're stuck on WHAT to talk about, ask questions about what your boyfriend or girlfriend was like as a kid.
2.  Compliment something specific.  Find something you really like about her or her home . . . like her necklace or the decorations in the guest bathroom . . . and tell her.  Complimenting something specific instead of generic makes it seem more genuine.
3.  Bring a gift.  Obviously if you're meeting someone's mom for the first time on Mother's Day, you NEED to bring a gift.  But it's a good idea to bring one regardless of when you meet her.  It doesn't have to be fancy . . . flowers or a bottle of wine is fine.
4.  Offer to help.  A good rule of thumb is to always offer to help with either the cooking or cleaning when you're visiting . . . or pick up the check if you go out.
5.  Put in some effort.  Even if you're nervous, DON'T sit back and let your boyfriend or girlfriend do all the talking.  Ask questions, smile, and look interested, even if you're not.  
(She Knows)

Kids Learning English in Other Countries Can Practice by Video Chatting with Lonely Seniors in the U.S.

Apparently senior citizens are so lonely, they're willing to talk to ANYONE . . . even people who barely speak their language.  But all joking aside, this is pretty cool.
There's a company in Brazil called the CNA Language School that teaches kids English.  And to help them practice, they've set up a way to video chat with people living in NURSING HOMES in the U.S.
There's a YouTube video that shows how it works.  And this might make seniors even MORE disgusted with America's youth.  Because the teenagers they talk to are a lot more respectful than most kids here.
In fact, some of the retirees doing it say they already think of them like GRANDKIDS.  And they're even talking about going to Brazil to visit.
So . . . maybe give your grandmother a call for Mother's Day, before she ditches you for some Brazilian kid?  (YouTube / Gawker)  

What's Your Best "If I Had a Restaurant" Idea?

Everyone's thought about what THEY'D do if THEY had a restaurant.  It's got to be one of the most common fantasies ever.
So . . . what's your best "If I had a restaurant" idea?  Here are five of the best ones we've heard.
1.  " A hangover diner.  Comfort food, no loud noises, and you're served Gatorade instead of water."
2.  "Tapas, American style.  In other words, everything would be small plates . . . but American appetizers like cheese sticks and onion rings."
3.  "An 'American Gladiators'-style restaurant.  You can either pay, or try to escape past the staff without paying.  But if they catch you, you pay double."
4.  "A create-your-own pancake place . . . kind of like Chipotle but you stuff your pancakes as you go down the line."
5.  "A restaurant that opens for happy hour, serves drinks until last call, then switches to breakfast until it closes at noon.  I'd call it Flapjack Daniels."  

A Model Who's 6-Foot-8 Is Getting Married to a Guy Who's 5-Foot-4

18-year-old Elisany da Cruz Silva of Salinopolis, Brazil just got engaged.  Why do we care?
Because she's SIX-FOOT-EIGHT . . . and her fiancé Francinaldo Carvalho is just 5-foot-4.
That's a difference of one foot and four inches.  To put that in perspective, the average woman is 5-foot-4 . . . so it would be like the average woman marrying a guy who's four feet tall.
Elisany is so tall because of a tumor on her pituitary gland that made her grow like crazy.  She says she's worried about having children . . . and if she can't get pregnant, they'll adopt.  
They've been together for more than three years, and have lived together for the past year.  He's a construction worker, and Elisany is an aspiring MODEL.  And yes, she's the tallest model in the world.
They haven't decided when they're getting married, but they say it could be a long engagement.  (Daily Star)  

The Secret to Losing Weight Is . . . Playing "Tetris"?

A new study found that playing "Tetris" is the secret to losing weight.  And no, sadly, it's not because your "Tetris" skills somehow make your body better at strategically arranging and eliminating your fat.
Researchers from Plymouth University in England found that addictive games like "Tetris" are SUCH good mental distractions that they can make you FORGET to eat junk food.
For the study, they had people start playing "Tetris" every time they had a food craving.
And they found that the people who did actually got past the craving and stopped wanting the snack . . . because "Tetris" did such a good job distracting their brains.  
The researchers say you don't necessarily have to play "Tetris" . . . any good puzzle game can work.  Although we're thinking "Candy Crush Saga" might not do the best job taking your mind off, you know, candy.  
(Discover Magazine)

Five Random Mother's Day Facts

Here are some random Mother's Day facts for you . . .
1.  This is the 100th anniversary of WOODROW WILSON officially naming Mother's Day a U.S. holiday.
2.  Mother's Day was originally started in the 1850s by a woman named Ann Jarvis . . . and it wasn't about giving gifts.  It was a day for mothers to rally together behind causes like fighting disease, mourning soldiers, and promoting peace.
3.  28% of people say they don't feel they know or they knew their mother as much as they'd like to.
4.  Americans will spend $19.9 BILLION on Mother's Day this year.
5.  30% of the mothers in the U.S. are stay-at-home moms.
(National Geographic / PR Newswire / ABC 5 - Cleveland / Huffington Post)

