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JYY Headlines Archives for 2014-04

A Woman with Agoraphobia Finally Left Her House After 47 Years . . . To See Her Grandson Get an Award

Patricia Cooper is a 77-year-old woman who lives in northern England.  And in 1967, she had a panic attack at the post office, and decided to never leave home AGAIN.  And she didn't . . . for the next 47 YEARS.
For the first three years, she wouldn't even open her front door for people.  She was eventually able to walk around in her yard, but that was about it.  So this goes to show how powerful a grandmother's pride can be . . .
Patricia recently found out that her 26-year-old grandson Kevin would be receiving an award called the British Empire Medal for his community outreach work.  And it's a pretty big deal, because it's an award from the QUEEN.
So last Thursday, Patricia decided to LEAVE her house for the first time in almost HALF A CENTURY . . . and she actually went to the ceremony.
Meanwhile, Kevin had no idea she'd be there, and was blown away when he saw her walk in.  According to Patricia, she was TERRIFIED the entire time.  But she said afterward that it was "definitely worth it."
And she might even start going to bingo night at the community center where Kevin works.  (Daily Mail / The Northern Echo)  

Seven Awesome Things You Can Do For Your Body

You already know you're supposed to eat right and exercise.  But there are seven other small things you should do that are AWESOME for your health:
1.  Meditate.  It sounds boring and trendy, but it's actually a major factor in longevity.  You just have to find 10-20 minutes to zone out and focus on your breathing. 
2.  Sleep.  Diet and exercise don't even matter if you're not getting seven to eight hours a night.  Good sleep is the key to functioning productively.  Make it a top priority. 
3.  Drink tea.  Water is the best beverage for your body, and the second best is TEA.  Green tea is supposedly the best kind, and it has a bunch of health benefits like speeding up your metabolism and boosting immunity.
4.  Floss.  Don't just do it for your teeth, it actually protects your whole body from bacteria. 
5.  Sweat.  Any sweating is beneficial, but the best kind comes from high intensity endurance workouts. 
6.  Wear sunglasses.  Sunscreen is essential too, but wearing shades can somehow prevent cataracts and even skin cancer.
7.  Have sex.  Sex has awesome health benefits all around.  Plus some study discovered that the more sex you have, the longer you live. (MSN Healthy Living)

The World's Chubbiest Woman Plans to Lose 165 Pounds . . . So She Can "Dance All Night" at Her Wedding

The chubbiest woman in the world is 38-year-old Charity Pierce of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, clocking in at 765 POUNDS.  
Charity's engaged to a young 22-year-old stud named Tony Sauer.
She wants to marry him, walk down the aisle, and, quote, "dance all night" at her wedding.  But she's been stuck in her house for THIRTEEN YEARS.  So she wants to get gastric bypass surgery from a doctor in Houston.  He's the ONLY one willing to do it.  
Other doctors say she needs to be 500 pounds for that.  But even though she's only eating 1,200 calories a day, the weight isn't coming off. 
Charity says it'll be at least $5,000 to hire a private ambulance to drive 1,000 miles to Texas, and then get the surgery.  So she's trying to raise the money online . . . you can check out her page on  It's called "Help Me Get to Texas.'
If that doesn't work, she's hoping to get on a REALITY SHOW to fund it.  (Daily Mail)

The Best Age to Go on a Diet Is 31 For Men and 32 For Women

We never encourage people to diet . . . chubbiness is gorgeousness.  Plus the entire world is chubby now, so why should you choke down kale-wrapped tofu while everyone else eats three giant slices of pie?  But if you want to . . . here's a tip.
A new study found the best AGE to diet is 32 for a woman and 31 for a man.  The researchers found it was harder to lose weight in your 20s when you're out PARTYING more . . . and harder as you get into your late 30s and your metabolism slows down.
People are also more likely to stick to diets in their early- and mid-30s . . . by their late 30s and after, they stop CARING as much about being skinnier.  (Daily Mail) 

The 10 Things Guys Like Talking About

You hear all the time about how men are just CONSTANTLY thinking about sex.  But even though they're thinking about it . . . they don't really want to share all of the DEVIANT, PERVERTED things going through their minds.
A new survey asked men to name their favorite subjects to talk about, and sex came in LAST.  Here are all of the top 10 discussion topics men like . . .
1.  News and current events.
2.  Sports.
3.  Work.
4.  Family.
5.  TV.
6.  Food and drink.
7.  Movies.
8.  Relationships.
9.  Music.
10.  Sex.  
(Daily Mail)

What Is The Number One Thing Moms Want For Mother's Day

The Number One Thing Moms Want For Mother's Day Is Quality Time With You . . . But You'd Rather Send Flowers
In a new survey, the NUMBER ONE thing moms say they want for Mother's Day is . . . QUALITY TIME with you.  Unfortunately for her, you're SUPER BUSY because you're SO IMPORTANT . . . so you only plan on sending flowers.
Here are the top five things moms want.  (They could give multiple answers.)
1.  44% of mothers say they want quality time with you.
2.  29% want gift cards.
3.  28% want flowers.
4.  26% want jewelry.
5.  26% want a meal out.  
37% of people plan to give their mother flowers . . . only 29% will spend quality time with her . . . 29% will take her out to a meal . . . 19% will give her a card . . . and 19% will give her a gift card.
The average person will spend under $100 on Mother's Day . . . but 2% of people will spend over $500.  (PR Newswire)

Five Ways to Love Your Job When You Really Hate It

If you hate your job, then it's probably time to start looking for a NEW one.   In the meantime, "Psychology Today" has five ways for you to start LOVING it:
1.  Focus on something you're good at.  There must be SOMETHING you're doing right.  The worst thing you can do is concentrate on the stuff that's going wrong or your missed promotion.
2.  Set some goals.  Make them small and attainable, and give yourself props when you hit them.  
3.  Avoid confrontations.  If your boss doesn't like you, it's a waste of time to kill yourself trying to be impressive.  Just lie low.  You also want to avoid confrontations. Instead, seek out a positive mentor.  There must be someone there whose work you admire.  
4.  Become a mentor yourself.  Studies show that people who help out others are happier at work.  
5.  Try to be grateful. First off, at least you HAVE a job.  Second, scientists say that if you say thank you to co-workers who actually deserve it, you'll be less depressed.
(Psychology Today)

Morbidly Obese Looses Nearly 400 Pounds thanks to the Game "Draw Something"!

Remember the app Draw Something?  You probably played it for a few weeks in 2012, and then forgot about it.  But for one 32-year-old guy in Canton, Michigan, it changed his LIFE.
In 2012, Brian Flemming weighed over 625 pounds.  And he was a severe alcoholic, drinking about a FIFTH of vodka every night.  Then he downloaded Draw Something, and randomly started playing with a woman in London named Jackie Eastham.
Jackie is in her late 40s or early 50s, and suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy.  And to manage it, she has to stay in good shape.
After chatting for a while, Brian started confiding in Jackie about how unhealthy he was.  And instead of feeling bad for him, she told him that some people . . . like her . . . have to fight for their life on a daily basis.  And that he was just throwing his life away.
Which inspired him BIG TIME.  Because he stopped drinking COLD TURKEY, and started going on walks while he talked to Jackie on Skype.  And 18 months later, he's dropped more than 380 POUNDS, and gone from a size 60 waist to a 38.
Now, it doesn't sound like there's anything romantic going on between them.  But in December, Brian and Jackie met in Paris.  And less than two years after he could barely get up a flight of STAIRS, they climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower together.  (CNN / Daily Mail /  

The 10 Little Life Tasks We Hate Doing the Most

Have you SWORN you're going to change Internet providers, but keep putting it off because of all the phone calls and time it's going to take?  We've ALL got something like that.
A new survey asked couples which little life tasks they hate doing the most.  Here are the top 10 answers . . .
1.  Changing utility companies.
2.  Getting insurance.
3.  Doing taxes.
4.  Paying bills.
5.  Making changes to a TV, phone, or Internet plan.
6.  Going to the dentist.
7.  Applying for a new job.
8.  Getting quotes for work on your house.
9.  Putting things on eBay to sell.
10.  Changing email addresses.  (FemaleFirst)

5% of People Say They Need Their Kids' Help to Change the Channel

Watching TV has gotten a lot more complicated over the past several years.  We don't really flip channels anymore . . . we either scroll through the guide or watch something on the DVR.  And that's left some people behind . . . specifically, YOUR PARENTS.
In a new survey, 5% of parents say they need their kids' help just to CHANGE THE CHANNEL.  Only 25% say they understand new technology better than their kids.  (Daily Mail)

One in Five People Say They're Trapped in a Bad Relationship Because They Can't Afford to Break Up

Being BROKE saves relationships!  I mean . . . it doesn't necessarily save GOOD relationships, but it saves SOME relationships, so it's got that going for it.
According to a new survey, about one in FIVE people say they WISH they could get out of their relationship . . . but they can't AFFORD to.
43% of people have been in a relationship for more than a YEAR longer than they really wanted to because of their financial situation . . . 24% people have gone at least THREE years.  (AOL)

What's the Biggest Thing You Had to Give Up For Your Significant Other?

Everyone has to make SOME sacrifices in a relationship.  For example, I had to stop leaving my towels on the floor after showering.  I still can't believe I made such a big concession.  I guess I really AM one of the real heroes.
What's the biggest thing YOU had to give up for your significant other?  Here are some of the best answers we've heard . . .
1.  "I gave up a job and moved.  Now I'm single . . . and looking for a new job in this new city."
2.  "I gave up smoking.  I was walking up to his place for our first date . . . smoking . . .  and he said, 'You smoke?'  I said, 'Not any more' . . . I put it out and stopped smoking that instant.  It's been 20 years since without a cigarette."
3.  "I gave her a KIDNEY to save her life.  She wound up cheating on me about five years later."
4.  "I had to give up sleeping in.  She starts playing LIONEL RICHIE if I sleep past 8:30 in the morning, even on weekends.  I really don't like Lionel Richie."
5.  "Roller coasters.  He can't ride them because of a medical condition.  But he had to give up on owning a cat, since I'm allergic.  Our medical issues killed each other's dreams together."  (Reddit)

People Who Love Rock and Roll Are Most Likely to Cheat on You . . . People Who Love Rap Are Least Likely

Somewhere between 94% and 97% of rap songs mention it's an important part of life to get-it-on with as many ladies as possible . . . but apparently the message isn't sinking in.
A new survey asked people who've CHEATED on someone what kind of music they like the most . . . and rap fans are the MOST LOYAL of anyone.  Here are the full results . . .
41% of cheaters mostly listen to rock.
26% listen to pop.
11% listen to country.
7% listen to classical music.
5% listen to R&B.
3% listen to gospel.
And 2% listen to rap.  
(Daily Mail)

The Owner of the L.A. Clippers Got Busted for Racist Comments

DONALD STERLING has been the owner of the NBA's L.A. Clippers for over 30 years, and he's in the middle of a HUGE controversy right now, after his girlfriend leaked tapes that prove he's a GIGANTIC RACIST.
Sterling has been married for 57 years, but he and his wife Rochelle are estranged . . . and she says he's been having an affair for four years.  The girlfriend has been identified as "V. Stiviano."
Sterling's wife is white . . . but the girlfriend is in her 20s, and identifies herself as part-Mexican, part-African American.  And that's important because Sterling doesn't seem to like black people that much.
In the leaked tapes, Sterling rips Stiviano for posting a photo on Instagram with MAGIC JOHNSON . . . because, he says, quote, "It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people . . .
"You can sleep with [black people].  You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want.  The little I ask you is not to promote it on that . . . and not to bring them to my games . . .
"In your lousy [effing] Instagrams, you don't have to have yourself with, walking with black people.  Don't put [Magic] on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me.  And don't bring him to my games."
In another clip, Stiviano says, quote, "Do you know that you have a whole team that's black, that plays for you?"  And Sterling responds, quote, "I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses.  Who gives it to them? 
"Does someone else give it to them?  Do I know that I have . . . who makes the game?  Do I make the game, or do they make the game?  Is there 30 owners, that created the league?"
Sterling also objects when Stiviano points out that he's Jewish, and compares his attitude toward black people to the Holocaust.
So-called "sources" claim this full conversation was about an hour long, and that Sterling knew he was being recorded.  Supposedly, the girlfriend always taped their conversations . . . because she serves as his, quote, "archivist."  (???)
In the tapes, Stiviano clearly seems to be provoking Sterling . . . which could have something to do with the fact that Sterling's wife is SUING her, for allegedly embezzling $1.8 million from Sterling.  Stiviano claims everything she got from Sterling was a GIFT.
The Clippers are in the middle of a first-round playoff series against the Golden State Warriors.  The Warriors won yesterday, to tie the series at two games apiece.  Not surprisingly, Sterling didn't go to the game.
NBA commissioner Adam Silver said Sterling's comments were, quote, "truly offensive and disturbing."  He said the league has launched an investigation into this.  (Here's video of his comments.)
The Clippers have released this statement:  Quote, "We do not know if it is legitimate or if it has been altered . . ."
"We do know that the woman on the tape is the defendant in a lawsuit brought by the Sterling family, alleging that she embezzled more than $1.8 million, who told Mr. Sterling that she would 'get even.'"
"Mr. Sterling is emphatic that what is reflected on that recording is not consistent with, nor does it reflect his views, beliefs or feelings.  It's the antithesis of who he is, what he believes and how he has lived his life.
"He feels terrible that such sentiments are being attributed to him and apologizes to anyone who might have been hurt by them."  Stiviano's lawyers insist that she didn't leak the audio, but that it IS legit.
Finally, this isn't the first time Sterling has been accused of being a racist.  In 2006, the Justice Department sued him for discriminating against blacks, Hispanics and other groups when renting apartments he owned. 
And in 2009, former longtime Clippers executive Elgin Baylor, who's black, sued him for employment discrimination on the basis of age and race.  (For more on that, here's a Wikipedia article.  And has a list of racist quotes previously attributed to Sterling.)


The NAACP Was Planning to Honor Donald Sterling with a Lifetime Achievement Award Next Month . . . But Now, They Won't  
Here's some irony:  The L.A. branch of the NAACP was going to honor Clippers owner DONALD STERLING with a SECOND Lifetime Achievement Award next month.
But now that audio of Sterling being racist has leaked all over the Internet, they've changed their minds.  Yesterday, they Tweeted, quote, "Sterling will NOT be receiving a lifetime achievement award."
Sterling was first recognized back in 2009 . . . just weeks after longtime Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor sued him for wrongful termination and discrimination on the basis of age and race.
At the time, the president of the L.A. NAACP said, quote, "We can't speak to the allegations, but what we do know is that for the most part [Sterling] has been very, very kind to the minority youth community." (A jury later sided with Sterling.)


Magic Johnson, NBA Players, President Obama and Others Have Reacted to Donald Sterling's Racism  
Most of DONALD STERLING'S racist rant was about how embarrassed he was that his girlfriend shared a photo of herself with MAGIC JOHNSON on Instagram . . . because Magic is BLACK.
Obviously, that pissed off a lot of people.  Here's what they had to say . . . 
Magic Johnson:  "It's a shame that Donald Sterling feels that way about African-Americans.  He has a team full of amazing African-American basketball players that are working to bring a championship to Clippers fans.
"The Clippers also have a strong minority fan base."  He also said he'd never go back to another Clipper game as long as Sterling is the owner . . . and added, quote, "He's got to give up the team."  


