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Do you think of yourself as superstitious?  Apparently a LOT of us are . . . but it depends what the superstition is.  Here are a few stats from a new poll.
1.  33% of us think picking up a penny brings you good luck.
2.  24% think it's bad luck for a groom to see his bride before the wedding.
3.  23% think the number seven is lucky, but just 12% think the number 13 is unlucky.
4.  21% believe knocking on wood prevents bad luck, and 13% think throwing spilled salt over your shoulder does too.
5.  20% think walking under a ladder is unlucky.
6.  14% believe it's unlucky to open an umbrella indoors.
7.  14% say you're more likely to experience bad luck on Friday the 13th.
8.  14% think breaking a mirror brings you seven years of bad luck.
9.  13% think black cats are unlucky.
10.  And 7% think stepping on a crack is bad luck.
The survey also found that women tend to be slightly more superstitious than men.  And Democrats are more likely to be superstitious than Republicans.  (Harris)

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