15 Things That Instantly Make a Guy More Attractive

"Cosmo" came up with a list of 15 things that instantly make a guy more attractive.  Check 'em out . . .
1.  Being unaware of their own hotness.
2.  Being able to banter and hold a conversation.
3.  A nice low voice, or an accent.  
4.  Not blatantly checking out other women.  
5.  Being able to cook at least one dish well . . . especially breakfast.  
6.  Being good with kids.  
7.  Immediately loving her pet.  Even if it's a cat.
8.  Having a dog.  
9.  Tipping well.  
10.  Not answering texts when you're out together.     
11.  Kicking ass at their job.  
12.  Putting on or taking off a tie.  
13.  Wearing shoes instead of sneakers.    
14.  Rolled-up sleeves.
15.  Dark jeans that fit well.  (Cosmopolitan)

A Woman Lost 128 Pounds So She Could Get a Job at Hooters and Prove a Guy Wrong

Cearra Swetman lives in Fort Myers, Florida.  And a year ago, she was up to about 250 pounds.  (We're not sure how old she is, but she looks like she's in her early 30s.)
But one night she was out having dinner with her family, when some drunk idiot at the bar noticed the Hooters t-shirt she had on.  And he decided to tell her that she didn't LOOK like any Hooters girl he'd ever seen.
But instead of smashing a bottle over his head and kicking him in the groin like he deserved, Cearra decided to use the guy's comment as INSPIRATION.
She started working out . . . lost 128 POUNDS over the past year . . . and now she actually IS a Hooters waitress in Fort Myers.
Cearra says it wasn't easy, but the idea of becoming a Hooters waitress and proving the guy wrong kept her going.
She has slightly bigger aspirations though.  Because while she's working at Hooters, she's also getting her master's degree in business.  (WFTX / Yahoo)

The Eight Most Absurd Fried Foods Served at Our Country's State Fairs

America's strongest innovation isn't in technology, biochemistry, or pharmaceuticals.  It's in DEEP FRYING.  This country is the world leader in creative deep frying.
Here are the eight of the most ABSURD fried foods being served this summer at state fairs around the country.
1.  Fried scorpion.  In Arizona, naturally.
2.  A fried stick of butter, Iowa.
3.  Fried beer, Texas.  It's basically a ravioli with beer inside.  And you have to be over 21 to buy it.
4.  Fried Kool Aid, California.  The Kool Aid is rolled with dough and deep fried.
5.  Fried Ice Cream Cheeseburger, Florida.  You get a cheeseburger with a bun, bacon, cheese, lettuce, and tomato . . . then a deep fried scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.
6.  Fried sugar cubes, Texas.
7.  A fried 'Fat Elvis on a Stick,' Wisconsin.  It's peanut butter, chocolate, and bacon rolled in banana batter and deep fried.
8.  Fried White Castle burgers, California.  (Jezebel)  (You can see photos of almost all of these items here.)

One in Seven Men Still Have Their Mom Do Their Laundry

Here's a great idea for Mother's Day. . . DON'T bring home two giant bags of dirty laundry for her to do.
In a new survey of 2,739 adult men, one out of SEVEN say they still have their mother do their laundry.  And those are all guys who've move OUT . . . they just bring their dirty laundry home for their mom to take care of.
The survey also found the top five ULTRA SIMPLE household chores that men say they can't do . . .
1.  Clean the bathroom properly, 36%.
2.  Use a washing machine and dryer, 33%.
3.  Iron a shirt, 30%.
4.  Use the dishwasher, 26%.
5.  Cook a simple meal, 24%.  
(Daily Mail)

Most People Know When You're Faking a Laugh

A new study out of UCLA found that most of the time when you fake a laugh, people KNOW you're faking.
In the study, people recognized fake laughs 63% of the time . . . and were only fooled 37% of the time.  Which means if you fake three laughs, people are going to know you were faking two of them.
The researchers say fake laughs DO sound different, because they're controlled by different parts of the brain.
Real laughs are controlled by your emotional vocal system, which opens and closes your windpipe quicker to control your breathing while you laugh.  Fake laughs are controlled by your speech system, so the breathing is different.  
(UCLA / Jezebel)

The Ten Most Annoying TV Habits

You know when you're watching TV with someone, and you constantly have to explain what's going on?  Don't be that person.  A new survey found it's the most annoying TV habit you can have.  Here's the top ten.
1.  Constantly asking what's going on, or why something happened.
2.  Clicking through the channels too much.
3.  Answering a phone call during a show.
4.  Loud eating.
5.  Trying to predict what's going to happen.
6.  Making too many sarcastic comments or jokes.
7.  Hogging the remote.
8.  Forgetting to record something for someone.
9.  Deleting someone's show from the DVR before they watch it.
10.  Revealing spoilers you saw online.  
(Female First)

A Ton of Facts You May Not Have Known About the "Star Wars" Movies

Since everyone's talking about the NEW "Star Wars" movie, here are some facts you may not have known about the previous six movies:
1.  The original Obi-Wan, ALEC GUINESS, thought the movies were, quote, "fairy-tale rubbish".  But thanks to his 2% cut of the profits, he made over $95 million from the three he was in.
2.  HARRISON FORD was only paid $10,000 for the first movie.
3.  Yoda's species has never been named.
4.  The word Ewok is never said out loud in the "Star Wars" movies.
5.  "Return of the Jedi" was originally going to be called "REVENGE of the Jedi".  So "Star Trek 2" was changed from "The REVENGE of Khan" to "The WRATH of Khan" to avoid confusion. 
6.  The communicator LIAM NEESON uses in "The Phantom Menace" is actually an altered Gillette Sensor Excel women's razor.
7.  TUPAC SHAKUR auditioned for the role of Mace Windu.
8.  Lucasfilm has someone on staff whose job is just to maintain "Star Wars" canon.
.  E.T.'s species are part of the "Star Wars" universe.  A delegation of the aliens can be seen in the Galactic Senate in "The Phantom Menace".
10.  The phrase "I have a bad feeling about this" is said in every film.
(These were taken from a list of 58 "Star Wars" facts, which you can find at