Michael Jordan:  "As an owner, I'm obviously disgusted that a fellow team owner could hold such sickening and offensive views . . . as a former player, I'm completely outraged . . .
"In a league where the majority of players are African-American, we cannot and must not tolerate discrimination at any level."
LeBron James:  "If the reports are true, it's unacceptable in our league.  It doesn't matter if you're white, black, Hispanic, whatever, all across the races . . . there is no room for Donald Sterling in our league, man.  There it is."  (You can find his full statement, here.)
Former Clippers guard Baron Davis:  "That's the way it is . . . he's honest about what he believes in.  Been going on for a long time, hats off to the team for playin' above it all."
Clippers coach Doc Rivers, who's African American:  "I didn't like the comments.  I'm going to tell you now . . . we had a great team meeting this morning about it.  A lot of guys voiced their opinions.  None of them were happy about it.
"[But] we're trying to go after something very important for us, something we've dreamed about all of our childhoods . . . we're not going to let anyone get in the way of those dreams."
President Obama:  "When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't really have to do anything.  You just let them talk.  That's what happened here . . .
"That's still there, the vestiges of discrimination.  We've made enormous strides, but you're going to continue to see this percolate up every so often.  We just have to be clear and steady in denouncing it [and] teaching our children differently."  (Here's video.)
Lil Wayne:  "[Eff] you.  That simple.  That easy.  If I was a Clipper fan, I wouldn't be one anymore . . . If I was a current Clipper player, you wouldn't see me on the court anymore in that uniform.  Pride and respect isn't a team sport."  (Here's UNCENSORED video.)
Snoop Dogg posted an Instagram video, saying, quote, "A message to the mother[effer] that owns the Clippers:  'You [B-word]-ass, redneck, white-bred chicken-[crap] mother[effer], [eff] you, your mama, and everything connected to you, you racist piece of [crap].  [Eff] you.'"  (Here's the UNCENSORED video.)
Former Suns guard, and current mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson said the players want a say in how the league handles Sterling . . . and they want the NBA to go after him HARD.  
Donald Sterling wasn't at yesterday's playoff game against the Golden State Warriors, and that's a good thing, because one Warriors fan mocked him by holding a sign up saying that HE'D brought a black friend to the game.
Also, the Clipper players made a statement before the game . . . by wearing their warm-ups inside out, so the word "Clippers" couldn't be seen.  (There's video and photos of that, here.)
Matt Kemp of the L.A. Dodgers, who was mentioned in the racist Sterling tapes, used Michael Jackson's "Black or White" as his "walk-up" music for yesterday's game.  (There's video of that, here.)
And most importantly, VICTOR WILLIS of VILLAGE PEOPLE fame is DEMANDING that Sterling NEVER use "Y.M.C.A." or any of his other music at future Clipper games.  He adds, quote, "And I mean it!"

The 15 Most Popular Hobbies

The 15 Most Popular Hobbies . . . Including Travel, Online Shopping, and Sex?
A new survey asked people to name their HOBBIES today . . . and SEX managed to squeeze in at 11th.  Here are the top 15 most popular hobbies in 2014 . . .
1.  Travel
2.  Baking
3.  Sports
4.  Video games
5.  Online shopping
6.  Photography
7.  Arts and crafts
8.  Social networking
9.  Technology
10.  Sewing
11.  Sex
12.  Collecting things
13.  Online bargain hunting
14.  Nutrition
15.  Legos.  The people behind the survey say the biggest surprise was that watching TV DIDN'T make the list.  (Daily Mail)

A Guy with Alzheimer's Can't Speak Anymore . . . Except to the Family Dogs

If you want proof of the amazing effect our PETS have on us, check out a YouTube video called "My Dad with Our Dog".  
It was posted by a woman in Albuquerque named Lisa Abeyta, whose father has severe Alzheimer's, to the point where he can't even talk anymore.  But for some reason he CAN TALK at certain times . . . to the family DOGS.
Most of the time it's to his own two dogs.  But in the video, Lisa's dog Roscoe brings him a bone.  And for a few seconds while he talks to the dog, it almost seems like he's perfectly fine.  
Then he says what sounds like, "I'll take [care of] you.  And you take [care of] me."
Lisa says she posted the video to encourage people to spend more time with their parents while they still can.
And even though it's getting millions of hits, she hasn't signed up to make money off of it.  Because she says it's a tribute to her dad, and she doesn't want to cheapen it.  You can read her blog posting about it at  (Daily Dot)

A Woman Found the Couple Who Crashed Her Wedding by Posting Their Photos on Facebook

Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania got married back in January.  And during the wedding, they figured out neither of them knew one of the couples there . . . because they'd CRASHED the wedding.
So the wedding planner threw the couple out.  But when Krista was going through the photos last week, she found the wedding crashers had made a hell of an impact . . . and were ALL OVER the photos AND the wedding video.
She decided she needed to find them.  And when you need to find someone in 2014 . . . you go to Facebook.
So she posted the photos on Facebook, and found out who the wedding crashers were . . . because they reached out to APOLOGIZE.
They told her they were staying at the hotel where the wedding was, and were bored . . . so they decided to dress up and try crashing a wedding.  Krista accepted their apology, and she didn't release their names.
(ABC 6 - Philadelphia)  

What Is the Nerdiest State in America?

Utah Is the Nerdiest State in America
Remember when "nerd" was an insult?  Now it's not.  And if you aspire to be a nerd living amongst nerds in some kind of nerd paradise . . . you need to trek west.
A real estate website called Estately ranked every U.S. state by NERDINESS . . . and eight of the top 10 are in the West.
The rankings are based on how many people in each state listed specific things as their interests on Facebook . . . including "Star Trek", Dungeons and Dragons, live-action role playing, comic books, and "Doctor Who".
Utah came in first, followed by Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Washington, Kentucky, Oregon, New Mexico, and West Virginia.
And Mississippi is the least-nerdy state in the country.  The rest of the bottom 10 are New Jersey, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana.  (Estately)
(You can see the rankings for every state here.)

Top 10 Dating Turn Offs!

Guys, if you want to completely RUIN your chances on a date, the best thing to do is skip the whole shower and deodorant thing. According to a new survey body odor is number one dating TURN-OFF for women. Here's the full top ten. 1. Body odor. 2. Having no chemistry. 3. Looking at other women. 4. Being rude to a bartender or a waiter. 5. Coming across like you're not interested. 6. Hogging the conversation. 7. Talking about your ex. 8. Awkward silences. 9. Texting during the date. 10. Coming across as needy.

A Woman with Dementia Wanders Off in New York . . . And the Internet Finds Her Almost Immediately

99% of the Internet is smut, angry YouTube comments, and photos of Justin Bieber with no shirt on.  So whenever it's actually used for GOOD, we should celebrate that.
On Monday, a 59-year-old woman named May Goldberg wandered out of her apartment in New York.  And she suffers from severe dementia, so obviously her family freaked out.
First they called the police, who said they'd keep an eye out.  Then they started putting up fliers everywhere.  But she still hadn't turned up by the next day.
Which is when her son had the idea to post something about it on the website Reddit, along with a photo of her.  Then Reddit users started "upvoting" it, so it would get more exposure.
And within HOURS, a Reddit user spotted her walking through Midtown, and waited with her in a hotel lobby until police showed up.
Afterward, May's son posted a follow-up message to tell the entire Reddit community, quote, "You are AMAZING."  (Reddit / Huffington Post /  

McDonald's Is Giving Ronald McDonald a New Outfit

The days of RONALD MCDONALD wearing a baggy onesie are over.  McDonald's FINALLY decided it was time to update his look.
Ronald is getting a makeover where he'll kind of look like a movie usher.  He'll wear a red vest that kind of looks like it was inspired by ED HARDY . . . a long-sleeved red shirt . . . and yellow Capri pants.  He's also going to start tweeting.  (Hypervocal)  

We're Most Likely to Defriend People We Went to High School With

Back when Facebook was first blowing up, you probably became friends with a ton of people from high school.  And ever since, you've been remembering that you didn't like them in high school, and nothing's really changed.
According to a new study out of the University of Colorado in Denver, the people we're most likely to defriend on Facebook are people we went to high school with.  Here are the top five people we defriend the most . . .
1.  High school friends.
2.  Random people.
3.  Friends of friends.
4.  Coworkers.
5.  A person whose only connection to us is a common interest.
The study also found that most people's first reaction to getting defriended is . . . SURPRISE.  The second-most common reaction is being ANGRY . . . and third is thinking it's funny.  (

Allergy-free planes

Swiss Airlines is catering to scent-sensitive passengers with its new allergy-free planes.
The planes will have hypoallergenic fabrics and no strong-smelling air fresheners. Additionally, food and beverage options for people with dietary restrictions (like lactose and gluten intolerance) will be available.  

Even the soap in the bathrooms will be especially for sensitive skin.  If only airlines in America had this kind of customer service!

The Ten Least Attractive Jobs You Can Have

Would you ever NOT date someone specifically because of their job?  Apparently for most of us, the answer is YES.  According to a new poll, here are the ten least attractive jobs when you're looking for a relationship.
1.  Parking cops . . . because fair or not, EVERYONE hates you if you hand out parking tickets for a living.
2.  Truck drivers . . . because they're away from home so much.
3.  Members of the military.  Again, not because of WHAT they do, but because they're away from home . . . and also because of the danger element.
4.  Strippers.
5.  Fast food workers.
6.  Cab drivers.
7.  Used car salesmen.
8.  Garbage men.
9.  Politicians.
10.  Prison guards.
(Daily Mail)

31 Upcoming, Unnecessary Movie Remakes and Sequels

It's pretty obvious that Hollywood is obsessed with remakes and sequels . . . as opposed to, you know, actually creating something new and original.  But just in case there was any doubt, check this out: has put together a list of 31 remakes and sequels that are in various stages of development.  Sadly, there are A LOT more than that in the works . . . but they stuck to the ones that they considered to be, quote, "completely unnecessary."  Here they are:
1.  "Annie"
2.  "The Crow"
3.  "Flight of the Navigator"
4.  "Godzilla" . . . with "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston
5.  "Legend of Conan"
6.  "Gremlins"
7.  "It"
8.  "Overboard"
9.  "Drop Dead Fred" . . . with Russell Brand
10.  "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"
11.  "The Neverending Story"
12.  "Cliffhanger"
13.  "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"
14.  "Dirty Dancing"
15.  "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" . . . directed by Michael Bay
16.  "The Naked Gun" . . . without Leslie Nielsen, who died in 2010
17.  "Scarface"
18.  "Weird Science"
19.  "Escape from New York"
20.  "Jumanji"
21.  "Mrs. Doubtfire" . . . with Robin Williams
22.  "Rosemary's Baby" . . . It's actually going to be an NBC miniseries.
23.  "The Mummy" . . . without Brendan Fraser
24.  "National Lampoon's Vacation" . . . with Ed Helms
25.  "Goonies"
26.  "Jurassic Park"
27.  "It's a Wonderful Life"
28.  "Starship Troopers"
29.  "Tomb Raider"
30.  "Waterworld"
31.  "Ghostbusters" . . . It's unclear who would be involved, but Harold Ramis, who died earlier this year is out, obviously.

A 440-Pound Virgin Lost 230 Pounds & Now he's a big hit with the ladies

A 440-Pound Virgin Lost 230 Pounds . . . And Now He's Never Alone...
Back in December, the TLC show "Sex Sent Me to the ER" did a story about a 440-pound guy from Long Island named Gregg Casarona, who tried to lose his virginity at 21 . . . and ended up accidentally smashing the girl's HEAD through a wall.
That was in 2006.  And other than a minor concussion, she was okay.  But the whole thing inspired him to start eating healthier and working out.  And since then, he's lost about 225 POUNDS . . . and he's actually kind of RIPPED now.
Which has apparently upped his game BIG TIME.  Because in a new interview, Gregg said he gets A LOT more attention from the ladies these days.
He wouldn't reveal the EXACT number of women he's been with, since he says he's a gentleman.  But he says he's currently single, and, quote, "always looking for fun."
And Gregg's sex life isn't the only thing that's improved.  Now that he's down to 210 pounds, he's been working as an extra on TV, and has appeared in episodes of "Blue Bloods" and "Law and Order: SVU".
And he's also in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", which hits theaters next Friday.  (NY Daily News / Daily Mail)  

70% of People Threw Away Any Attempt to Eat Healthy or Diet Over Easter Weekend

If SOMEHOW your New Year's resolution to lose weight managed to survive until April . . . Easter probably ended it.  Perhaps you can draw inspiration from the holiday and "resurrect" it?  Is that inappropriate?
A new survey found that 70% of people threw out ANY attempts to eat healthy or diet over Easter weekend.  Check this out . . .
75% of people ate at least four chocolate eggs.
35% had at least 10 alcoholic drinks.
Only 9% did anything outdoors or exercised.
And regret has set in HARD . . . only 4% of women in the survey say that after Easter weekend, they feel like their body is ready for the beach.  
(Daily Mail)

Women Are More Likely to Date Someone with a Pet

Over Half of Women Are More Likely to Date Someone with a Pet . . . and So Are 38% of Men
The next time you're yelling at the dog for making a mess, just remember:  He also makes you SIGNIFICANTLY more attractive to the opposite sex.
According to a new poll, 55% of women and 38% of men are more likely to date someone with a pet.  And over half the people surveyed said a dog is the MOST attractive pet you can have.
20% of women also said that owning a CAT makes a guy more attractive.  But apparently guys still buy into the whole "cat lady" thing.  Because only 5% said they're more likely to date a woman who has a cat.
And across the board, the LEAST attractive pet you can have is a SPIDER, because so many people are afraid of them.  Meaning that the same probably goes for things like snakes and rats.
As far as the reasoning behind all this . . . women say that men with pets tend to be kinder and more nurturing than the average guy.  And according to guys, women with pets are more FUN.
(Female First)

Things Real Men Never D

The 10 Things Real Men Never Do . . . Like Drinking Coconut Rum, Wearing Bright-Colored Pants, and Tweeting
Want to be a MODERN GENTLEMAN?  Better learn how to tie a tie, style your hair with water, and communicate with people by actually talking to them.  Sounds exhausting.
A British magazine called "Country Life" just released a list of the things a 21st century gentleman never does.  Here are the top 10 . . .
1.  Wear a pre-tied bowtie.
2.  Drink Malibu coconut rum.
3.  Buy bright-colored pants.
4.  Tweet.
5.  Put product in his hair.
6.  Write with a cheap ballpoint pen.
7.  Forget his wristwatch.
8.  Walk out on a play.
9.  Own a cat.
10.  Finish his food before everyone else.  (Country Life)  

Seven Ways to Lose Friends and Irritate People

If you've ever wanted to lose all your friends and become an OUTCAST, here are ten good ways to get started.  Basically, they all come down to being selfish and inconsiderate.
1.  Wasting other people's time.  Also known as constantly being LATE.
2.  Ignoring people below you.  Whether it's because of your ability level, your job position, or something else.  Iif you only have time for people who can give you something . . . you suck.
3.  Asking for too many favors.  
4.  Asking questions just so YOU can talk.  Like when you ask someone for their opinion about something, just so you can interrupt them and give YOUR opinion instead.
5.  Always being "on."  It's fine to be funny, witty, or the life of the party.   But if you NEVER dial it back, it's annoying.  
6.  Seeing someone make fun of themselves, and assuming it gives YOU permission to make fun of them.
7.  Humblebragging.  That's when you say something that SOUNDS humble, but you're really just trying to show off.  Everybody sees through it, and everybody hates it.

