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It's Valentine's Day.  Hope you knew that.  Anyway, here are 17 random facts from a bunch of new Valentine's Day surveys and studies for you to suck down . . .
1.  66% of people in relationships say things are PERFECT or ALMOST PERFECT.  Only 3% think their relationship has serious problems.
2.  32% of moms say they haven't had sex in YEARS.  Another 36% say they haven't had sex in several months.
3.  The average dating or engaged couple spends $20 to $30 more on Valentine's Day than married couples.
4.  People DISCRIMINATE when it comes to hugs?  95.8% of women say they prefer hugging a man who's taller . . . only 24.5% of men prefer hugging a woman who's taller.
5.  Half of men say men should hug each other . . . half say they shouldn't.
6.  The average amount a man spends on dates before a woman has sex with him is . . . $300.  Which, ironically, is probably more than it'd cost to get a decent-looking escort.
7.  38% of Americans have dated a coworker.  Of those people, about one in three ended up MARRYING the person . . . so, I guess two-thirds of them had to deal with horrible AWKWARDNESS.
8.  When coworkers start getting-it-on, there's a ONE in FIVE chance at least one of them is MARRIED.
9.  We don't think physical violence is EVER okay . . . but some people CLEARLY disagree.  10% of people think it's okay to SLAP their partner for CHEATING . . . and just under 1% think it's okay to slap their partner for constant NAGGING.
10.  The world record for the longest kiss is 58 hours and 21 minutes.  It was set by a couple in Thailand last Valentine's Day.
11.  The longest marriage in history was Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of North Carolina.  They got married on May 13th, 1924 and stayed married 86 years, nine months, and 16 days . . . until Herbert passed away in February of 2011.
12.  Overall, 68% of Americans are in a committed relationship.  11% aren't, but wish they were.  17% are single and not looking for a relationship.
13.  According to Facebook, the top big cities with the highest percentage of single people are:  Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Memphis.  That's right, Detroit is number one on a list and it's NOT something negative. 
14.  Facebook also found the five cities where people are most likely to quickly get into relationships:  Colorado Springs, Colorado . . . El Paso, Texas . . . Louisville, Kentucky . . . Fort Worth, Texas . . . and San Antonio, Texas.
15.  About 7% of married people met each other through a social media site.  And relationships that started on social media are actually more likely to SUCCEED than relationships that start any other way. 
16.  41% of people say a person's name doesn't influence whether or not they'd date them.  31% say yes, a person's name CAN affect whether or not they'd date them.
17.  BERTHA was voted the least datable name for women . . . Gertrude came in second-worst.  ADOLF was voted the least datable name for men . . . Elmo is second-worst.  (AP-GFK Poll / Family Circle / Business Insider / Cambridge News / Daily Mail / Wall Street Journal / Daily Mail / Huffington Post / Facebook / Live Science /

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