13 Times When Being Cheap Costs You More

People who are good with money know that being cheap often ends up costing you MORE in the long run.  Here's a list of 13 times when you should pay extra for quality, in order to SAVE money later.
1.  Cookware.  Cheap pots and pans don't last, and they don't cook well.  You might pay several times as much for expensive pots, but they'll last forever.
2.  Car maintenance.  Cars break down a lot earlier if you don't take care of them.  You can save thousands a year by making a car last longer, and you can also sell it for more later, if you can show you've done all the recommended maintenance.
3.  Furniture.  Solid wood furniture lasts just about forever.  With IKEA furniture, you're lucky to make it through the first month.
4.  Knives.  The cheap ones lose their edge right away.  Quality knives stay sharp longer, and you can keep sharpening them for a lifetime.
5.  Hair conditioner.  Cheap shampoo is okay, but cheap conditioner can be worse than none at all.  
6.  Shoes.  Quality shoes pay for themselves by lasting longer.  But cheap shoes can be EXTREMELY expensive if they cause foot problems because they don't fit well.
7.  Paint.  Cheap paint doesn't cover as well, so you end up using two coats.  Two gallons of cheap paint cost more than one gallon of good paint . . . and it takes more than twice as long to put on two coats, because you'll wait for the first coat to dry.
8.  Clothing.  If you're dressing for fashion, you can wear anything, because you only need it to last for a few months.  For classic stuff like hoodies and sport coats, spend more and keep it as long as possible.
9.  Exterior housing materials.  Siding, shingles, paint and windows should all be high quality.  Especially if you live in a place where it rains a lot.
10.  Blenders.  You can get any old blender for $15, but the blades and the motor won't last.  Especially if you're into smoothies or frozen margaritas.
11.  Children's toys.  Wooden blocks and durable toys like Legos will actually be around long enough for your kids to outgrow them.  Most toys off the shelf at big box stores are pretty much built to break on the day after Christmas.
12.  Bed sheets.  The cheap ones get uncomfortable after a few washes, and they lose their color quickly.  
13.  Energy efficiency upgrades.  Pay more for good windows and modern appliances.  They'll pay for themselves in savings on your utility bill within a few years, and they'll last for 15 years or more.  (Business Insider)

The Governor of Oregon Saved a Woman With CPR Until Paramedics Got There

John Kitzhaber is the Democratic Governor of Oregon, and he's currently running for reelection.  And politics aside . . . if being a complete BADASS counts for anything . . . he'll win in a landslide.
Because around 5:00 P.M. on Monday, Kitzhaber was in his car driving through Portland when he saw a woman lying on the ground.
Before he was a politician, John was an ER doctor.  So he jumped out of his car, told one of his Secret Service guys to call 911, started doing CPR on the woman, and kept her alive until paramedics got there.
One of the first responders said afterward that it was surreal to show up and see the GOVERNOR doing CPR on a patient.  But this actually isn't the first time Kitzhaber has done something like this.
During an election speech four years ago, he jumped down from his podium to help a guy in the crowd who was having a seizure.  And in 2005, he chased down a guy who broke into his office, and trapped him in a revolving door.
According to authorities, the woman he helped rescue on Monday is expected to survive.  (OregonLive / KGW)  

A Pilot Accidentally Crashed Into a House He Used to Own . . . and Started Battling the Flames With a Garden Hose

A small plane pulling a Geico banner crashed UPSIDE DOWN into a house in Northglenn, Colorado on Monday, just outside Denver.
Luckily the pilot survived with no major injuries, and no one was home when it happened . . . even the two dogs and the pet lizard inside weren't hurt.  But the crash DID start a fire.  
Luckily the pilot also happened to be a trained FIREFIGHTER.  His name is Brian Veatch, and when he realized the house was on fire, he jumped out of the cockpit and started battling it with a GARDEN hose.
It's not clear how much damage the fire caused, but the fire department eventually put it out.
And here's the WEIRDEST part.  It also turns out Brian used to OWN the house.  The police don't think he crashed into it on purpose, it was just a crazy coincidence.   Apparently he lived there from 2000 until 2003. 
According to Brian's boss, he was supposed to fly the Geico banner over a Colorado Rockies game.  Then the plane lost power, and he was trying to land in a nearby field.  (KMGH / Star-Telegram)  

Getting a Library Card Feels As Good As a $2,300 Pay Raise?

A new study tested how much people's happiness and sense of wellbeing increased with different pay raises . . . and how much people's happiness and sense of wellbeing increased doing different hobbies and activities.
And they found getting a LIBRARY CARD makes you feel SUPER happy.  In fact, the happiness is the equivalent of getting a BIG PAY RAISE. 
The researchers found that getting a library card and using it increases a person's wellbeing the same amount as a $2,282 raise from work.  That's about a 5% raise if you're making $45,000-a-year.
Going to the library even feels better than playing SPORTS.  Playing sports increases a person's wellbeing as much as a $1,913 raise.  