A Couple Loses Their House in a Fire . . . and Gets Married Five Days Later in the Front Yard

Last Monday, 34-year-old Brian Osborne and his girlfriend Megan barely made it out of their house in Ledyard, Connecticut after it caught fire.  (Ledyard is in the southeast corner of the state, 20 miles from the Rhode Island border.)
It's not clear what caused the fire.  But they lost everything, including a RING that Brian was secretly planning to propose with.  So after the fire was out, he asked the firemen if they'd go back in and look for it.  And somehow they FOUND IT in the ashes.
Then when they handed it to him, he immediately got down on one knee and PROPOSED.
And five days later, they got married in the FRONT YARD . . . wearing the same clothes they escaped the fire in.  And they even invited some of the firefighters to the ceremony.
They told the news that surviving the fire put things in perspective.  And they don't care about all the stuff they lost . . . or the fact that they didn't have flowers or even a DRESS for the wedding.  They're just happy to have each other.
(WFSB / ABC News)  

America's Favorite Burger, Fries, Pizza, and More

This country is a wonderful place for FAST FOOD options . . . which might even seem OVERWHELMING.  Fortunately, this country is not afraid to take advantage of those options.
Here are the results of a survey of more than 2,200 people on their favorite fast food items . . .
1.  Best burger:  Wendy's classic burger.
2.  Best pizza:  Papa John's.
3.  Best fries:  McDonald's.
4.  Best chicken sandwich and chicken nuggets:  Chick-fil-A. 
5.  Best donut:  Krispy Kreme.
6.  Best breakfast:  McDonald's . . . although Taco Bell's Waffle Taco was voted the best new breakfast food item.
7.  Best hangover food:  Chipotle.
8.  Best Mexican food:  Chipotle.
9.  Best healthy option:  Subway.
10.  Best coffee:  Starbucks.  (Business Insider)

The Ten Man-Chores That Women Are Now More Likely to Do Themselves

According to a new survey, 60% of women say they're now more likely to handle a lot of home improvements and chores that boyfriends or husbands used to be in charge of.  And 50% say they're actually BETTER at them.
Here are the top ten man-chores that women are now more likely to do themselves.
1.  Changing light bulbs.
2.  Replacing a blown fuse or resetting the fuse box.
3.  Fixing a leak in the sink.
4.  Fixing a toilet that won't stop running.
5.  Replacing a broken doorknob.
6.  Patching a hole in the wall.
7.  Re-painting a room.
8.  Replacing wallpaper.
9.  Sealing windows in the winter.
10.  Hanging pictures.
So apparently guys still take the trash out, and that's pretty much it.  (Daily Mail)

The Three Places We Feel the Most Self-Conscious About Our Bodies

It's hard NOT to feel insecure when you're surrounded by people effortlessly putting your body to SHAME.
According to a new survey, the place where we feel the most self-conscious and insecure about how we look is . . . the GYM.
Number two is the beach, where you strip down to a bathing suit and feel like everyone's LOOKING and JUDGING.
And number three is the doctor's office, where you strip down and KNOW they'll judge you if they think you've got a little too much padding.  
(Daily Mail)


Mention “football” to most Americans and they think of the Super Bowl.  But another kind of football- a.k.a. soccer- is getting more popular stateside.  
Soccer is widely considered the world’s favorite sport, and now it’s gaining ground in the U.S.  Until recently, casual fans may have gotten into the World Cup, but these days, more Americans are following soccer with an enthusiasm usually reserved for, say, baseball.  
Soccer’s growing popularity is due in part to the increased presence of England’s Premier League on American TV.   And a recent New York Times article notes that soccer is especially hot among urban creative types, who appreciate the sport’s European hipness. And speaking of hot, David Beckham certainly helps.

Women Are More Attracted to Men in Sensible Cars Than Expensive Cars

Is this still fallout from the economy crapping out six years ago?  Apparently buying a Lamborghini doesn't automatically get you some action anymore.  Buy a fuel-efficient Nissan Sentra though . . . you'll be fighting women off for days.
Check this out . . .
56% of women say men who drive expensive cars are show-offs or arrogant . . . and 37% think he bought the car to overcompensate for "something."  We're thinking that "something" is SIZE IN THE PANTS.
11% of women say they can tell where a guy is in life based on his car . . . like, if he has a sedan, he's more ready to settle down and have a family.
And finally, only one in 10 women say they'd date a guy they weren't physically attracted to because of his car.  
(New York Post / PR Newswire) 

Seven Ways to Celebrate Earth Day and Save Money at the Same Time

Today's Earth Day:  The one day out of the year when Americans let scientists guilt-trip them into caring about the planet . . . and then keep on doing the same things they've always done.  
But what if there was MONEY in it for you?  Here's a list of seven ways you can save money every year and protect the planet at the same time.
1.  Seal up your house.  Air leaks can account for up to 25% of the heat loss in your house every year.  Even for a house that's built well.  So seal up the drafty windows and ceiling cracks, and you can save a few hundred a year on your utilities.
2.  Use smart power strips.  Most appliances and electronics still use power when they're completely turned off.  You can buy smart power strips that cut off electricity completely whenever your appliances aren't being used.
3.  Get a new fridge and air conditioner.  If either one is more than five years old, a new one will be so much more efficient that it could pay for itself in three years, just on the energy you'll save.  
4.  Switch to LED light bulbs.  Yeah, they still cost about ten times as much as the old incandescents.  But they use less than a quarter of the electricity, and they last for 20 YEARS.  For a typical house they'll save you about a hundred each year.
5.  Wash all your clothes in cold water.  Modern detergents can get clothes just as clean either way.  One hot water load uses five times as much energy as the same load washed in cold water.  You can save $100 a year by using cold water every time.
6.  Get better fuel economy out of your car.  If you can't buy a new car, change a few driving habits.  Keep your car tuned up . . . drive a little slower on the freeway . . . and quit trying to be the first off the line at every stop light.  You could save $500 a year.
7.  Eat less beef.  Not that anyone expects you to give up beef.  But if you ate less, you'd be healthier and you'd save money.  And a family of four that gives up half its meat consumption can save three TONS of emissions into the atmosphere annually.

An American Won the Boston Marathon for the First Time in 29 Years

An American Won the Boston Marathon for the First Time in 29 Years . . . And Had the Names of the Bombing Victims Written on His Jersey
An American won the Boston Marathon yesterday for the first time in 29 YEARS.  His name is Meb Keflezighi, and he's 38.  (It's pronounced Kef-LEZ-gee.)  He was born in Africa, but moved to the U.S. in 1987 and went to UCLA.  
He wasn't able to run in the Boston Marathon last year.  But he was at the finish line cheering, and happened to leave five minutes before the first bomb went off.
So obviously he was pretty emotional about the win.  But he says it almost didn't happen, because he started feeling SICK around mile 21.  Then he thought about the victims and how much it would mean if he DID win.  And he just kept going.
Even better, before the race started, he wrote the names Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, and Lu Lingzi on his jersey . . . the three people who were killed by the bombs.
He also wrote the name of the police officer, Sean Collier, who was shot and killed by the bombers three days later.  (USA Today / Boston Herald)  

A College Has Banned Students From Taking Selfies at Graduation

Thousands of kids are about to sit through graduation ceremonies, and hear how they'll be world leaders someday.  But until that day . . . we can't trust them to go 15 minutes without taking a SELFIE.
Bryant University in Rhode Island just announced they're BANNING students from taking selfies during graduation next month.
The school is afraid that if all 850 or so graduates take a selfie when they're accepting their diplomas, it'll make the ceremony last FOREVER.
The students are still allowed to take photos during the ceremony, just not on stage.
(The Week)

Here's Why It's Impossible For Men to Talk in a Sexy Voice

Sorry guys, unless you've got a voice like BARRY WHITE, nothing you say sounds sexy.  And when you TRY to sound sexy . . . you're just embarrassing yourself.
According to a new study out of Albright College in Pennsylvania, it's actually IMPOSSIBLE for men to talk in a sexy voice.
A psychology professor had women rate the sexiness of men's voices when they talked in a normal voice, then had them do the same thing when the men tried to sound sexy.  And the men FAILED at talking sexy.
In fact, their regular voices were rated as MORE sexy than their attempts at sexy voices.
That wasn't true for women.  When women tried to talk sexy, it worked.  The most common way for women to talk sexy was basically to make themselves sound like SCARLETT JOHANSSON, by talking in a low, breathy, hoarse voice.

Like a creepy neighbor!

Ever since a letter from a tenant to his new neighbor went viral, the internet has been debating whether it’s sweet or creepy.  In the letter, a photo of which was recently posted to Reddit, a man named Chris welcomes his neighbor to the building, sharing useful phone numbers, info on trash collection and other helpful tidbits.  
He even offered to help the neighbor with her gas tank and included a gift certificate to Applebee’s. (That part has some wondering if the whole thing isn’t a marketing stunt.)  
Chris writes, “I know getting settled can be crazy and time consuming, so dinner is on me. Have an evening without having to worry about cooking. Happy house warming.”

The Top 10 Status Symbols Today, and the Top 10 Status Symbols From the '80s

Obviously STATUS SYMBOLS change over time.  In the '70s, it meant having a round leopard-skin bed with a mirror on the ceiling.  For some reason, that's NOT still cool today.
A new survey asked people to name the top status symbols TODAY, then compared them to a similar survey from the 1980s.  Here are the top 10 status symbols today . . .
1.  A fancy car.
2.  A designer watch.
3.  A swimming pool.
4.  Flying first class.
5.  Owning a second home.
6.  Having a tennis court.
7.  Sending your kids to private school.
8.  Having a vacation home.
9.  A home with electric front gates.
10.  A nanny.
And only ONE of those things has stayed consistent since the '80s:  Sending your kids to private school.  
Here are the top 10 status symbols from the '80s . . . and they're mostly things we take for granted today.
1.  A car phone.
2.  A dishwasher.
3.  Sending your kids to private school.
4.  Having two cars.
5.  Going overseas for a vacation.
6.  Having a sunroom.
7.  Owning a horse.
8.  A color TV.
9.  Diamond jewelry.
10.  Having a cordless phone.
The survey also found people think a fancy house today costs at least $1 million . . . in the '80s, people thought a fancy house cost $78,000.  (Daily Mail)

Five Ways Facebook Could Ruin Your Career

You already know that you're not supposed to trash your boss or post drunk photos on Facebook.  But that's not the only way social media could hurt your career.  Here are five ways you're at risk that you're not even thinking about:
1.  If you're "liking" stuff all the time.  It makes it look like you're wasting time, constantly on Facebook clicking the "like" button.  And you probably already know this, but don't "like" anything remotely offensive . . . even if it's a joke.
2.  Your profile pic.  Hiring managers WILL look you up.  And the people they hire generally have well-lit, professional-looking head shots.  Not some blurry, obviously cropped picture from 10 years ago. 
3.  You're using one email address for everything.  Don't use a casual sounding personal email address at work or on job applications.
4.  You haven't set strict privacy settings on your account.  You might think all your posts are tame and G-rated, but you still need to lock your account.  If you don't, it makes you look irresponsible if someone checks. 
5.  Be careful of your friends.  You need to be careful about your friends' interactions with you too.  Watch out for them tagging you in inappropriate photos or writing stupid comments on your page.  That makes YOU look bad.  (MSN Living)

A Guy Found a Six-Carat Diamond, and is Donating It to Charity

Last Tuesday, a guy named David Anderson was searching for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, which he's been doing since 2007.  And he's found HUNDREDS of diamonds there.  Mostly just tiny ones.
But on Tuesday, he spotted one that turned out to be 6.2 CARATS, or about the size of a jelly bean.  And the park has a "finders keepers" policy.  So he gets to KEEP any money he gets for it.
But instead, he plans to donate it all to CHARITY.  Specifically, he's giving it to a non-profit for missionaries called Speed the Light.
At this point, it's not clear how much money he'll get for it.  But earlier this month, a 14-year-old girl from Oklahoma City sold a 3.8 carat diamond she found at the same park back in October.  And she got $20,000 for it.
So obviously David should get quite a bit MORE than that, since the diamond he found is almost twice as big.  (Arkansas Matters / Fox News / Huffington Post)

Little girl climbs into claw machine

A Little Girl Got Frustrated With an Arcade Claw Game . . . So She Crawled Inside and Started Handing Out Toys
Last week there was a story about a missing three-year-old in Nebraska who turned up in an arcade claw machine.  And it just happened AGAIN.  Sort of.
Anyone who's ever played one of those games knows how FRUSTRATING they are . . . you THINK you have that stuffed animal dead-to-rights, but it slips out of the claw at the last second and leaves you empty handed.
And that's exactly what happened to a little girl in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Friday . . . only she decided to get REVENGE.
We don't have a ton of details, but apparently the girl was playing the claw game and got frustrated . . . so she climbed into the machine through the prize chute.  Then, she started handing FREE STUFFED ANIMALS to everyone who passed by.
It's not clear how she got out of the machine.
(Daily Dot)  

Did Apple Maps Just Find the Loch Ness Monster?

Remember when Apple Maps came out, and everyone complained that it was worse than Google Maps?  Well, Apple Maps may've just found the LOCH NESS MONSTER.  So suck on THAT, Google.
There's a satellite shot of Loch Ness in Scotland on Apple Maps, and you can see a LONG, MYSTERIOUS SHAPE in the water.
The shape is about 100 feet long, and looks like it has FLIPPERS on the side.  Naturally, people immediately suspected it was the Loch Ness Monster.  In fact, the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club says it's, quote, "likely" the Monster.
The skeptics say it just looks like the wake from a boat.  And that's fine . . . but there's NO BOAT in the shot.  WHERE'S THE BOAT, HATERS?  WHERE'S THE BOAT?
This is big news for the Loch Ness Monster.  The president of the fan club announced in February that no one had reported a sighting for 18 months . . . that's the longest span without a Loch Ness Monster sighting since 1925.  (Uproxx / Daily Mail)

Bad news for woman named Jennifer

Women Named Jennifer Are Most Likely to be Gold Diggers
If you're dating a woman named Jennifer, she just might be into you for your money.  If you're thinking, "Uhh, what money?" . . . well, you're probably in the clear.
A new survey found that women named Jennifer are the most likely to be GOLD DIGGERS.
The rest of the top 10 most common gold digger names are:  Jessica, Michelle, Lisa, Ashley, Amanda, Melissa, Stephanie, Nicole, and Angela.
The survey also found men named Michael, David, John, and Robert are most likely to be convicted of crimes . . . and people in Arizona run the most background checks.  

Technology: Blessing or a curse?

Americans are largely excited about technological advances- in fact, nearly 60% think the future will be better because of technology.  But some potential advancements freak us out. For instance…
-More than half of us think it would be a bad thing if people start wearing implants or other devices that display personal info.
-66% fear parents being able to choose their children’s DNA to create “designer babies.”
-65% don’t want robots to care for elderly or sick people.
-Nearly 80% wouldn’t eat meat that was grown in a lab.
Young people are especially interested in the prospect of time travel, while personal robot servants and longer lifespan weren’t especially popular in any age group. Interestingly, Americans are more likely to expect teleporting and off-planet colonies to be realities than weather control. 

The Top Five Ways to Get Revenge When Someone Dumps You

When you DUMP someone, apparently there's a one in 12 chance they'll get over it by RUINING YOU.  Are you willing to take those odds?
A new survey found 8% of people say they want REVENGE after someone dumps them.  Here are the top five strategies for getting it . . .
1.  25% would try to make their ex upset by going out a lot, and posting photos to make it look like their new single life is going GREAT.
2.  25% would try to get with one of their ex's friends.
3.  20% would post embarrassing or intimate photos of their ex on social media.
4.  20% would remove any trace of their relationship from social media.
5.  And 10% would buy stuff on their ex's credit card.  

