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Your Kid Will Eat the Reese's First, the Snickers Second . . . and Krackel Last

Now that your kids have their Halloween trick-or-treating haul in the house, your job becomes . . . figuring out which candy to eat while they're at school.  Maybe this will help.
"The Atlantic" compiled data from the past five years to see which candy gets eaten on November 1st and which candy lasts until the end of the month.  Here's what they found . . .
If you want Reese's, Snickers, M&M's, or Twix, you'd better get on it now.  Those four are the first to go every year.
You can take all the time you want on KRACKEL bars.  Those get eaten last EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
Other candies that will probably survive until Thanksgiving are Jolly Ranchers, Nestle Crunch, and Baby Ruth.
Everything else . . . even cheap, generic lollipops . . . get eaten somewhere in the middle of the month.  (Atlantic Wire)


Five Halloween Pranks Covered by Car Insurance
If you woke up this morning and your car wasn't the way you left it last night, don't freak out.  Most Halloween pranks are covered by your regular car insurance policy. lists five pranks that insurance will take care of.
1.  Broken windows.  A comprehensive plan covers broken glass, no matter how it got broken.  But in most states you'd need to pay the deductible, unless you took the zero deductible option for window replacement.
2.  Slashed tires.  Covered, but they'll take out depreciation costs.  So don't slash your own tires just because they're old.
3.  Egged vehicle.  If the egg dries, it could damage the paint.  Typically your insurance plan will only cover a new paint job for the damaged area.
4.  Sugar in the gas tank.  This might not be such a big deal, because filters can take it out.  But if you need to clean out the gas tank and fuel lines, it'll be covered.
5.  Flying pumpkins.  Comprehensive insurance covers all kinds of flying missiles . . . pebbles and rocks, falling branches, and even pumpkins.
Obviously you'll still need to pay a deductible, so don't make a claim unless there's a lot of damage.  And for pranks, most companies require a police report with the claim.


A Bank Transforms to "The Price Is Right" Set For Halloween . . . With the Tellers Dressed as Contestants Making Bids
Normally office Halloween costumes are pretty uninspired . . . it's hard to be EDGY, FUNNY, or SEXY when all of those might get you FIRED.  But this bank made it happen.
A photo has been floating around from an unidentified bank that was decorated like "The Price Is Right" yesterday.  All of the tellers are dressed like contestants, with fake bids under their windows.  It's VERY well done.  (Imgur)  

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