10 Rude Hand Gestures to Avoid in Other Countries

If you're planning an international trip this summer, be careful how you use your hands.  Gestures that are completely innocent here can get you in big trouble in other places.  Here's a good list of 10 gestures to avoid.
1.  The peace sign.  You probably know this, but if you give a peace sign with the back of your hand facing OUT, it means "eff you" in the UK and other places.  George Bush Sr. got in trouble for doing it in Australia back in 1992.
2.  The thumbs-up.  Kind of surprising, because here we use it to be friendly.  In a lot of other places, they take it as a big insult . . . as in, "You can SIT on this."
3.  The A-OK.  In some places it's used to call someone a homosexual . . . and obviously a lot of people still see that as an insult.  It can also mean "A-hole," or sometimes it's just another way to say "Eff you."
4.  Curling your finger to say 'come here.'  If you're in the Philippines and you beckon someone by curling your index finger toward yourself, they'll ARREST you.  For them it's a gesture that's only meant for dogs.
5.  The left-handed shake.  Here, you might sometimes shake with our left hand if you're carrying something in your right, and it's no big deal.  In other places it's REALLY rude, because that's the hand that everyone uses for their personal business. 
6.  The devil horns.  We use it to rock out over here.  In Brazil and other places, it means "I'm doing your wife."
7.  Spreading your fingers.  If you're in Greece and you spread out your five fingers to show someone your palm, you're telling them to use their MOUTH on you. 
8.  Crossing your fingers.  What we do here to wish for good luck is a big insult in Vietnam.  Just like the fig sign, they think it looks like female genitalia. 
9.  Baring the soles of your feet.  Some cultures think it's rude to show the soles of your feet, because they're lowly and dirty.
10.  The middle finger.  This one actually means the same thing just about everywhere.
(Fast Company)

A Woman About to Lose Her House Just Hit the Publisher's Clearing House Jackpot

Penny Pompa lives in Monroe, Connecticut and has four kids to support.  She's been on hard times lately, and thought she was about to lose her house.  (Penny is in her 40s, and Monroe is about 20 miles west of New Haven.)
She's also had some extra medical bills recently, because she was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  Anyway, dealing with all of that will be a WHOLE lot less stressful now.
Because last Wednesday, Penny woke up to a knock on her door.  And when she answered it, a woman from Publisher's Clearing House was there to give her a check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS.
There's a video of it online.  And Penny was so out of it, she thought she was DREAMING.  Then she saw the oversized check, realized it was REAL, and said that right before bed she PRAYED for a miracle.  Apparently someone was listening.
After they gave her the huge novelty check, they also gave her a REAL check for $25,000 so she'll have cash on hand until the paperwork goes through.  ( / Facebook)  

Arlington, Texas Is America's Most Taco-Obsessed City . . . New York Is the Least Taco-Obsessed

A real estate blog called Estately just ran a study to figure out the most TACO-OBSESSED CITIES in the U.S. . . . and the top five are ALL in Texas.
The rankings are based on the percentage of the restaurants in the city that serve tacos, the percentage of Facebook users in the city who talk about tacos, and the amount of Google searches in the city for tacos.
The top five cities are Arlington, Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio.  The rest of the top 10 are Long Beach, California . . . Oklahoma City . . . San Diego . . . Houston . . . and Los Angeles.
Out of the 50 cities in the study, most of the ANTI-TACO cities are in the northeast.  New York City is the least taco-obsessed city in the country, just below Boston and Philadelphia.  (Estately)  
(You can see the full top 50 rankings here.)

The Eight Unwritten Rules of Public Bathrooms

There's nothing worse than someone in a public bathroom who doesn't understand the UNWRITTEN RULES of using a public bathroom.  So maybe it's time to actually write out these rules so those people can learn them.
Here are eight of the most popular picks for the key unwritten rules of using a public bathroom.  If you're not following any of them . . . start.
1.  Don't look through the crack into a stall.
2.  Don't talk to strangers about ANY subject.
3.  In a men's room, pick the urinal furthest away from someone else.
4.  No grunting.
5.  In a women's room, if you're at the sink and someone's in a stall and not peeing, hurry up and leave.  She clearly wants to poop but is waiting until you leave.
6.  No laughing at loud noises coming from the stalls.
7.  Wipe the seat if you splashed on it.
8.  Flush.  And then flush a second time if you have to.  (Reddit)

The Ten Most Important Table Manners

I'm not sure anyone has time to pay attention to other people's table manners anymore . . . aren't we all just staring down at our phones during dinner?  But apparently at least a FEW people are paying attention.
A new survey asked people to name the most important table manners.  Here are the top 10 . . .
1.  Chewing with your mouth closed.
2.  Not having your phone at the table.
3.  Thanking the person who invited you to dinner, or the person who cooked.
4.  Not playing cell phone games at the table.
5.  Waiting until everyone has their food before you start eating.
6.  Using your knife and fork correctly.
7.  Not cleaning dishes until everyone's done eating.
8.  Bringing something to a dinner party.
9.  Trying to make conversation.
10.  Keeping your elbows off the table.  (Daily Mail)

What is the Most Depressing & Happiest Moment of the Week?