Six Signs You're the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Ladies, if you've been having trouble getting over a breakup, here are six signs YOU'VE become the 'crazy ex-girlfriend' that guys talk about . . .
1.  You think about him all the time.  When you first break up, it's one thing.  But if he's constantly on your mind MONTHS later, it's time to find a hobby.
2.  You still check his Facebook and Twitter accounts.  After a breakup, it's a good idea to cut all social media ties with your ex.  That way, you won't be tempted to check up on him whenever you're lonely. 
3.  You ask your mutual friends about him.  Constantly asking mutual friends for info about your ex is just going to annoy them and make you look lame.  If you can't help it, find new friends who don't know him.
4.  You keep going places you might see him.
5.  You still have all the things he gave you.  Throw them out, give them to Goodwill, or burn stuff like they do in the movies . . . whatever you need to get it out of your life.
6.  You want to sabotage his new relationship.  There's no way that'll end well for you, so don't even try it.

You Only Have 12 Minutes to Impress Someone on a First Date

Let's add MORE pressure to first dates . . . ESPECIALLY those really awkward first few minutes.
Apparently you only have TWELVE minutes to impress someone on a first date, according to a new survey.  Fortunately, the survey also came up with five things you should and SHOULDN'T do to make that impression better.
The five things you SHOULD do to make a good impression at the beginning of a first date are:  Smile . . . make eye contact . . . have fresh breath . . . have a good tone of voice . . . and dress well.
The five things you SHOULDN'T do are:  Have body odor . . . have bad breath . . . swear . . . wear sloppy clothes . . . and frown.  
(Daily Mail)

A Man Found Out His Stolen Car Was Sold to an Older Guy on Hard Times . . . and Let Him Keep It

Earlier this month, a guy in Boonville, Indiana named Derk West realized someone had stolen his 1993 Chrysler.  (Boonville is near the Kentucky border, 100 miles west of Louisville.)
Then the thief sold it to a 72-year-old guy for $300.  But that guy eventually realized the deal was too good to be true, found out the car was stolen, and tracked down Derk to give it BACK.
But when Derk talked to him, he found out the guy had bought the car for his daughter, who's dealing with money issues right now.  So instead of taking it back . . . Derk decided to let them KEEP IT.
He explained to the local news that he hadn't been using the car for the past year anyway . . . and the man's daughter obviously needed it more than he did.
Meanwhile, the idiot who stole it is a guy named Donald Grisby.  And cops were able to find him because he used his REAL NAME and social security number when he signed the bill of sale.  (  

39% of Us Think We'll Be Able to Teleport in the Next 50 Years . . . and Four More Predictions About the Future

According to a new survey, 59% of Americans think new technology will make the world a better place over the next 50 years . . . while 30% think life will be WORSE because of it.
Here are five things Americans think we will and WON'T have by then.
1.  19% think we'll be able to control the weather.
2.  33% think we'll be setting up colonies on other planets.
3.  39% think we'll be able to TELEPORT.
4.  51% think computers will be able to create music and art just as well as people.
5.  And 81% think we'll be able to grow new organs in a lab . . . which is interesting, since we can already do that with some types of organs.
The survey also found that the top three things we HOPE to have in the next 50 years are:  Flying cars, time machines, and some sort of medical breakthrough that allows us to live longer.  
(Pew Research)

What's Something You Can't Believe Is Socially Acceptable Today?

We'd all like to THINK society has changed for the better . . . but what's something you can't BELIEVE is socially acceptable today?  Here are 10 of the top answers . . .
1.  Super aggressive paparazzi, along with all the tabloids and gossip magazines.
2.  People openly and proudly discriminating against gays . . . especially politicians.
3.  Talking on speakerphone in public.
4.  Not responding to party invitations, to keep your options open.
5.  Parents complaining about how a school punished their kid, when the kid did something bad and actually needed to be punished.
6.  People having no remorse for obvious spelling mistakes and a lack of basic factual knowledge. 
7.  Child beauty pageants.
8.  The amount of corporate money involved in politics.
9.  Lawsuits over EVERYTHING.
10.  And, of course, everyone texting during meals instead of talking to each other.  (Reddit)

At what age do you finally turn into your father?

You Turn Into Your Father At Age 38 . . . Check Out the 10 Signs It's Happening
It seems like women worry about turning into their mothers more than guys worry about turning into their dad . . . so let's even that out.  
A new study found the average man starts turning into his dad at age 38.  Here are the top 10 signs you're turning into your father . . .
1.  You fall asleep in the living room.
2.  You have a special chair that's only for YOU to sit in.
3.  Your dancing becomes awkward.
4.  You spend more time out in the shed.
5.  You tell lame jokes.
6.  You don't recognize any popular music.
7.  You start spending longer on the toilet.
8.  You start paying closer attention to the thermostat.
9.  You get excited about appliance sales.
10.  You embarrass your kids and think it's funny.  
(Daily Mail)

Over Half of Us Eat All Our Easter Candy in One Day . . . and the Top Four Easter Candies

On Halloween, you make your kids divide up their candy and eat it slowly over the course of several weeks, right?  But when someone hands YOU delicious free candy . . . it gets eaten IMMEDIATELY.
A new survey asked people how long it takes them to eat their Easter candy . . . and the most popular answer was, "I eat it all in one sitting."
37% of people eat all of their Easter candy in one sitting, and another 15% finish it by the end of Easter Sunday.  That means more than half of people plow through all of their candy before Monday.
A different survey had people rank four traditional Easter candies . . . here are the results . . .  
1.  Chocolate bunnies.
2.  Jelly beans.
3.  Cadbury eggs.
4.  Peeps.  
(Rochdale Online / San Antonio Business Journal)

Seven Ways to Make Yourself Charming

Charisma is NOT something you're born with.  Lucky for you, you can actually MAKE YOURSELF into a charming person.  Here are seven ways to do it: 
1.  Make a lot of gestures.  People apparently respond to really animated people.  But don't act like a clown.
2.  Have a contagious laugh.  A good laugh makes everyone around you want to join in.  But a bad laugh can be the death knell.  Don't be the person with the irritating cackle that you can hear a mile away.
3.  Be touchy.  In the good way.  Charming people have a light touch and it makes people feel comfortable to get a pat on the shoulder or a tap on the arm.  Just don't be a GROPER. 
4.  Use eye contact.  And have a nice, open expression.  You don't want to go for a hard, cold poker face.
5.  Be outgoing with strangers.  People, especially shy ones, appreciate someone who is easygoing and open.  Just don't be awkward and overdo the friendliness. 
6.  Get good at MIMING.  That may sound crazy, but stories are better if you act them out with body language.  It helps people relate to you and visualize what you're saying.  Again, be cool about it . . . don't wave you're arms around like a freak.
7.  Have an awesome voice.  Good voices are expressive and powerful.  They change pitch, tone, and volume with ease.  (Business Insider)

Dozens of Students Shaved Their Heads to Support a Principal Battling Cancer

Last month, a principal in South Burlington, Vermont named Patrick Burke was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  Luckily it's treatable . . . and he's getting A LOT of support.
Patrick has been the principal at South Burlington High School for 12 years, and he's EXTREMELY popular with students.  When they heard he was going through chemo, the entire student body wanted to do something to support him.
First they made a video lip synching to the PHARRELL song "Happy", where they danced through the school and everyone held up "get well" signs.
Then they dubbed this past Tuesday "Bald for Burke Day" . . . and about 30 students and faculty had their HEADS SHAVED in the school's auditorium.  Which raised $2,500 for the American Cancer Society.
That morning, Patrick was getting his second round of chemo, and sent out several tweets thanking them for planning it.  Then he showed up to have HIS head shaved, and to promise his students he's going to BEAT the disease.
(Burlington Free Press / WCAX)  

Has the Beard Trend Peaked?

We've been in a pretty long PRO-FACIAL HAIR period . . . especially beards.  It seems like women have been all about beards for at least five or six years now.
But it looks like the whole beards thing may have finally PEAKED.
A new study out of the University of New South Wales in Australia found women only find beards attractive when they're RARE.
When most guys are clean-shaven, guys with beards stand out . . . and women gravitate toward them.
But now that beards are so popular, the clean-shaven guys stand out . . . so women are now leaning back toward THAT look being more attractive.  

The Top Five Reasons People Quit Their Job

If you're thinking of quitting your job and finding a better one . . . so are MOST people.
According to a new survey, almost two-thirds of people say they've considered quitting the job they currently have.  Here are the five most common reasons.
1.  Not getting paid enough.  51% of people who've thought about quitting say it's because they don't make enough.
2.  Not getting promoted, 31%.
3.  The job isn't fulfilling enough, 26%.
4.  It's too stressful, 24%.
5.  Not using their education or job skills, 21%.  In fact, only 24% of the people surveyed said they're doing what they SET OUT to do.
(PR Newswire)

What position do happy couples sleep in at night?

The Happiest Couples Spoon All Night . . . the Least Happy Ones Sleep on Opposite Sides of a King-Size Bed
It's a big relationship milestone when you finally stop SPOONING all night, and admit you'll both sleep better if you're as far away from each other as possible.  But . . . it turns out that's a BAD thing.
According to a new study, couples who sleep less than an inch apart are the HAPPIEST . . . and couples who sleep at least two-and-a-half feet apart are the LEAST HAPPY.
86% of couples who spoon all night are happy . . . versus 66% who sleep basically on opposite sides of a king-size bed.
Couples who make physical contact during the night are also happier than couples who have a "NO TOUCHING" rule.
Overall, 42% of people sleep back-to-back . . . 31% sleep facing the same direction . . . 12% sleep less than an inch apart . . . 4% sleep facing each other . . . and 2% sleep at least 30 inches apart.  
(The Telegraph)

Half the Guys in a New Survey Say They'd Rather Spend Their Birthday at Home With Their Wife or Girlfriend

What's the age when your birthday plans shift from getting hammered at a bar with 40 friends . . . to a quiet night of cuddling and Netflix on the couch?
In a new survey, HALF of men say their ideal birthday is one they spend at home with just their wife or girlfriend.  
32% say their ideal birthday is a big night out, eating, drinking, and dancing with friends.
9% say they'd most like to spend their birthday on a trip overseas. 
4% say their ideal birthday is sitting home ALONE.
And 1% say their ideal birthday is being at home with a few friends.  

Six Things You Think Are Filthy That Aren't

Here's some good news.  There's a bunch of stuff you've always considered to be cesspools of FILTH that actually don't have very many germs at all.  Here are six things that made the list . . .
1.  Coins.  Coins are made of metal.  But copper, nickel, and silver don't support germ life . . .  they POISON it.  Germs actually DIE if they try to live on coins.
2.  Toilets.  Get this:  Scientists say there's 200 times more fecal matter on CUTTING BOARDS than on toilets.  Apparently that's because people are more likely to clean their toilet.  (???) 
3.  Your dog's slobber.  Humans are way dirtier than dogs.  And dog slobber has antibacterial stuff in it. 
4.  Doorknobs.  People are so freaked out about picking up germs from doorknobs in public restrooms, they don't touch them that much.  The knobs on the way IN are way worse than the ones on the way out.
5.  Trashcans.  Basically, if you line your trashcan with plastic and keep it dry, it's not all that dirty.  Germs need moisture to survive.
6.  Actual DIRT.  Unless there's a bunch of POOP in it, the dirt in your backyard is perfectly safe.  (Yahoo Shine)

Young Jedi's final wish carried out

A Boy with Terminal Cancer Asked for a "Star Wars" Themed Funeral . . . And His Parents Came Through Big Time
In January, a four-year-old in southern England named Jack Robinson was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  And tragically, he passed away earlier this month.  But his last few weeks were pretty special, and so was his funeral.
After he was diagnosed, his parents did everything they could to cross stuff off his bucket list.  So he got a visit from the singer Gary Barlow, who's huge in the U.K.
And he was a big fan of the BBC show "Doctor Who", so they got in touch with Matt Smith, who played him from 2010 until last December.  Then Matt sent him a video saying hi, and even sang the theme song for him.
But Jack was an even BIGGER fan of "Star Wars".  And the last thing on his list was to have a "Star Wars" themed FUNERAL.  So his parents made it happen last week . . . and they came through BIG TIME.
They gave him a "Star Wars" casket with flowers spelling "Jedi," there was a life-size R2-D2 on hand, and Imperial Stormtroopers served as the pall-bearers.
Then during the service, they had musicians play the music from the first movie, when Luke's watching the two sunsets before leaving home for the first time.  And the program read, quote, "Master Jack Robinson joined the force April 1st, 2014."  (Daily Mail)  

Now Dozens of Teenagers Are Tweeting Bomb Threats to Airlines to Get Famous

In case you missed it, a 14-year-old girl from the Netherlands tweeted a fake terrorist threat to American Airlines on Sunday.  And she was arrested . . . but made international news and got sort of famous for being an idiot.
Not surprisingly, it turns out there are PLENTY of other teenagers who'd like to become temporarily famous for being an idiot.  Since the girl's story came out, DOZENS of other teenagers have started tweeting bomb threats to airlines.
That brings up a real issue . . . should the FBI and other law enforcement agencies devote resources and money to arresting all of them, just to teach them all lessons?
On one hand, we'd all like that to happen.  On the other hand, it would save a lot of taxpayer money if their parents would just step in and punish them for being morons.
There's another issue too.  Right now, Twitter is basically the ONLY way to get customer service from an airline . . . since they HATE it when you call out their terrible service publicly.  And this could make airlines pull back from Twitter.  
(Washington Post)

Not cool!

One Year After the Boston Marathon Bombing, a Man Is Arrested For Leaving a Backpack With a Rice Cooker by the Finish Line
Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  And some MONUMENTAL JACKASS just did THIS.
A man left a BACKPACK unattended at the finish line of the Boston Marathon course.  This year's Boston Marathon is on Monday.
He was barefoot, wearing a long black veil, and was screaming, "BOSTON STRONG" as he put down the backpack.
The entire area was evacuated and the bomb squad detonated the backpack.  It didn't have a bomb, but DID have a rice cooker filled with confetti.  
The guy is 25-year-old Kayvon Edson, and he's now in custody.
Police also detonated a second backpack that reportedly contained photo equipment and may have belonged to a member of the media.  No one was hurt.  (CBS 4 - Boston)

What Common Phrase Do You Hate the Most?

What's a common phrase you hear people say or use online that makes you CRINGE . . . and want to punch someone in the face?  Here are 10 of the most popular answers . . .
1.  "Everything happens for a reason."
2.  "At the end of the day . . ."
3.  "Do what you love."
4.  "I'm sorry if I made you feel that way."
5.  "No worries."
6.  "I've got a case of the Mondays."
7.  "It's Sunday Funday."
8.  "Work hard, play hard."
9.  "Give 110 percent."
10.  "It is what it is."  (Huffington Post)

Nobody’s perfect

The pursuit of perfection might be bad for your health.  Experts say perfectionists may be at increased risk of a number of health problems, including insomnia and heart disease.  

In fact, some scientists say perfectionism should be considered a risk factor for illness just like smoking and obesity!  An estimated two out of five people display perfectionist behavior, which can begin as early as age four.  

This obsession with perfection can cause stress and anxiety- which are only exacerbated by social media and our tendency to compare ourselves to others.  Just remember: nobody’s perfect, so why try so hard?

