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Ways to Instantly Trick Your Brain Into Being More Creative



Three Ways to Instantly Trick Your Brain Into Being More Creative:


If you have trouble with creative thinking early in the morning, you're not alone.  But there might be a few simple ways to jump start your brain and TRICK it into being more creative.  Here are three easy things you can try.


#1.)  Doodle for a Few Minutes . . . But Only Draw Circles or Looping Lines.  Researchers had two groups of people trace two different types of doodles.  One had a bunch of sharp angles and the other had no angles, only curves.--Then they had both groups play an association game to see how imaginative they were.  And the people who had been drawing the curves tended to be much more creative.--One theory is that drawing angles requires more abrupt changes, and your brain is constantly compensating.  But when you're drawing circles or curves, your brain is functioning more fluidly.


#2.)  Raise Your Eyebrows.  Two groups were asked to write captions for the same image . . . which for some reason was a picture of a dog lying on a bed with a bagel in its mouth.  (???)--One group had to write the captions with their eyebrows raised, and the other group had to lower their eyebrows like they were angry.-In the end, the group with raised eyebrows tended to be more creative, with captions like, quote, "Betty the Beagle Beds a Bagel."  But the captions from the other group tended to be more literal, like quote, "A Dog Who Breaks Rules."


#3.)  Look at the Logo on an Apple Product.  Actually, it doesn't specifically have to be the Apple logo.  It just has to be something you subconsciously associate with creativity.--According to a paper from the "Journal of Consumer Research," when your brain is "primed" with certain logos, it puts you in a certain frame of mind.--And since Apple has been marketing its products to "outside-the-box thinkers" for 30 years, that's what most people think of when they see the logo.



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