The Most Depressing Moment of the Week Is 1:42 P.M. on Monday . . . the Happiest Moment Is 6:08 P.M. on Friday
A new study figured out the most depressing moment of the week, and the happiest moment of the week.
The most depressing moment is . . . 1:42 P.M. on Monday.  And that makes perfect sense . . . you realize you still have four-and-a-half days of work ahead of you until the weekend, and you're already dragging.
The happiest moment is . . . 6:08 P.M. on Friday.  That ALSO makes perfect sense . . . because it's when you just got out of work and have your entire weekend ahead of you.  
(The Telegraph)

74% of Us Plan Mother's Day Last Minute . . . and 6% Make No Plans at All

With everything moms do, you'd think a little planning for Mother's Day wouldn't be too much to ask.  But apparently, it is.
According to the National Restaurant Association, Mother's Day is still the busiest day of the year for restaurants.  But a new poll found that only 33% of people taking their mom out to eat will make a RESERVATION.
88% say they'll walk out if they have to wait more than 30 minutes for a table . . . and then apparently just buy their mom a Clark Bar or something.  (???)
Regardless, apparently we don't put much effort into it.  Because 74% of us plan Mother's Day less than a week ahead of time.  And 6% just wing it and make no plans at all.
If that's you, then your best bet for a table is during breakfast.  44% of people who are planning to hit a restaurant this Sunday said they're going out for dinner, 37% said brunch, and 11% said lunch.  Just 8% are planning on a Mother's Day breakfast.
(PR Newswire /

Happy Cinco de Mayo

152 years ago . . . In 1862!  The Mexican army scores an upset victory over the invading French army at the Battle of Puebla.  
A few important points about Cinco de Mayo, though:
1.  Even though the Mexicans held off the French that day, they didn't win their war.  About a year later, the French successfully occupied Mexico City.  They didn't leave until the U.S. strongly pressured them to leave a few years later.
2.  It's NOT Mexican Independence Day.  That's September 16th.
3.  It's NOT a federal holiday in Mexico, but just a voluntary one.  And it doesn't get huge celebrations in Mexico . . . in fact, they barely notice it.
4.  Even though it's virtually ignored in Mexico, outside of the country it's evolved into a day of BROWN PRIDE.  Which is why it gets huge celebrations in U.S. cities with large Latino populations.

Nine Healthier Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

If you're planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo today, you've probably already given up on your diet.  But you might not have to, if you can just switch out a few things here and there.  Here's a list of nine healthier choices for Cinco de Mayo.
1.  Shredded cabbage for lettuce.  It won't save calories, but it's much more nutritious.
2.  Fish for ground beef.  You can keep the meaty texture in your tacos, but with lower calories and less cholesterol.  
3.  Low-fat cheese for regular cheese.
4.  Raw jalapeno peppers instead of pickled peppers.  You can save on the sugar and sodium that get added to most pickled vegetables.
5.  Homemade guacamole instead of store-bought.  Again, much less sodium.
6.  Whole wheat tortillas.  They give you extra fiber and protein over the processed white flour versions.
7.  Whole beans instead of refried.  Most brands of canned refried beans have a LOT of sodium and fat. 
8.  Homemade pico de gallo instead of salsa.  You save big on the sodium.  Two tablespoons of a typical store-bought salsa can have up to 250 milligrams of sodium, which is 10% of your recommended daily limit.
9.  Light beer instead of regular. You save about 50 calories per can.  (ABC News)

A Family Lost Their Dog in Hurricane Sandy, Went to Adopt a New One . . . And Found Their Dog

In October of 2012, Charles and Elicia James had to evacuate their home on the Jersey Shore because of Hurricane Sandy.  But right before they did, their pit bull "Reckless" slipped out of his collar and ran off.  So they left without him.
They called a bunch of animal shelters after the storm, but no one had him, and eventually they lost hope.
Then, a couple weeks ago, Charles and Elicia finally gave in . . . and decided to get a NEW dog for their daughter Alexandra's 10th birthday.  So they went to an animal shelter nearby to pick one out.
And when they got there . . . the first dog they saw was THEIR DOG, Reckless, sitting in a cage.  And when he saw them, he went NUTS . . . and they all started crying.
It turns out he'd been found as a stray in October, and had been at the shelter since November . . . but no one had adopted him.  Now he's back home, 18 MONTHS after he went missing, and he's been sleeping next to the daughter every night.  
He also has a microchip now, in case he ever runs off again.  (NY Daily News / Facebook)  


Three Teenagers Busted for Stealing a "Flintstones" Car Were Forced to Dress Up as Flintstones Characters

Dave Downey owns a comic book store in Sacramento, California . . . and he has a replica of FRED FLINTSTONE'S car outside.  The car was STOLEN back in December.
The police looked at surveillance footage and tracked down the thieves in January.  Turns out it was three teenagers who'd cut the lock on the car, loaded it into a truck, then drove off.
Dave decided not to press charges . . . IF the three kids agreed to a punishment he came up with.  He wanted them to dress up as characters from "The Flintstones" to help promote Free Comic Book Day . . . which just happened on Saturday.
They agreed to it . . . so on Saturday they dressed up as Fred, Barney, and Wilma, and stood on the street for NINE HOURS waving at cars, holding up signs, and getting people to come into the store.
Dave says he's satisfied . . . and the three guys who stole the car say they're done stealing things.  (FOX 40 - Sacramento)  

A School Had to Take Down Anti-Cheating Posters . . . Because They Featured a Math Formula That Helped Kids Cheat

Plymouth University in England wanted to discourage CHEATING before their final exams this year . . . so they created posters to hang in classrooms as part of an anti-cheating campaign.
The posters featured a photo of a hand holding an iPhone, and a hand with a bunch of math formulas written on it.  Both were inside red circles with a red slash through them, and the headline said, "NO CHEATING."
Unfortunately for the school . . . the math formulas written on the hand in the poster were REAL.
And at least one student ended up using the formula on the POSTER to cheat on a math test . . . he wrote online that the formula helped him.
So now they're taking the posters down.  