The Top 10 Habits and Routines People Are Least Likely to Change

Even if you are SURE you're not stuck in a rut because your life is JUST SO CRAZY . . . you're probably in more of a routine than you realize.  A new survey found 74% of people have at least some habits they just can't break.
Here are the top 10 habits and routines we're all least likely to change . . . 
1.  Hairstyle.
2.  Hair color.
3.  What you eat for breakfast.
4.  The mug you use for coffee.
5.  Your bedtime.
6.  The brands of food you buy.
7.  The restaurant you go to when you need to grab a quick dinner.
8.  When you go shopping.
9.  The brand of coffee you buy.
10.  The times of day you drink your coffee.  (Daily Mail / Express)

Five Biometric Replacements for Your Password

Good news . . . soon you won't have to remember your passwords anymore.  Companies have been looking at biometrics to verify your identity instead . . . like the iPhone fingerprint feature.  
Here's a list of five things that could replace your passwords someday . . .
1.  Your heartbeat.  Everyone's is unique.  And a company is developing a wristband that can recognize yours to verify your identity on any WiFi device.  So your computer would only turn on for you, and your front door would unlock as you walked up.
2.  The shape of your ear.  A smartphone touchscreen could scan your ear and recognize you, just like a fingerprint sensor.  But unlike fingerprints that can fade over time or change because of injuries, your ears don't change too much as you get old.
3.  Your gait.  The way you walk is unique too.  A computer can analyze your speed, balance, and rhythm to figure out who you are.  And a mobile device is always on you, so you don't have to stop and verify your identity before you use it.
4.  Your typing style.  There are ways to identify people by analyzing their typing style.  So a computer could require you to type a certain phrase before it unlocks.  That's a lot like a password, but at least you don't have to remember anything.
5.  Your face.  Samsung's new Galaxy already has facial recognition software.  It's not very good yet, but someday you might be able to unlock your phone just by holding it up in front of you.  ( 

Hospitalized homeless man's dog still waiting for him outside

A Homeless Guy Has Been in the Hospital for Two Weeks . . . And His Dog Is Still Waiting for Him Outside
Late last month, a homeless man in Brazil named Lauri da Costa showed up at a hospital after someone hit him in the face with a ROCK.
But it turned out to be a GOOD thing.  Because after he checked in, doctors realized he also had SKIN CANCER.  So they did surgery to remove it, and he's still recovering.
But the real story is about Lauri's DOG, Seco.  Because ever since Lauri checked into the hospital over two weeks ago . . . Seco has been WAITING for him outside.
Eventually, one of the staff members noticed, and started giving the dog food and water.  And last week . . . eight days after Lauri checked in . . . his doctors let a nurse wheel him outside to say hi.
There's a pretty cool video of it online, where the dog jumps up on his lap and starts licking his face.
According to the latest reports, Lauri is still in the hospital . . . and Seco is still outside waiting for him.  (Huffington Post /  

Science Has Figured Out Why Airplane Food Never Tastes Good

This is going to ruin a lot of hacky stand-up comedy acts.  Science has finally answered the age-old question, "What's the deal with airline food?"
Turns out scientists have figured out an actual reason food on an airplane tastes BLANDER than other food . . . and it has nothing to do with the food itself.
One, once you get up into high altitudes, your senses DULL . . . and the first one that goes is your sense of taste.  So at 35,000 feet in the air, NOTHING can taste quite like it would when you're on the ground.
The airplane also has lower humidity, which dries out your nose and dulls your sense of smell.  Since smell is so important to enjoying food, that's another reason the food tastes worse.  (Daily Mail)

The Ten Things Women Stop Wearing Once They Become Mothers

Once you have a child, is it time to retire your dress that's SO short it almost gives the world a look at where that child came from?
A new survey found 78% of women say they made BIG changes to the way they dressed once they became mothers.  Here are the top 10 things they stop wearing . . .
1.  Short skirts.
2.  High heels.  Mothers wear heels an average of two inches shorter than the heels they wore before.
3.  Skinny jeans.
4.  Crop tops.
5.  Low-cut shirts.
6.  Tight dresses.
7.  Bikinis.
8.  Shorts.
9.  Leather.
10.  Animal prints.  

Babies or Puppy's?

Many people already treat their pets like humans, and now it seems pets are actually replacing humans.  Data shows more Americans are getting dogs instead of having babies!  
As birth rates have declined over the last decade, ownership of small dogs- those that weigh no more than 20 pounds- has increased.  In fact, tiny dogs are now the most popular kind of pet dog in the country.  
Babies may be cute, but so are dogs, and you don’t have to change their diapers.

Only 57% of Married Couples Think Their Marriages Will Last Forever?

Maybe it's time to start filling out marriage licenses in pencil.  Anything else is apparently too permanent.
According to a new survey, only 57% of married couples think their marriages will last forever.
21% of people say they're pretty SURE they'll get divorced at some point. 
The survey also found 7% of people sign pre-nups, and about 20% of married couples never fully blend all of their finances.  

Babies Can Remember a Face They've Seen Once!

How much do you think your newborn can remember? Researchers say babies have the ability to remember a face they've only seen once. To find this, Danish researchers put some one-year-olds through a test, and then showed them a video of the same test when they were three-years-old. Researchers found the three-year-olds fixated on the faces they had not seen before-- a phenomeon known as novelty preference. Researchers say, "What this tells us is that we are affected by things we aren't able to recall. The babies were very fast at recognizing the person they had seen before, very quickly started to attend to the new person." Researchers say it's important to remember that just because a child can't verbalize a memory doesn't mean there is no memory.

Seven Things That Don't Work Like They're Advertised

We've all bought something that didn't work at ALL like the commercial promised it would.  Then felt ripped off AND bummed out.
What's one product you WISH would work like it's advertised?  Here are seven of the most popular answers . . .
1.  Penile enlargement pills.
2.  Axe body spray.  No, it does NOT make women flock to you.
3.  X-ray specs.  You know . . . the novelty glasses where you can supposedly see through things.  Obviously it's just a stupid optical illusion.
4.  Odor-masking cat litter.  That odor is NEVER really masked.
5.  Get-rich-quick books.
6.  Weight loss pills.
7.  Condoms.  No matter how thin they are, you ALWAYS know they're there.  

If the costume fits....

A Guy in a Superman Robe Chased Down a Burglar . . . And a Guy in a Superman Hoodie Caught a Baby Dropped from a Burning Building 
It's been a busy week for dudes acting heroic while randomly wearing SUPERHERO gear.
Last Monday, a 38-year-old in England named Wayne Davies was getting ready for bed when his dogs started barking.  He got suspicious . . . and it turned out to be a BURGLAR in his KITCHEN.
But he was completely NAKED at the time, so he threw on a cheesy SUPERMAN robe that his wife gave him for Christmas.  Then he ended up taking the guy down, and pinning him until the cops got there.  It helps that he happens to be a black belt.
According to Wayne, his wife has always joked that he kind of LOOKS like Clark Kent.  And now she'll NEVER shut up about it.  
Then on Saturday, a huge fire destroyed an apartment complex in Dallas.  And a couple had to drop their BABY from the second story.
Luckily a guy named Tori Phillips was there to CATCH it . . . and he happened to be wearing a Superman HOODIE.  Then the couple was able to jump down too.  And thankfully everyone in the building survived.
(NBCDFW / NY Daily News / The Star / Barnsley Chronicle)  

A Guy Is Suing His Ex-Girlfriend For Making Him Take Her Stuffed Animal on Their Dates

I'd say it's a GIANT red flag if you meet a woman and she tells you she's already committed to a STUFFED ANIMAL.  But when you're hard up, you're hard up.
A guy from Wuhan, China just got out of a four-year relationship with a 22-year-old woman.  They've been identified by pseudonyms . . . he's Fang and she's Wu.
Apparently, Wu was OBSESSED with her stuffed SNOOPY . . . so she would make Fang let her bring Snoopy out on their dates.  And he had to treat Snoopy like another person . . . like buying meals for him at restaurants, or a ticket to the movies.
Fang says the relationship finally ended when Wu SLAPPED him after he refused to take Snoopy with him to the bathroom.
So now he's SUING her for $6,450 . . . for mental anguish and to compensate him for all the money he spent on Snoopy.  He also says he gained about 20 pounds from eating Snoopy's leftover food.  
(Global Times)

Facebook Isn't Actually Flooded With Baby Photos . . . It's Just Your Imagination

One of the most common complaints about Facebook is that it's been hijacked by people posting endless photos of their BABIES.  But it's all in your head.
Meredith Morris is a computer scientist at Microsoft Research . . . and she decided to study just how much new mothers actually post on Facebook. 
She found that when a baby is born, the new mother makes HALF as many posts as she made before her baby was born.  And when she DOES post, less than 30% of her posts mention the baby.
So why do we think Facebook has been overtaken by babies?  There are two theories.
One is that we're more likely to "like" a post about a friend's baby . . . so Facebook's algorithm ranks the post as being important and has it appear in more people's news feeds.
The other theory is that since you FEEL like there are so many baby posts on Facebook, every time you see one you use it as evidence . . . meanwhile you're ignoring all the times you go on Facebook and DON'T see baby photos.  

It's Passover!

Break out the matzo- Passover beings tonight at sundown!  Passover, or Pesach in Hebrew, is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the exodus of the Jews from slavery in ancient Egypt.
According to the Old Testament, when Moses commanded Pharaoh to, "Let my people go," Moses told the Jewish people to grab their things and leave. During the Exodus from Egypt of 40 days and 40 nights, Moses and the Jewish people reached the Red Sea. Moses took his staff, stuck it in the water and parted the sea, allowing them to walk through. As Pharaoh and the Egyptian army approached, the water returned.
Pharaoh and his men drowned and the Jewish people were never slaves of Pharaoh again. Passover is the first of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals of Judaism, which also include Shavuot and Sukkot.  It begins after dusk on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Nisan and lasts for eight days.  
The holiday kicks off with a Passover Seder, a ritual feast featuring symbolic foods arranged on a traditional Passover Seder plate and the drinking of four cups of wine to represent the four expressions of deliverance promised by God.  
Matzo, an unleavened flatbread, is eaten at the Seder and throughout Passover, since the Torah commands that leavened bread is forbidden during this time.  Other traditional Passover dishes include kugel and gefilte fish.  

Your Chances of Getting Audited Are the Lowest in 25 Years

When you're doing your taxes tonight, and have that moment where you wonder if you can claim your dog, your cat, and your toaster as dependents . . . you shouldn't.  But if you do . . . you just might get away with it. 
Your odds of getting AUDITED this year are the lowest they've been in at least 25 years.
The IRS has had some serious budget cuts, so they'll have fewer agents auditing returns this year than any year since the '80s.
And since they have fewer agents, they'll have to focus on going after the BIG FISH . . . the people making the most ridiculous claims or trying to cheat their way out of paying huge amounts.
That being said . . . even if you don't get audited, the computers could still catch you on a big red flag.  Like, if your company reported that you made $50,000 and you report you made $40,000, the computer will catch that.
The IRS audited less than 1% of people's returns last year, which was the lowest amount since 2005 . . . and they say it'll definitely be even lower this year.  
(Associated Press)

It's Official: Stephen Colbert Will Replace David Letterman

There will not be a long, protracted debate over who will replace DAVID LETTERMAN on "The Late Show" next year, because just one week after Dave announced his impending retirement, CBS has named his successor.
It's STEPHEN COLBERT.  There's still no timetable for when Dave will leave and Stephen will take over, but it'll be sometime next year.  Colbert signed a five-year deal.
In a statement, Stephen said, quote, "Simply being a guest on David Letterman's show has been a highlight of my career.  I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though everyone in late night follows Dave's lead. 
"I'm thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth."
CBS also made it official that Stephen will be dropping the super conservative character he plays on "The Colbert Report".
Stephen will continue doing "The Colbert Report" through the end of the year.  There's no word on what Comedy Central will do with his timeslot after he leaves.


Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Congratulate Stephen Colbert . . . Plus, Other Celebrity Reactions  
Even though STEPHEN COLBERT is already competing against JIMMY FALLON and JIMMY KIMMEL . . . things are going to get a LOT tighter once Stephen moves from cable to take over for DAVID LETTERMAN on CBS.
Still, both Jimmys congratulated Stephen on his upcoming gig.  Fallon Tweeted, quote, "I'd like to welcome the great Stephen Colbert to network late night and also congratulate him on his new name:  Jimmy Colbert."
And Kimmel Tweeted, quote, "Congratulations to Stephen Colbert . . . a finer or funnier man I do not know."
Letterman released this statement:  Quote, "Stephen has always been a real friend to me.  I'm very excited for him, and I'm flattered that CBS chose him.  I also happen to know they wanted another guy with glasses."
BILL O'REILLY, the not-so-secret inspiration for Colbert's character on "The Colbert Report", said, quote, "I hope Colbert will consider me for the Ed McMahon spot."
And JON STEWART said, quote, "He's a uniquely talented individual.  He's wonderful on 'Colbert Report', but he's got gears he hasn't even shown people yet.  He will be remarkable."
Jon's name has always been in the mix to take over for Letterman, dating back to 1993 when he was considered to replace Letterman on NBC, before the gig went to CONAN O'BRIEN.  But he doesn't seem interested in the job anymore.
He says, quote, "I don't have that gear, I don't think . . . I really like what I do, not that Stephen doesn't.  But he has a real opportunity to broaden out in a way that I don't."  (There's more from Jon, here.)
Naturally, a lot of other celebrities have reacted.  Here are a few highlights:
Katie Couric:  "Congrats [on] replacing Dave!  Now can I do your prostate exam? (Hopefully if u r reading this u saw that show!)"
Arsenio Hall:  "Even though Dave Letterman wants ME to replace him, CBS wants Stephen Colbert!  Oh well.  You go SC!  Congratz."
Arianna Huffington:  "I think Stephen Colbert's first guest at CBS should be 'Stephen Colbert' from Comedy Central."
Michael Ian Black:  "Congratulations to Stephen Colbert the person, and condolences to Stephen Colbert the character."


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony went down last night

KISS Made Nice at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . . . But They Still Didn't Play Together  
KISS may not have played at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony yesterday, but they did play nice with each other while accepting their honor. 
Most notably, GENE SIMMONS gave serious props to the two "long-retired" original members, ACE FREHLEY and PETER CRISS.
Even though he name-checked all the guys who played in the band after them, he said, quote, "However, we wouldn't be here today without the original fantastic four."
Then he added, quote, "To Ace Frehley whose iconic guitar playing has been imitated but never equaled . . . to Peter Criss whose drumming and singing and there's not a guy who beats the sticks who sounds just like Peter."
PAUL STANLEY was the only one who did anything really controversial, when he insulted the Hall of Fame itself.  He said, quote, "[Fans] don't want to be spoon fed by a handful of people's choices.
"The people pay for tickets, the people buy albums, the people who nominate do not.  Let's not forget that these are the people who make it all possible.  We just benefit from it."
Inductees who did perform were Hall & Oates, Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens, and the E Street Band . . . who were joined by Bruce Springsteen.  Bruce, who inducted his backup band, was already put into the Hall of Fame on his own in 1999.
NIRVANA had to perform without Kurt Cobain, obviously.  So Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear took the stage with four FEMALE singers.
Joan Jett sang "Smells Like Teen Spirit" . . . Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth sang "Aneurysm" . . . Anne Clarke, also known as St. Vincent, did "Lithium" . . . and then Lorde came out for "All Apologies".  (Check out some videos here.)
It's interesting that they used four female singers and one of them was NOT Courtney Love . . . but whatever the reason for that was, everything seemed civil when she was onstage with the guys accepting their trophies.
Courtney even hugged Dave and Krist.
Also unable to perform was LINDA RONSTADT, who couldn't even make the ceremony because of her Parkinson's disease.  Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Carrie Underwood, Emmylou Harris and Glenn Frey performed in her place.
The ceremony will be broadcast on HBO on May 31st.

