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The Ten Most Stressful Jobs

If you think YOUR job is stressful, check out this list of the MOST stressful jobs.  Here's a list of the ten professions that are supposedly the MOST stressful . . .
1.  Soldier.  Obviously.  Because if you're on the front lines, you're getting shot at.  And your shift never really ends.  All for $29,000 a year.
2.  General.  You may not have the same stress and working conditions of soldiers, but you have the added responsibility of being in charge of life or death decisions.  But the pay is better:  Median salary is $196,000 a year.
3.  Firefighter.  You run INTO burning buildings while everyone else runs out.  It pays around $45,000 a year.
4.  Airline Pilot.  Basically, you can't really have a bad day.  But the median salary is $114,000 per year.
5.  Event Planner.  You're in charge of making sure someone's wedding or other important event is PERFECT.  And you usually have to do five or six events a week.  For around $46,000 a year.
6.  Public Relations Executive.  It's basically a thankless job, but the expectations are high.  If any information gets out that reflects poorly on your client, the blame is on YOU.  It pays $54,000 a year. 
7.  CEO.  A lot of the perks went away with the recession.  So no more corporate jets or inflated bonuses.  And you're responsible to your shareholders, and for the livelihoods of everyone in the company.  The median salary is $168,000.
8.  Newspaper Reporter.  It comes with tight deadlines and low pay.  And with everything going digital, jobs are constantly being cut back.  It pays $36,000 a year.
9.  Police Officer.  Even though there's a lot of down time, you never know what you'll have to face.  The salary is $56,000 a year.
10.  Taxi Driver.  If you drive a cab, you're the number one target for crime.  Plus, the hours are long, and the pay is low . . . just $23,000 a year. (Yahoo Finance)

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