A New Airplane Armrest Has Finally Solved the Problem of Sharing

Of the 15,000 horrible things about flying, fighting with the stranger next to you over the ARMREST is one of the worst.  But this new invention may be the answer.
A company in Hong Kong called Paperclip Design just designed an airplane armrest that hooks UP at the end, to give it an upper level and a lower level.  That way, BOTH people can use it comfortably.
There's no word if any airlines are actually considering this yet.  (CNN)  

Eight Simple Things That Seriously Improve Your Appearance

It's one thing to make yourself more attractive by WORKING at it.  But anyone can do that.  The holy grail is to make yourself more attractive without any EFFORT.  Here are eight simple things that can significantly improve your appearance.
1.  Always stand up straight.  And when you walk, look forward . . . not down.  Basically, walk like you're a superhero wearing a cape.
2.  Get more sleep.
3.  Only smile RIGHT before a photo is taken, don't plaster a smile to your face.  And stick your head out a little and tilt it forward slightly . . . it makes your face look the best.
4.  Wear clothing that's the correct size . . . not too big or too small.
5.  Change your hairstyle at least once a decade.
6.  Wear the right shoes at the right occasion.  If you're not sure what shoes are right, wear slightly nicer ones than you'd think.
7.  Drink more water.  It helps your skin and reduces bloating.
8.  Change your sheets and pillowcases more often.  You won't be sleeping in your old oil and sweat anymore, which will help your skin.  (Reddit)  

For Mother's Day, Buy Your Mom a Scarf . . . That's Also a Flask?

For Mother's Day, you can always go with a "safe" gift.  Or you can shake things up a little, and give Mom a FLASK.  The good news is, you don't have to decide anymore.
There's a new product called "FlaskScarf", which is exactly what it sounds like:  A scarf with a flask hidden in the lining.  And for some reason, it's being marketed as the "perfect" Mother's Day gift.  (???)
They come in about 20 different colors, and they're lightweight.  So, not a WINTER scarf.  But more importantly, each scarf holds eight ounces of liquid.  Which is about a third of a bottle of wine . . . or enough liquor to get Mom completely BLASTED.
The website is selling them for $25.  And if you order by Wednesday, you get free shipping in time for Mother's Day.
If you want to save on shipping and deal with FATHER'S DAY a month early, they also make a product called "FlaskTie" . . . so your mom and dad can secretly get hammered TOGETHER at formal functions. ( / Daily Mail)  

10 TV Theme Songs That Always Get Stuck in Your Head

It's one thing to suffer through a workday with some random pop song in your head . . . at the moment, that's probably PITBULL'S "Timber" . . . but have you ever found yourself obsessively humming a TV theme song? has put out a new list of 10 of TV theme songs that can easily get lodged in your brain.  Here they are:
1.  "The Andy Griffith Show"
2.  The original "Hawaii Five-O"
3.  "The Brady Bunch"
4.  "Cheers"
5.  "Bonanza"
6.  "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
7.  "Gilligan's Island"
8.  "The Jeffersons"
9.  "The Flintstones"
10.  "The Addams Family"
( has brief write-ups on each of these, along with embedded YouTube links to each show's opening.)

Six Things to Expect When Your Friend Gets a Boyfriend

Ladies, here are six things you should expect when your friend gets a new boyfriend . . .
1.  It's all she's going to talk about.  When your friend gets a new boyfriend, you're going to hear about his favorite restaurant, his shoe size, what his family's like, what he's like in bed . . . EVERYTHING.
2.  You can't make plans.  Making plans used to be easy . . . but now whenever you want to do something together, she'll have to check with him first.
3.  They'll go everywhere together.  Whenever you go out, he'll be there too, so you can't talk like you used to.
4.  Every post on Facebook will be about him.  Including her new profile picture and all her status updates.
5.  She'll ask you when YOU'RE getting a boyfriend.  She'll think that just because SHE has one, it's time you do too.
6.  You'll have to console her.  Eventually your friend and her boyfriend are going to have an argument . . . or break-up . . . and you're going to be the person she goes to for support.  (Female First)

A Family Lost Their House and Dog to a Tornado . . . But the Dog Was Waiting By the Rubble Two Days Later

A deadly F-4 tornado ripped through the town of Vilonia, Arkansas on Sunday, which is just north of Little Rock.  And at least 150 homes were destroyed.  But here's SOME good news from it.
37-year-old Wade Lentz is the pastor of a Baptist church in Vilonia.  And his family's house was completely demolished by the tornado.  But they were more worried about their dog Oreo, who'd disappeared during the storm.
And the tornado was so powerful, they obviously weren't holding out much hope.  But when they went back two days later . . . Oreo popped out from under the rubble wagging his tail.  And his only injury was a small SCRATCH on one of his legs.
Wade and his family think Oreo must have been sucked up by the tornado, then landed safely somewhere . . . unlike Wade's truck, which they found upside down about 150 yards away from where it was parked.
And apparently Oreo found his way back to the house, even though it was demolished.  Which wouldn't be the first time.  Because Wade and his family recently put him in a kennel while they went on vacation.  But he broke out . . . and eventually showed up back home.  (NBC News)