Five Signs the Guy You're Dating Is Playing You

If you're worried the guy you're dating is playing you, here are five red flags you should look out for . . .
1.  He's fickle.  Meaning he texts and flirts with you one day, then ignores you for the next two weeks.  If he wanted to date you, he'd find a way to get in touch.
2.  He never makes plans.  If you never make plans ahead of time, and just hang out whenever he spontaneously gets in touch, he's probably just using you because you're convenient.
3.  He has a bad reputation.  You can't believe everything you hear, but if he's got a reputation for being a player, that's obviously something you need to keep in mind.
4.  He never talks about himself.  If you've known a guy for weeks and still don't know anything about his childhood or family, it's because he wants to keep things surface-level.
5.  He only flirts in private.  Sure, some people are shy or don't like PDA, but if he ONLY flirts with you on the phone or when you're alone together, it's because he wants to keep you a secret.
(All Women Stalk)

Students designed prosthetic hand for friend's two-year-old brother

Three High School Students Designed a Prosthetic Hand for Their Friend's Two-Year-Old Brother
Did you ever build anything in high school?  Maybe a chessboard in shop class?  Or a bong?  Well, I don't care how nice it turned out . . . three students in Texas have got you beat by a LONG SHOT.
Last year, a former student at Leander High School near Austin talked to his former robotics teacher, Herb Wasson.  Yes, the school actually has a ROBOTICS program.
Anyway, the student called about his two-year-old brother, Zaxton, who was born with three missing fingers on his left hand.  And he wanted to use the school's 3-D printer to make a PROSTHETIC designed by a guy in South Africa.  But the teacher said the hand would be too big, and came up with a BETTER idea.
Starting in December, Wasson had three of his best students start designing a NEW prosthetic, which recently won a statewide COMPETITION for student projects.
That means they're eligible for nationals in Kansas City this summer.  And in the past five days, they've raised MORE than enough on to pay for the trip.
But most importantly, Zaxton LOVES his new hand, which he can use to pick things up by simply flexing his wrist.  (KVUE /  


France Made It Illegal to Check Your Work Email After 6:00 P.M.

Earlier this week, we heard that Sweden is testing out a six-hour workday.  And here's one more piece of news to DEPRESS you while you slug through the rest of your Friday.
In France, they just passed a new law BANNING employees from checking their work email after 6:00 P.M., or before 9:00 A.M.  And it's not just a suggestion . . . it's actually ILLEGAL for employees to do it now.
Back in 1999, France implemented a 35-hour workweek.  But smartphones have pushed it closer to 40 hours again, because everyone checks their email from home.  And apparently French workers are FED UP WITH IT.
According to the new law, employees also can't look at anything work-related on their computer between 6:00 P.M. and 9:00 A.M. either.  Although, it's not clear how they'll enforce any of it.
And apparently this is now a TREND in Europe.  Because Germany passed a similar law last year.  (The Guardian / Fast Company)

Guys, What's the Most Girly Thing You Secretly Do?

Here's a question for you, guys:  What's the GIRLIEST thing you secretly do?  Don't worry, we won't judge you THAT much.  Here are five of the most popular answers.  (Yesterday we covered the manly things WOMEN do in secret.)
1.  Keeping a diary.  But if you call it a journal, it sounds better.
2.  Using women's shower gel.  They have way better scents like orange and peach and wild rose . . . all the men's scents are like Arctic Blast and Roaring Thunder.  
3.  Plucking, shaving, and trimming your eyebrows.
4.  Lighting a candle, drawing a bubble bath, and reading in the tub for an hour.
5.  Knowing all the big Disney songs . . . or secretly having some Disney soundtracks.  

Lending Money to Friends Costs You $457 a Year

When you're out with a friend and spot them a few dollars for dinner or drinks, it's not really a big deal . . . just a couple bucks, right?  Well . . . those bucks add up.
According to a new survey, the average person lends their friends $457 EVERY YEAR that never gets paid back.
It's because you loan each of your good friends money about four times a year, and they never pay it back.
26% of people say they've gotten into a serious ARGUMENT with a friend over a loan . . . and some of them have even lost that friend over the fight.
Of course, in theory, your friends are also lending YOU money that you never pay back . . . so you're getting SOME of your $457 back.  
(Daily Mail)

Massive internet security bug

By now you’ve probably heard about Heartbleed, the massive internet security bug that has put pretty much everyone’s privacy at risk.  


Heartbleed is a hole in the encryption software used by the majority of websites on the internet.  The bug creates an information leak that allows hackers to gain access to people’s personal data- and researchers say it’s been going on for as long as two years or more.  So what can you do to protect yourself?  


First, log out of all websites.  You may want to change your passwords too, but not until after the websites in question have fixed the bug.  Mashable has a helpful list of the sites where you should change your password immediately, and which are safe.  

29% of Americans Like Doing Their Taxes . . . and 5% Love It?

Even if you think you're getting a refund, the process of doing your taxes is still a huge pain.  So who ARE these people?
In a new survey, 29% of Americans say they LIKE doing their taxes . . . 5% take it even further and say they LOVE doing their taxes.  That adds up to more than one out of three people.
29% of people say the reason they like doing taxes is because they're getting a refund.  13% say they like doing it because it's their duty as Americans to pay their fair share.
30% of people say they dislike doing their taxes . . . and 26% say they HATE it.
But only 5% of those people say they don't like taxes because they have to pay too much.  The main reason is that taxes are too complicated or time-consuming.  (People Press)

Six Things That Make You Tip Better

There are a bunch of things that make you tip better that AREN'T related to good service.  Scientists figured out six things that can cause you to give your server more money:
1.  If they touch you.  Scientists did a study, and customers who got touched on the shoulder or hand for about a second when the check came tipped the MOST.
2.  If they're blonde.  Blondes receive way better tips than servers with any other hair color. 
3.  If they draw a smiley face on the check.  It only works if your server is a woman though.  If a guy does it, the tip actually goes DOWN.  
4.  If they wear something in their hair.  This one doesn't work for guys either.  Apparently, waitresses get way better tips from men AND women when they've got flowers, barrettes, or some other ornament in their hair. 
5.  If they crouch next to the table.  Tips go up a lot if servers do this because it creates better eye contact and you feel closer to them.  
6.  If they wear red.  Again, this is just a factor for women.  Men tip waitresses in red way more for some reason.
(New Republic)

A College Student Almost Killed a Classmate with His Car . . . But Now They're Friends

In February, an 18-year-old BYU student named Lexi Hansen was riding her skateboard through an intersection in Provo, Utah when she got hit by a car, and suffered serious head injuries.  And doctors gave her a 5% chance of surviving.
She was in a coma for several days, but came out of it while her family was in her hospital room singing hymns.  And since then, she's made an AMAZING recovery.  But the MOST amazing part is how forgiving she and her family have been.
The guy who hit her is a fellow BYU student named Karson Pasker.  And police say he wasn't driving drunk or texting when it happened, it was just an accident.  But afterward, Karson sent Lexi's parents a letter anyway, explaining how sorry he was.
Then Lexi's mother called him to say she WASN'T angry, because she knows accidents happen.  And now that Lexi is back home, she and Karson have actually become FRIENDS.
Since the accident, he's visited at least once a week, and always brings presents.  And even Lexi's mom says he's like a SON to her now.  Meanwhile, Karson says the family's incredible level of forgiveness has had a "life-changing impact" on him.  (KSL)  

A student who survived the high school stabbing in Pennsylvania yesterday posted a selfie at the hospital . . . Should you be outraged?

A student at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania showed up with a knife and went on a STABBING SPREE yesterday.
Thankfully, no one was killed . . . but 20 people were injured.  One of the students who got stabbed was Nate Scimio.  And he's basically a HERO . . . because after he was stabbed, he pulled the fire alarm to alert everyone in the school to get out.
But that's not why people on the Internet are talking about him.  They're talking about him because he posted a SELFIE from the hospital after he was treated for his stab wound.
Some people are OUTRAGED that he reacted to the stabbing by posting on Instagram.  They say it's disrespectful to the other victims and to the gravity of the situation.
Other people are supporting him, saying it was him letting everyone know he was okay . . . and defiantly showing the kid who stabbed him that he FAILED.  That works for us.  (Hypervocal)  

Talking on Your Phone Turns You Into a Bad Person

It's a good thing no one TALKS on their cell phone anymore . . . apparently it was turning us all into COLD-HEARTED A-HOLES.
Researchers just ran a study where they had a person limping in a leg brace walk past a person on the street and drop a stack of magazines.  Then they watched whether the person helped pick up the magazines or not.
And 72% of the people who weren't talking on their cell phone helped out . . . but only NINE PERCENT of the people on cell phones helped.
That means cell phones made people eight times less likely to offer 10 seconds of help to a handicapped stranger.  
The study didn't test whether people who were texting would help out or not.  

Let's take a Cruise!

Based on the data from a new survey, it’s a wonder the cruise industry can even stay afloat!  The poll found that public opinion of cruises continues to sink.  
In fact, Americans currently have a more favorable view of the airline industry than the cruise ship industry, despite common complaints like cramped seats, excessive fees and delays.  Unsurprisingly, this low opinion of cruising has resulted in fewer people saying they plan to book cruises in the near future.  
Public perception of cruises has been on the decline for the last several years, plummeting after the Costa Concordia wreck in 2012 and continuing to drop as several ships- including a Princess Cruise earlier this week- were stricken with everything from fires to illness to plumbing disasters.    

Love at first "LIKE"

Online dating can feel like a chore, but it may actually be easier than you think.  Some internet-savvy singles are skipping the dating sites and looking for love on Facebook!  A study found 7% of couples who tied the knot after meeting online, first connected on a social networking site rather than a dating site.  
What’s more, couples who met via social media were just as happy as those who met on a dating site, and happier than those who met in more traditional, offline ways, like being introduced through mutual friends.

Couples Are Most Likely to Argue in Bed at 11:49 P.M. . . . and the Average Fight Lasts 2 Minutes and 12 Seconds

According to a new survey, couples are most likely to argue in bed at 11:49 at night.  And the average fight lasts 2 minutes and 12 seconds.  Here are a few more things the survey found.
40% of couples say they've argued about HOGGING THE BLANKETS, which makes it the TOP thing couples fight about.
Arguing because the other person won't stop messing with their phone is second with 35%.
31% say they argue in bed one or two nights a week . . . 47% say three-to-four nights a week . . . 16% say five-to-six nights a week . . . and 6% argue EVERY night.
But luckily, 80% say the arguing hardly ever leads to a full-blown FIGHT.
(Female First)

Seven Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

Your boss pretty much controls your life.  So it's important that you don't MESS UP when you're talking to the one person who has that much power over your career.  
So "Entrepreneur" magazine came up with a list of seven things you should NEVER say to your boss: 
1.  "How do I do that?"  If you don't know how to do something, don't worry about it.  Not right away, anyway. Just say you're on it . . . you can figure out how later.
2.  "I don't have the time."  No one does.  So make time, and bump your lowest priority a little lower.
3.  "No."  This one's self-explanatory.
4.  "I'm going to HR."  If you have a problem with your boss, find someone who's equal to them or higher up.  Forget about HR.
5.  "It wasn't me, it was that other person."  Pointing fingers is weak.
6.  "So-and-so's an idiot".
7.  "Take this job and shove it."  Not that anyone would ever put it that way . . . but the point is:  Quit professionally.  Don't burn bridges.  (Entrepreneur)

Hero's among us

Someone Found a Four-Carat Diamond Ring at the Airport, Turned It In, and Could Get a Free Round-Trip Plane Ticket If They Come Forward
If you were flying through Newark, New Jersey last month, found a diamond RING, and turned it in . . . congratulations for being an outstanding human being.
On Valentine's Day, 52-year-old Navneet Guleria lost her four-carat diamond ring at the Newark airport while she was going through security.  And she didn't realize it until she was already on a plane to London.
So obviously she freaked out, because it's worth THOUSANDS of dollars.  Luckily, there are still a few good people in the world.  Because whoever found it turned it in, and Navneet got it BACK.
Now airport officials are launching a Facebook campaign to FIND the person, so they can reward them with a free round-trip TICKET.  And they're also looking through security footage to see if they can spot who it was.
If no one comes forward by May 31st, the ticket will go to charity.  (NY Post)
(If you happen to know who it was . . . or it was YOU . . . send an email to, along with proof you were flying in or out of Newark that day.)

A Guy is Suing His Mother's Nursing Home For Hiring Male Strippers

This sounds like the COOLEST nursing home in the country, because they know what their residents REALLY want . . . and it ain't an extra night of bingo.
The East Neck Nursing Center on Long Island in New York apparently hired MALE STRIPPERS to come dance for the residents last year.
One of those residents is 85-year-old Bernice Youngblood.  And she had a photograph taken while she was shoving a dollar bill into a stripper's underwear.
But her son Franklin saw it when he was visiting her in January, and he FLIPPED OUT.  So he's filed a LAWSUIT against the nursing home on behalf of his mother.
The lawsuit says, quote, "Bernice Youngblood was placed in apprehension of imminent, offensive, physical harm, as she was confused and bewildered as to why a muscular, almost nude man, was . . . placing his body and limbs over her."
The photo certainly tells a different story . . . it looks like Bernice knows EXACTLY what she's doing.
The Youngbloods' suit is seeking an undisclosed amount.  (New York Post)  

The Most Popular Lucky Number in the World Is . . . Seven

Seven is everyone's default lucky number . . . except when someone's playing craps and I have a lot of money on a bunch of different numbers.  Then I want to punch them in the face when they roll a seven.
A new worldwide poll asked more than 44,000 people to name their lucky number . . . and seven was the post popular answer.
The rest of the top 10 most popular numbers were:  Three, eight, four, five, thirteen, nine, six, two, and eleven.
About HALF of the votes were for a number one through 10.
Every number between one and 100 got at least a few votes.  The smallest number that didn't get any votes was 110 . . . so if you're looking for a unique lucky number, 110 is wide open.
The number seven has significance in a lot of cultures and religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism.  
(The Guardian)

The sound of music

Music to our ears!  A new poll revealed some fun facts about Americans’ musical tastes.  For instance…
-More than 40% of people think the music of the current decade is the worst.
-People are pretty evenly split when it comes to which artist they’d like their children to study- 33% said The Beatles while 32% said Mozart.
-64% of Americans think songs sound best when sung in English.
-About a quarter of people think the guitar is the sexiest instrument to play, with saxophone a close second.
-Almost 30% would most like to be the lead singer of a rock band, followed by the drummer.
-Parents would much rather take their daughters to see Taylor Swift in concert than Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber or One Direction.
-Half think rap/hip hop has reached its peak.
-Nearly three quarters think jazz is more important than hip hop.  

Check Out the "Alphabet Burger" . . . a Burger With One Topping For Every Letter of the Alphabet

I love this hamburger because it's ridiculously indulgent and totally American . . . and also surprisingly NERDY.
A guy named Nick Chipman from the website just put together the "Alphabet Burger."  It's a hamburger with 26 toppings, one for every letter of the alphabet.  Here's what he went with . . .
Avocado, bacon, cheese, Doritos, egg, fish sticks, garlic bread, ham, Italian sausage, jalapeno peppers, a Krispy Kreme donut, lettuce, mac and cheese, noodles . . .
Onion rings, pepperoni, queso dip, ramen, spinach, turkey burger, Usinger's bratwurst, veal parmesan, waffle, xylocarp, yams, and zucchini.
"Xylocarp" is a fancy name for coconut.  The other stretch is Usinger's bratwurst for "U" . . . Usinger's is a brand of sausages out of Milwaukee.
From the picture, it doesn't look quite as gross as you might guess.  There's no word how it tasted.  (Shortlist)  

10 Couples Who Had Babies Out of Wedlock

Will MILA KUNIS marry ASHTON KUTCHER before she pops out their kid?  If not, they'll be in good company.  Here are 10 other couples who had babies out of wedlock . . . 
JESSICA SIMPSON and former NFL player ERIC JOHNSON have two kids, and they're still not married.
KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST are getting married next month.  Their daughter North will be a few weeks shy of her first birthday by then.
NATALIE PORTMAN got knocked up by the choreographer of her ballet movie "Black Swan".  They got married about a year after their son was born.
MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and Camila Alves had two kids before marriage and one after.
KRISTEN BELL and DAX SHEPARD had a quick, courthouse wedding after their daughter was born.
JENNIFER HUDSON and WWE superstar DAVID OTUNGA had a son in 2009, and they're still not married.
KATE HUDSON and MATT BELLAMY from MUSE had a baby in 2011, and again, they're still not married.
DAVID LETTERMAN and Regina Lasko got married when their son was six.
When SACHA BARON COHEN and ISLA FISHER got married in 2010, she was pregnant with their second child.
BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE still haven't made The Big Mistake.  They have six kids, three of whom are biological.

Seven Phrases Men Supposedly Love to Hear

"Redbook" has a bunch of advice on how women can get men to PAY ATTENTION to what they're saying.   Here are five phrases that supposedly make men stop zoning out and LISTEN:
1.  "Thank you". 
2.  "I'm so proud of you". 
3.  "I think that woman was checking you out".
4.  "Let's turn this into a bet".
5.  "You need to go to bed".
6.  "Meet me at that bar".
7.  "I'm flashing back to the last time we had sex".  (Redbook)

A Guy Who Ran Out on His $1 Lunch Tab 73 Years Ago Just Went Back to Pay It

When you feel guilty about something, it tends to stick in your mind, even if it's something small.  ESPECIALLY if it's small.  And here's a perfect example.
Last Tuesday, an anonymous woman walked into a restaurant in Salt Lake City called Lamb's Grill, and told a waitress she was there about a crime her FATHER had committed.
It turned out that the last time he'd been there was in 1941 when he was ten years old.  And after he had lunch with a friend, they realized they didn't have enough to cover their ONE DOLLAR tab.  So they dined and dashed.
And apparently he's felt feeling EXTREMELY guilty about it for the past 73 years.  Because the daughter explained that he was still so embarrassed, he chickened out at the last minute, decided to wait in the car, and had HER go in and pay.
So the daughter ended up handing over $5 to cover it, and left.  But it turns out a different person owned the restaurant in 1941.  So the current owner is trying to track them down and give them the five bucks.
And the kicker is that when you adjust for inflation, a dollar in 1941 is the equivalent of $16 today.  So in other words, the 83-year-old has still only paid about a THIRD of his bill.  (

What's the Sexiest Instrument to Play?

No one decides to learn the tuba because they think it'll get them laid.  If you play the tuba, it's because you love the damn tuba . . . and we respect that.  But most people play an instrument to get laid, and we're talking to them.
A new survey asked people to name the SEXIEST instrument you can play.  Here are the results . . .
26% said guitar.
25% said saxophone.
21% said piano.
14% said violin.
7% said drums.
And 5% might've misheard the question, and said flute.
The survey also asked who you'd most want to be in a rock band.  Lead singer obviously came in first, at 29%.  Drummer got 27% . . . lead guitarist got 19% . . . keyboard player got 14% . . . and the poor bassist got 8%.  (CBS News)

All Quacked up!

Guess you can say they quacked the case! Police in Massachusetts responded to reports of a home intruder Saturday, only to find a duck on the loose!
The owner called authorities because she heard loud banging noises downstairs and feared someone had broken into her home. Officers found no sign of a break-in, but a quick search revealed a soot-covered wood duck that had gotten into the home through the chimney. An officer caught the duck and released it into a nearby pond.

The More You Use Twitter, the More Likely You Are to Wind Up Divorced

I guess there's more to Twitter than sending short, angry messages to companies that wronged you.  Or reading news that may or may not be accurate.
According to a new study out of the University of Missouri, Twitter is BAD NEWS for relationships.
The study found that the more someone used Twitter, the WORSE their real-life relationship turned out.  More tweeting was linked to more emotional and physical cheating, more breakups . . . and even more divorces.
Last year, a study found all of those things were true when it came to Facebook too.
The conclusion MIGHT be that Twitter is bad for relationships . . . but this could also be a "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" situation.
In other words, it's not clear if your relationship starts having problems because you're obsessed with Twitter . . . or if you start obsessing about Twitter because you're having problems in your relationship.  

Eight Foods That Supposedly Burn Fat

If you're trying to lose weight, check out this list of super foods that supposedly burn fat.  Of course, none of them are that appetizing, but you knew that.
1.  Something called Kefir.  It's a kind of drinkable yogurt that breaks down food better.  Sauerkraut and pickled vegetables work the same way.
2.  Salmon.  Scientists say that it somehow prevents fat accumulation around your mid-section. 
3.  Walnuts.  Because they activate fat-burning.
4.  Quinoa.  It's the new 'it' grain  . . . whatever that means.  It prevents bloating and gives you energy.
5.  Sardines.  They have a ton of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are apparently amazing for you.  
6.  Kale.  It's supposed to reduce the stress in your body.
7.  Brown rice.  It somehow PREVENTS fat storage.
8.  Green tea.  Experts claim you should have it at 4 p.m., and it'll rev up your metabolism for hours.  (Redbook)

Missing dog turns up 17 months later

A Dog That Went Missing During Hurricane Sandy Turned Up 17 Months Later . . . on April Fools' Day
Back in 2012, a four-year-old yellow lab named Wesley went missing in Hillsborough, New Jersey.  And it was right before Hurricane Sandy hit.  (Hillsborough is about 50 miles southwest of New York.)
So when he didn't turn up, his owners assumed he either didn't make it through the storm, or someone else took him in.  Regardless, they didn't expect to see him again.
Then last Tuesday, they got a call from a police department about 15 miles away, telling them they'd FOUND Wesley.  And the cops also said that when they tried to catch him, he immediately jumped into the back of their cop car.
But last Tuesday happened to be April Fools' Day.  So at first, the family assumed it was a mean PRANK by one of their friends.
It turns out it WASN'T a prank though.  And the cops had gotten their contact info from Wesley's microchip.  So the next day, they drove to the station and picked him up, 17 MONTHS after he went missing.
It's not clear where he was the whole time.  But apparently someone was taking good care of him, because he managed to GAIN 20 pounds while he was gone.  (CBS Philly / 

A Couple's Wedding Venue Burned Down Seconds After They Said "I Do"

I hate to predict that two people I don't know who JUST got married aren't going to make it . . . but based on the symbolism here, these two are doomed.
A couple got married at a historic building called Lakeview Pavilion in Foxboro, Massachusetts on Saturday night.  And LITERALLY the moment after they said "I Do" . . . Lakeview Pavilion BURNED DOWN.
Jerry Cibley is the justice of the peace who married them.  He says, quote, "I pronounced them husband and wife and they proceeded down the center aisle . . . and I saw some smoke."
The fire apparently started in some mulch behind the building.  The building was 108 years old . . . and is completely wiped out.  Luckily everyone got out safely.
But Cibley says the bride and groom are DEVASTATED.  
(Sun Chronicle)

The Ten Most Painful Places to Get Stung by a Bee, According to Science

What's the most painful place to get stung by a BEE?  Well, a researcher at Cornell University wanted to find out . . . so he let himself get STUNG five times a day for several WEEKS.  And the winner was . . . your NOSTRIL.
And he tested just about every painful spot you can think of . . . other than his EYES, but only because another researcher talked him out of it.  According to his research, here are the ten most painful places to get stung.
10.  Your stomach.  On a pain scale of 1 to 10, he gave it a 6.7.
9.  The tip of your finger.  Also a 6.7 out of 10.
8.  Your nipple.  Also a 6.7.
7.  Your armpit.  Again, 6.7 out of 10.
6.  Your cheek.  7 out of 10
5.  Your palm.  7 out of 10.
4.  Your SCROTUM.  7 out of 10.
3.  Your PENIS.  7.3 out of 10.
2.  The upper lip.  8.7 out of 10.
1.  Your nostril.  9 out of 10.  (Daily Mail)

Four Pick Up Tips from Bartenders and Waiters

Here are four pick up tips from bartenders and servers.  Remember, they see people strike out all the time . . .
1.  Be realistic.  If you're a divorced 50-year-old guy who's kind of out of shape and driving a mediocre car, don't bother hitting on the hot 22-year-old in designer clothes.
2.  Treat your server well.  If you treat your bartender or server with respect, no matter what happens, it shows you're not cheap, or an arrogant jerk who expects everyone to cater to you.  If you're polite and tip well, people notice.
3.  Don't flash your cash.  Guys, don't try to prove how much money you have by ordering the most expensive thing on the menu.  Women see right through it.
4.  Don't drink too much.  If you're trying to pick someone up, getting sloppy drunk makes you look like an ass, and usually leads to BAD decisions.

Daughter saves dad from burning house

A Guy Runs Into His Neighbor's Burning House, Passes Out from the Smoke . . . So His Daughter Runs in and Saves Him
On Monday, a guy in Virginia Beach named Roger Hough heard an 18-year-old neighbor outside screaming about a FIRE.  So Roger ran out his front door, and sure enough, he saw smoke pouring out of his neighbor's windows.
Then, without hesitating, Roger grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran INTO the house to try to put it out.  But within a few minutes, he PASSED OUT from all the smoke.
Luckily, Roger's 22-year-old daughter Ashleigh was also there.  And she was watching through a front window when he collapsed.  So then SHE ran into the house and managed to pull him out to safety.
But by that point, Roger wasn't breathing . . . and he was foaming at the mouth.  So Ashleigh started doing CPR and saved his LIFE.
Roger is fine now.  And he got pretty emotional when he talked to a reporter about it the next day, saying, quote, "It's not every day that a dad [gets] saved by his baby girl."  (WTKR)  

A Teenage Girl Tried to Get Her Phone Out of a Storm Drain . . . and Got Trapped Up to her Waist

If you dropped your phone into the SEWER, would you go down to save it?  Hopefully, no.  This girl said yes.
A 16-year-old girl named Ella Birchenough in Kent, England accidentally dropped her phone down a storm drain on Wednesday . . . and decided to go down into the drain to get it.  It was one of those drains by the curb with a narrow opening. 
Unfortunately for Ella, that opening isn't human-sized . . . and she got STUCK with her legs in the drain, but her head and upper body sticking up into the street.
The fire department had to come and pull her out of the drain.  And, of course, people took photos.
Ella ended up being okay . . . but when the firefighters got her phone, it turned out it was completely destroyed.
It also turned out her phone was a Blackberry.  I mean, maybe you climb into the sewer for an iPhone . . . but a Blackberry?  (The Guardian)  

You Can Get Over a Breakup Faster By Switching Your Ringtone

Next time you get DUMPED . . . DON'T spend a week locked in your room, listening to "All Out of Love" by AIR SUPPLY.
Instead, you can get over the breakup faster . . . by changing your RINGTONE.  And your text message alert sound too . . . change it all.
That's because it's human nature to associate sounds with feelings.  Since your ex probably called and texted you more than anyone ELSE, your ringtone and text alert will make you immediately think of them . . . and remind you how DEPRESSED you are.
So by switching to new sounds, you'll get rid of that trigger.  

Get your goat

Whenever there are reports of a mysterious person screaming or yelling, there’s always a good chance it’s just goats. Officers responded to a call Saturday night in rural Massachusetts, after a report came in of “possibly a woman crying and yelling and a man acting suspicious near a car.”

When they arrived on the scene, they found that there was no woman in distress. The man simply had a car full of goats! Police determined nothing bahh-d was happening to the goats, so the man was not charged with any crime.

Couples Are Most Likely to Argue in the Car . . . Here's Why

If you're driving right now, be glad if you're alone.  Because according to a new survey, the place couples are most likely to argue is the CAR.
And here are the four situations when you're most LIKELY to fight in the car.
1.  Before or after you go shopping.  Mostly because guys hate shopping and think it's a waste of money.
2.  Date night.  Especially if one person gets hammered, and the other has to be the designated driver.
3.  While you're on your way to visit family.  For obvious reasons.
4.  After eating at a restaurant.  Again, because of the cost.  But also because there's a decent chance you got on each other's nerves during the meal.  
(Female First)

Bowled over

Cereal companies are up to some dirty Trix when it comes to marketing to children.  It’s a well-known fact that grocery stores arrange items specifically to appeal to target customers.  
For instance, more expensive items are often displayed at eye level on shelves so shoppers are more likely to grab them first.  Some stores have recently introduced “man aisles” that feature dude-friendly products like beer and cheese dip.  Sugary cereals are generally placed lower on shelves so as to be eye-level with shorter people (i.e. kids).  
But a new study discovered something even more sinister- the cartoon characters on many boxes of cereal are pictured with their eyes pointed downward, so they make eye contact with children.  This is probably to blame for many a grocery store tantrum- as well as plenty of not-so-healthy purchases.    

Ten Myths About Gas Mileage

A lot of drivers believe things about gas mileage that aren't true, because they learned from their parents when cars were much different.  Here's a list of ten gas mileage facts that have been turned into MYTHS by new technologies.
1.  You need a small car to get good mileage.  Not true anymore.  New technologies are making midsize cars a lot more efficient.  This year, about half of the top ten most fuel-efficient cars are midsize or larger . . . NOT including electrics and plug-in hybrids.
2.  Manual transmissions get better fuel economy.  Automatic transmissions have improved a lot over the years.  These days they do just as well or better than a standard transmission on the same car.
3.  It takes more fuel to start up a car than it does to let it idle.  Fuel injection means modern car engines start much more efficiently.  Manufacturers recommend that you shut off the engine whenever you're stopped, except when you're in traffic.
4.  An engine needs to warm up before the car is driven.  Engines are much different now.  You shouldn't push a car too hard until the engine is warm, but it doesn't hurt the engine to drive it right away.  Plus, driving it is the best way to get it warm.
5.  Fuel economy decreases as a car gets older.  Not if you take care of it.  A well-maintained car will keep getting the same mileage even 15 years old and beyond.
6.  A new air filter gives you better gas mileage.  Newer cars have computers that automatically adjust the fuel-air ratio.  So a dirty air filter doesn't decrease your mileage . . . although it hurts your engine's performance in other ways.
7.  You can use aftermarket additives to improve fuel economy.  Studies show that additives don't make a difference . . . and they could actually damage your engine, or increase your car's emissions.
8.  Premium fuel gives you better mileage.  Only if your car was specifically designed for it.  There might also be special conditions where it would make a difference, like if you're towing something.  But the owner's manual should tell you about those.
9.  EPA fuel economy estimates are a guarantee of the mileage you'll get.  Actually, they really are just estimates.  Lots of other factors can affect your actual mileage, including your driving style and the roads and conditions where you usually drive.
10.  All vehicles are tested for fuel economy.  It's actually only vehicles under 8,500 pounds.  So the larger pickups like the Ford F250 and the Dodge 2500 don't have official fuel economy ratings.
(Yahoo! Autos)

A 911 Operator Helped Save Her Dad's Life on Her First Day

Crystal Morrow is a 911 operator in Tucker, Georgia, just outside Atlanta.  And after several months of training, her first shift was last Monday . . . and it ended up being a pretty interesting one.  (Crystal looks to be in her mid 20s.)
Because about four hours into it, Crystal answered a call, and realized the voice on the other end was her AUNT.  And it turned out Crystal's FATHER had gone into diabetic shock.
When she found out what was happening, Crystal froze for a split-second.  But luckily she was taught how to handle calls from family members on her very first day of TRAINING.
So she stayed calm, sent an ambulance, talked her aunt through it, and her dad MADE IT.
Crystal says her supervisor, Danielle Harvey, deserves all the credit for doing such a good job training her.  And in fact, Danielle is currently one of the finalists for an annual award given to the best 911 operator in the COUNTRY.