A Kid Took His Great-Grandmother to the Prom . . . Because She Didn't Get to Go in High School

Austin Dennison is a handsome 19-year-old senior at Parkway High School in Rockford, Ohio.  He's an Eagle Scout . . . a volunteer firefighter . . . played football, baseball, and basketball . . . and even played in the school band.
He also just had his senior prom . . . and judging by his prom photo, it looks like he could have taken any date he wanted.  But instead of asking some girl from school . . . he decided to take his 89-year-old GREAT-GRANDMOTHER.
Her name is Delores Dennison, and she grew up in West Virginia.  She never graduated high school because times were tough . . . so she never went to the prom.  
But Austin wanted to help her experience it.  He says, quote, "I respect my elders greatly.  They have a great influence on my life.  To be able to sit down and talk to them and learn from them and their experiences is a great thing."
So he took her to dinner at Bob Evans, and they headed to the prom for photos and dancing.  They got a standing ovation, and the DJ even played the FRANK SINATRA song "Dolores"  . . . which Delores's husband sang to her when he was alive.
Austin even got her home by 9:00 P.M. . . . which is actually later than Delores usually stays up.  (Times Bulletin / Fox News

Scientists Figured Out the Secret to Winning Rock-Paper-Scissors

Next time you're playing rock-paper-scissors to see who gets the last potato skin or something, remember THIS and we guarantee you'll win.  As long as the person you're playing against isn't ALSO listening right now.
Scientists in Zhejiang University in China just had a BREAKTHROUGH discovery on the psychology behind rock-paper-scissors.  Here's what they found . . .
1.  When a person's turn is successful, they'll most likely stick with what they chose for their next turn.  So if they beat you with rock, they'll probably try rock again the next turn.
2.  But if the person's turn ISN'T successful, they'll usually switch to whatever BEAT them.  So if they throw rock and lose to your paper, they'll switch to paper on their next turn, since paper beat them.
The researchers say that switch is a CONDITIONAL RESPONSE . . . it's something we do instinctively, even if we think we're just picking randomly.  
(MIT Technology Review)

The Ten Worst Summer Fashion Mistakes

According to a recent article in the "L.A. Times", wearing socks with sandals is back in style.  But forget that . . . because in a new survey, people rated it as the WORST summer fashion mistake you can make.  Here are the top ten.
1.  Socks with sandals.
2.  Having a bad fake tan, where you can see streaks.
3.  Wearing a bathing suit that's too small.
4.  Having a beer belly . . . which is really more of a WAY OF LIFE than a "fashion mistake."
5.  Clothes that have the American flag on them.
6.  Flip-flops.
7.  Obvious tan lines.
8.  Wearing a lot of make-up at the beach.
9.  Accidentally tucking the back of your skirt into your underwear . . . which apparently happens to women more often than you'd think.
10.  Letting yourself get so sunburned, you peel.  (Daily Mail)

Even If Your Mom Says She Doesn't Want a Mother's Day Present, She Probably Does

Over the next few days, your mom will probably tell you she doesn't want you to make a big deal over Mother's Day this year . . . and to save your money and not get her a gift.
Well . . . she's just saying that because she feels like she's SUPPOSED to.  In a new survey, 61% of mothers say they absolutely think their family should get them a gift, even if they SAY they don't want one.
Here are a few other results from the survey . . .
85% of people suspect their mom has RETURNED a Mother's Day gift to a store . . . only 30% of moms say they've ever done that.
Only 9% of people DON'T plan on doing something for their mom on Mother's Day.
And 83% of people think it's NOT enough just to send a "Happy Mother's Day" text.  
(PR Newswire)

Want Your Kid to Succeed? Give Them a Simple Name and a Middle Initial

You want your kids to succeed in life, right?  Here are two NAMING tips to give them a slight edge.
1.  Give your kid a MIDDLE NAME.  Or at least a middle initial.  A study out of England found that people with a middle initial get treated as HIGHER STATUS. The researchers think it's because initials make people subconsciously think of the initials in prestigious titles . . . like Ph.D.
2.  Give your kid a name that's EASY TO PRONOUNCE. A study out of New Zealand found that people whose names were hard to pronounce had LESS CREDIBILITY than people with easy names.  
(Time / Scientific American)

Eight Things Men Say to Women That Are Lies

"Marie Claire" magazine just came up with eight things men say to women that are supposedly LIES.  Check 'em out:
1.  "I can't wait to meet your parents".  He MIGHT want to meet your parents.  But the "I can't wait" part is a lie.
2.  "I would never fantasize about another woman in bed."
3.  "I hate strip clubs".  Sorry, but "hate" is a strong word in this context.
4.  "You're so much hotter than other women".
5.  "That's the best sex I've ever had".  Every once in a while, this is PROBABLY true . . . but men also say it to give women confidence so they'll want to do it again.
6.  "I'm just going to finish this drink, and then I'm coming home."  He may not have even ORDERED that drink yet. 
7.  "Why don't you come in for ONE drink?"  If he comes up with any excuse for you to come IN, then it's not for that thing.  It's for sex. 
8.  "I really like your friends".  Maybe it's true.  But if it's NOT, he's not going to say that.  (Marie Claire) 