Soldier Teaches His Daughter to Keep Her Room Clean

A Soldier Teaches His Daughter to Keep Her Room Clean . . . By Moving Her Entire Room Onto the Driveway
This is the perfect creative punishment, because you can bet this girl will NEVER let her room get messy again.
A soldier in Ludowici, Georgia was sick of his teenage daughter leaving her room a mess.  (He didn't want his name released.)
And on Monday, he finally decided to teach her a lesson.  So while she was at school, he moved EVERYTHING out of her bedroom . . . and onto the DRIVEWAY.  He even arranged it just like it was in her bedroom, only now it was outside.
And he put a sign up that said, quote, "Haley, room moved to driveway.  Clean it next time."
Haley apparently got the message . . . and her dad is also having her room painted while her stuff's outside.  
(NBC 3 - Savannah)  

Jogging More Than a Few Hours a Week Will Kill You?

A new study out of the Cardiovascular Research Institute in Allentown, Pennsylvania just found that jogging more than a few hours a week could KILL YOU.
The researchers found that people who went running for more than two to three hours a week have similar lifespans to people who NEVER EXERCISE.
The healthiest people were the ones who got a moderate amount of exercise but didn't overdo it.
For whatever reason, the researchers didn't bother to figure out WHY running too much kills you.  Their best theory is that running causes too much WEAR AND TEAR on the body, which causes it to break down early.  
(Health Day)

Face it

It’s time to face the facts: if you want to get more Instagram likes, stop posting pics of your food and start snapping more selfies.  

It’s true!  A study found Instagram photos that feature faces are 38% more likely to gain likes and 32% more likely to attract comments.  

Experts explain that people are social creatures and therefore naturally attracted to faces- they make us feel comfortable and safe.  No wonder Ellen’s epic Oscar selfie was such a hit.

Science Figured Out the Five Most Effective Ways to Flirt

It's about time science did something USEFUL.  We've heard enough about climate change . . . I want studies that will change the climate IN MY PANTS.  And today, that's what we've got.
Here are the five most effective ways to FLIRT, according to scientific proof.
1.  Touching someone's face.  If you can do it without coming off creepy, nothing's more effective.
2.  Touching someone elsewhere.  If you can't touch their face, the next best places are the shoulder, waist, and forearm.
3.  Going out of your way to compliment someone.  Go for the move where you see someone across the room, walk up, and say, "I just had to come over and tell you, I love your shoes" or whatever.
4.  Smiling and eye contact.  These come up in every study, nothing new here.  Obviously you're more likely to have success if you smile and make eye contact than frown and look down at your shoes.
5.  Be more direct.  If you've found your flirting hasn't worked, it's probably because YOU think you're flirting but other people haven't realized it.  Amping it up will make it more effective.  (The Week)

A Lot of People Are Upset About the end!

The series finale of "How I Met Your Mother" was apparently pretty divisive, because a lot of fans are FUMING about how it ended.
(SPOILER ALERT)  Some of the things people are most upset about are:  The revelation that the mother has been dead the whole time . . . the fact that Barney and Robin got divorced . . . and the odd choice to have Ted leave in the middle of the wedding because he "has to move," and then he doesn't end up moving.
There were a lot of furious comments like these Tweets:  Quote, "What was the point of the whole show?  I'm yelling right now."  
And, quote, "So, if my wife dies young, I should tell my kids a long story about how we met, while really asking if I can bang an old lover?"
Craig Thomas, who co-created the show, saw some of the fans freaking out on social media.  He thanked fans for their "passion" and Tweeted:  Quote, "Seriously, no matter what you thought of tonight, thank you."
Regardless, the show went out on top, with a series-high of 12.9 million viewers.  
JOSH RADNOR, who played Ted on "How I Met Your Mother", thinks that the fans who are upset about the finale are missing the point a little.  He says, quote, "I thought the title of the show was always a bit of a fake-out. 
"It was more of a hook to hang the thing on.  Really, it was more about . . . 'These are the crazy adventures and these are the lessons I had to learn before I met your mother.'"
He adds, quote, "I think if you're going to do something new and bold and daring, you're going to upset some people and thrill others.  It's better to do that than try to have some homogenized, safe ending that was never really what the show was."
(You can read the whole interview, here.)


10 Other Shows with Endings That Pissed People Off  
After "How I Met Your Mother's" unpopular season finale earlier this week, "Us" magazine put together a list of 10 OTHER shows with endings that pissed people off.  Here's the list:
1.  "The Sopranos".  It cut to black in the middle of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'", while the family was just eating at a restaurant.
2.  "Angel".  It ended with a battle, but who actually survived is still unknown.
3.  "Seinfeld".  Of course, they all ended up being thrown in jail for being horrible people.
4.  "Gossip Girl".  The big "reveal" that "Gossip Girl" was Penn Badgley's character fell flat with fans.
5.  "Desperate Housewives".  Susan Mayer sells her home on Wisteria Lane, and she and her son M.J. move to help her daughter Julie raise her baby.
6.  "Dexter".  Fans didn't like that Dexter merely ended up in self-imposed exile.
7.  "The Hills".  The show HINTED that it was fake the whole time . . . which of course it WAS . . . but it didn't commit to that, and left it open-ended.
8.  "St. Elsewhere".  The whole show was a snowglobe-inspired daydream.
9.  "Roseanne".  In the finale, Roseanne reveals that the entire show was something she wrote for a book.  Some of the events were TRUE . . . but others were things that she made up, because she didn't like what actually happened. 
10.  "Lost".  It ended without answering many questions, and confused some viewers by having the characters reunited in the afterlife.

Five Ways to Speed Clean Your Bathroom

Nobody LIKES to clean their bathroom.  So if guests are coming over and you're in a hurry, here are five ways to fake people into thinking it's spotless:
1.  Poor bleach in the toilet.  Give it a quick couple of scrubs, and then flush after five minutes. 
2.  Get a damp paper towel and hit any obvious smudges you see on the floor, sink or mirror. 
3.  Put out a couple of fresh hand towels.
4.  Shake out your rug and fluff it up so it looks freshly vacuumed.
5.  Protect yourself against snoopers.  Pull the shower curtain shut and tuck towels on top of stuff in your drawers in case they get opened.  (Yahoo Shine)

Former homeless man to play piano at Carnegie Hall

A 24-Year-Old Piano Player Who Was Homeless for a Year and a Half Will Perform at Carnegie Hall
24-year-old James Matthews is a music student in Pensacola, Florida, and he's been playing piano since he was three years old.  But he almost had to give it up a few years ago . . . when he became HOMELESS.
Now, it's not clear why, but his parents aren't in the picture.  And after high school, he got into the music program at Florida Southern College, but couldn't afford a dorm.
So he spent more than a year and a half LIVING in the school's 24-hour piano studio, where he practiced up to 10 hours a DAY.
Eventually his teacher found him sleeping there.  But instead of kicking him out, he got him into the music program at the University of West Florida, where they DID give him a dorm.  And he'll graduate next year with a music degree.
But James also entered the American Protégé International piano competition this year, which is apparently a big deal.  And he didn't win it, but he was an "honorable mention."  Which means that on April 20th, he'll get to perform at CARNEGIE HALL in New York.
According to James, he decided that if he refused to give up on his dream, good things would eventually come his way.  And now they have.  (WPTV / Huffington Post)  

Left-Handed People Are Better Drivers?

When we saw this study, we figured it was an April Fools' prank . . . anything that says being left-handed is good HAS to be a prank, right?
But . . . a new study found that left-handed people are BETTER DRIVERS than right-handed people.
The study analyzed 1,500 drivers for 10 years and found that left-handed people get into fewer accidents than right-handed people.
The author of the study says, quote, "Because we drive on the right in this country, left-handed drivers may be used to a constant revision of their instincts, keeping them more on their toes and ready to react to sudden threats."
We don't really understand what that means, but his next point makes more sense.
Quote, "Cars are designed with the right-handed driver in mind . . . think especially of the gear shift.  This allows right-handed drivers to become complacent" . . . while left-handed people have to pay more attention.  (PR Web)

Women Spend Two Months of Their Lives Talking to Their Mom on the Phone

Your mother has devoted every second of her life to you since the moment you were born.  Keep that in mind when you hear this number if you think it sounds like a lot.
According to a new survey, the average woman spends TWO MONTHS of her life on the phone with her mother.
That's an average of three calls a week at 16 minutes each.  So that's 48 minutes a week . . . or approximately 42 hours a year.  From age 18 to 50, that adds up to right around two full months.
The number one subject a woman talks to her mom about is . . . family issues.  The rest of the top 10 subjects are:  Her children, work, health issues, her siblings, what's on TV, money, shopping, friends, and gossip.
The survey found women only talk to their fathers for seven minutes a week.  That's only six hours a year . . . or a total of just eight full days in their lifetime.  (Daily Mail)  
(The survey didn't find out how often men talk to their parents on the phone.)

Phoning it in

During the first several months of 2014, the average American spent two hours and 42 minutes per day on their mobile device.  
So what did they do with all that time?  A new survey breaks it down: 86% of smartphone use was accounted for by apps, while 14% was spent on an internet browser.  
People spent 32% of the time playing games, 17% of the time on Facebook, 3% of the time using news apps, 1.5% of the time on Twitter and 9.5% of the time using social messaging apps.

Five Psychological Tricks That Give You Big Advantages in Everyday Situations

Here are five psychological tricks that can give you huge advantages in some everyday situations . . .
1.  If you're in a meeting and you think someone might go after you or attack you about something, sit right next to them.  Without the group buffer, they'll either back off . . . or at least be a lot less critical.
2.  Once you make a sales pitch, ask someone out, ask for a favor, or whatever . . . don't say ANYTHING else after.  Make the other person respond completely.  It forces them to just keep talking . . . and eventually say yes to end the awkwardness.
3.  When you first meet someone, figure out their eye color.  That forces you to look into their eyes a little longer and a little more intently . . . and that makes the introduction STRONGER and more memorable.
4.  If you want someone to do you a big favor, ask for a much smaller favor first.  They're way more likely to do the big thing for you once they've done the small thing because their brain is in right mode to help you out.
5.  Chew gum before you do something that scares you, like speaking in public or bungee jumping.  Your brain is wired to think, "If I'm eating, I'm not in danger" . . . so chewing can calm you down.  (Reddit)

Seven Small Ways to Feel Younger

Check out this list of seven small ways to feel younger: 
1.  Get more sleep.  If you get at least eight hours a night, by the end of six weeks, you're supposed to have more energy.
2.  Begin each meal with a fruit or vegetable, and drink lots of water.  Eating healthy gives you more energy.  And if 90% of the stuff you eat is healthy, you can eat WHATEVER you want for the other 10%.  
3.  Lift weights.  When you generate stronger muscle fiber, you feel YEARS younger.  
4.  Be vain.  Don't go crazy with plastic surgery, but there's nothing wrong with trying to look as good as you can for your age. 
5.  Mix up your routine.  Doing the same stuff over and over basically atrophies your brain.  You have try different things because your brain craves new stimulation. 
6.  Listen to the music you liked when you were younger.  Apparently you'll FEEL younger. In one study, people who did it had better memory and overall health. 
7.  Be optimistic.  Now that you're older you know that life can sometimes suck.  But you still have to stay positive, because a good attitude is essential to feeling young.  (MSN Healthy Living)

Woman goes into labor at nail salon

A Woman Goes Into Labor, Decides to Get a Quick Pedicure . . . and Has the Baby at the Nail Salon
Anna Rubinstein of Glen Rock, New Jersey was at a nail salon last week when she went into LABOR with her second child.
Anna says that when her first child was born, she was in labor for 42 HOURS . . . so she didn't think there was any particular rush to get to the hospital.  She decided to get her manicure and pedicure before she headed out.
Turns out her second child was in a MUCH bigger hurry than her first one.  Because right when the woman started rubbing her feet during her pedicure . . . the baby started COMING.
The woman's husband got there JUST in time to help deliver their baby in the nail salon bathroom . . . just 10 MINUTES after Anna went into labor.
An ambulance came and took Anna and her baby to the hospital, and they're both doing well.  (North Jersey)  

The Eight Shortcuts Men Take When They're Cleaning

There's a glorious moment in every man's life when his wife tells him he doesn't have to vacuum, do dishes, or do laundry anymore, because he's so BAD at it.  Incompetence is bliss.
A new survey came up with the top eight shortcuts men take when they're cleaning.  Check 'em out . . .
1.  Dusting around objects instead of lifting them up.
2.  Wiping crumbs onto the floor.
3.  Not washing food off dishes well enough.
4.  Pushing garbage down instead of emptying the trash can.
5.  Just rinsing the shower instead of scrubbing it.
6.  Throwing in the whites with the rest of the laundry instead of separate loads.
7.  Squirting bleach into the toilet but not scrubbing it.
8.  Picking stuff up off the carpet instead of vacuuming.  (FemaleFirst)

Substitute teacher donates kidney to student

Substitute teachers often get a bad rap, but this one deserves a medal. Cindy Santos was subbing at a kindergarten class in Pennsylvania last September when she met five-year-old Katelynn Ernst, who was in need of a kidney transplant.  She couldn’t stop thinking about the little girl who went through 10-hours a day on dialysis.

She eventually came across the Facebook page Katelynn’s Kidney Journey, and decided to find out if she could help. Lo and behold, after getting tested, Cindy turned out to be a match, and last December donated her kidney to Katelynn.  

"There was no denying this was the right thing to do," Cindy told Today. And the surgery didn’t only help Katelyn. Turns out doctors discovered that Cindy had a medical condition herself that was actually helped by the transplant surgery.  Talk about even more good news!

Five Last Minute April Fools' Day Pranks for the Office

We don't want to get you fired today, but if you just HAVE to pull an April Fools' Day prank at the office . . . here are five last minute ideas.  Use at your own risk.
1.  Tape a piece of paper to the bottom of your co-worker's mouse.  It blocks the laser on the bottom and the mouse won't work.
2.  Go into the fridge and turn all the soda tabs 180 degrees.  People won't notice at first, and they won't be able to open them.
3.  Buy bags of Skittles, M&M's, and Reese's Pieces.  Then mix all three into one candy dish.  People will HATE you.
4.  Pop the keys off someone's keyboard and put them back in the wrong spots.
5.  Print out a sign and put it over the office copier that says, "The copy repairman came and installed voice activation.  Instead of hitting 'copy,' you have to say the number of copies you want in a loud and clear voice."
(Huffington Post / Strange Beaver)

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