Man helps woman trapped in elevator

A Guy Got Stuck in an Elevator with an Old Woman . . . and Got on All Fours So She Could Use Him as a Bench
There's a moving service based in Florida called College HUNKS, where students show up and move your stuff or haul off your old junk.  The "HUNKS" part stands for "Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable Students."
And you'll understand why that matters in a second.  Because a 23-year-old student named Cesar Larios works at one of their locations in Tampa.  And he recently got stuck in an elevator while he was moving stuff at an assisted living facility.
Now, Cesar was in the elevator with several other people when it got stuck, including an elderly woman with a walker.  And after a few minutes, she mentioned that she's not able to stand for extended periods of time.
So Cesar got down on his hands and knees . . . and offered to let her use him as a HUMAN BENCH.  Which she did for about 30 MINUTES until the elevator started moving again.
One of Cesar's co-workers snapped a photo of it, which the company's CEO Nick Friedman posted online.
According to the company's website, its employees strive to, quote, "make the world a better place" while they're moving people's stuff.  And Nick says what Cesar did is a perfect example.  (Good News Network / Facebook)  

Married in the ER

A Man Had a Heart Attack on the Way to His Wedding . . . So They Got Married in the ER
68-year-old Bob Adams of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was set to get married last week to his girlfriend, Mary Pizzuto.  But less than 15 MINUTES before the wedding, while he was dressed in his suit and tie, he started feeling funny.
Turns out he was having a HEART ATTACK . . . and needed to be rushed to the hospital.
So Mary went in the ambulance with him . . . the preacher met them at the hospital . . . and they got married RIGHT THERE in the ER.
Bob and Mary met 36 years ago and dated . . . but wound up losing touch.  Then they found each other on Facebook a few years ago and reconnected.  
(CBS 2 - Pittsburgh)  

What Old Technology Do You Prefer Over the Modern Version?

I messed around with a friend's BlackBerry over the weekend, and I was blown away by how easy it was type . . . and how much I missed texting with a keyboard.  I'll never switch back to it . . . but it would make things so much easier.
What old technology do you prefer over the modern version?  Here are eight of the most popular answers . . .
1.  Paper books over e-books.
2.  Popcorn in a pot with oil.  It tastes so much better than microwave popcorn.
3.  Manual transmission . . . it's more fun to drive and easier to maintain.
4.  An old 10-cent Bic razor over an electric razor . . . or a six-blade vibrating razor.
5.  Walking around Blockbuster to find a movie instead of flipping indecisively through Netflix over and over.
6.  Brewing nice, regular coffee . . . nothing flavored and no pods or Keurig cups.
7.  Taking notes with a pen and paper, not on a laptop or a tablet.
8.  A manual can opener . . . one that cuts from the side, not through the top.  (Reddit)

A Study Found the Magic Word to Get Your Kids to Do Chores

This is supposedly science . . . but if it actually works, it sounds more like MAGIC.
A new study found the ONE WORD that will get your kids to do CHORES.  And it is . . . "helper."  You can thank researchers from Stanford, the University of Washington, and the University of California in San Diego.
They studied 150 kids between three and six, and asked them for help . . . using different phrases, to see which one was the most effective.
When they said things like, quote, "Some children choose to be helpers" or, quote, "You could be a helper if someone has a job for you," the kids were more likely to do the chores than when the researchers asked them for help.
The researchers say, quote, "When you use the noun 'helper', [it's] a description that points to a child's basic character and identity, [so] they're more motivated to prove that it's true."  

This The Number One Reason Men Cheat on Their Wives

The Number One Reason Men Cheat on Their Wives Is . . . Because They Had Kids
Well this is pretty sad.  According to a new survey of 5,000 men who've CHEATED on their wives, the number one reason they cheated was . . . having KIDS.
82% of the men say they started cheating after they had kids.
Of those guys, 30% say it's because the sex got less passionate after the baby came . . . 23% said the lack of sleep caused sex problems . . . and 18% say their wife only paid attention to the kids.
And a separate survey found that one out of five people in a relationship are currently using a DATING app like Tinder, or an online dating site like Plenty of Fish, behind the other person's back.
56% say they're only using the app to, quote, "shop around" . . . but 27% wound up meeting someone and having sex with them.  
(Daily Mail / Daily Mail)

There's a Website That Analyzes Your Face and Tells You How Hot You Are

Have you ever wanted to know whether people REALLY think you're good-looking or not?  If you say no . . . you're 100% LYING.
The problem is, you can't just ask someone.  Because if you're straight-up UGLY, there's no way they'll be honest about it.  Which is why THIS is interesting . . . and possibly ego-crushing.
If you've never heard of it, there's a website called that analyzes your face and tells you how HOT you are.  It's been around since 2009, but we just heard about it.
You upload a photo of yourself, then click 17 different spots on your face . . . like your chin, the top of your nose, and the top of your forehead.
Then it uses an algorithm to rate your looks on a scale of one to ten.  So basically, it figures out how symmetrical your features are compared to the IDEAL face.
And if you're someone who says you'd NEVER have plastic surgery . . . try it out and THEN see what you think.
Because it specifically tells you which features are bringing you down.  Like, "your ears are too long for your nose", or "your nose is too wide for your face."  (  

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